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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest? This thread is 8 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · «PREV / NEXT»

Known Hero
posted July 07, 2017 10:42 PM

Sylvan/Rampart/Nature etc is actually really hard to judge, because it is perhaps the most inconsistent factions across all games (maybe together with Warlock/Dungeon). It has vastly different themes in each game with H4 and H5 being the most similar.
So as far as recreation goes there's no solid reference point I feel. Some entries still to judge, will finish tomorrow.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 08, 2017 09:52 AM
Edited by MattII at 09:59, 08 Jul 2017.

I'm not so sure, there are after all, a fair few similarities, at least in the lineup. (bolded creature as per preceding faction, italics as per previous faction)
H1: Sprite, Dwarf, Elf, Druid, Unicorn, Phoenix
H2: Sprite, (> Battle)Dwarf, (> Grand) Elf, (> Greater) Druid, Unicorn, Phoenix
H3: Centaur (> Captain), (> Battle) Dwarf, (Wood > Grand) Elf, (> Silver) Pegasus, Dendroid (Guard > Soldier), (> War) Unicorn, (Green > Gold) Dragon
H4: Sprite, Wolf, Elf, White Tiger, Griffin, Unicorn, Faerie Dragon, Phoenix
H5: Pixie > Sprite, (Blade > War) Dancer, (> Master) Hunter {as Elf}, Druid (> Elder), (> Silver) Unicorn, (> Ancient) Treant {as Dendroid}, (Green > Emerald) Dragon
H6: -
H7: (> Master) Hunter, (> Oak) Dryad, Pixie > Sprite, Druid (>Elder), Moon Doe > Sun Deer, Blade (Dancer > Master), (Green > Emerald) Dragon {different enough to not count}, (> Ancient) Treant

So out of six factions, we get sprites in five, dwarves in three, elves (of one name or another) in all six, druids in four, unicorns in five, phoenixes in three and dendroids/treants in three. From those numbers I think we can fairly easily say that sprites, elves and unicorns are pretty uninspired, druids slightly better, and dwarves, phoenixes and dendroids/treants are at least mildly interesting, depending on their abilities.

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Supreme Hero
As i dream, so shall it be!
posted July 08, 2017 05:23 PM

Originally, the archetype or them of the Sylvan/Sorceress/Preserve faction was the fairy tail theme or fairy creatures themes per se. Then it became about the Forest, nature and elves. Still, anyone can imagine it as they want

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted July 08, 2017 06:27 PM

The voting deadline will be the 10th of July. Hope everyone can cast their votes by then

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted July 10, 2017 03:36 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 16:30, 10 Jul 2017.

Thanks for the feedbacks. I got dragged in very stressful 2 weeks of my life, perhaps one of the worst moments ever, so I couldn't even come back to vote or anything, so I apologize. It's likely that I won't be able to propose anything for the next one too, because I'll still be rather busy solving the same dragging matter.

Timeline is today. If you don't mind, I'll give the scores then but without ado, just numbers this time. I cannot elaborate, regrettably.

markmasters 7-10
Rimgrabber 9-10
jiriki9 8-10
Leiah 8-10
MattIII 7-10
Methven 8-10
Varnoc 7-10
Articun 5-10

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Hired Hero
posted July 10, 2017 05:36 PM
Edited by Varnoc at 17:37, 10 Jul 2017.

Pandatar - 9/10

Interesting units and the interconnecting abilities between them (namely, the Will-O-Wisp's Ignis Fatuus ability), I can picture these creatures together nicely. The flavor texts paints a solid picture of each creature and their habits or tendencies, giving some life to the images you provided, wonderful.

Markmasters - 6.5/10

Good flavor text containing some amusing quips about a few of the creatures made me smile. Some creatures felt a little unimaginative, (Unicorn, Serpent/Dragon Fly), however the visible food chain in the lineup had me liking it quite a bit.

Rimgrabber - 8/10

While some of the creatures were a little horrifying (holy snow the Dryads), it gave me a new perspective on the Fae as they're portrayed in a vast array of mediums. The creatures are all pretty interesting (with the exception of the unicorn, though I recognize it's nostalgia value) and add to the thematic depth of the faction. The only creature that didn't make sense was the Zomok / Coatl; I buy the "cocoon" thing, but I couldn't see why it was helping the Fae with the given text. Overall though, fun faction!

Jiriki9 - 7/10

I find the alternate upgrades based on terrain an interesting mechanic to the game, and the amount of work you appear to have put into it is staggering (14 creatures? naw, 28!). Even though the theme is a little tired, I found myself entertained by the various backgrounds of each version of creature. I like that this faction reflects that the same culture in a different location could be entirely different from one in another locale, as that's something that's always bothered me about the Heroes franchise.

leiah2 - 9/10
The thematic unity of the creatures and culture you have presented here is outstanding. Your lineup is cohesive, and while some creatures are recycles, they fit in so snugly that I don't mind.

MattII - 6/10

Rip ninja delete. That said, with what's here, it feels pretty generic to be honest. The only thing that stands out to me was the Griffins and their limited flight, which I really like from both a gameplay and physiological perspective.

Methven - 8/10
Interesting setting for the faction, giving rise to a multitude of interesting creatures. The creatures feel pretty cohesive to me, given the art provided. I overall like it, though the foreignness of it does detract slightly, that's more a result of my ignorance of other cultures and their myths than any fault of yours, so no points have been deducted for that.

Articun - 5/10
Most of the creatures are a little tired, and the proposal is unfinished (lacking abilities mainly, which isn't a huge deal), but your take on the Lamia is one I've not seen before and appreciate.

Seems like everyone had a hell of a month O.o

I've added pictures to my proposal for posterity's sake, as the judging concludes today, please don't change your scores as a result.

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted July 10, 2017 06:03 PM

Last day of vote!

