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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest? This thread is 8 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · «PREV

Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted August 23, 2017 09:34 AM

*builds a fire*
"There are 11 factions making war in the lands..."

On a serious  note : judging time?

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted August 23, 2017 07:12 PM

Sorry, I was caught up with work.


The next round will begin Monday!

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted August 24, 2017 12:47 AM

Well, as I get married this saturday and work starts again Monday, I'd better do this now - or I might not be able to do it at all.

Somehow, it took me a while to get into this faction. I love the class skills, though. The lineup is quite original as well, and still consistent. It feels like the creatures, despite being original and very different from another and often feeling like they are individualists by nature, do fit together. Siege units are a Bit...well maybe big is the fitting word. But they are fitting into the faction well for me. Overall, despite the faction not being easy to dive into for me, an excellent creation. 9,5 points

More than solid proposal. I am not sure about the faction skill, which seems to be a two-sided blade. I love the backstory somehow. The lineup is also quite nice. 9 points

And another great take on the faction. I like this non-cave idea quite much and the WAZ it is executed as well. 9 points

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted August 24, 2017 08:14 PM


Have a wonderful Honey Moon, Jiriki.

The exotic mixture of some units and their abilities is interesting. Karma seems exploitable, so I'm not sure if this vice-versa was meant to be there? ^_^ Back story is nice as well. Aaaaaand I'm ok with the Drider, if you felt like they fit and all in all, I felt they are ok.

9 | 10

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the feeling of this proposal, and where some of the units in the line up quite didn't click to me, more like a taste than anything else, other information, buildings or abilities make up for it.

9,5 | 10

I'm half split between liking and not much the line up. Although some units are quite nice, I don't sympathize with others when they share a similar setting. Anyway, their abilities and roles fit well, so I'll base my judgment on that. I also liked the class skills and buildings.

9 | 10

Heroes-based proposal thread – On hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted August 29, 2017 07:05 PM

PandaTar: 9.5 => 9,5 WINNER
Rimgrabber: 9 + 9 => 9 3RD PLACE
Methven: 9.5 + 9 => 9.25 2ND PLACE
Jiriki9: 9 => 9 3RD PLACE

Congratulations to PandaTar, our winner!.


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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted August 29, 2017 07:17 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 23:40, 01 Sep 2017.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee, thanks!

Well, not much time for finesse, then, here it is, my Academy. Couldn't cut much text. If I get the time to clean a bit, I'll try doing so.



    Song theme.

Coat of Arms Motto

    Set motus in annis et Magia.


    Steampunk mixed with Classic.


    Devas chose the path of animating and giving life to the immaterial. Differently from those who wander in the realms of necromanturgy, they use elements, metals, resources and magic as the source of their creation, also evolving technologies and the power of industry to create automatons for many different tasks, lead mainly by Artificers. Such culture demanded them to ever settle far from others, to allow experimentation and solitude, high in the frozen peaks of the mountains and floating islands. Academy, then, evolved many aerial technologies and contraptions, which needed resources; these were aided by alicantos, tamed birds with the talent of finding rare metals and resources where no one else can find, whilst the air defenses were given to the automaton counterpart, tlanuwa. Nomads and golems keep guarding the frigid lands below, immune to the harsh conditions, tireless and watchful. The archmages and their counterpart hecatonmages are responsible for the researches of magic, massive casting of protective and offensive spells supporting air and ground alike. Wizards designed the sphinxes as a surprise weapon against those who could still breach their lands, riddles of power and magic undoing strategies and invasions. The magic is stronger because of the powerful fairy drakes, small magic dragons, once called familiars, longtime partners of the devas. Which has the strongest of them called colossus, the apex of their race, from whom some powers were divided in shapes to fit the automatons functions, some of which so powerfully enhanced they grew to be fully sentient, becoming then the first Automaton heroes.

