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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest? This thread is 8 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · «PREV / NEXT»

Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 20, 2017 01:26 PM

I am sorry but I am out of the stronghold round. Somewhow, My mind came  up with naught I liked.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 21, 2017 09:12 PM

Jiriki9 said:
I am sorry but I am out of the stronghold round. Somewhow, My mind came  up with naught I liked.
Yeah, me too. Actually, I'm finding 7 creatures too restrictive overall, so I don't think I'll be continuing.

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Tavern Dweller
posted July 22, 2017 04:21 AM
Edited by Methven at 04:23, 22 Jul 2017.

Hi again!
This may be my least ‘out there’ proposal yet, in that the setting and themes should are quite typical of Stronghold. This is in response to feedback on my last one where Sylvan apparently felt a little too much like swamp Fortress for some.
Inspiration for this faction comes from African and Indian mythologies, as well as my brain. There are yet again several names that will be unfamiliar. In wanting to keep Stronghold’s unique standing as the least magically-inclined faction, I’ve introduced ‘Shards’ and ‘Rage’, two replacement capabilities to aid the Stronghold heroes. This faction is, however, not completely a band of raging orcs, rather a somewhat poorly organised collection of human cities in a harsh desert, naturally with brutal and savage tendencies.
Here I've attempted to complement the idea of a ‘hit them first’ strategy, typical of Stronghold, with abilities and themes of the faction’s reliance on things already passed (e.g. dead stacks on battlefield, preparation before battle, runic setting). The units also have a number of adjacency or multiple-hit abilities to accentuate the idea of being ‘savage’ fighters, and are also mostly melee walkers to that same end. Stronghold units overall would have great attack and initiative, average speed and defence, with low health. They don’t need to rely on their abilities, yet these abilities can allow for some clever strategies. Hope you like it and I look forward to seeing what you all think!


Motto: Your skin is your vessel, and blood is your fuel.
Architecture: Rough desert cities built among ancient, impressive ruins. Something like in these images here.
Symbol: Image.
Description: The Stronghold is a collection of several cities deep within the fiercest and most inhospitable desert. The humans who settled there long ago adopted a genetic mutation, leading to them becoming known as ‘scaleskins’. The cities are built around several ruin sites, where ancient technologies and powers dwell. Out of reverence for the deep magic that persists in those ruins, few scaleskins pursue knowledge or proficiency in the arcane. Instead, they are fascinated with many other things- the violent politics between city leaders, mistreating those of the Gana caste, unearthing mysterious relics from beneath the sand and naturally, starting conflicts with nearby factions simply for the fun of war.

Might: Tansoba - Each city has an elite group of field-commanders who function under the authority of the city’s king or queen. Tansobas are often elevated warriors themselves, and usually of the Ochre caste. They undertake rigorous military and strategic training in order to lead even the least organised of armies into battle with a plan in mind, and a burning passion for blood to be spilled.
Tansobas have no capacity to learn magic or cast spells, and as such do not have spellpower or knowledge skills. They instead gain the primary skill ‘Rage’, which, like attack and defence, may increase with every level. The higher a hero’s Rage skill, the greater the chance and effect of a random boost to attack (Desert Fire), speed (Blood of Boudas) or morale (Roar of Fury) that any friendly unit may gain on their turn. All rage-related boosts also increase the unit’s magic resistance by some amount, dependent on hero level. Starts with Attack and either Anti-Magic or Leadership.

Magic: Relicist - Relicists are those who study and tinker with the strange artefacts discovered in the Stronghold ruins. There is an ancient power in these relics, and relicists are able to capture this power and embed it in Shards, mysterious crystals littered throughout the desert. These Shards can be made to have various capabilities, such as increased capabilities or magical spells.
The hero starts with 3 empty Shards. A building may be built in-town that allows Relicist heroes to embed properties into Shards for the cost of mana, and this building also produces one empty Shard per week. Shards may be given to units with the abilities Shard Carrier and Shard User, or kept by the hero. There are three types of Shard: spell shards, item shards, and trinket shards. Item Shards are kept by the hero and act as relatively normal artefacts. Trinket Shards must be given to a unit to have effect, and increase that unit’s capabilities (e.g. speed boost, regeneration). Spell Shards must be kept by the hero or given to a Shard User, either of whom may then cast the spell during battle (at no mana cost). Units may only ever hold 1 Shard at a time. Relicists may not learn magic-specific secondary skills (e.g. ‘Basic Light Magic’) or have a spellbook, but can learn other magic-related skills to boost the casting of their Spell Shards (e.g. Sorcery, Learning). Starts with War Machines and either Sorcery or Attack.

There are seven tiers of Stronghold units. Abilities in brackets are for the upgraded form only.

1. Gana/Gana Scout
Low-ranking citizens of the Stronghold, scaleskin Ganas rarely receive honour or a second thought from those leading councils or armies. Their one redeeming feature in the eyes of the superior castes is that they fight with a skill and awareness that outstrips the lowest-ranking units of other factions
Throwing Spears: This unit can perform 5 ranged attacks throughout a battle. Once no more ranged attacks may be taken, +1 to attack and initiative.
Fleet-footed: This unit’s speed, initiative and luck cannot be decreased.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Venom-tipped Spears): Attacks deal an additional 50% damage when the target next takes an action (effects may stack until the target’s turn is taken).
(Sharp-Eyed): Increases scouting range of hero by 2 tiles.


2. Bouda/Boudungin
Considered by some to be evil criminals trapped in a beasts’ bodies, and by others to be simply demon-born monsters, there’s no way to mistake Bouda and Boudungin as anything other than savage, malicious creatures. Usually this means they are perfect for keeping elders entertained; a fight to the death between Boudas is certainly a formidable sight. But in times of battle... well, let slip the dogs of war.
Savage: Deals an additional 10% damage for its consecutive attacks against a single enemy unit (max +60%)
Tameable: Takes attacks of opportunity against adjacent enemies when an allied unit attacks or retaliates, dealing half damage.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(No Enemy Retaliation): This unit’s attacks may not be retaliated against (overrides Unlimited Retaliation ability).
(Pack Mentality): Morale is increased by 1 when adjacent to an allied unit.


3. Vislid/Horned Vislid
Vislids, generally good-natured desert-dwellers, can have difficulty aligning with their barbaric scaleskin neighbours, but many tribes see the savage scaleskin practices as shows of impressive power and dominance, and choose to fight alongside them in battle.
Shooter: This unit may deal ranged damage to any unit on the battlefield, though deals less damage to units far away or adjacent to it.
No Shot Limit: This unit does not run out of ranged attack shots.
Shard User: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Energy Transfer): This unit creates a pool of all spent mana and lost hit points every battle. For every 100 mana collected, this unit gets a free attack.


4. Ochre Warrior/Ochre Chief
Esteemed fighters, the Ochre sect is fearsome for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the ferocity with which they thrive on the battlefield, and seem to relish in the blood spilled by friend or foe alike.
Savage: Deals an additional 10% damage for its consecutive attacks against a single enemy unit (max +60%).
Shard User: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Battle Fury): Passing over or by a corpse increases the unit’s effective attack stack for the next time it deals damage (+1 per corpse, max. +4).


5. Berunda/Ganda Berunda
Not every creature has the distinction of being so infamous that children all over the kingdoms know and fear its name. Berundas are known to travel great distances, and as recorded in both legend and history, swoop down and devour an unsuspecting victim, wherever in the realms they may be.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Double-headed attack: Deals damage to the chosen target, with a second attack on a random adjacent enemy.
Cannibalise: This unit may ‘attack’ a corpse on the battlefield and regain health (up to half the health of the killed stack, limited by this unit’s damage).
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(Shadow of Fear): When passing over enemy units, their morale decreases by 1.


6. Emela/Emela Tyrant
A staple in Stronghold armies, Emelas are extremely hard to kill. In foreign lands, kings present other kings with massive Emela horns as tributes. In those places, commonfolk tend to think Emelas are magical and much more horse-like. In reality, Emelas are simply gargantuan beasts with thick skin, mounted for battle or particularly regal parades.
Indomitable: If this unit has its attack or defence decreased, the other skill will increase by the same amount. (e.g. if defence is decreased by 2 from a spell, attack will also increase by 2. If attack is decreased by 3 and defence by 2, attack will decrease by 1 overall (-3+2) and defence increase by 1 overall (-2+3)). Hence the sum of attack plus defence can only increase.
Thick Skin: Melee damage against this unit is decreased by 30%.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.


