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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest? This thread is 7 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 · «PREV

Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 20, 2017 01:26 PM

I am sorry but I am out of the stronghold round. Somewhow, My mind came  up with naught I liked.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 21, 2017 09:12 PM

Jiriki9 said:
I am sorry but I am out of the stronghold round. Somewhow, My mind came  up with naught I liked.
Yeah, me too. Actually, I'm finding 7 creatures too restrictive overall, so I don't think I'll be continuing.

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Tavern Dweller
posted July 22, 2017 04:21 AM
Edited by Methven at 04:23, 22 Jul 2017.

Hi again!
This may be my least ‘out there’ proposal yet, in that the setting and themes should are quite typical of Stronghold. This is in response to feedback on my last one where Sylvan apparently felt a little too much like swamp Fortress for some.
Inspiration for this faction comes from African and Indian mythologies, as well as my brain. There are yet again several names that will be unfamiliar. In wanting to keep Stronghold’s unique standing as the least magically-inclined faction, I’ve introduced ‘Shards’ and ‘Rage’, two replacement capabilities to aid the Stronghold heroes. This faction is, however, not completely a band of raging orcs, rather a somewhat poorly organised collection of human cities in a harsh desert, naturally with brutal and savage tendencies.
Here I've attempted to complement the idea of a ‘hit them first’ strategy, typical of Stronghold, with abilities and themes of the faction’s reliance on things already passed (e.g. dead stacks on battlefield, preparation before battle, runic setting). The units also have a number of adjacency or multiple-hit abilities to accentuate the idea of being ‘savage’ fighters, and are also mostly melee walkers to that same end. Stronghold units overall would have great attack and initiative, average speed and defence, with low health. They don’t need to rely on their abilities, yet these abilities can allow for some clever strategies. Hope you like it and I look forward to seeing what you all think!


Motto: Your skin is your vessel, and blood is your fuel.
Architecture: Rough desert cities built among ancient, impressive ruins. Something like in these images here.
Symbol: Image.
Description: The Stronghold is a collection of several cities deep within the fiercest and most inhospitable desert. The humans who settled there long ago adopted a genetic mutation, leading to them becoming known as ‘scaleskins’. The cities are built around several ruin sites, where ancient technologies and powers dwell. Out of reverence for the deep magic that persists in those ruins, few scaleskins pursue knowledge or proficiency in the arcane. Instead, they are fascinated with many other things- the violent politics between city leaders, mistreating those of the Gana caste, unearthing mysterious relics from beneath the sand and naturally, starting conflicts with nearby factions simply for the fun of war.

Might: Tansoba - Each city has an elite group of field-commanders who function under the authority of the city’s king or queen. Tansobas are often elevated warriors themselves, and usually of the Ochre caste. They undertake rigorous military and strategic training in order to lead even the least organised of armies into battle with a plan in mind, and a burning passion for blood to be spilled.
Tansobas have no capacity to learn magic or cast spells, and as such do not have spellpower or knowledge skills. They instead gain the primary skill ‘Rage’, which, like attack and defence, may increase with every level. The higher a hero’s Rage skill, the greater the chance and effect of a random boost to attack (Desert Fire), speed (Blood of Boudas) or morale (Roar of Fury) that any friendly unit may gain on their turn. All rage-related boosts also increase the unit’s magic resistance by some amount, dependent on hero level. Starts with Attack and either Anti-Magic or Leadership.

Magic: Relicist - Relicists are those who study and tinker with the strange artefacts discovered in the Stronghold ruins. There is an ancient power in these relics, and relicists are able to capture this power and embed it in Shards, mysterious crystals littered throughout the desert. These Shards can be made to have various capabilities, such as increased capabilities or magical spells.
The hero starts with 3 empty Shards. A building may be built in-town that allows Relicist heroes to embed properties into Shards for the cost of mana, and this building also produces one empty Shard per week. Shards may be given to units with the abilities Shard Carrier and Shard User, or kept by the hero. There are three types of Shard: spell shards, item shards, and trinket shards. Item Shards are kept by the hero and act as relatively normal artefacts. Trinket Shards must be given to a unit to have effect, and increase that unit’s capabilities (e.g. speed boost, regeneration). Spell Shards must be kept by the hero or given to a Shard User, either of whom may then cast the spell during battle (at no mana cost). Units may only ever hold 1 Shard at a time. Relicists may not learn magic-specific secondary skills (e.g. ‘Basic Light Magic’) or have a spellbook, but can learn other magic-related skills to boost the casting of their Spell Shards (e.g. Sorcery, Learning). Starts with War Machines and either Sorcery or Attack.