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Known Hero
posted July 10, 2017 07:29 PM
Edited by einomida at 19:35, 10 Jul 2017.

Edit: where's the stealth edit option?

For everyone:
I found myself repeating this in some paragraphs so I'm instead going to put it here as a general observation:
The problem I have with  the passive "only defends its own realm" factions that is so easy to appear with Sylvan/Nature/Preserve theme is that they are really hard to fit into a conflict other than "humans are chopping our homes for firewood, to arms!!!". For this some entries lost got a little lower score from me.

Fortress influences are obvious here. In my book it's a good thing, but I admit I might be a bit biased, because Fortress was my favorite H3 faction, while Rampart the least. Objectively, this fusion is alright as long as there isn't a second Fortress in the theoretical game you're creating.
I like the more gloomy - or down to earth I should say - approach to the usually more vibrant and lively nature theme, it has a very true neutral alignment vibe. While the unicorn has been an iconic unit for the faction, it feels somewhat out of place here. The earth elemental as a tier 7 unit is also a bit boring. I like the simple approach to racial abilites, but basing them on terrain is a risky move as it involves a lot of luck. The same can be said about chance based unit abilites. I feel like you need a good thematic excuse for such abilites, otherwise they don't feel very good - for example the Sepent Fly's venomous bite.
Overall, a 6.5/10

I love the nature's wrath theme you have going on here. Yes, it's not the most original concept, but it's one of those always relevant ones that always works. As others have already mentioned, it opens up nature as the villain faction, but with an aspect of moral grey area, and the added darker themes like enslaved elves (and the noble unicorns as pack mules) doesn't make us instantly root for mother nature. Refreshing. However, I feel like we could use a bit more information about the Fey. Right now they just kinda appeared out of nowhere and considering their power I'd like to have a clearer image of their origin to make them more believable.
Good job on units and their abiliities. Werewolf is a littel weird here, but mostly because of the "mysterious disease" that created them - that again ties to my first complaint that the Fey could use a more fleshed out background to click everything together. The racial abilities I find to be uninspiring, though.
8.5/10 really like the theme and it has great potential, but could use more flesh on its bones to really make it shine.


The main drawing point of this faction for me is the mystical, spiritual aura it has. It's like an exotic spin on the H4 Nature town - one of the more actual nature based incarnations of it. It is surely one of the most original lineups in this round.
Gameplay wise, there could a problem with no early level flyers and shooters, but honestly I'm not going to focus too much on mechanical aspects in my judging. The units themselves are really nice and I like the abilities as well. I'm a bit confused about the heroes, though. Who exactly are they? While I don't think the lineup overall lacks cohesion, you mentioning "Wati Kutjara, and the Diwatas" as the main types of beings I would have liked to see some more of them to tie the background together with the lineup.

A nicely fleshed out faction. I'm liking the heroes here as it breaks the usual might-magic mold and gives the player more options, but at the same time not covering all the bases so you get a distinct flavor for the town. The Magna faction skill, however, is a bit confusing to me as it discourages hiring heroes from different classes. Was it the intention? The town description gives me a nice impression of a faction that is very decentralized. It doesn't own a piece of land here or build a castle there, but instead it is all around us. Like a true force of nature that doesn't bother conquering you, because you'll eventually bring yourself to them anyway.
The best thing about this entry, however, are the wisps. What an excellent idea to use your basic, otherwise fodder units as a crutch for your entire lineup, making them relevant not only to your army, but for the cohesion of the entire faction as well. Not to mention the strategic depth you get from playing around this power/limitation. This could very well work as a racial ability.

8.5/10 for a strong, cohesive lineup.

You've put a lot of work into this, but I feel like it's just a bit too much to grasp. With all the different stats and abilities even experienced players would struggle to remember everything this faction has to offer; but the worst thing about it is actually getting access to them all so its largely based on luck. I do agree with others that Nature's Bond has potential, because it has a negative aspect to it so you're actually choosing a condition and not only a boon. I like Stone Circle as well simply because it gives you some control over the core mechanics of the town, but it seems to be a situational building. The base creature lineup is not that interesting.
My favorite part about the entry is the history/description. Instead of the usual forest setting we have a nature themed faction that enompasses every type of terrain; and instead of the secluded, rather territorial population we have nomadic tribes. It's like a reverse H5 Stronghold. From your simple description I can already imagine the tension that could be built around this town from a story perspective, with both inside and outside conflicts brewing.
The story actually meshes well with your intended mechanics, they just need to be toned down a lot and for this I give 6.5/10

Overall a solid entry with nothing particularly sticking out. The pictures give a good impression of your intended eerie atmosphere. I again like additional hero classes, but without giving the faction access to all possible combinations. The return of H4 extra creature for Nature is a welcome one even if its not an original idea.
I'm liking the lineup with the exception of centaurs and dragons, which I find rather dull. I don't mind more humanoids in the lineup as long as it is done well (and as long as it doesn't reach H5 Fortress levels) so I'm liking the Seer (also bonus points for linking a controllable unit with actual lore).
A  7/10 for a solid entry, yet I'm not finding anything particularly exciting here.

Some nice creatures - Gryphon in particular - some not so interesting - never liked satyrs. It's too bad, I would have liked some more background information, right now there's not much to go on. You have an interesting racial ability with a massive impact on the way your faction plays out on the battlefield. To me it seems like you did put some thought into it, adding synergies here and there for the inevitable pileup you'll get with such an ability. As others have mentioned, a faction consisting mostly of beasts kinda needs a solid explanation to function, but again, shame about the accident.