7. Reaper/Revenant
Reapers are artefacts of times long passed, when an ancient civilization once ruled the deserts. Their enigmatic ways and almost magical existence bewilders the scaleskins, whose limited understanding of magic causes them to fear and revere these ghosts of ages passed.
Teleporter: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, but is not considered to have traversed the terrain in between in any way.
Cold Heart: Takes no effect from morale, but also takes half damage from all magic.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(Swipe Attack): Attacks all adjacent enemy units.
(Memory): Any unit that has dealt damage to this unit deals 10% less damage on their next attack.
(Magic Immunity): No magic effects may affect this unit.


Relevant Neutral Units
3. Yumboe
Benevolent desert spirits, Yumboes are one of the only helpful creatures in the savage deserts. Forming their own mystical communities in amongst the sparse shrubbery, it is largely unknown to what extent they should be considered intelligent beings.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Spirit: Receives 50% less damage from spells and recovers from debuffs one turn earlier than usual.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.


6. Ninki Dragon
These draconic beasts are typically found in marshes, but also occasionally at larger desert oases. They are violently territorial, and terrorise nearby scaleskin settlements. Scholars posit that this behaviour links to the Ninki Dragon’s excessively protective nature over its young.
Nesting Ground: The 2x2 tile area in which this unit starts a battle becomes its nest and at any point in the battle, the Ninki Dragon may return to its nest instead of taking a normal action. Any enemy unit adjacent to the nest is dealt twice as much damage by the Ninki Dragon, and any enemy unit on the nest has it movement stopped and is dealt twice as much damage by the Ninki Dragon.
Wondrous Scales: Immune to all debuffs of any sort.

Image (on the left)

Unique War Machine
Shard Cannon
Discovered amongst ruins, these Cannons can fire ammunition at the enemy, and are powered by Shards. Hence, their damage output is increased somewhat by higher hero spellpower, and may hold a Shard to empower them further. Scaleskins like to load Shard Cannons with heavy, spiked cannonballs.

Special Buildings
Special Building 1: Excavation Shanty - Produces one empty Shard per week. Allows for Minor Shards to be produced.
Special Building 2: Malefic Cycles - A visiting Hero gains +2 Attack, +1 Spellpower (if applicable) and +2 Rage (if applicable). Allows for Major Shards to be produced in the Excavation Shanty. (Based on Senegambian Stone Circles and Tiya Stelae)
Special Building 3: Arena of Monsters - Units garrisoned in this building for at least 2 days gain +2 to their attack and initiative during their next 2 battles. These benefits are lost as soon as ‘untrained’ units are added to ‘trained’ stacks, but ‘trained’ stacks may be divided or upgraded. If a stack remains in the Guild of Monsters for a week, the bonus increases to +3 to attack and initiative for the next 2 battles.
Grail Building: Rupture of Shattering - +5000 Gold per day. Unit production increases by 50%. All enemy spell damage against friendly units is decreased by 40%. All friendly units gain a 20% chance to decrease target enemies’ defence by 1. Allows for Legendary Shards to be produced in the Excavation Shanty. (Based on the Marafa Depression)

Let me know what you think!

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Adventuring Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted July 23, 2017 08:32 PM

I don't think I'm going to finish lol. Stronghold is probably my least favorite faction, and I feel like most of my creature ideas (which tbh aren't many) are going to leave the realm of "hey that's a pretty cool and original idea" into "Lol Stronghold isn't a magic faction." I'd still like to hear people's thoughts on my general premise, but it's obviously not complete enough to be judged properly.

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted July 24, 2017 05:34 PM

And here was I thinking that I would be the only one that would skip this round for lack of time, and then had some to play along. But too few are keeping going.


Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 25, 2017 11:10 AM

I think this might change again, a lot of people have said from the beginning of the round that stronghold isnt their favorite. Also (at least here in germany) it's holiday season + university exam time, which might both grab some peoples time and motivation.

So, for the sake of Fairness, scores and comments (I think it is time for that, lizard?)

Methven 8
I do like this proposal. It certainly brings a twist to stronghold and I love the Shards. Rage is a somewhat classic idea, but fitting. I'm not sure I'm into all the names, but that's taste purely. The lineup itself has something to it. There are creatures I love in this stronghold and some I somehow don't feel belong. The  buildings are solid as well. What I am not sure is, how much stronghold this is to me.

As requested, I wont judge this BUT I want to comment on it: I love the concept. And I would have loved to see the corresponding lineup!

Pandatar 7,5
Well...this is tough. It is certainly original, but it feels quite a bit off stronghold for me. That probably comes from the races and the lineup mainly. What I do like again, are the war machines. Overall, despite the great detail and presentation, as a recreation of stronghold, I like this a little less than methvens proposal.

I know I've been harsh this round, I hope it's ok for all.

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Hired Hero
posted July 25, 2017 03:20 PM

So, for the sake of Fairness, scores and comments (I think it is time for that, lizard?)

2 weeks and 3 days for each posting period. The last one ended on the 11th, so the 28th, if I'm not mistaken

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 27, 2017 11:00 AM

Oh then that's my mistake, sorry. I thought it was 10 dayys posting and 5 scoring.

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted July 28, 2017 07:29 PM


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Hired Hero
posted July 29, 2017 02:54 AM
Edited by Varnoc at 02:55, 29 Jul 2017.

It appears I didn't finish in time, so feel free to pass over my entry if desired, though I'll be editing it in for posterity's sake, since this is my last one (now with pictures!).

To the voting!

PandaTar - 10 / 10
Wonderful. There's still a lot of text, but it really colored my imagination of the world you were building. If you were to ask me if I'd like this in a future installment of Heroes, I wouldn't be able to answer anything other than "yes". I'd love to see stories set in this environment, thanks for sharing.

Don't be sorry, it was an interesting read. I've not heard of a mythos where Orcs hail from Dwarves, so that alone was refreshing. Given that they used a potion to transform themselves, I'd imagine they'd still be pretty technologically capable, right? Just not too in tune with magic anymore as a side effect. It would be an interesting culture based on both the movement of celestial bodies and the manipulation of the natural world through nothing but their minds and bodies when the rest of the world has the magical advantage over them

Methven - 8 / 10
I like the idea of primitive civilizations built up around long-dead ones. The descriptions did a lot to make me understand the creatures well, and gave a good image of the overall faction to me, I enjoyed it, even if it was pretty conservative relative to your other proposals

Thanks for letting me participate in these up to this point guys, I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else came up with and getting some pointers from all of you in return (put up some snowing pictures!), I look forward to returning here when I get back and seeing what you've all been up to while I'm away

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted July 31, 2017 07:08 PM

Let's do the voting then.

Wheee, thanks for the scores. I'm trying to clean all the text, but somehow it always ends up like that much. I'm reserving orcs and ogres and cyclops to another idea, if anything comes up until then. So it felt like bringing a totem-like idea around, and then some meso-american inspiration along the way.

As asked, I'll give my input for Varnoc and score, even if it didn't make it in time.

I like the setting, pretty much exploring units and ambiance I would enjoy playing. Even the transformation from a Might alignment to a Magic one seems neat. Still, stronger units feel like they are to destroy enemy lines by going over obstacles in a such force that it still feels like a Might faction.

For the amount of details provided, I would give 8.5 | 10. If there were buildings, skills and other bonuses, score would be higher still.

And good luck at your pilgrimage. My sister lives in Peru and she's become a missionary there. She and her husband now maintain a church in the city, providing social support and doing their religious affairs.

It was coming to be a very interesting setting, the skill Astronomy quite nice, given the game uses info around that which was never fully explored. Alas, nothing much was developed, so there is no score to give.

The environment and most units fit nicely and the shard management applies some flavor to the whole, which is always nice to see. I felt like some better options would have been explored and proposed, bolder as you other proposals; however, the conception feels solid, imho. I would give 9 | 10.


I hope people will get back at proposing, now that Dungeon and Tower are incoming. Although Dungeon is my least favorite alignment, I'll do my best at the new proposal. Dragons may have migrated to another faction, I'm afraid.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted July 31, 2017 07:51 PM


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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted August 02, 2017 03:02 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 20:24, 03 Aug 2017.

LW might use his last post to summarize the scores, given it was not that many to account for anyway.

I'll reserve this for Dungeon, then, when I get the chance to finish it.



    Song theme.

Coat of Arms Motto

    Lux in tenebris lucet, non est profundis.


    Underground, Caves, Exotic (not really defined).


    The depths of the world are mysterious, where old beings of dark origins dwell, ancient and powerful, unknown. The secretive magic of old attracted beings with experimentation, binding, lashing, enslaving and control, because not many dare venture into the void. Free of the rule of others, chaos and extreme spell casting are commonplace practice. The need for survival prompted these beings to evolve extraordinary senses and mechanisms to repel or subdue invaders, slowly limiting domains and forging alliances, providing to be provided. So the illithids came to domain the waters, with extraordinary psionic powers, creating pazuzus to extend their powers and the makhai. Medusa came to control the caverns, adding to the rocks all foes turned into stone, giving birth to beholders and subduing even balrogs. Pyraustas came to control the roofs and the air, aided by giant murderous bats. The darkness in the Dungeons stare back to anyone daring to stare at it.

