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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Heroes 3 Town Rating -DUNGEON-
Thread: Heroes 3 Town Rating -DUNGEON- This thread is 5 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 · NEXT»

Undefeatable Hero
proud father of a princess
posted March 03, 2006 08:30 PM

Heroes 3 Town Rating -DUNGEON-

Everyone is invited to share his own opinion about every town in Heroes 3. Try to use these topics as order for your postings:

- Advantages, Disadvantages
- Best creature(s), with explanation why, e.g tactical usefullness
- Worst creature(s), with explanation why, e.g too low stats..
- Special buildings
- Building order (good, too slow....etc..)
- Hero classes (donīt refer these classes ONLY to this specific town, but perhaps they are more usefull with other towns)
- Good / Bad on what kind of maps
- OWN subjective rank in a townranking, from 1st (best) to 9th (worst)

Letīs collect as much opinions as possible, to finally find the best possible "review" of every town.
Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 05, 2006 09:06 AM
Edited by grendal on 5 Mar 2006


2 descent shooters who get no melee penalty.  Good heroes.    Scholaring meteor shower and rez is fairly easy if you get alamar, jeddite or deemer. Blackies immune to magic.  Ideal for fighting castle.    If opponent uses the initiative for spell casting with AAs, a blind on AAs and mass haste second round pretty much will win the fight.  If opponent waits to cast, you can out wait him.  Cast blind on AAs if he waits that long (he loses a spell cast week 1). Or if he doesnt then mass slow and blind  AAs the second round.  Earth is easy to get and early.  Mass slow during week one can win a game.


Fairly costly to build.  Very sulpher dependant

Best creatures:

Blackies immunity to magic and against giants/titans they do 150% damage.  Min Kings are fast and strike hard (fantastic).  Shooters  see above

Worst creatures:
Manticores scorpicores are week and costly to build.  Mantis are not near as useful as effrets/uniys/cavs

Special buildings:

Portal is awesome.  Flag an external drag/minotaur dwell and u get a great bonus.  Mana vortex can be benifical depending on game.

Building order:

I like harpies. eyes. medusas. minitaurs manitcores. citadel castle.  Might leave off maniticores first week and upgrade harpies or trogs early depending on the game circumstances.  Difficult build but dungeon rocks if done good.

Heroes class:

Dont care for magic so i dont like any magic classes.  However alamar and jeddite and deemer make scholaring very easy.  In a week 2 (early week 3 meet) sephinroth with lighten bolt can win a game for you.
Very good overlord heroes here.  Gunner speaks for himself.  Shakiti comes with many trogs to start. Dace starts with tactics and armour i think.  Arlach provides a balista day one which is a nice bonus.  All these heroes build well.

Good/Bad maps:

Not good for early meets with opponent but if you got time then very good town. Dont play fixed maps so i cant comment on that

Ranking depends on map, rules, length of game.  Its very subjective.  I rank dugeon 3rd on no con games 4th if cons are allowed


Forgot.   Armegeddon and blackies = win.  I remember someone doing that to me 2nd or 3rd game online.  I was flabbergasted

Life is full of frustrations, heroes should help release it!

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Famous Hero
Duke of Demon
posted March 05, 2006 12:12 PM
Edited by Evil_Warrior on 5 Mar 2006

Advantages : 3 Flyer + 2 Shooter. Mage Guild level 5.
Disadvantages : Hard to build level 7 creature dwelling.
Best creature : Black Dragon combined with Armageddon, Minotaur and Harpy Hag combined by Haste, Teleport, Mirth, or Prayer.
Worst creature : Scorpicore (everybody knows)
Special buildings : Manna vortex and Portal of Summoning are very helpful. also the Artifact Merchants.
Building order : not bad . not too slow as STRONGHOLD.
Hero classes : High level spell specialities like Rescurrection and Meteor Shower.
Good on continental maps.
Bad on archipelago maps coz doesn't have shipyard.
OWN subjective rank :
1. Dungeon (I've explained)
2. Necropolis (crazy growth of skeletons, dangerous creature special abilities)
3. Castle (Good morale, more movement, Archangel)
4. Rampart (Good luck, easy to play)
5. Conflux (Magic University, fastest creature)
6. Inferno (2 dangerous high speed creatures)
7. Tower (3 Shooter, 1 great Spellcaster)
8. Fortress (easy to build, cheap army, Death Stare)
9. Stronghold (too much crystal, only one flyer)


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Supreme Hero
posted March 05, 2006 01:09 PM

The main disadvantge is that they start on dirt if you play without under. This means your week 1 powerstack will be slower than allmost everything you fight and it means that fighting crypts is normally something you should avoid week 1. Therefore you will often get a pretty slow start which often will lead to problems getting dragons week 2.