You have great pieces in your proposal, but I'm struggling to fit them together. The Automaton, as a construct, got me excited for a biotech themed Sylvan (for this round I was actually playing with a similar idea) instead of the usual magical one, but it ended with them. Similarly, I wish there was more of the Ludine. As a new race on the playing field - and with good potential for interesting gameplay mechanics due to The Beast Within - they could have had some more spotlight given to them. You initial description of Elven architecture also could have some clever impact on the actual gameplay, but again, we're left hanging.
Overall you have great ideas, but, similar to Jiriki9, could use some restraint or just more information. For that,  6.5/10

Right off the bat, extra points for flavor text. It doesn't have to be long, but even a single sentence can give so much information - the Fae like music, who would've thought? Also extra snippets here and there painting the Fae, usually perceived as peaceful and calm, in much bloodier tones. Extra customization is nice and I like that you've tied Wild Hunt to specific conditions and not made it simply a stat boost. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of heavy random events. Symbiosis isn't that bad I guess as you're not restricted by it. I like Wild Hunt more, though.
I see that the entry is unfinished. The creatures themselves don't seem particularly interesting to me though.
I'll give 6/10 for the promising start, but yeah, unfinished sadly.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 10, 2017 10:13 PM

You know, I'm getting kind of annoyed with people saying "a faction of beast doesn't work". It may be valid to a tiny degree, but in a setting with walking trees, giant dragons and huge birds made of fire it really feels more than a bit petty as a criticism.

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Known Hero
posted July 10, 2017 10:22 PM

Actually, no one has said that a faction of beasts does not work, just that it needs to be explained how it would work if it is going to be believable.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 10, 2017 11:34 PM

Hey there everybody. Here come my two cents.

Articun: 6 points
What I see I do like, but I would have liked to see more, like abilities or special buildings. The lineup is a pretty classic as well.

Varnoc 7
I'm somehow partial about this. It has some interesting parts. A construct in rampart is hard to grasp for me, though. Still, a good approach in itself.

Methven 6.5
Certainly a very interesting approach and something different - but here it is: it is hard to recognize this as Sylvan/Rampart.

MattII 6
This faction is presented in a very to-the-point way, something I admire because I am not good at keeping short. It is a solid and fitting sylvan faction, but somehow it feels like missing something for me. Despite using some creatures that have not been in sylvan so far, it is not truly outstanding for me.

leiah2 8.5
I really liked this faction. It manages to bring some new aspects, but generally keep to the theme, thus feeling "very rampart", if you wish so.

Rimgrabber 8.5
The backstory is awesome! Would love to play a campaign of that faction! I like the lineup and other infos given as well.

markmasters 8
An interesting approach, and managing to walk the ridge not to become too fortressish.

PandaTar 9.5
This faction is truly great and a creative approach on rampart. It has awesome mechanics and ideas, an interesting lineup. Still, I hesitate to give it full points for it somehow is not perfect to me and their are tiny flaws. Still awesome!

i have to go to bed now and I hope I forgot noone.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 11, 2017 10:33 AM

leiah2 said:
Actually, no one has said that a faction of beasts does not work, just that it needs to be explained how it would work if it is going to be believable.
I don't see people falling over themselves to explain how a treant moves, or how a dragon finds enough to eat, yet I have to explain why I put a boar (which lives in the forest, and is probably at least as intelligent as a dog) into my faction?

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted July 11, 2017 11:28 AM
Edited by markmasters at 11:30, 11 Jul 2017.

MattII said:
leiah2 said:
Actually, no one has said that a faction of beasts does not work, just that it needs to be explained how it would work if it is going to be believable.
I don't see people falling over themselves to explain how a treant moves, or how a dragon finds enough to eat, yet I have to explain why I put a boar (which lives in the forest, and is probably at least as intelligent as a dog) into my faction?

I've been reading everyones replies but nowhere I see people that have a problem with the animals in the line-up, many even seem to like it (including me) and you got positive scores overall.

The criteria you got from people in short were I think:
- to generic (in a world of fantasy, a line-up with mainly generic creatures is not so out-standing, this opinion differs per person).
- Logical problems: this was mainly me, you justified by sending me a PM that treants  could build a town and yeah, that was a good point. It's just the way I think, remember how I gave pandatar a low score in his Haven suggestion? simply because a faction that mainly uses ships had a very weird line-up (like heavy and giant statues). I'm a logical thinker, even in a world with living trees and dragons .

It's okay to ask for a more detailed answer from people, but it's important to understand nobody tries to offend you, keep up the good work!

@ Einomida, thanks for your time of rating the proposals as well, really nice from someone who hasn't participated yet! Are you going to join the Stronghold round with your own proposal as well? looking forward to it!

@Lizardwarrior, even though you unfortunatly have no time to join the contest yourself, are you also going to give rates as the Judge?

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Supreme Hero
As i dream, so shall it be!
posted July 11, 2017 02:23 PM

A very big apology from me guys. I try to be as supportive of these contests as possible and i thought i could make time but unfortunately i wasnt able to either finish thr faction nor vote although the tinetables were long... I am gonna do better in the next round. Good luck to all that participated and many a good entries for sylvan.
I see that this competition goes to a direction of reimagining the faction much like how the original heroes 5 was going to be from 3do. It can be challenging but also thought provoking and nice. I will try to do my best from now on as well!

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted July 11, 2017 07:57 PM
Edited by LizardWarrior at 20:00, 11 Jul 2017.


Pandatar : 8 + 9 + 9 + 8.5 + 9.5 + 9 = 53/6 => 8.83 1ST PLACE
Rimgrabber : 8.5 + 7 + 8.5 + 8.5 + 9 + 8.5 = 50/6 => 8.3 2ND PLACE
Jiriki9 : 7 + 5.5 + 8.5 + 6.5 + 8 + 7.5 = 43/6 => 7.16
Leiah2 : 8 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 8.5 + 6.5= 44/6 => 7.33
MattII : 7 + 6 + 5.5 + 7 + 6 + 6 = 37.5/6 => 6.25
Methven : 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 6.5 + 6= 52.5/7 => 7.5 3RD PLACE
varnoc : 6.5 + 7 + 7.5 + 6.5 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 48.5/7 => 6.92
Articun : 5 + 7 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 6 = 35/6 => 5.83
Markmasters : 8 + 7 + 6.5 + 7 + 8 + 5 = 41.5/6 => 6.91

Our first winner is PANDATAR with 8.83! Congratulations!
The 2nd place is Rimgrabber with 8.3!
The 3rd place is Methven with 7.5!