Featured buildings

Chapel of the Stilled Voices – allows hiring medusa heroes and prime tier medusa units.

Styx Lake – allows hiring illithid heroes, strongest spell casters of Dungeon faction. The lake produces a thin haze that causes enemies on the premises of the town (2-day distance) to randomly forget their actions (stop acting, moving, ignore orders, skip turn etc.). The power of the lake is based on control, so it affects any enemy unit and enemy hero. Enemy Dungeon units suffer halved effect. Illithids are immune.

Chaotic Chasms – outbursts of fumes issue from these chasms and cover town in darkness, granting bonuses related to shadow-affecting abilities. These dark places also give balrogs the element of surprise when joining battles in a defensive siege, allowing a hero to deploy these beasts anywhere on the edges of the battlefield under the cover of darkness, prompting into battle out of a chasm. Every two weeks, a Shadow Fiend (siege machine) can be captured there.

Statuary Gardens – increases Medusa growth by 1 per week. Increases morale for all Medusa heroes by 2. Invading enemy heroes defeated in a siege are turned into stone and placed at the statuary for the time being. Requires Chapel of the Stilled Voices.

Native Terrains

• Cavernous and underground: + 50% movement, and spell casting have greater damage and effect.
• Dirt and volcanic: +20% movement.

Hero Classes

Branded is an optimal class for commanding troops with branding powers, dooming or rewarding targets accordingly to their experiments, trapping those who invades areas either on the map or on the battlefield. It’s composed by pyraustas, medusas, pazuzus and illithids. The branded looks corrupted, bodies ever exposed by their extreme experiments with traps and branding magic, learning the most effective magical properties to unbalance a battle.
CLASS SKILL | Tenebria Seal: sets on the adventure map or on the battlefield an area of branding powers, which seals with dark magic some of the enemies abilities whichever they choose or happen to enter these trapping areas. Effects vary, like stealing good effects, making them vulnerable to other elements, share damage. The stronger the skill, the greater the effects, the more units can be affected and the harder it is to identify where and what the seal is.

Warlock is an optimal class for destructive spell casting. It’s composed by illithids, medusas and pyraustas. Warlocks are masters at damaging enemies with magic, so their damage output with spell casting has no rival. However, the extreme in which they venture to cast such spells lead them to unpredictable results, sometimes chaotic, draining more spell points for greater, devastating effects. On the other hand, unlucky allies can be caught in the storm every now and then.
CLASS SKILL | Chaoscast: prompts destructive and damaging spells into a chaotic state, sometimes spending more Spell Points for random additional effects, area damage, bonus hexing, bonus damage, piercing immunity. Effects get more extreme as the skill evolves. Chaoscast is unpredictable and may affect nearby allied units accidentally.

Mind Flayer is an optimal class for jinxing, hexing and strategic spell casting. It’s composed mainly by illithids, a few pazuzus and pyraustas. Mind Flayers are masters at controlling what enemy troops sense, what they see, feel, listen, obey. The greater the flayer, the stronger the binding power they exert on a target, even if it comes down to completely control a foe, like a puppeteer controlling a puppet.
CLASS SKILL | Hypnosis: influences enemy troops to misjudge orders given to them by their bounding power (which means that this hypnosis is plentiful, works on any unit), opening their mind to external influences (more likely to be affected by ailments), making them act differently from their bidding, even doing what the enemy needs them to do, when the Hypnosis is too strong to resist.

Magna Faction Skill | Spellbreak

    Magna faction skill is a passive global skill. Its effect is based on the number of hired heroes and on which classes they represent.

• Branded – each branded links part of the effect of their sealing traps between each other, cumulating different outputs. Indirectly extrapolates the sealing area of effect and difficulty to detect it.
• Warlock – each warlock hero hired makes warlock’s troops native immunity to chaoscasting improve, cumulatively, so warlocks can chaoscast on the battlefield carefree, as the unpredictable rebounds are less likely to occur. Indirectly diminishes the spending of extra Spell Points when chaoscasting.
• Mind Flayer – each mind flayer hero hired increases overall effects of all mind-affecting abilities of all other heroes and units under command. The same bonus applies to an overall resistance to the same effects from enemy powers. Indirectly makes ailments last longer than usual.

Units | 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 (4 walkers (1 ranged), 2 flyers, 2 floaters (1 ranged and 1 teleporter))

Base Tier | Pyrausta – they look like giant exotic moths, colorful and deadly, beings with huge magical powers and capable of channeling those powers even after death. Pyraustas have a dust covering their wings that spreads on their wake when they fly and chains magical properties on its path.
Adaptation: pyraustas don’t suffer weather or terrain penalties in battle.
Moth Dust: targets attacked by pyrausta are sparkled with dust from its wings. This dust also lingers on the wake of the pyrausta when it moves for the duration of the round. It boosts magical damage (diminishes magic resistance) and chains to all the area the dust is upon, building increasing bonus damage as the magic travels the path until the last sparkled slot.
Spectral Echo: when killed, a spectral echo of the pyrausta detangles from its body becoming a spiritual form called Pyrausta Anima. The Anima lasts only one turn, and will act as soon as it spawns, unless destroyed by an incoming second strike, retaliation or after effects of an enemy spell casting.

Base Tier | Pyrausta Anima – a spectral residue of the pyrausta. If this residue is killed or vanishes, the original body cannot be resurrected anymore. The Anima has a very powerful magic imbued to its essence, and it can cause a small, but powerful explosion upon vanishing, in the hope that it’s enough to take their foes along.
Floater: added to the Flying ability.
Faux Flare: upon vanishing (when attacking, when destroyed or after one turn) causes a small explosion that will damage all adjacent enemies with magic. Damage is split between targets, so it’s stronger when focused on single targets. Damage equals original pyrausta HP lost (units killed and converted into animas).

Core Tier | Makhai <<UPGRADES TO>> Makhai Prime* – born from magical experiments upon those lost in the dark depths of the dungeons or even the weaker in the ranks of the armies, they are repurposed to crave battle, vindictive upon anyone that crosses their path. Due their nature of being formed by many other creatures, they tend to mimic allied troops in battle, as if long lost memories prompted back, copycatting whenever possible, especially if it means the enemy’s demise. Makhai Prime are coated in magic that disrupts magical properties around them, wreaking havoc to and fro, unpredictably changing the tides of spell casting.
Unlimited Retaliation: the many facets of the makhai allows it to retaliate endlessly.
Mimic Warmonger: craving battle, this unit has a chance to mimic allied troops whenever they take offensive actions nearby (up to three slots far), limited to attacks and retaliation. Makhai will elect a random adjacent target to reproduce what it’s mimicking. It can only mimic one action of each kind (one attack and one retaliation) per unit each round.
*Disruptor: powerful magical layer disrupts enemy magic on nearby slots, converting damage to healing, ailments to buffs or even redirecting harmful magic intended to allies upon their own ranks.

Core Tier | Ahool <<UPGRADES TO>> Ahool Funebris* – these huge bats are deadly and silent, and their capability to find their prey in any condition, makes them very dangerous, even more because their bite infects their foes with rabies, which can spread fast because it berserks the infected. The greater and fouler ahool funebris is even deadlier, because it’s so fast, that it can swoop by, strike down and infect enemy ranks without being retaliated, returning to where it was, away from the infection and the rage issued by its bite.
Bat Sonar: ahool can pinpoint enemy location and cannot be fooled by illusions, camouflages or other stealth techniques, not even when it’s blinded (immune to blind effects).
Rabid Bite: causes a living physical target to go berserk with an uncontrollable urge to attack the nearest target, friend or foe, spreading rabies to other units. Rabies last a random number of turns on a target, from 1 to 3. Rabies lowers Defense values dramatically, although Attack values increase slightly. It nulls any special reaction the target has, being swapped by normal retaliation, and it also dispels any mind-affecting effects upon infection and makes infected unit immune to any mind-affecting ability while infected. Each time a target is infected by it, it’ll develop a resistance to it, halving the chances of being infected the next time. Chances never go below 1%.
Immunity to Rabies: ahools are not mind-affected by rabies.
*No Enemy Retaliation.
*Strike and Return: the silent and deadly ahool funebris can swoop past its prey striking it and returning to its position, giving no chance for its enemy to react.