Featured buildings

• Cloud Temple – creates a powerful congruence between all devas under command and also allows summoning the powerful siege unit called Titan. The more devas gathered on the battle, stronger are their magical capabilities, and also, Titan’s. Requires all dwellings built.
• Library – in there, it’s allowed sharing, writing down parchments, researching and studying magic in their many realms. Heroes can learn magic written down by other heroes, can written down magic they learned in their adventures for the next generation, can research exotic magic by studying and using resources, can write parchments for one-cast only situations for the less gifted, and also try learning beyond the boundaries of the spells given by the local guild, sometimes leveling magic beyond their ordinary realms. Requires Ivory Tower.
• Automaton’s Magical Workshop – allows hiring constructs in all respective dwellings and hiring Automaton heroes. This is where Automatons can use their class skill Animation, which allows building arbalests. Also, this place allows the manufacturing of different powder and artificers to be used as ammo by airships and arbalests.
• Parapet Shipyard – allows the construction of war and siege machines of the airship class. During a siege, resupplies their ammo and replaces or rebuilds destroyed ones after three rounds, if there are enough resources. The Shipyard also has a lookout tower, which doubles the town’s vision radius. Requires Automaton’s Magical Workshop.

Native Terrains

• Frigid highlands, Snow, Ice Capes: + 30% movement, and spells cast by one unit recover 1 spell point to a random spell caster in the army.
• Dirt and Rocky Mountains: +20% movement.

Hero Classes

Wizard is an optimal class for strategic spell casting and mass casting, including many different elements in a chain of events. It’s composed by devas and sphinxes mainly, and a few automatons. Most devas who are wizards, choose the form of elder men, for they often go on pilgrimage looking for magical secrets and teachings, so they deem this form to be friendlier between the realms they visit often. Wizards are innate spell casters, rivaling with warlocks, although their prowess lies on chain of magical events, instead of only destructive, piercing spell casting.
• CLASS SKILL | Metamagic: elements and weather are mandatory for metamagic to work properly. The environment transcends the effects of the spell cast by a wizard, adding effects that synergizes strategically. When simple ice spells are cast in a blizzard, they’ll take a huge boost in damage and area, also getting a chance to freeze the target. Or when haste is cast in a windy, grassy terrain, it can sweep around boosting other allies and slowing foes. The outcomes are greater as Metamagic gets stronger and the range of spells learned increases.

Artificer is an optimal class for fighting against foes who are strong against living beings, either magical or physical, by using mixed contraptions. It’s composed by devas and automatons. The artificers are great inventors, using the knowledge gathered by wizards and combining with engineering or automatons, making them able to forestall and protect the living by having a good use of the constructs and magic. Their aptitude of inventing allows them to tweak items at will and repurpose them, even when it comes to enemy gadgetry.
• CLASS SKILL | Invention: allows tinkering with items, artifacts (but ultimate ones), war machines and constructs, repurposing them slightly or greatly, as the skill in Invention increases. Also allows improvements on buildings in towns through researches.

Automaton is an optimal class for leading and controlling constructs and automatons in battle with finesse. It’s composed by automatons and sphinxes. The greatest advantage of Automatons as heroes is that they have constant means to resupply their construct troops and mend them with resources on the battlefield. Those that grew too powerful, became sentient, and then were assigned as leaders of their ranks. They can also make constructs being animated from other materials, making them cheaper or easier to obtain, not only by the use of the dwellings, but even from the marketplace.
• CLASS SKILL | Animation: allows automatons to maintain, rebuild and even build new constructs over existing stacks in a battle. Higher skilled automatons can mend more broken constructs and build more units expending less resources and time. On towns, allows building more constructs in their proper buildings and boosting their production.

Magna Faction Skill | Cascade

    Magna faction skill is a passive global skill. Its effect is based on the number of hired heroes and on which classes they represent.