P.S: Will also update the overall scores on the first page later today.

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted July 11, 2017 08:08 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 16:59, 16 Jul 2017.


Ok, done, with a less orcish kind.



Song theme.

Coat of Arms Motto

    La vento audas ciuj. La tondro audigas de ciuj. La Fulmo atingas ambau.


    Meso American, nests, totems, barracks and open areas.


    The clans of the open lands live as the wind blows, flowing everywhere, carrying words of far, rumbling like thunder when threatened and striking hard those who break and disturb the balance. Away from the magic schools of lore, clans usually follow mighty chiefs, who prove their power and value with fists and roar. And yet, their respect for the roots of their ancestors binds an old kind of magic to them, shielding and harnessing their spirits. The oldest, almost forgotten goblin lords and their vassals, the trolls, still dwell in those places, having the knowledge of forging war garments of ancient battles, providing aid in exchange of fair alliances. That way led them to ally to rakshasas and centaurs, wandering folk of the wastelands and rocky steppes, who meddle with outsiders and learned the hard way of life. Beyond all of those, came the nunnehis, avatars of old deities governed by the wind and the thunder, pretty much as some accompany rakshasas under the name of djinns. Where the fae folk magically bound themselves to the earth, the nunnehi are boundless, free as the wind, swift as the lightning. They usually take a human-like form and won’t differ much from that, but when their ancestors powers are awakened, they can transform into formidable beasts. As much as they are friendly with each other, all of them respect each role, and pretty much all of them know the value of those who sacrifice their lives in battle for their clan.

Featured buildings

Dampening Totem – in a siege, blocks randomly one enemy spell casting every round. Cumulatively, adds a small bonus upon Pilgrim’s Dampening skill, doubling effect when the army is at the same Area of Control. Dampening Totems are associated to elements, being able to build totems of certain elements if they are the most used by enemy forces. The more totems of the same element, the more efficient is the dampening power against that element. Only one totem allowed per town.

Blood Moon Bonfire – in town, upgrades cuauhtlis to quetzalcoatls. It also allows sacrificing outsiders (non Stronghold units) to boost Sacrifice skill of all heroes and effects on all troops for the next week. Bonuses vary depending on the number of sacrifices, which can even extend to offerings from townsfolk, improving income or randomly providing rare resources.

Goblin Guildworks – allows building equipment for certain troops and manufactory of some war machines: catapult, armory cart and howdah troll. It also allows tinkering with minor and major artifacts for heroes, slightly changing their effects or adding new ones; although, such tinkering may fail and destroy the artifact. Only Warchiefs can carry armory carts, and Warchiefs also have slightly better results when employing catapults and howdah trolls. Some equipment can be deployed for mounts.

Thundercloud Spirits – in town, upgrades tlalocs into thunderbirds and boosts lightning effects to all allied troops based on their distance from town. Strongest at 1 day, weakest at 4 days. Other Thunderclouds only expand the area of effect, not being cumulative effects on the top of the other.

Native Terrains

• Wastelands, Cannons and Steppes: + 50% movement, and when enemy is in sight, gains 75% movement instead and 1 morale.
• Grasslands, Dirt and River Basin: +33% movement.

Hero Classes

Warchief is an optimal class for commanding troops with iron fists, to take down opponents fast and thoroughly. It’s composed by centaurs, rakshasas and nunnehis. Warchiefs are very strong physical fighters, not to mention excellent commanders. Their aid in battle are pronounced and their skills follow the accordance of obliterating enemies with their own hands.
CLASS SKILL | Warcry: changes the mood and strategies of troops on battlefield. Enemies cannot tell which warcry is being effected, which gives an edge of strategy. Effects vary from defensive stance against certain kinds of attacks, additional Tactics skills, variable retaliation or reaction, morale boosting and even taunting.

Battle Priest is an optimal class for fighting against low odds of success, defying high numbers and using all resources at hand. It’s composed by rakshasas, nunnehis and, at rare occasions, djinns and ancient goblins. Troops under the role of a battle priest are nearly fanatic and they’ll give their lives to succeed in defending their hero. It’s common knowledge that, whenever someone is to fight a battle priest, one is not going unscathed.
CLASS SKILL | Sacrifice: sets on a friendly target, allows target to inflict self damage to boost significantly offensive battle statuses at the cost of diminishing defensive ones. Effects are cumulative and exponential when the blood of different enemies is spilled by an allied trooped marked with sacrifice, as more offerings bestow more power to them. Dying under Sacrifice Rite bestows huge temporary boost to all remaining troops of that stack, and a minor bonus to all nearby friendly troops. Sacrifice mark lasts the entire battle.

Pilgrim is an optimal class for magic nullifying, defending troops against enemy magic power while harnessing the special magic used by their own. It’s composed by djinns, rakshasas, centaurs and nunnehis. Most notable pilgrims are the rakshasas and the centaurs, because they are usually the wandering races, and their knowledge of magic surpasses their acquaintances, as their knowledge to nullify said magic.
CLASS SKILL | Dampening: the main skill of the pilgrims, Dampening is all about nullifying opposing magic traits and it strengthens with proficiency, which means that heroes will build permanent resistance to certain spells and elements the more they are subjected to it, and so they can set dampening shields on battlefield. Stronger dampening effects can even reflect hostile spell casting back on enemy ranks.