Core Tier | Pazuzu – creatures made of threads of dark magic, usually bred by mind flayers to amplify their powers on the battlefield, the pazuzu resembles a sentient shadowy mass, that uses shadow to go where it wants in a blink of an eye, giving an instantaneous advantage in a battle. It’s more so because pazuzu chains ailments to all enemies nearby, from one to another, or from itself even. It’s difficult to counter attack that power because the linked power only vanishes if the source is countered.
Shadow Teleporter: a pazuzu can teleport to where it can find a shadow, even if it’s out of sight. At the least, it can teleport beside any other unit or obstacle on the battlefield. If the field is on Cave or Underground terrain, pazuzu can teleport anywhere it chooses.
Chain of Misfortune: pazuzu shares any ailment affecting itself or any adjacent unit (ally or foe) to all enemy forces around it as well. It can only be dispelled if the source is dispelled. Links can break at the end of each round, if there are too many targets. They break if target or the pazuzu moves away.

High Tier | Beholder – the resemblance between beholders and medusas is not coincidence. When two powerful medusas clash their gaze, the issuing shockwave gives birth to echoes of their forms, bodiless heads, grotesque, yet powerful enough to have a will. Beholders hate their wretched fate and form, so they judge their foes in their perfectness, finding weaknesses in their advantages. Differently from medusas, the gaze of a beholder holds no power to turn anyone into stone, but the blast that comes from it is deadly to those who wander too close.
Blast Focus: the power of the gaze strengthens as the enemy is nearer, greatly increasing the power of the beam, getting its full potential when face-to-face, with bonus damage. However, enemies standing too far or not visible are not damaged.
Eye of the Beholder: attack hexes a target with the best ailment against that enemy; so effects vary accordingly to the judgement of the beholder. Any of the hexes cast by a beholder cannot be dispelled and may stack with other beholders’ attacks or spells cast upon the same target. Effect lasts until the end of the next round.

Elite Tier | Balrog – oldest of the shadow entities of the depths of the world, balrogs are fierce and powerful, lashing and branding foes or allies, if they deem fit. The only creatures that keep them under control are medusas. The branded become prey, feeding an endless spawn of fiends to do their master’s bidding. What’s more, the presence of the balrog makes enemies freeze in panic, and its everlasting cloak of dark fire and shadow can cloak nearby allies against enemies eyes.
Firebrand Lashing: any damage done by this flaming whip brands the target, which cannot heal the damage done. Firebrand inflicts half-physical and half-fire damage upon targets from up to a range of three slots. It can also target allies. Besides damage, lashed allies get a temporary fair boost of speed and initiative, although they lose morale.
Black Fire Cloak: immunity to either fire or shadow-based effects, it also grants this unit on Cave or Underground terrain a fearsome presence that can make enemies afraid of attacking or retaliating, and the shadowy fire can even conceal small adjacent allies, making enemies miss those targets more often than not.
Branding Spawn: branded damage is converted into spawns which are summoned forth to battle. The Balrog Spawn is summoned adjacent to the branded foe, and all summoned after that will be added to the oldest existing stack. Each Balrog stack creates its own legion of minions. They all vanish after battle.

Summoning Base Tier | Balrog Spawn – these abominations are spawn from branded enemies who suffered the lash of a balrog, feeding from their life force, bursting into flames or swarming nearby foes, becoming an overwhelming force if their master is left unchallenged.
Inflammable: fire-based abilities or attacks upon this unit will ignite it, and make it turn into a pyre (spawn vanishes). The pyre lasts two turns and deals fire-based damage on any target that crosses it (similar to a fire-wall spell). Damage output is based on the max HP of all ignited spawlings and can be boosted by pyraustas dust.
Swarmer: when this unit gets adjacent to a foe, it swarms it, making the enemy unable to move as freely as before, reducing their movement points by one third. If there are less Balrog Spawns than half of the number of enemies around them, Swarmer ability will fail.

Prime Tier | Medusa – beautiful women with serpents for hair and a the half-lower body of a snake, they are neither numerous, nor sturdy, but their deadly stone gaze pierces anything. That’s how they grew to be the most terrifying force in Dungeon, subduing even balrogs. Medusas’ sight is perfect in daylight or pitch black darkness, so they are flawless with their longbows. And differently from myths that say that one must gaze into her eyes, whichever thing a medusa stares turns into stone, if she chooses so, even more when she focuses before shooting a deadly arrow.
No Melee Penalty.
Mirror Eyes: deflect any visual power of enemies, making them immune to some abilities, including hypnosis and other medusa’s gaze.
Stone Gaze: medusa’s gaze can turn almost anything into stone, even constructs, elementals, spirits or the undead. Affects enemies directly close and faced by the medusa, or when attacked by her. There’s a chance of petrifying foes at the start of the every round and the number of petrified enemies is limited by the max amount of medusas in the stack. Petrified enemies remain symbolically in their stack, and if they are not healed until the end of the battle, they’ll die.

Siege Units

Sinkhole Hellworm – living and moving siege units, they go about underground, creating sinkholes around the field. These sinkholes last two turns until they cave in. Enemies that pass on sinkholes can lose units that will fall and be devoured by these giant monsters. Small units are more affected by sinkholes.
Black Cocoon – a stationary construct war machine, it lashes a weakening link to any spell casting foe, including enemy heroes, and each enemy magic cast on the battlefield will release a seal of that cocoon. Enough broken seals will unleash a wave of shadow-based damage on all surrounding foes based on the quantity of Spell Points used to cast those abilities. After the wave, new weakening links start to trigger anew. Dungeon heroes can convert the gathered power into bonus spell points and recover their own pool, which will cancel the power wave.
Cursed Simians – animated moving defensive siege units, they fend areas of the field against nearby targets, prioritizing enemies, but they’ll attack allied targets, if they are not of the Dungeon faction. When damaged, they bleed lava, which soaks adjacent areas, damaging targets that dare cross it. Balrogs’ lash doubles simians’ physical damage output. When destroyed, they remain motionless for three rounds and then they get back into fight.
Shadow Fiend – a living moving war and siege machine, this beast forces the properties of Underground and Shadow upon the field. The fumes surrounding it sear any adjacent foes. Its huge frame can almost past unnoticed on the field, giving it means to edge near defensive structures and crash them down.

Mount and Ultimate Artifact

Manticore: Dungeon heroes mount manticores, except medusas and pyraustas.
Aegis: This shield has the skeletal skull of the first known medusa, and although it’s long gone, the power of the hollow gaze lingers eerily and can turn enemies into stone when the shield faces them. Gives hero a global stone gaze effect every round, affecting all enemy targets (it can be resisted) on the battlefield. When wielded by medusa heroes, it improves their gazing power as well. It grants immunity to any gaze power to all allied troops as well. Only Dungeon heroes can wield this artifact.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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It's a fixer-upper
posted August 03, 2017 10:49 AM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 03:35, 14 Aug 2017.

Reserved. I'll finish this time I promise


Motto: *unintelligible screeching*

Terrain: Dirt, Underground


Town Theme


So, you want to know how The Order of the Warlocks came into power? A fascinating tale, if I do say so. There once was a Wizard named Rhazien, a man loved by his colleges and the common people alike for his ability to cure madness. He learned his way around the humanoid mind by studying what he believed to be the most powerful emotion: Fear. Little known to other Wizards, however, Rhazien and his apprentices studied fear by traveling the world and collecting the most grotesque and terrifying creatures he could find, and exposing common people to them. Most of these creatures, in addition to being terrifying, were also extremely dangerous, and most of the test subjects were brutally killed. Some, however, survived, and were employed as the first Beastmasters. Eventually the true nature of his activities were discovered by his fellow Wizards, and he and his apprentices were forced to leave their country. This was the last point in history where Rhazien's presence has been verified, however the Walocks will tell you that he resurfaced with them, now in an alliance with Mind Flayers, and swiftly and furiously struck back against the Wizards, all but obliterating their nation. Rhazien, along with his apprentices and Mind Flayer allies took over the Wizard's former lands, and re-branded the government The Order of the Warlocks. That, my friends, is how the beacon of terror and madness as we know it today came to be. The Warlock's Asylums are mobile cities, and are most likely to appear in stable areas to cause destruction and chaos. The poor souls who are forced to live in them are almost without exception reduced to slavery, except for the select few who are promoted to the rank of Beastmaster to train and handle the bizarre creatures used to keep the terrified citizens in line. The real power, however still lies with the Warlocks and Mind Flayers.

Might Hero: Beastmaster

Beastmasters are the slaves of Asylum who have been "liberated" by being appointed to a position of moderate power. The closest equivalent would be Lords in the Holy Empires of old. Beastmasters have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, as they have to train and handle the creatures of Asylum. Only the strongest of them survive, and so their creatures learn to fear them. All large creatures in a Beastmaster's army receive a 10% bonus to initiative and +2 attack.  