Lack of a strong powerstack is another problem that will last most of the game.

So imo dungeon is one of the weakest towns unless they get one or more lvl 4+ external dwells.
Crag rules, Orrin and Ivor suck

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Supreme Hero
gets back
posted March 05, 2006 07:59 PM

Well that's more the problem of the game... I mean why no underground terrain possible on surface? Does not make much sense.

Btw, I think Dungeon's worst creature is one of the shooters. Scorpicores are good. They have a useful specialty and they have a nice role fighting the map as a 11-move level 6 flyer.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 05, 2006 08:16 PM
Edited by grendal on 5 Mar 2006

Non native terrain is a hinderance, however good chaining can make it much less of a problem.  As long as there is ample time to build, then the "final battle" wont be affected too much.

Lack of a power stack (min kings could be considered one) is offset by the early acquisition of mass slow.  With 2 shooters and slow this isnt much of a problem imo

Would you upgrade scorpicores before drags?  If so then the mantys do have a useful role.  However, i would choose to upgrade the drags first.   If you have drags then mantys become much less important.

Artifact merchant is pretty much useless.  By the time you have the time and money to buy one, your hero probably has much better arties than whats in the merchant.  That one good arty may make it useful (getting recanters or golden bow) but the 10K cost and some luck i dont consider an advantage.


I reread Marettis post and agree, in week 1 on dirt dungeon does have a disadvantage and can be a slower start.
Life is full of frustrations, heroes should help release it!

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Famous Hero
Duke of Demon
posted March 06, 2006 05:16 AM

Well that's more the problem of the game... I mean why no underground terrain possible on surface? Does not make much sense.

Btw, I think Dungeon's worst creature is one of the shooters. Scorpicores are good. They have a useful specialty and they have a nice role fighting the map as a 11-move level 6 flyer.

do you mean Medusa as the shooter? I think, although she has only few number of shoots, Stone Gaze is more useful than Paralyze.

Just compare Scorpicore and its Price with other level 6

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Famous Hero
posted March 06, 2006 02:28 PM


my favorite town

a portal of summoning + a dwell of 5th lvl or higher is supreme.
heroes get 30 + of troglodytes ,so a min. sum - 80 at start.
dungeon extreemly effective and dungeriuos with bless.
also flyers and shooters makes dungeon effective in town siege

it has been mentioned before -start on dirt is  main disadvantage.
hard to build army buildings fast.

about 'powerstack' - i disagree - trogls , minos can easily be that stack , but dungeon is not about 1 powerstack - all of them together are tough as hell

best creature:
and again blacks-arma combination or all the rest -bless comination

worst creature :
blacks...then u have ressurect

special buildings:
1.portal of summoning, mentioned before that with a 5th or higher dwell dungeon rock the world
2.artifact merchant - usefull after visiting tope
there are lots of good lower lvl arties to get
3. mana vortex is great, doubles your mana then u need to most

hero classes:

warlock alamar is the best mage u can get
also jeddite , deemer + sholar
sephinroth , malekith and others are supreme at scout wars
overlords - are as good as barbs or beasts , most likely u ll get skills u want.
only synca ,ajit and loreley are useless

one disadvantage of dungeon heroes is that they cant sacrifice arts for exp in 'altar of sacrifice'

Building order - mentioned before - is slow

Good / Bad on what kind of maps

dungeon is very good on fixed maps
and also very good on random maps

it is one of my favorite towns, probably half of my online games were playd with dungeon
i rank it as 1-8 place
necro is in 9 place

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 06, 2006 07:51 PM
Edited by grendal on 6 Mar 2006

"one disadvantage of dungeon heroes is that they cant sacrifice arts for exp in 'altar of sacrifice'"

it took me a long time to figure this one out  I used to think there was different types of altars

Deffenitly a disadvantage.  Particularly on maps like hourglass
Life is full of frustrations, heroes should help release it!