Magna Faction Skill | Totem

    Magna faction skill is a passive global skill. Its effect is based on the number of hired heroes and on which classes they represent.

• Warchief – the Totem of War is meant for warchiefs and grant each new warchief hero cumulative Initiative and Speed values for their troops. Warcries also have a slight cumulative boost for each warchief hero hired. Fire and Ice totems built in towns have greater effect based on the number of warchiefs.
• Battle Priest – the Totem of Spirit is meant for battle priests and grant each new battle priest hero cumulative Attack and Defense values for their troops, also boosting slightly the Sacrifice skill. Water and Earth totems built in towns have greater effect based on the number of battle priests.
• Pilgrim – the Totem of Freedom is meant for pilgrims and grant each new pilgrim hero with less SP cost for all their abilities and spells, plus a slight cumulative boost for their dampening ability. Air and Lightning totems built in towns have greater effect based on the number of pilgrims.

Units | 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 (5 walkers (1 caster, 1 equip to ranged, 1 upgrades to flyer); 2 floaters (1 upgrades to flyer))

Base Tier | Gagqa – the oldest of goblins which chose to dictate their lives to the nunnehi tradition, the gagqa can turn themselves into crows, avatars of whispers, watching, talking, seeing everything. They usually are the messengers of the clans, connecting all and finding all when needed. And when the time is dire, they can turn into hosts of crows, pecking the eyes, bleeding the enemies, whilst their stronger, deadlier allies close in to engage. The other goblins, newer, are usually busy with crafting and they’re not wise enough to understand the nunnehi tradition to allow giving their body the form of avatars. But they know their forte is not physical and direct battle, but strategic support.
Send Envoy: on the adventure map, can anticipate a hostile encounter against neutral troops and diminish hostile intentions, increasing the odds of enemy surrendering, fleeing or joining in.
Stormcrow: turns into a host of crows covering a chosen area, from one to two hexes around. All enemies in that area are damaged each turn (every unit turn). Damage is divided by the number of hexes covered, as the damage taken by the crows is also divided by the targeted area of the upcoming attack. While in this form, they can only move one slot per round in a chosen direction and they don’t retaliate.
Regroup: all crows return to their former goblin-shaped body (deactivates Stormcrow ability).

Core Tier | Centaur Shaman – the shamans of the centaur folk are wise and their wanderings have them learning supportive abilities which then they offer to their chiefs, to regain their role in their band. The shamans can channel the powers to aid the nunnehi, from the air and the lightning, and they can also help nullifying some magic, as well as sending unexpectedly powerful projectiles in the form of arrows. Equipment (Mesh Robe: improves HP and Defense at expense of Speed; Pilgrim Tunic: improves SP fairly at the cost of Defense and HP).
Mantra: if not acting, waiting only for the whole round, shaman will chant a mantra and recover a small variable quantity of SP the next round. Mantras can be disturbed by some events, such as extreme weather, massive spells.
Caster: has its own set of spells to cast on battle, at the cost of Spell Points. Can cast: Magic Arrow (mixed physical and magic damage on a single target), Lightning Bolt (moderated lightning damage on a single target, affects area during a storm or rain or on soaked terrain), Air-Shield (blocks part of projectile damage) and Sap Magic (weakens or nullifies the next magical event on the target).
Blood Rite: once per battle and for the whole duration of it, bestows additional max HP to a chosen ally at the cost of losing that same amount as the max amount of their own. Results are greater on Stronghold units. Doesn’t work on constructs, unsubstantial or the undead.

Core Tier | Basilisk – few cross the path of a basilisk and live to tell the tale. These formidable lizards are barely seen due their camouflage ability, and when they are seen, they have a damnation upon their stare which can simply sap the life away from those that stare back, and even their blood is noxious, making them not edible. Known by goblins ages ago, the way to tame these lizards have been passed down generations, but one thing that all know is that basilisks are left without garments or equipment because their ability to camouflage is as perfect as it is, their greatest weapon. They are better left alone.
Basilisk Blood: basilisk blood is noxious, and it’ll damage slightly any attacker and also decrease their defense gradually, if they stay adjacent to the basilisk, accumulating effect for up to three turns. Bleeding refreshes effects. Doesn’t work on unsubstantial.
Camouflage: after moving, while waiting, defending or after retaliation, the basilisk will always camouflage itself, making the enemy unable to target it properly. Incoming damage from any source is random, from zero (miss) to max. Doom Stare doesn’t work under Camouflage.
Doom Stare: enemies on an area in front of the basilisk are subjected to its deadly stare and are doomed the next three rounds. Doomed enemies can either get completely paralyzed or simply have a few of them dying. Every round when the basilisk is out of camouflage or attacks a foe, all targets in front of it will be doomed again. Doesn’t work on constructs.

Core Tier | Djinn – the nunnehi that congregate with rakshasas are djinns, avatars of the air which didn’t break the boundaries to becoming beasts, nor took the physical shape of humans. Instead, they harnessed magic unto themselves in order to counterattack hostile magic and elemental powers they encountered, even learning to shield their allies from those exotic powers. They fulfil a unique role in the clans. Equipment (Astral Tapestry: improves speed and adds FLYER ability on top of Floater; Headband Shishak: disrupts SANTELMO ability, making it vary its effectiveness from half to double; Genie Lamp: when using the DEFEND command, retreats into the lamp becoming immune to any magical effect, but losing physical defense).
Floater: unit hover on the ground, not being affected by terrain properties, also not being affect by ground-binding effects. Will pass unharmed by ground-level obstacles, but cannot fly over other obstacles or walls.
Spiritual: resists a portion of physical effects in exchange of being affected by bonus magical effects. Still considered a living being, thus it can be affected by spirit-based effects.
Air Avatar: air-based effects heals, cleanses and replenishes life, giving immunity from harmful effects. Damage from this unit is half-physical, half-air elemental.
Santelmo: channels any elemental-based ability onto itself and converts part of the effects into expanding air-based magical rings that will damage all surrounding foes immediately after drawing energy. The channeled power is deducted upon their primary targets, meaning that it’ll dampen elemental magic on all allied targets regardless. Adjacent events have higher channeled deduction.