Magic Hero: Warlock

Warlocks are, and always have been, the true force governing the Asylums. Power-hungry sorcerers, Warlocks have no regard for the lives of their subjects or those they conquer. They are, however, the most powerful spell casters known to the world. In addition to having the highest spellpower of any Hero, they learned much from Rhazien, and their troops have a 30% chance to resist any mind-influencing spells.  

Faction Skill: Karma

Always delighting is sowing disarray in the world, Beastmasters and Warlocks have learned how to best exploit opposing commanders' incompetence. Every time an enemy creature receives a debuff, a the corresponding buff is applied to a random friendly creature, and vise-versa.


Tier 1: Kobold/Troglodyte

Kobalds are weak, cowardly creatures that were easily incorporated into Asylum, as their bloodthirsty nature combined with their natural cowardice made it easy for the Beastmasters to amass large hordes of them to be used as cannon fodder and to slaughter defiant peasants. Their high growth rate and cheap cost makes them good for clearing out other weak troops. Troglodytes are more experienced Kobolds who have an additional love of rare and precious items, and as such after every battle there is a 1% chance per every 50 Troglodytes (capped at 30% chance) to find a random minor artifact.

Attack increases every time they kill an enemy stack
Chance to find artifact

Tier 2: Gibbering Mouther/Screeching Mouther

Gibbering Mouthers are, unfortunately, one of the more common sights in Asylum cities. Living embodiments of madness, Mouthers exist only to eat and scream. Being made entirely of mouths, an enemy cannot retaliate against their attacks without being bitten, and they can hit up to 3 targets at once. Additionally, they can regenerate their health by eating corpses, making them very sturdy, and when upgraded they decrease the moral of any living creature not native to Asylum.

Eats Corpses
Multiple Attacks
Enemies receive 30% of their retaliation damage back at them
Terrifying Presence

Unlimited Retaliation

Tier 3: Mimic/Boggart

Nobody knows what Mimics truly look like, save for Warlocks. They most often appear to adventurers as chest or similar objects to lure them in to be swallowed, however they serve the Beastmasters and Warlocks in combat by transforming into a random shooter unit. They can spend a turn every 3 turns to randomly change into a different one.  

Changes into a random un-upgraded Tier 2-4 shooter unit
Changes into a random upgraded Tier 2-5 shooter unit

Tier 4: Mind Flayer/Chuthonian

Mind Flayers are arguably the true power of the Asylums, even more so than the Warlocks, for some say they their Unholy powers are derived from the morbid-looking creatures. In addition to increasing their hero's spellpower, they can also cast confusion, sorrow, and disrupting ray on their foes. Chuthonians, the elder Mind Flayers, also feed off of their enemies suffering by turning it into mana to be harvested by their Hero (like a permanent Mark of the Necromancer)

Increases Hero Spellpower
Mana Feed

Tier 5: Drider/Drider Queen

Driders of quite possibly one of the terrifying creatures in Asylum, if not the entire world. Obviously in some way related to Elves, yet obviously not the same, Driders are fast, silent, and powerful. They create most of the organic-looking structures for Asylum, as their similarity to spiders allows them to create silk.

Web Spinning (Same effect as Quicksand in H3)
Fear(Same as Nightmare in H5)
Soul-Rotting Venom(Kills the top creature in the stack every turn for 3 turns, creatures killed this way cannot be resurrected.
Only effects living creatures. Driders are immune)

Tier 6: Otyugh/Behemoth

Otyugh, thankfully, do not appear anywhere in nature. They are the only creature of Asylum that was created by the Warlocks rather than tamed by the Beastmasters. Otyugh eat anything they can get their tentacles on. In a way, they are like oversized Mouthers, only they stink instead of screech. The smell is so bad that any living creature adjacent to an Otyugh will have their attack subtracted by 4 (except Asylum creatures, who are used to the stench). While all Otyugh are big, the truly gargantuan ones are often called Behemoths. These giants cause the ground they walk on to shake, and stun small creatures if they are unfortunate enough to be near one when it ends it's turn.

Eats Corpses
50% Resistant to Magic
Stuns small creatures
Can attack castle walls

Tier 7: Black Dragon/Chaos Hydra

Black Dragons are one of the most fearsome creatures in the world, and it is to this day unknown how the Warlocks managed to subdue them and earn their allegiance. Immune to all forms of magic, and able to devastate multiple enemies at once with their fiery breath, Black Dragons are truly creatures to beware of. Even more horrifying than a Black Dragon, however, is a Chaos Hydra. While not true Hydras, Chaos Hydras are actually ancient Black Dragons. As they grow older, Black Dragons actually grow more heads to store more knowledge, for you see, Dragons are more intelligent than Men or even Elves or Dwarves, and that fact combined with near immortality often leaves them want for space to store it all.  

Immune to Magic
Fire Breath
Friendly Hero has a 40% chance to learn any spell cast in combat by a hero or creature
Multi-Headed Attack(Only the primary target is affected by Fire Breath)

Special Buildings

Temple of Madness
Increases the Growth of Mind Flayers by 2. Defending Heroes receive +2 Knowledge.

Web of Fear
Increases Drider growth by 1. The town's moat deals 50% more damage.

Grail Building-Vortex of Chaos

Increases gold income by 5000. Increases creature growth by 50%. All Heroes have their maximum mana increased by 50% and defending Heroes receive +10 spellpower.  

Well that's my Dungeon. I hope nobody got Ashan-PTSD from the Drider, but I felt like it fit what I wanted to do fairly well without being too excessive.

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Age of erwins is over
posted August 04, 2017 07:25 PM

Methven  - 8 + 8 + 9 = 25/3 = 8.33 3rd PLACE
Varnoc   - 8.5 2nd PLACE
Pandatar - 10 + 7.5 = 8.75 1st PLACE

Congratulations to Pandatar for winning this round!

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posted August 09, 2017 03:31 PM


So, where are the contenders? Dungeon now, probably more liked than Stronghold.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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posted August 11, 2017 11:46 AM

Depends a bit on how much time we have...I must confess I lost count.

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posted August 13, 2017 04:05 PM
Edited by Methven at 16:11, 13 Aug 2017.

Hi everyone!
Life’s gotten busy again, so sorry for the late entry. I’ve started planning ahead quite a bit though (I’ve got Academy, Inferno and Sanctuary at least part way done) and so hopefully I can keep it up! I want to say that I understand that this faction might seem quite like a typical inferno town to some rather than a typical Dungeon town- please note that I’ve already got another idea of what I’ll be doing for my Inferno proposal, and the two shouldn’t overlap in feel much (I’ve never liked demonic factions much, so I tried to transplant some of that aspect here). Also, as I’m supposed to be recreating these factions, I’ve decided to do that with the feel/themes of them too sometimes. Besides, this town is magical, cruel, has a humanoid bull, hydra and a dragon and thematically is based on the idea of a ‘shroud of despair’... sounds pretty Dungeon to me (even if I moved it onto a mountain )! The faction is fragile and low on shooters (only one) but has 3 flyers (plus a fourth special unit flyer) and a ‘crawler’. This is partly to bring in the themes of ‘spreading’ and ‘presence’. The abilities in this faction have much to do with proximity, morale and patience, meaning that fully maximising their effects requires careful thought.


Motto: Despair is the most effective poison.
Architecture: There are strong Japanese architectural influences, and the dark cloud sets the lighting so dark that it could be underground. It is not volcanic; the chill is brightened only by the flames of war and the burning of fragile Ash bodies. See these images.
Symbol: Image
Description: High up on the most treacherous mountains reside the most gruesome of natural beasts. It is among these monstrosities that the Ashes make their home. With charred skin, not a shred of natural worldliness in them and a propensity to find delight in fear and agony, Ashes were never going to be accepted by any other humanoid race. Deeply magical, Ashes can command the creatures of the mountains, and twist minds to their bidding. No one quite knows quite Ashes organise themselves; such a secret is lost deep within the heavy shroud of lofty, despairing summits. There must be some societal structure though, as periodically great armies of soldiers and beasts pour down the mountainsides to wage war with any faction that dares dwell nearby. The Ashes hold to their deeply-held spirituality, which they say governs life and death- and have accepted their role as the Impure Ones, bent upon spreading their infection. The time of their dominance is coming, say the prophets, and the plague of war will spill from over the hillsides and unto all the kingdoms.
The setting for the Summit is the shrouded peaks of mountains.
(Following feedback from my Sylvan proposal I should clarify my ideas for the humanoid races more. I imagine Ashes as fragile, magical beings with dark, charred-looking skin. They don’t have faces as such, and tend to have some part of their body glowing as though it were on fire. It’s from this part of the body that Ashes channel their ancient magic.)