• Wizard – the pool of knowledge increases when more wizards gather. Each hired wizard increases cumulatively the spell points pool of all other wizards. More wizards also make the research and teaching of spells faster in the Mage Guild, and increases gradually the effects of Metamagic when more wizards are nearby.
• Artificer – artificers hired make small and sudden improvements on all constructs at the beginning of the battle (a surge of speed, a bit of HP), and the more artificers hire, the greater these one-time improvements happen (last until the end of the battle). More artificers also help improving the range of artifacts and items to tinker and effects possible, plus the range of outside construct troops that can be meddled with.
• Automaton – each automaton hired decreases the cost in battle of maintenance and construction of new automaton troops, also decreasing the process of building and animating these new units at towns, basically boosting the Animation skill. Automaton-only heroes will grant a base 50% resistance to any mind-affecting abilities on any allied unit, even non-constructs.

Units | 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 (4 flyers, 2 ranged, 2 walkers, 1 floater and teleporter)

Base Tier | Alchemist – devas are the most suitable folk to deal with magic and constructs, given their knowledge and expertise at tinkering with magical elements, materials, potions and engines. They can transform elements either on battle or in town to tend their needs, whilst their knowledge with automaton composition allows them mend and maintain constructs.
• Concoction: mixing materials from adjacent slots and resources, alchemist creates concoctions with terrain properties tied to default effects of resources.
• Ranged.
• Maintenance: alchemists can maintain and restore destroyed constructs.
• Materiamorph: in towns, alchemists can be put to work on transforming one material to another. A number of alchemists can turn one resource into another, with greater effects and less material loss when more are involved. They devote a week to work.

Core Tier | Alicanto <<OR>> Tlanuwa* – the skies of the Academy are cluttered with oddities, and two of them are the fabulous flying alicantos and their construct counterpart, tlanuwas. Alicantos were long tamed by alchemists, for both benefit from each other’s specialties of finding and working with precious metals and gems. Tlanuwas, however, were designed for times and places when resources are scarce, and dangers are dire.
• Gemmed Heart: alicanto senses precious metals and gems where no other being can sense, when it’s yet not tarnished by anything unnatural. A hero with alicantos in the army will find more resources lying around on the adventure map, with greater results when numbers are higher. Alicantos can also be deployed to mining sources, boosting production gradually, also depending on greater numbers for greater effects.
• Variable Resistance: magic resistance is variable, making this unit resist effects of spell casting ranging randomly from 0-100%.
• Plume Dive: can select a place to perform a dive, damaging nearby foes upon landing on the next round. Affected enemies are caught in a plume of feathers that disrupts their movements, resistance and aim for the next three turns. Friendly spellcasting deals greater damage through the plume, which then vanishes.
• *Construct.
• *Tempest of Lead: launches a massive rain of lead feathers upon an area of the map, dealing multiple physical damage, which can also miss and inflict variable damage. After casting this, Tlanuwa needs another round to replenish its feathers (alchemists can replenish them too), by staying idle. Without feathers, Tlanuwa can still attack and counterattack adjacent foes, but cannot move.
• *Prismatic Core: whenever one Tlanuwa is defeated, its core releases a prismatic explosion that randomly damages three directions in line with magical beams. These beams deal damage based on a percentage of the Tlanuwa max HP, and each target hit by it halves the damage inflicted on the next target in line. The beams reach the whole extension of the battlemap, but do not penetrate obstacles.

Core Tier | Nomad <<UPGRADES TO>> Golem* – nomads are the physical force of the Academy, relentlessly walking, fighting and watchful. When they are improved into golems, they get a layer of impermeable magic that protects them against many of the disadvantages of a construct, and they are never caught off guard, spotting and engaging enemies from very far.
• Large.
• Construct.
• Tireless Walker: nomads grant armies bonus movement points on the adventure map.
• Tireless Fighter: nomads retaliate as many attack as possible.
• *Untarnishable: unit repels effects which affect construct mobility and reaction power.
• *Tireless Watch: on the adventure map, golems guard a greater area, so they engage enemies from afar.