High Tier | Cuauhtli<<UPGRADES TO>> Quetzalcoatl* – nunnehis exceptionally fast, nimble and fierce in battle, devoted for sacrificing themselves to prove their value, but even greater value they’ll prove if they beat stronger foes. Besides, they abhor unnatural things that break the cycle of life, so they are fierce and merciless when fighting those, that under their judgement, should have been dead already. Their ancient avatar is Quetzalcoatl, a feathered flying serpent, which is the form they take when they break the boundaries of their nunnehi body, also abandoning any equipment they had behind. Equipment (Atlatl: a spear thrower, grants the RANGED ability; Macuahuitl: decreases attack slightly, raises defense and grants a moderate chance to STUN upon attacking).
Prove Value: Attack and Defense values dynamically decrease when facing low tier units (base and core), and increase when facing top tier units (elite and prime). It doesn’t vary when facing high tier units.
Swiftness: regardless enemies, this unit will always act first in the round. It’s also immune to any slowing effect.
Unworthy: sees the undead as corrupted sacrifices, dealing doubled damage against them as the means of cleansing.
*Claim Sacrifice: at the start of the turn, it can choose an enemy target that had suffered casualties. The number of casualties is based on the highest damage on that target on the last round. By claiming that sacrifice, a blessing is bestowed upon the Quetzalcoatl in the form of additional damage on its next attack only. The higher the claimed sacrificed, the higher the bonus damage. Quetzalcoatl only claims sacrifices offered by allies, so it cannot produce its own blessing.

Elite Tier | Rakshasa Manyu – the rakshasa people are renowned by their fierceness and resilience, but also their intelligence, devotion and discipline. Those that choose going into the battlefield, suffice the role the rakshasa lack, of battle, and by employing secret magic from their wanderings, they bestow the chosen ones with additional arms and bloodlust for battle to top even the greatest warriors of the allied clans, training with many weapons for different strategies and foes. Equipment (Parashu: adds a variable damage of 1-10 with a high chance of inflicting critical damage (decreases speed fairly); Kaumodaki: adds a variable damage of 1-4 and its hit halves target’s defense the next turn (decreases a little speed); Chandrahas: adds a variable damage of 2-6 and halves target’s speed and movement the next turn (speed is about the same as default)).
No Enemy Retaliation.
Preemptive Blow: retaliates before enemy lands a strike.
Flank Parry: parries any upcoming attack, if not primary target.
Windcutter: when adjacent to more than two different enemy targets, attacks all adjacent enemy targets and employs equipment properties onto it. Default effect.

Prime Tier | Tlaloc <<UPGRADES TO>> Thunderbird* – tlalocs are nunnehis of the rain, thunder, thus have control storms and can easily channel the power of the skies upon their fists. As the proud nature of the Tlaloc and the nature of their powers, they do not employ armor or weapons made by anyone but themselves, so they do not use goblin equipment. Those of tremendous power break the boundaries of their forms by becoming thunderbirds, divine birds that summon the power of the skies upon battle, the ultimate embodiment of freedom.
Lightning Avatar: lightning-based effects heals, cleanses and replenishes life, giving immunity from harmful effects. Damage from this unit is half-physical, half-lightning elemental.
Storm Rider: when the weather is stormy, cloudy or rainy, Tlaloc can move instantly to any uncovered and visible spot on the battlefield, akin to teleportation to grant retaliation even against ranged attacks.
Thunder Strike: when this unit hits an enemy, a lightning strikes in succession, causing additional lightning damage and having a chance to stun the target. Lightning will chain with other enemy targets, if they are nearby.
*Flyer: added upon Floater.
* Static Flight: after moving, this unit will hold such static power that it will dazzle and numb any attacker that come into contact. Numb opponents have no proper control over themselves, having all their stats randomly dropped, up to half, and they will also only be able to act last and cannot use Wait command. The power is such that it’ll penetrate any magical defense and cannot be dispelled.

Siege Units

Howdah Troll – a living movable war machine, goblin craftsmanship designed a howdah to be carried by trolls on their back, allowing these formidable beasts to act as moving garrisons, providing protection and allowing garrisoned units to perform ranged attacks from safety, shielded by the smashing grip of their carrier, which can move at the backlines. This war machine is stackable. Each one holds 20 units of small base tier units. When it’s taken down, garrisoned units return to nearest stack of same units or to any vacated adjacent slot.
Catapult – a moving mechanic siege machine, it’s basically used to smash down buildings, with the difference of loads depending on the hero’s specialties, so they can throw about any sort of projectile. Rocks and stones are the default projectiles used.
Armory Cart – special Warchief’s war machine, allows hero carrying two additional sets of equipment for their troops, to freely swap them when not battling. Exchanging equipment consumes a whole day. The cart is not present in battle.
Siege Troll – goblin craftsmanship arms trolls with huge smashing tools that can take down quickly defensive buildings and large groups of enemies. Their tough skin makes them almost immune to ranged attacks. They have a sweeping attack that either hits more than one stack of armies and an entire section of defensive buildings also.
Wardrummer – a living moving war machine unit, it improves initiative and morale of all adjacent troops. It can be set inside a stack, providing doubled bonus in exchange of protection (it’ll only get destroyed if all stack is destroyed), but effects will only affect the stack it’s set into. Whenever an enemy casualty happens on the battlefield, it’ll play the drums. The drums also helps with focus on battle, providing a small resistance against mind-affecting events and abilities.