Might: Taskmaster - Controlling an army is easier when you sit in the driver’s seat of every mind, and Taskmasters are expert at manipulating the actions of those that pit themselves against the great tide of pollution from the mountains. Still, even the most adept mind-controllers are met with some hesitation by their victims.
With the ‘Mindmaster’ ability the Taskmaster may select one enemy unit at the beginning of combat. Each time this unit has its turn, there is a chance that that unit will be fully under the Taskmaster’s control. However, a mind-controlled unit gains a +1 defence bonus until its next turn. Chances increase with Taskmaster level, but decrease with increasing unit level, the size of the stack, and the proportion of the total enemy army that lies in the stack. Furthermore, Omukades in the hero’s army gain +1 initiative. Starts with Leadership and either Dark Magic or Logistics.

Magic: Harbinger - Harbingers are often sent out into the wider world, using magic to scout for those places most susceptible to attack. There, they will give a demoralising statement of judgement over the local people and warn them of the incoming doom. Of course, by that time, it is far too late for the poor souls to resist the enemy at their doorstep. Harbingers are more than capable leaders, but their main skills lie in stealth and devastation of enemy morale.
Harbingers have two unique abilities: Undercover allows Harbinger’s armies to be underestimated by opposing heroes without Scouting, where the disparity between what is seen and what is real increases with hero level; and Doomsday Call, which, when activated during battle gives every friendly creature a 50% chance to receive +1 morale and every enemy unit a 30% chance to receive -1 morale. Furthermore, Portents and Heralds in the hero army gain +2 Health.
Starts with Dark Magic and either Luck or Logistics.


There are seven tiers of Summit units. Abilities in brackets are for the upgraded form only. All Summit units have the ability Impure Touch, which applies the debuff Impurity to enemy units and Dark Revelry to allied units.

Impure Touch: When this unit attacks an enemy target, the target gains the Impurity debuff. Impurity decreases initiative and luck by 1 and lasts until the end of the target’s next turn. If an allied unit would receive Impurity for any reason, it receive Dark Revelry instead.
Impurity: Decreases this unit’s initiative and luck by 1. If this unit is killed with Impurity still applying, a Grudge forms in its place.
Dark Revelry: Increases the unit’s initiative and luck by 1. If this unit is killed with Dark Revelry still applying, a Grudge forms in its place.

1. Inflictor/Tormentor
All Ashes are more than willing to spill blood on the battlefield, but those most noteworthy are the ones trained in punishing a victim for disbelieving their message. Their frequent use of traps is widely feared.
Torture: If this unit manages to target the same enemy unit for three consecutive attacks, the third attack decreases the target’s morale by 1 and deals 150% damage.
(Snare): Instead of its normal action, this unit may place a snare anywhere on the battlefield within its own movement range. Any unit walking over this snare has its movement halted and receives Impurity.


2. Shikome/Shikome Hag
Any other humanoid of this age and stature would be considered completely unfit for battle, yet the Ashes pit their most elderly and crooked on the battlefield for a reason- the inherent magic of Ashes grows over time. Battalions of Shikomes and Shikome Hags then become critical in the Summit’s efforts to spread the shadows of impurity.
Shooter: This unit may deal ranged damage to any unit on the battlefield, though deals less damage to units far away or adjacent to it.
(Haunting Shadow): Every second time this unit attacks, its target gains a shadow. The shadow prevents this unit from moving anywhere not adjacent at least one enemy unit for its next two turns, severely restricting its movement. At the end of these two turns, a ‘fragile explosion’ is released, causing the target's two closest allied units without Impurity to gain it.


3. Tengu/Daitengu
Centuries before the Ashes came to dwell on the mountains, Tengus were populous across the kingdom’s mountain ranges. Originally feared as omens of wickedness and war, ancient bands of brave soldiers aimed to rid the world of these despicable creatures. The Tengus survived and now thrive with the Ashes, yet enemies cannot shake the role of Tengus as harbingers of bloodshed, and their presence will always cause their foes to become disheartened.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
(Dishearten): Enemies must pass a morale check when attacking this unit. If the morale check fails, only half damage is dealt and the enemy unit loses 1 morale.


4. Omukade/Omukade Creeper
Envoys from the Queen of the Colony were once set out to petition the Omukades to come and join their glorious empire and worship their all-encompassing Queen. It is not surprising, however, that those envoys were never seen again. Unlike insectfolk, Omukades are not sentient and have no inhibitions when it comes to ripping the enemies of the Ashes limb, from limb, from limb, from limb.
Crawler: This unit may crawl over walls and enemy units. Walls require 4 movement points, large units 3 and small units 2.
Freakish: Whenever this unit is adjacent or in contact with an enemy unit, the enemy unit’s initiative drops by 1 (35%), 2 (20%) or not at all (45%).
(Poison Fang): There is a 20% chance to poison with every attack this unit makes. The poison deals an additional 60% of the attack’s damage at the end of the target’s next turn.


5. Portent/Herald
Heralds arrive on the battlefield to wear away at those enemies who might have more than their fair share of morale, and deal extra damage to enemies who despair.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Despair: This unit deals more damage to units with negative morale. Additionally, enemies cannot have positive morale while adjacent to this unit (max 0).
(Call of Broken Souls): At the start of its turn, this unit gains one extra movement point for every death (of a stack) that occurred since its last turn.


6. Gozu/Gozu Bull
Hulking, merciless and intimidating, Gozus are the brute force behind the Ashes’ armies. Though sentient, Gozus are more often than not taken over by their animalistic tendencies and savagery. At the sight of blood, they degenerate even further into chaos.
Smell of Descent: Whenever a stack dies on the battlefield, this unit gains an extra retaliation. If this extra retaliation is not used, the unit gains +50% damage to its next attack.
Sight of Blood: Whenever any unit is killed in an adjacent tile, this unit attacks a random adjacent enemy (if there is one) for half damage.
(No Enemy Retaliation): This unit’s attacks may not be retaliated against (overrides Unlimited Retaliation ability).


7. Ivory Tatsu/Gilded Tatsu
With silver tongues and words that pierce even the most defended minds, it is said that Taskmasters learned the secrets of mind control from Tatsus. In fact, it isn’t known whether the Tatsus seen on the battlefield are being controlled by Ashes or the Ashes by the Tatsus. Still, their draconic powers aid the spread of Impurity and make them very capable damage-dealers.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Breath of Corruption: This unit’s attack deal damage to units in a line along 3 tiles. Large units take damage per tile they occupy.
Confident: This unit has a minimum morale of +1.
Impure Spirit: All enemy units adjacent to this unit gain Impurity and Dark Revelry to all adjacent allied units, so long as the other unit ends its turn adjacent to this unit.
(Magic Immunity): All negative spells and magical damage have no effect on this unit.
(Manipulative Mindset): Enemy units targeted by this unit are 30% more likely to be put under a Taskmaster’s control. If under a Harbinger hero, all attacks by this unit have a 30% chance to decrease the target’s morale by 1.


Other Units
1. Grudge
Though not strong in battle, Grudges form a critical part of Summit strategy, partly because they help form more and more Grudges... and it would be unwise to underestimate just how much damage a Grudge can do.
Fleeting: This unit never exists outside of battle and therefore may not win a battle.
Fragile Explosion: This unit does not have health points, but is killed completely once it is dealt any damage on two occasions. Once it is killed, it releases Impurity onto all enemy units within two tiles and Dark Revelry to all friendly units within two tiles.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Spirit: Receives 50% less damage from spells and recovers from debuffs one turn earlier than usual.


Unique War Machine
Yamata No Orochi
Foul, many-headed and many-tailed serpents of the mountains, Yamata No Orochi shoot eight varieties of missives at enemy units, each with an equal chance of appearing: The eight attack types decrease attack, defense, maximum damage, movement, initiative, morale or luck alongside a dealing some damage. The eighth attack type simply deals a greater amount of damage. Yamata No Orochi attacks apply Impurity.

Special Buildings

Special Building 1- Scorched Pagoda: Allows for extra spells and some artefacts to be bought. Fire, Dark and Earth Magics are favoured in that order.
Special Building 2- Shrine of Depravity: When this town is taken by a hero that is not a Taskmaster or a Harbinger, unit and resource production ceases for seven days.
Special Building 3- Caves of Hollow Laughter: -1 luck to a sieging army. When this town is sieged or an allied Taskmaster or Harbinger is attacked within a certain area nearby the town, a band of two or three Grudges will aid the allied army (50%/50% chance).
Grail Building- Tunnel of the Gods: A smoky pillar reaching from the Summit to the skies. +5000 Gold per day. Unit production increases by 50%. In heroes’ armies, Impurity also deals 20% of the hero’s base attack damage per turn.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to feedback, and hopefully we might see some more entries coming in soon!