Core Tier | Hecatonmage <<OR>> Archmage* – Hecatonmage is a powerful automaton embodied with spell casting prowess. One carries a reactor that absorbs magical energy from the surroundings and improves their destructive power, not to mention that the hecatonmage can focus on many different foes for direct, concentrated strike, often used in battles, closer to enemy ranks to lure spell casters into using magic nearby them, thus helping them getting stronger. Meanwhile, Archmages must stay far from battle lines, because they are strong magical strategists, needing concentration and time cast their spells, which are usually massive in scope and affects many conditions in a battle, although they can also launch powerful blasts of energy to defend themselves, if the need is dire.
• Construct.
• Mana Absorber: when spells are cast on the battlefield, hecatonmage converts spell points spent into an energy boost that will increase the next spell cast by himself.
• Multicaster: can target three different single targets with spells in a single turn, but effects split in damage and effectiveness if there are more than one target. However, if only one target is focused, bonus effects are applied upon. Hecatonmage learns damaging elemental spells, but the ultimate and area ones; only single target spells are learned, available in the Mage Guild and Library.
• *Ranged.
• *No Range Limit: projectile can reach any place on the battle, if visible, with no penalty of distance either.
• *Magic Blast: ranged attack deals half-physical, half-magical damage.
• *Manachain: not moving, attacking, retaliating, defending or taking damage allows this unit to speed up magic channelling, increasing also spell casting effects gradually. It can overstretch to five turns for greater bonus.
• *Mass Caster: archmage learns all spells classified as buffs available at the Mage Guild and Library and always cast them targeting an area. Area can increase in scope depending on Manachain status.

High Tier | Sphinx – they are a very powerful flying construct, sentient and very mysterious, based on the living sphinxes who wander the skies of Academy. They cannot be influenced by any sort of mind effects and magic also can’t touch them, although their composition allows magic to travel to and fro affecting targets acting as a conductor. But their greatest weapon is creating rules upon those they engage which can complete break enemy strategies, especially because these rules cannot be broken without dire consequences.
• Construct.
• Large.
• Mind Immunity.
• Magic Conductor: sphinx is immune to any magic effects, but it conducts magic through its body. If multiple units are adjacent to the sphinx, any spell that affects one unit will be conducted to the other. The other target is randomly chosen.
• Rules of the Game: any enemy that interacts with a sphinx, attacks, retaliates, move adjacent to it, debuffs, cast spell, is attacked by, any interaction prompts a rule. It makes two actions taken by the enemy become illegal. If enemy triggers them, sphinx will inflict direct physical and magical damage on it, regardless distance, and the enemy will lose the turn. Actions considered: react, attack, move, use ability, defend, cast spell, wait, reaction. Only those actions a unit can perform are taken into consideration for the triggering mechanic.

Elite Tier | Fairy Drake – powerful and loyal, these small flying drakes are often mistook as harmless, but they are extremely capable magically. They can link their magic prowess to the learnings of a hero, sharing spells to cast on the battle. Even more, their magical aura can repel weaker spells and grants allies the expense of less spell points when casting abilities and spells, whilst enemies will have their costing more. They can even duplicate their bodies shaped by their own remaining magic to strengthen their spell casting potential. Surely, not to be trifled with.
• Mana Shield: this unit bounces away harmful magic cast on it or around it, when spell caster is weak or spell is low level.
• Indomitable Caster: it chooses randomly one spell of each level of the hero’s spell book.
• Tip the Scale: magical confluence makes enemies spend more spell points to cast spells whilst allied units use less spell points.
• Resplendence Image: based on remaining spell points of the original fairy drake, a magical image of the Fairy Drake is summoned forth. Its hp equals spell points and it can only cast spells, although they have the same potency of the original. The image can be undone at any given moment. Whilst the original and the image both share the same mana pool (which means that every spell cast depletes the image survivability due lower and lower HP), they both surmounts Tip of the Scale ability effect, which then doubles the effect on the battlefield.