Mount and Ultimate Artifact

Catoblepas: Stronghold heroes mount catoblepas, except centaur and djinn heroes.
Ancestral Penance: at the beginning of the battle, the Ancestral Penance randomly bestows the seal of the war gods upon a troop. As long as allies are alive, the chosen troop will not die, not entirely. Even if they fall, their will and spirit will remain. But when all life around them fades, everything will vanish along. If only one troop existed, the Penance will grant an extended life if enemies are killed, but yet, those that fell, will not reborn. Only Stronghold heroes can wield this artifact.


Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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posted July 12, 2017 12:13 AM
Edited by Varnoc at 02:37, 29 Jul 2017.

This will be my last entry, sadly. I'll be serving a church mission for a few years around the middle of next month, so I'll be around to judge.


Holding undisputed dominion over the savage northern seas, the Stronghold Clans of the Northern Fjords lay claim to all within their reach. Able to cross vast distances upon their Dragonships, the raids of the Strongholds are a constant threat to any coastal kingdom.


Thane - A title bestowed upon the leaders of Stronghold Warbands, it is granted upon those displaying exceptional physical might and leadership. Thanes are masters of naval combat and town raiding, often leaving little time for defending forces to marshal and react to their assault. Thanes are often sworn to the service of a Jarl, who leads an individual Stronghold, though that is not always the case, and have crews sworn to their service in turn.

Warlock - Due to their seafaring way of life, the kinds of magic considered widely "useful" within the Stronghold are strongly linked to the wind and waves. Those spell-casters displaying the mystical might required to bend both sea and storm to their will are reverently refereed to as "Warlocks". Capable of manipulating sea currents and wind direction, Warlocks make up for their relative lack of military experience by molding the environment to their advantage.

Tier 1 - Radier / Sea Wolf
The basic crewman of a Dragonship, Raiders are responsible for manning the oars and compose the most basic strike force of the Stronghold. Both fast and strong, Raiders are adept at avoiding obstacles placed in their path, making them frighteningly quick as they move through enemy defenses.

Sea Wolves take after the animal for which they are named. Attacking in small, coordinated packs, Sea Wolves are feared for the startling speed at which they can climb walls, invalidating their defensive value. If this wasn't enough, Sea Wolves are also capable of boosting allies over the walls before themselves, allowing their more specialized units over walls or other obstacles.

Walker, Melee, Small
- Unfettered: This unit is uninhibited by movement impairing effects
- Coordinated Assault (U): When standing next to an impassable obstacle on the field, allied walker units may use Sea Wolves to climb on top of or over the obstacle in question. Sea Wolves may perform this action themselves at any time.

Tier 2 - Assyrid / Stormwraith
Known in some other cultures as a "Thunderbird", the Assyrid lives on coastal cliffs. Normally, simple sea birds would be of little use to the Stronghold, but the Assyrid's ability to call down lightning has made them invaluable allies in both naval warfare and coastal raids. Their ability to do this is limited, however, as it consumes a lot of energy on their part.

While the Assyrid is limited to the calling of lightning, the older Stormwraiths are capable of manipulating the state of water around them, giving rise to dense fog, or thick sheets of ice. The Assyrid is vital to any Thane's crew that attempts to pass through the Glacial Reaches. Like Assyrids, Stormwraiths have a long waiting period between spellcasts due to the amount of energy it takes for them to do so.

Spellcaster, Flier, Melee, Small
- Spellbook - Lightning Bolt
- Spellbook(U) - Fog Shroud, Ice Tomb, Chain Lightning

Tier 3 - Tidecaller / Tempest
Novice mages within the stronghold are known as Tidecallers. Focused on the manipulation of water's state and motion, Tidecallers assist, to a degree, with the travel of the Dragonships. Tidecallers strike with volleys of ice when called upon in combat

Where Tidecallers are solely concerned with the functions of the Dragonships they're assigned to, Tempests are fully developed mages, flinging lightning and ice at their targets when needed in addition to their duties as Tidecallers.

Walker, Ranged, Spellcaster, Small
- Tidal Manipulation - Tidecallers and Tempests grant increased movement while at sea
- Spellbook(U) - Eye of the Storm, Chain Lightning, Blizzard,

Tier 4 - Ascended  / Einherjar
The spirits of mortal warriors returned and given mortal form, the Ascended are beings that personify the ideals of Honor, Valor, and Strength that the Strongholds hold so dearly. Though limited in their time upon the mortal plane, the Ascended may be called upon anywhere near allied forces to manifest for a short time.

Elite among the Ascended are the Einherjar, possessing greater strength and speed, the Einherjar carry a rallying horn at their side that they sound upon their arrival, spurring their allies to great feats of valor.

Walker, Melee, Small
- Divine Aid - The Ascended and Einherjar do not appear on the field of battle normally. Instead, they must be called within 3 tiles of an allied unit, once every 8 rounds, where they will remain for the following 3.
- Trump of Valor (U) - When the Einherjar first appear on the field, they sound their horn, granting all allied units within 10 tiles of them increased morale and initiative for as long as they remain upon the field.

Tier 5 - Nix Warrior / Dreadnought
Behemoth reptilian humanoids, the Nix are residents of the Stronghold's southern marshland territories. Being coldblooded, they're often not found in the northern reaches, but are prized for their strength and amphibious nature when raiding warmer climates. Because their scales act as natural armor, the Nix often don't wear any additional defenses, allowing them to move freely in seas and rivers when necessary.

Dreadnoughts are Nix that have undergone strenuous training in heavy armor, allowing them to move normally relative to their unarmored brethren with vastly increased defense. So effective is the training that when their excess armor is knocked off, they reach terrifying speeds.