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posted August 15, 2017 05:16 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 09:43, 23 Aug 2017.

Symbol: A Moon behind a Cloud, Skull with Coins as Eyes
Motto: The most dangerous Enemy is the one you can not see
Terrain: Underground
Architecture: Stone, Earth and Bone structures hewn into the Underground
Every society knows crime. Where there are Laws, there are those who break them. But not all lawbreakers act on their own. For a long time, few were aware that there's a large network of organized crime within all realms. But now finally it was revealed. And this network is not just within the cities of all realms - its true power lies in their secret underground Dungeons. These labyrinthine cities are a heaven for all criminals. Ruled by a mysterious organization, the Veiled Moon, they might be everyones ally or enemy - as long as it suits them.
Music theme examples:
Moonlight City (Lumina) for the town screen (in a non-midi version ), something like Shelob's Lair for the battle theme (I know it starts of a bit low, but I like the suspense of the piece) and Vale of Shadows for the Adventure Map.
These are, of course, only examples for the kind of song I'd like!

Might Hero:Patriarch/Matriarch
Within the "Veiled Moon", each dungeon forms a so-called "family". And at the head of this family there always is a patriarch or matriarch - the organization values skill, not gender. The 'atriarchs (as the lower ranks oft call them) have very different ways to lead their minors - some prefer brutal oppression, others try to buy loyalty, some act sly and cunning and others rely on strict rules and hierarchies. What they have all in common is that they use any means to gain and keep power.
Equipment: Dark, but rich clothes; A Crossbow; A Ceremonial Short Scimitar at the sides
Attack: Ranged (projectile)
Scenario Heroes: 4 Dark Elves (Drêyl, Shaeral Darkheart, Vharessa, Lanurya of Shadowhome), 2 Minotaur (Dace, Runnk ), 2 Ratfolk (Musrik, Mother Shdirrr), 1 Fungian (Boletal II), 1 Human (Pharic ), 1 Arachim (Shuturi Roadweaver), 1 Goblin (Gnirrsh)
Mount: Salamander (A non-aquatic relative of the Olms, only the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are allowed to right them) Note: No Mount for the Arachim
Class Skill: Opportunistic
To rise in the Veiled Moon, you need to put aside all scruples -  and all prejudice. Matriarchs and Patriarchs work with what they get - and they can teach that to their troops. Therefore, the troops under the Patriarchs or Matriarchs command ignore any morale penalty from different factions in an army. That does not sound that powerful? Well...the perks are, in this case, maybe more powerful than the main skill. They allow you to have more slots for units and war machines, enhance a heroes' starting skill beyond the normally possible - and even learn the Class Skills of Might hero classes from other factions.

Magic Hero:Shadowbender
Stupid people might think of Shadowbenders as Illusionists. But they are wrong. Illusionists work with Light. Shadowbenders work with Darkness. And they can do much more than Illusions. These secretive Spellcasters draw their power from the shadows and use them for their own goals - and for the goals of the Veiled Moon. They are also said to be the founders of that organization.
Equipment: Black Robes, along with deep Hoods; A long twisted Black Staff
Attack: Ranged (Magic)
Scenario Heroes' Races: 4 Dark Elves (Yushanna, Theyra, Vuyandil, Sinitar), 2 Ratfolk (Baetro, Lirish), 2 Arachim (Shmiil, Ruuna), 2 Fungian (Morchella, Whurh), 1 Human (Jeddite), 1 Shadow Spirit (Xym)
Mount: Shadow Spider (Shadows bent to the form of a Spider, this is an apt mount for these spellcasters)
Class Skill: Shadowbending
This Skill allows the Shadowbender to draw Energy from the Shadows. Thus, spells of most schools (Not Light, Air or Fire) get cheaper and more effective the more hidden units they have on the battlefield. And they also get cheaper and more effective Underground. The Perks of this skill allow for unique effects on hidden troops, better ways to hide them, and using the Shadowbending to make Dark Magic more difficult for your enemy.


Universal Ability:
  •Sneaky (All units from this faction start the battle hidden and can spend a whole turn to hide themselves. They also are all able to attack from hiding - which reveals them.)


-Bandit-> Rogue / Burglar
If you are of no special skill and aspire to be part of the Veiled Moon, you are likely to be a bandit. These are a loose band of people from different species, united by - nothing, really. The families use them for anything that needs neither great prowess nor skill. Rogues specialize in striking quick and mean, leaving no witnesses. They also are as good in throwing their knives as in stabbing with them. Burglars usually do not aim for a kill. They prefer to try to get some coins and then vanish quickly.
Stats: Strong attack and initiative, Weak HP and Defense; Rogues have better damage and hp, Burglars have better speed and initiative
  •Backstab (When attacking from hiding, this unit deals +50% damage and the target unit cannot retaliate.)
  •No retaliation (Attacked units cannot retaliate against this unit.)
  •No melee penalty
  •Ranged Attack
  •Short range (This unit can perform its ranged attack only within 10 tiles and suffers from long distance penalty when the target is further than 4 tiles away.)
  •Burglary (For every attack this unit performs against a humanoid enemy, you gain a bit money. On high-level humanids (f.e. Assassins or Angels) you have a small(!) chance to get an artifact.)
Dwelling: Hideout > Bandit Lair

-Cave Bat-> Vampire Bat / Shrieker
Stats: Very good speed and initiative, good attack, weak defense and hitpoints; Vampire Bats do more damage and have more hp, Shriekers are even faster and have a better defense (hard to hit)
  •Immune to Blind
  •Surprise Assault (When this unit leaves hiding (f.e. through attacking, but also through, the enemy gets a penalty on morale and initiative. This is a fear effect.)
  •Bloodsucking (When dealing melee damage to a living (non-plant) unit, this unit gains 25% of the damage dealt as healing.)
  •Infective (When dealing melee damage to a living (non-plant) unit, that unit gains an Infection for 2 turns. Infected units only gain 50% from any healing effect.)
  •Deafening Shriek (When this unit moves, any living unit standing in their path, adjacent to it, or within 2 tiles of their target tile, gain -50% initiative and cannot retaliate until their next turn.)
Dwelling: Stalagtites > Stalagtite Colony


-Minotaur-> Bodyguards / Collector
The role of most minotaurs within the Veiled moon is pretty clear - to smack some faces. Their raw strength is unmatched amongst the dungeons'"citizens". Those who are especially enduring are favorite Bodyguards of higher ranks. Others are used as Collectors, demanding payment from unwilling people - and also enforcing the will of their Patriarch in other ways.
Stats: Good Hitpoints, defense and attack, weak growth, initiative and speed, Bodyguards have even more hp and defense, but are slower, Collectors are faster and have better attack and damage
  •Knockdown (When this unit attacks from hiding, it has a cance to knock the enemy down until tat enemys next turn, which is lost for standing up. Knocked-down enemys have -25% defense and deal only 50% damage in retaliation.)
  •Bodyguard (This unit will take melee damage that would be dealt to adjacent creatures of higher rank. If they have a retaliation, both units may retaliate.)
  •Brave (This unit has a 75% chance to resist Fear effects.)
  •Shadow Presence (When this unit is in hiding, adjacent friendly units have a 50% chance to resist Fear effects.)
  •Brutality (When this unit deals damage to a living (non-plant) unit, that unit has a chance to get a malus on initiative. This is considered a Fear effect.)
  •Looter (After a battle, you get money based on the number of humanoid units which died on both sides.)
  •Rowdyism (When this unit deals damage to an enemy, it gets a bonus on morale and initiative for 4 turns. This bonus can stack.)
Dwelling: Alleyways >  Labyrinthous Lanes