Prime Tier | Colossus Deva – the strongest of the devas, colossus is a master of magical seals by manipulating ether powers in the form of great mandalas. Elusive, they can teleport anywhere they want. They can seal abilities of their foes who dare to engage battle, which cannot be dispelled, but if they are not challenged or disturbed, they can cast a powerful destructive spell which breaks resistances and immunity based on an unknown variable, making it potentially mild or deadly.
• Large.
• Floater.
• Teleporter.
• Admonition: when attacked, or when any adjacent allied unit is attacked or harmed somehow, colossus will randomly seal one of attacker’s ability. Seals cannot be dispelled and last until another seal substitutes the first one. Each unit can be affected by one seal per Colossus. Seals can overlap (i.e. two colossi can affect the same unit with the same seal).
• Boundless Mandala: based on a random statistic (total of hp of all units on battle, max spell points of a hero, lowest values of defense etc.), colossus channels a powerful spell that obliterates a single target anywhere on the battlefield, ignoring any form of resistance and immunity. Colossus need to stay still for three turns to be able to cast this ability (WAIT command only. If attacked, it’ll break the channeling).

Siege Units

• Arbalest – a moving mechanical war machine, it’s a long range weapon, that shoots three giant bolts, that can be imbued with magic for additional effects. They hit an area and remain as small obstacles where they hit, requiring any damage source to be destroyed. They are also conductors, so they can link chain of magical events between targets that are adjacent to the bolts.
• Airship –  a flying moving mechanical siege unit, the airship can only be targeted by targeting spells and ranged attacks. It bombards the battlefield with a great assortment of ammo, from explosives, to poisonous dust. They can either attack units or defensive buildings. When they are destroyed, they fall on the battlefield causing the effects of the ammo they were carrying upon the crash site, plus physical damage.
• Svalinn – a living moving war machine, it’s a shield carrier on the front that soaks up damage intended to any unit positioned on a cone shaped area direct behind it. The shield absorbs part of any source of directed damage, and given it stacks, it soaks more damage when numbers are high, and less damage when too many units are under cover.
• Titan – a living summoned siege unit, this giant being can only be summoned forth by powerful spellcasting Academy heroes, better when they are wizards of the deva race. At least one deva unit must be on the battlefield to make congruence of powers between them, given that the Titan casts a powerful thunderbolt on the battlefield every three turns, and its power depends on the strength of friendly devas on the battlefield. The stronger the hero, the more influence one can make to control where the Titan will strike, or it’ll strike randomly, but offensively, any place on enemy grounds. Thunderbolt can hit defensive buildings and any unit, cannot be avoided and creates a frizz of static on the place it falls, that lasts until the next turn which numbs and stuns enemies who get too close, and it boosts speed and initiative of allied constructs. Titan cannot be targeted, but once devas are obliterated on the ground, it’ll vanish.

Mount and Ultimate Artifact

Automaton: Academy heroes mount automatons, except sphinxes.
The Chirping Oracle: the Chirping Oracle controls the time schedule of spell casting on the battle field. Friendlies are able to cast spells faster, whilst enemies are slowed down, even targeting wrong places. It affects weaker spell casters weakly and greatly affects stronger spell casters. Only Academy heroes can wield this artifact.


Heroes-based proposal thread – On hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted August 29, 2017 08:52 PM

Congratulations, PandaTar.

Now...reserved for my Tower...

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Hired Hero
Wearer of Fedoras
posted August 29, 2017 08:55 PM


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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted September 05, 2017 10:22 PM

This will be my last entry. I was sure I would be really short on time and would try to keep up by always keeping the next faction half done, but ... it's getting boring having just us few around to play.

Heroes-based proposal thread – On hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Tavern Dweller
posted September 09, 2017 09:25 AM

Hmm... the last few rounds have been quite sparse and unfortunately my delayed entry for Academy isn't helping.

I'm finding myself all too busy with my university study at the moment and haven't been able to put aside time for this project.

It's not ideal, but I have to pull out for this round. Maybe when I get some more time I'll finish Academy and post it just for fun, and if the contest survives this span of low activity then I can hopefully join in for future entries. Thanks for the warm welcome, feedback and encouragement I've received thus far.

But I've really enjoyed it, and I'm hoping that I'll get the chance to participate some more in the future- in this or other contests!