Walker, Melee, Medium
- Amphibious - The Nix are capable of passing through aquatic tiles uninhibited
- Wrath (U) - Dreadnoughts have a "shield" portion of their group's health. Once this shield is destoryed, they lose a large amount of armor and gain initiative and movement

Tier 6 - Dis / Valkyrie
The divine handmaidens of the gods, the Dis manifest their form similar to that of mortal women, bearing feathered wings upon their backs. The Dis are responsible for shepherding the spirits of fallen warriors, allowing them to become Ascended. Because they often descend into the field of battle to do this, they are swift and capable warriors.

The Valkyrie are senior among the Dis, who's wings manifest as hundreds of tendrils of light. Bestowed with the honor of raising up fallen heroes to be reborn as Einherjar, the Valkyrie are treated with a solemn reverence wherever they trod (not an easy thing to do in a society full of mead halls).

Flier, Melee, Small
- Resurrection - The Dis and Valkyrie are capable of reviving fallen humanoid allies as Ascended and Einherjar respectively. Because not all who fight are worthy, only a portion of the original stack are returned. The Ascended and Einherjar behave as if they were summoned to the field of battle normally, and will be counted among the Hero's forces after the battle.

Tier 7 - Lindwyrm / Jormungandr
Commonly refered to as Sea Serpents, the Lindwyrm are, as the name suggests, related in a manner to Drakes, Dragons, and Wyverns. Though they possess no legs or wings, they are among the most dangerous of the Ocean's dwellers. When they strike, they move through the target, striking all adjacent enemies as well with their body as they pass. Due to their size, only the  of creatures (Small/Medium/Large/Massive) can hope to retaliate.

Chief among the Lindwyrm are the Jormungandr. Known to legend as "The World Serpent" the Jormungandr is a creature of terrible wrath. The Jormungandr is among the largest of all known creatures. Due to it's massive size, the Jormungandr has little regard for obstacles that inhibit others, simply crushing them beneath it's weight as it moves.

Walker, Melee, Large/Massive(U)
- Tempest Wave - When the Lindwyrm strikes, they move through their target to the opposite side, striking all units around them and pushing them aside in the process. Only Large creatures struck by this attack may retaliate to it.
- Titan of the Depths(U) - The Jormungandr has little regard for ordinary obstacles, simply destroying them as it passes, allowing allied forces to follow in it's wake.

Always wanted to do a "viking-esque" Stronghold, and it didn't seem like anyone else had done one yet, so there it goes! I don't know if this treads on the Dwarven Fortress too much or not, as I've never played either version of it, any input on that would be great.

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Dragon of justice
posted July 12, 2017 01:08 AM

Varnoc said:
Reserved. This will be my last entry, sadly. I'll be serving a church mission for a few years around the middle of next month, so I'll be around to judge.

Unfortunate but also awesome, many blessings to you

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posted July 12, 2017 01:36 PM

Reserved for my faction but I've never been the biggest fan of Stronghold so it'll probably be trash

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It's a fixer-upper
posted July 12, 2017 06:35 PM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 22:10, 13 Jul 2017.


Motto: The universe has a plan for us all, mapped out in the stars.

Terrain: Badlands



Many centuries ago, the Dwarven kingdoms knew nothing of the surface world. Once, they were unknown to the world and the world to them, until an ambitious Dwarven scientist named Duerok theorized that life did exist on the surface. He was given permission from the king to lead an expedition out of the caverns and up to the world above. When they reached the outside world, they set up many surface colonies whose purpose would be to learn about and trade with the other races. Years went by, and the other Dwarves grew wary of the political power being gained by Duerok's surface colonies, and so the caverns were sealed off using rune magic to prevent them from returning underground. The key to opening these seals, he theorized, was located in the patterns of the stars. He became obsessed with harnessing the energy of celestial bodies to open the seals so his people could return home. Alas, Duerok was a scientist and not a diplomat, and eventually his colonies became the target of many of the surface nation's invasions. In a desperate bid to save his people, he created an elixir he believed would make them strong warriors. The Orcs were born. Over time, the Orcs grew taller now that they were no longer restricted to tunnels, and while they were fierce warriors, they lost touch with most forms of magic. All, that is, except their own unique school: Astromancy.

Sorry that was pretty long. The idea just kept growing as I wrote lol.

Might Hero: Barbarian


The Orcs have a reputation for being savages, and the reason for this is likely these warriors. Lightly armored but brutally strong, Barbarians specialize in hitting their opponent's so hard that they become dazed. As a result, a Barbarian's standard attacks always have a chance to stun their target.

Magic Hero: Astromancer


While most powerful warriors, Orcs aren't stupid as they are often perceived. Their obsession with celestial bodies dating back to their origin has lent them wisdom that other races are oblivious to. In addition of being powerful casters of Astromancy, Astromancers also retain the previous week's boost at half strength for 2 extra turns in addition to the current week's boon at full strength. (explained below).  

Faction Skill: Astronomy

Stronghold Heroes receive buffs to their troops, depending on which week of any given month it is. The more months have passed, the more powerful the buff:

Week 1: Month 1: All Stronghold troops receive +1 attack. Month 2: All troops, regardless of faction, receive +3 attack. Month 3+: All troops receive +5 attack, and have a 10% chance per unit killed in their first attack to attack again

Week 2: Month 1: All Stronghold troops receive 15% magic resistance.  Month 2: All troops, regardless of faction, receive 30% magic resistance. Month 3+: All troops receive 40% magic resistance, and have magic mirror active at all times (15% chance to trigger)

Week 3: Month 1: All Stronghold troops receive +10% initiative. Month 2: All troops, regardless of faction, receive +15% initiative. Month 3+: All troops receive +15% initiative, and +1 speed.

Week 4: Month 1: All Stronghold troops receive +5% HP. Month 2: All troops receive +10% HP. Month 3+: All troops receive +15% HP and the top unit in each stack regains full health at the start of their turn (like the wights from H3).      

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