There are seven tiers of Stronghold units. Abilities in brackets are for the upgraded form only.

1. Gana/Gana Scout
Low-ranking citizens of the Stronghold, scaleskin Ganas rarely receive honour or a second thought from those leading councils or armies. Their one redeeming feature in the eyes of the superior castes is that they fight with a skill and awareness that outstrips the lowest-ranking units of other factions
Throwing Spears: This unit can perform 5 ranged attacks throughout a battle. Once no more ranged attacks may be taken, +1 to attack and initiative.
Fleet-footed: This unit’s speed, initiative and luck cannot be decreased.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Venom-tipped Spears): Attacks deal an additional 50% damage when the target next takes an action (effects may stack until the target’s turn is taken).
(Sharp-Eyed): Increases scouting range of hero by 2 tiles.


2. Bouda/Boudungin
Considered by some to be evil criminals trapped in a beasts’ bodies, and by others to be simply demon-born monsters, there’s no way to mistake Bouda and Boudungin as anything other than savage, malicious creatures. Usually this means they are perfect for keeping elders entertained; a fight to the death between Boudas is certainly a formidable sight. But in times of battle... well, let slip the dogs of war.
Savage: Deals an additional 10% damage for its consecutive attacks against a single enemy unit (max +60%)
Tameable: Takes attacks of opportunity against adjacent enemies when an allied unit attacks or retaliates, dealing half damage.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(No Enemy Retaliation): This unit’s attacks may not be retaliated against (overrides Unlimited Retaliation ability).
(Pack Mentality): Morale is increased by 1 when adjacent to an allied unit.


3. Vislid/Horned Vislid
Vislids, generally good-natured desert-dwellers, can have difficulty aligning with their barbaric scaleskin neighbours, but many tribes see the savage scaleskin practices as shows of impressive power and dominance, and choose to fight alongside them in battle.
Shooter: This unit may deal ranged damage to any unit on the battlefield, though deals less damage to units far away or adjacent to it.
No Shot Limit: This unit does not run out of ranged attack shots.
Shard User: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Energy Transfer): This unit creates a pool of all spent mana and lost hit points every battle. For every 100 mana collected, this unit gets a free attack.


4. Ochre Warrior/Ochre Chief
Esteemed fighters, the Ochre sect is fearsome for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the ferocity with which they thrive on the battlefield, and seem to relish in the blood spilled by friend or foe alike.
Savage: Deals an additional 10% damage for its consecutive attacks against a single enemy unit (max +60%).
Shard User: This unit may carry and use Shards.
(Battle Fury): Passing over or by a corpse increases the unit’s effective attack stack for the next time it deals damage (+1 per corpse, max. +4).


5. Berunda/Ganda Berunda
Not every creature has the distinction of being so infamous that children all over the kingdoms know and fear its name. Berundas are known to travel great distances, and as recorded in both legend and history, swoop down and devour an unsuspecting victim, wherever in the realms they may be.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Double-headed attack: Deals damage to the chosen target, with a second attack on a random adjacent enemy.
Cannibalise: This unit may ‘attack’ a corpse on the battlefield and regain health (up to half the health of the killed stack, limited by this unit’s damage).
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(Shadow of Fear): When passing over enemy units, their morale decreases by 1.


6. Emela/Emela Tyrant
A staple in Stronghold armies, Emelas are extremely hard to kill. In foreign lands, kings present other kings with massive Emela horns as tributes. In those places, commonfolk tend to think Emelas are magical and much more horse-like. In reality, Emelas are simply gargantuan beasts with thick skin, mounted for battle or particularly regal parades.
Indomitable: If this unit has its attack or defence decreased, the other skill will increase by the same amount. (e.g. if defence is decreased by 2 from a spell, attack will also increase by 2. If attack is decreased by 3 and defence by 2, attack will decrease by 1 overall (-3+2) and defence increase by 1 overall (-2+3)). Hence the sum of attack plus defence can only increase.
Thick Skin: Melee damage against this unit is decreased by 30%.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.