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted September 17, 2017 12:19 PM

I have to say the same, sadly. My job left me hardly any time for this frequently - and I had academy 3/4 ready
I ahve to pull out for a while as well...but might be we could just call it a break and go on later? ...ah, it is so sad that this happens with every contest

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Hired Hero
Wearer of Fedoras
posted September 18, 2017 10:51 PM

That just leaves me right? I guess we'll have to pick up this contest when people have some time again. It was fun! Thanks for this chance to participate in the community. I hope we can get back to this in the near future!

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Known Hero
posted September 19, 2017 07:46 PM

Which is why I was reluctant to join as well. I knew at some point I couldn't make the deadline and that'd mean a slow but inevitable death.

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Famous Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted September 19, 2017 10:52 PM
Edited by NimoStar at 01:50, 22 Sep 2017.

I just join to keep this thing alive, so don't expect much :v


Futuristic academy that makes fantasy purists complain

Motto: Live forever and enrich yourself
Terrain: Space
Architecture: Star Trek-like
The Academy is a self-described "Peaceful exploring multicultural galatic society", though most of those claims are hotly disputed (sometimes in all-out war) by their many enemy kingdoms, empires and republics across the stars. Despite their meek appearance and sterile aesthetics (or because them), the Academy has emerged unscathed and strengtened out of most if not all of these conflicts, as their enemies weakened and dishonored. The galaxy is full of unexplored systems and planets, though, and most of the academie's ships are found observing races of low technological achievement - and sometimes, even as it is forbidden, trought misfortune or incompetence they end up recklessly crashing into their planets and/or interfering with their affairs.

- Strong units in ranged
- Resistance to magic on mechanical units
- Superior technology
- Units don't swarm
- Units are expensive
- Weak in melee

Might Hero: Captain
Special Skill: Diplomacy
Recruited From: Captain's Quarters

Captains are expeditions leaders of ships in orbits with thousands of people and world-shattering weapons, yet for some strange reason they prefer to beam down to the surface to talk to aliens on small "away teams" rather than blasting them from outer space. The academy's pacifist philosophy may have to do with that.
The Diplomacy unique skill for captains halves the cost of surrendering and anulls morale penalties for mixing creatures of different alignements (except Undead).

Magic Hero: Scientist
Special Skill: Study
Recruited From: Science Station

Scientists live for the joy of discovering new technology and researching the possibilities of every living or unliving thing they encounter. They work at light speed being able to device a cure for a recently discovered disease in weeks, if not days, all that working alone and with portable equipment.
Their unique skill, Study, allows to choose an ability of one of the creatures in the Scientist's army and apply them to another creature stack of your choice. Only one creature stack may be upgraded this way at a time.

Balanced Hero: Engineer
Special Skill: Quickfix
Recruited From: Reactor Core

Engineers are married to their ships and will do anything to keep them functioning. They earned a reputation as academy's "miracle workers", though their secret recipe for this is intentionally overestimating and misrepresenting the gravity and extent of the damage so captains will think they worked overtime to repair it. Engineers have a balanced progression and start with skills such as Ballistics, Artillery, Armorer, and tend to have specialties on mechanical units.
The Quickfix unique skill allows to restore any destroyed support war machines during battle, using one hero turn. It also restores one destroyed support machine after battle, if any was broken.

Support War Machines:
Markerlight: Purchased from Deflector Array
A mark projector that allows to call a laserbeam strike from orbit. Strike is very precise, hitting a single hex, and power depends on the sum of the hero's primary skill. Can be used only once each three rounds. If the enemy chosen is random or chosen by the player depends on the Ballistic secondary skill.
Field Medic: Purchased from Sickbay
Due to their rarity and lack of combat skills only one is deployed per hero. They heal injured biological units and can dispel harmful effects from them.
Transporter Beacon: Purchased from Transport Bays
Teleports units from one part of the combat mp to the other. Thought this ability is invaluable for both attack and saving stacks, the beacon is very expensive and somewhat fragile, though, and teleported units have random chances of suffering missing members.
Mobile Holoprojector: Purchased from Deck of Holography
An extremely frail yet powerful artifact. Before combat begins, you may choose one of your stacks. Holoprojector will make an holographic copy of your stack. It is identical to a real stack (including abilities and stats) except that it can't be targeted by your own spells and abilities and it will disappear if the Holoprojector is destroyed or when combat ends. The enemy doesn't know which one is the holographic stack.