-Fungian-> Venomist / Shrouder
Little is known about the Fungians. There were already here when the first Dungeons were founded. With their seclusive nature and their skill in poison-making, they blended into the Dungeon Society easily. All Fungians are great with poisons, but some are exceptional. These are called the Venomists, and their skills are often wanted in war as well as in peace. Fungians who are more of the defensive type oft take the path of the Shrouder. These use the Fungians natural ability to send of spores to shroud rooms, alleyways or whole battlefields in thick spores, blinding and confusing the unprepared.
Stats: Good Hitpoints, Very Weak Speed and Initiative; Venomists have weaker initiative and hp, but better attack, Shrouders have better defense and speed
  •Immune to Poison and Sickness
  •Resistance to Dark (This unit takes -50% Dark Damage.)
  •Shade-Loving (This unit gets a morale bonus when fighting underground or inside a building, dungeon, etc. Everywhere else, though, it gets a morale malus.)
  •Weakness to Light (This unti takes +50% Light Damage.)
  •Poison Supply (Friendly units damaging an enemy with weapons while adjacent to this unit, inflict poitson to that enemy. Poison lasts 1-5 turns and deals a percentage of the units max hp as damage each time the poisoned unit has its turn.)
  •Venomous (Any unit dealing melee damage to this unit or getting melee damage from this unit, gets poisoned. Poison lasts 2-8 turns and deals a percentage of the units max hp as damage each time the poisoned unit has its turn.)
  •Spore Shroud (Activated. Once per battle, this unit can create a shroud of spores over the battlefield. The stack size determines how long it lasts. While the shroud lasts, units must get adjacent to a hidden unit in order to reveal it by sight. Ranged attacks and flying are not usable and the movement range of all units is halved.)
Dwelling: Fungus Fields > Fungus Town


-Assassin-> Moonblade / Shadewalker
The Assassins were once founded by the Dark elves. But since these have become so few and retired to less martial positions, its the strange Ratfolk from the undergrounds to whom this seclusive order of murderers is restricted. Though their favored weapon is the crossbow, they fight as well with their curved scimitars. Those who specialize in this are the Moonblades, who bring the Veiled Moons judgements. Even more sinister and mysterious however are the Shadewalkers. Little is known about them, except that tehy're experts in stealth.
Stats: Very good Attack, Good Damage, Speed and Initiative, Very Weak HP; Moonblades have more attack and defense; Shadewalkers get more speed and initiative
  •Assassination (When attacking from hiding, this unit deals double damage.)
  •No Melee Penalty
  •Dance of Death (This unit gets +50% defense in Melee and retaliates before an attacking enemy can strike. Additionally, melee Attacks by this unit kill at least 1 unit of the target stack.)
  •No Retaliation
  •Shadowshot (Active. This unit can use this ability to perform a ranged attack from hiding without revealing itself. After that, the next turn of this unit is skipped.)
  •Shadowstalking (This unit gets +50% speed and initiative while in hiding.)
  •Vanishing (When attacked in melee and still having its retaliation, this unit uses the retaliation to go in hiding and move to the nearest spot where it's not immediately discovered. If that's not possible, it does a normal retaliation.)
Dwelling: Assassins Guild > Midnight Hall

-Giant Spider-> Wolf Spider / Aerop
Caves grow strange beings. And amongst them are one of the terrors of all uplanders: Giant Spiders. Huge in size and vicious in nature, it took Centuries for the Dungeon Dwellers to tame them. Now their are one of their deadliest weapons against any foe. An especially aggressive breed are the Wolf Spiders. These vicious arachnids hunt down and prey on any living being they can get. While the Wolf Spiders are used in combat only, there is another type. The ancient and intelligent Aerops are believed by the Fungians and the Ratfolk to be Ancestor of all Spiders - and of the feared Arachim, the spider-hybrids. The olms are said to mistrust these cunning manipulators.
Stats: Good in Attack, Defense and HP, EXPENSIVE; Wolf Spiders improve in Attack, Damage and Speed; Aerops have less speed and initiative, but much more hp and more defense
  •Immune to Blind and Poison
  •Spiderbite (Melee damage from this unit has a chance to paralyze the enemy unit for one turn.)
  •Tunnelcrawling (This unit can move on and along Walls and all obstacles which can be crawled over (f.e.: it can move over Trees or Rocks, but not over water) without movement penalty.)
  •Weaving (Activated. This unit can spend a turn to weave spider webs to 3 chosen tiles. Each of these 3 must be adjacent to another. Webs are a special battlefield obstacle, which spiders can ignore. All others cannot pass the web - when they move onto it, they are entangled in it and must spend their next turn to get free. While entangled they cannot retaliate. Underground, the webs spread from roof to floor, so flyers are also effected. Aboveground, flyers can ignore the webs.)
  •Cave Hunter (While hidden, when an enemy unit passes this unit, and this unit still has its retaliation, it attacks the enemy, dealing +25% damage.)
  •Spinning (Activated. This ability can be used only on a paralyzed enemy. The enemy is weaved into a net. They stay in this net until someone attacks them in melee, the net is set on fire, or they manage to struggle free. While in the net, they take less damage, but can not take any action but "struggling", nor can they retaliate. Also, all passive abilities they have that would work on other units, are inactive. "Struggling" has a chance to set the spinned-in unit free - the longer the time and the more friendly units adjacent, the higher the chance.)
  •Ancient Knowledge (Every 5 of this unit grant the commanding hero +1 on their knowledge (always rounded down, mimimum 1).)
  •Shadowweaver (When hidden, this unit can not be revealed by the enemy, unless it is the last unit in its army. It will still be revealed if you take an action that would reveal it.)
  •Whispering Webs (When using "Weaving", this unit spins "Whispering Webs" instead of normal ones. Whispering webs reduce the initiative and morale of enemies adjacent or within them. When a unit passes into them, there is also a chance that it becomes confused, attacking the closest unit, friend or foe, on their next available turn (out of the web, that is).)
Dwelling: Webbed Tunnels > Webbed Caverns



Note: linking the olm picture didnt Work so The link to the pic is above. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Olm -> Black Olm / Silver Olm
Another strange being of the depths, olms are naturally not aggressive, but seclusive, capable of magic - and intelligent. They have more a pact with the Veiled Moon, then truly serving the organization. In payment for this, the Veiled moon protects these frail mythical beasts. A Black Olm is supposedly even more seclusive - and actually a lot more sinister - than its brethren. They interfere in the Veiled Moon much more, and some have as many followers as most Patriarchs. Silver Olms do not crave for followers, but in a way, they also have them - because they are believed to be sacred to many dungeon citizens, especially the Ratfolk and the Fungian. This is another hint that the Olms might have played an important role in the history of the underworld.
Stats: Good Speed and Attack, Weak HP and Defense (for Champion!), Black Olm has better damage, attack and hp / Silver Olm has much better initiative and better defense and hp
  •Aquatic (This unit stems from water and thus gets a small bonus on all Stats in wet surroundings like ocean or swamp, and a malus in dry surroundings (f.e. volcanic, desert, wastelands...). This also counts as a 50% resistance against water and 50% weakness against fire spells.)
  •Caster (This unit can cast a few selected powerful spells, which can hide and protect allies, and reveal and weaken enemies. Black Olms can  additionally cast a dark damage and a mind manipulating spell. Silver Olms can cast a healing spell and mass versions of the hide/protection spells.)
  •Immune to Blind
  •Shadowfloating (This unit is immune to enemy magic while hidden and will not be revealed when a spell is cast on them.)
  •Born of Darkness (This unit is immune to Dark damage, but takes double Light damage.)
  •Shadow Aura (Adjacent hidden units get +25% initiative and attack.)
  •Secret Power (This unit can cast spells while hidden without revealing its position.)
  •Silver Skin (When this unit is targeted by a hostile spell, there is a 50% chance that it will redirect the spell to another, possibly even an enemy unit.)
Dwelling: Underground Lake > Sacred Lake

The Dungeon Town

Special building #1:Treasure Hoard (Requires Bandits Lair, City Hall & Citadel)
This useful building increases your income by 500 Gold. Also, there is a chance to get Artifacts from it now and then. The chance increases with the number of days without an artifact, as well as with the number of buildings in the town.)

Special building #2:Shadow Veil (Requires Mage Guild Level 3 & Assassins Guild
A reasonable area around the city is unviewable by magic or other tricks. Only when controling someone or something within this area, an enemy can see through the Veil. And the sight radius of any enemy within is hugely restricted. The size of the area itself depends on how big the Dungeon is.

Special building #3:Informants Network
This building allows you to buy information about a lot of things, from the general info how many and which towns exist to specific enemy towns or heroes. But also other information like which AM-Locations are still unclaimed or which enemies still undefeated.)

Grail building:Endless Tunnels
Additional to the income and growth effects you can travel from the town with the grail building to any other Dungeon on the AM and back. And you can also travel from the town with the Grail building to any Underground Gateway on the Map. The travelling time depends on the distance, but it is always MUCH quicker than you could travel without the Tunnels.

Dungeon's Walls are made of rough, dark, stone/rock. The towers are armed with Ratmen crossbowmen (no, not assassins, sadly) - who use poisoned bolts. Their poison slows down the enemy (malus on initiative and speed for a few turns). The "moat" is a deep Abyss, which gets broader with rising defense building level. That abyss can only be crossed by flyers or teleporters - except of the small stone bridge leading to the gates.

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