7. Reaper/Revenant
Reapers are artefacts of times long passed, when an ancient civilization once ruled the deserts. Their enigmatic ways and almost magical existence bewilders the scaleskins, whose limited understanding of magic causes them to fear and revere these ghosts of ages passed.
Teleporter: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, but is not considered to have traversed the terrain in between in any way.
Cold Heart: Takes no effect from morale, but also takes half damage from all magic.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.
(Swipe Attack): Attacks all adjacent enemy units.
(Memory): Any unit that has dealt damage to this unit deals 10% less damage on their next attack.
(Magic Immunity): No magic effects may affect this unit.


Relevant Neutral Units
3. Yumboe
Benevolent desert spirits, Yumboes are one of the only helpful creatures in the savage deserts. Forming their own mystical communities in amongst the sparse shrubbery, it is largely unknown to what extent they should be considered intelligent beings.
Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
Spirit: Receives 50% less damage from spells and recovers from debuffs one turn earlier than usual.
Shard Carrier: This unit may carry Shards.


6. Ninki Dragon
These draconic beasts are typically found in marshes, but also occasionally at larger desert oases. They are violently territorial, and terrorise nearby scaleskin settlements. Scholars posit that this behaviour links to the Ninki Dragon’s excessively protective nature over its young.
Nesting Ground: The 2x2 tile area in which this unit starts a battle becomes its nest and at any point in the battle, the Ninki Dragon may return to its nest instead of taking a normal action. Any enemy unit adjacent to the nest is dealt twice as much damage by the Ninki Dragon, and any enemy unit on the nest has it movement stopped and is dealt twice as much damage by the Ninki Dragon.
Wondrous Scales: Immune to all debuffs of any sort.

Image (on the left)

Unique War Machine
Shard Cannon
Discovered amongst ruins, these Cannons can fire ammunition at the enemy, and are powered by Shards. Hence, their damage output is increased somewhat by higher hero spellpower, and may hold a Shard to empower them further. Scaleskins like to load Shard Cannons with heavy, spiked cannonballs.

Special Buildings
Special Building 1: Excavation Shanty - Produces one empty Shard per week. Allows for Minor Shards to be produced.
Special Building 2: Malefic Cycles - A visiting Hero gains +2 Attack, +1 Spellpower (if applicable) and +2 Rage (if applicable). Allows for Major Shards to be produced in the Excavation Shanty. (Based on Senegambian Stone Circles and Tiya Stelae)
Special Building 3: Arena of Monsters - Units garrisoned in this building for at least 2 days gain +2 to their attack and initiative during their next 2 battles. These benefits are lost as soon as ‘untrained’ units are added to ‘trained’ stacks, but ‘trained’ stacks may be divided or upgraded. If a stack remains in the Guild of Monsters for a week, the bonus increases to +3 to attack and initiative for the next 2 battles.
Grail Building: Rupture of Shattering - +5000 Gold per day. Unit production increases by 50%. All enemy spell damage against friendly units is decreased by 40%. All friendly units gain a 20% chance to decrease target enemies’ defence by 1. Allows for Legendary Shards to be produced in the Excavation Shanty. (Based on the Marafa Depression)

Let me know what you think!

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Hired Hero
Wearer of Fedoras
posted July 23, 2017 08:32 PM

I don't think I'm going to finish lol. Stronghold is probably my least favorite faction, and I feel like most of my creature ideas (which tbh aren't many) are going to leave the realm of "hey that's a pretty cool and original idea" into "Lol Stronghold isn't a magic faction." I'd still like to hear people's thoughts on my general premise, but it's obviously not complete enough to be judged properly.

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted July 24, 2017 05:34 PM

And here was I thinking that I would be the only one that would skip this round for lack of time, and then had some to play along. But too few are keeping going.


Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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