1. Redshirt -> Trooper
Recruited From: Basic Academy
Redshirts conform the bulk of the Away Teams and are disposable ranged units. They have a great firepower from their futuristic weapons but poor marksmanship skill and initiative, making their damage and ability to act unreliable. They also suffer from poor morale due to their inevitable quick death when they encounter the enemy, specially on melee since their melee defense is very low - and they will be forced to use it, given they only get two/three shots depending on upgrade.

2. Alien Warrior -> Alien Bodyguard

Recruited From: Arena of Honor

Aliens from proud warrior races help the feder... err, Academy. They are slow but mighty melee units. Their special ability, Duel, prevents their attacked enemies from attacking other creatures until the Alien Warriors/Bodyguards are defeated.

3. Researcher -> High Researcher
Recruited From: Observation Lounge
Lesser scientists recruited around Feder... Academy space, these units are low in defense and attack but provide spell bonuses for your hero, and can cast random spells themselves on ally or enemy targets - but only from melee range.

4. Laser -> Heavy Laser
Recruited From: Weapon Deposit
A mighty war machine, Lasers fire a devastating bolt of energy towards enemies, that deals damage in a straight line all across the map.
Lasers have magic resistance as mechanical units,
And heavy Lasers have improved defense and near-immunity to magic.
Their melee defense capabilities, however, are near nonexistant.

5. Outworld Beast -> Electrical Beast
Recruited From: Portal to Savagery

These alien entities are collected from a billion worlds. Normally they are used just for ecological research, but in dire times unorthodox admirals have been known to deploy them as fighting weapons, specially in and beyond the rims of known space.
As an enemy they are plentiful, reasonably fast and very powerful, with their only known weakness being susceptibility to magic. The electrical beasts damage with an Electric Shock all creatures that attack them - damage of the electric shock inflicted is proportional to the number of Beasts.

6. Android -> Positronic Lifeform
Recruited From: Robotics Lab
These robots in humanoid form are exponentially superior in processing power, physical strenght, resilience and versatility to their organic counterparts. They are only inferior in their lack of dominion of emotion and sociability, susceptibility to hacking, and lack of reproduction abilities.
In the battlefield, Androids are extremely deadly, being immune to fear, poison and taking reduced damage from spells (except water spells, that deal 150% damage to them). They have a superb melee defense and more than reasonable attack, and in their upgraded form even their speed is rather good; though they will only replenish weekly in very limited numbers.
Unsettlingly, Androids can disguise as regular Redshirts, Troopers or Researchers on adventure and combat maps, revealing themselves only in the moment they deal or receive damage or spells.

7. Probe -> Shuttle
Recruited From: Auxiliary Launchdoors
The atmospherical starships are much smaller than their permanently-spacebound counterparts, having only a few metres in lenght... but make no mistake, they are no less sophisticated. Boasting multiple redundant arrays of regenerative shields and independent batteries of disintegrator weaponry, and capable of flying and teleportation (when upgraded), these will be the nightmare of any oppossing force. The lack of a melee attack and their dependence on auxiliary power ("spell points") are their only known weaknesses.

The "Academy" town is actually a marooned starship, as such its buildings are best referred as "Decks", and rather than being constructed they are "restored" after the damage of imapact disabled them.

Special building #1: Deck of Holography
Provides a small amount of extra experience for each day a hero spends a whole day in the "castle" without moving.

Special building #2: Recreation Lounge
Replenishes spell points of visiting heroes instantly, and allows defending heroes to "teach" visiting heroes one random spell they know per night spent of the visiting one.

Special building #3: Matter Replicator
Can generate a copy of an existing artifact on a visiting hero, but only once per week and costs full price of the original.

The Academy is an expensive town that will start up being very weak from the Redshirts, and not very prone to creeping, but watch for it on late game when their poweful specials and versatile high tier units can really begin to shine.

Starfleet Academy has difficulties on water maps

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