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Famous Hero
Duke of Demon
posted March 08, 2006 04:42 PM

Use the creatures from Portal of Summoning to sacrifice!

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Supreme Hero
Beautiful Liar
posted March 19, 2006 07:55 PM

Dungeon, arguebly the worst town?

Usefull skills for Dungeon heroes
Dungeon heroes could ofcourse use the tactics skill to guard their shooters and to place the harpies in a strategical position. Archery is also usefull with your 2 nice shooters combined with maybe the golden bow and tactics, a sure win.

Usefull spells
Armagedon is ofcourse the most usefull spell for dungeon when you reach your blackies. Dungeon tends to get the ressurection spell and combined with double SP from the vortex you could tire your opponent troops down easy.

A slow schedule of building process and very costly indeed. Starting with the beholder dwelling one of each resource is very hard to get on impossible difficulty. The minotaurs require 10 gems and 4000 gold and manticores 5 sulfur and mercury and 5000 gold. So many resources and gold to build all unit dwellings. It is impossible to get dragon dwelling first week because of the 2nd level mage guild requirement and the dependancy on all structures. If you want to upgrade your manticores to get more speed you will need 5 more sulfur to spend which hurts your chances in building the dragons even on week 2 .

Movement and scouting
Dungeon is a very slow town from the start 'till the end. With the harpy being your fastest with 6 speed and the trogs pulling you down with 4 speed means they should be removed every turn. Not the fastest of scouts they gonna be with 6 speed .

Special Buildings
Dungeon got some strong special building and they must use them all to compensate for the lack of firepower. Mana vortex doubles your SP every week, a usefull and cheap building which gives your hero more SP = more spells and for a town with great magic like dungeon it's a great bonus. Portal of summoning flagging a high level dwelling will double your weekly growth of this creature using the portal, a great power boost. Artifacts merchant as I said in other threads I do not favor the merchants just because the costly building and the high prices on minor artifacts which in the long run are not as effective as the gold could be.

Overlords are good overall heroes but they lack a really powerfull one like Hack or Tazar, but they are still nice enough and well balanced. Gunnar is probably the best of them on large maps where there are open spaces, Dace boosts your minotaurs from the start and combined with offence and tactics he makes a great starting hero. Warlocks rock when it comes to spell power but as all magic heroes they still come second, but Jaddite with his ressurection special is a nice magic hero overall.  


Troglodites - They are a weak 1st level unit but they come in big numbers and are usefull at the start as a powerstack, but they also got a useless special ability, I mean who in the right mind will cast blind on them?
Harpies - Very weak units but when upgraded they got the no retaliation ability which is good for fighting melee units but useless against archers. And they still lack power when attacking.
Beholders - Nice shooter with high HP but far from matching the elf as a 3rd level shooter. They got no melee penalty but they are considerably weak and very costly, I always runout of money buying them.
Medusa - Medusas are strong shooters and cheap but they grow only 8 a week and this is their worst quality. A nice special with stone gaze and no melee penalty but again lack of firepower for a mid level unit.
Minotaurs - The most usefull unit of dungeon, the second best 5th level unit after the gorgon, high attack, speed and damage makes them almost equal to manticores plus they give you a morale boost also. They are the key to clear the map and take those dwellings you will need.
Manticores - They are stronger than wyverns but a very weak 6th level unit and no way near being a powerstack. The upgrade gives you the paralize ablility which is awesome, when you fight neutral scorpicores beware of this ability it could kill you if they get lucky.
Black dragons - Only the name should strike fear in your hearts but they are deffinately not the strongest unit in the game, but the immunity to magic this is what makes them great. Combine them with the armagedon spell and you could spread havoc in your opponents army.

*Mana vortex - doubles SP each week.
*2 shooters with high HPs and no melee penalties.
*3 fliers (dragons, harpies and manticores)
*5th level mage guild almost always full of good spells (especialy armagedon and ressurection).
*Ability to cast armagedon with your black dragons immunity.
*Portal of summoning - additional units each week and could be high leveled.

*Weak 6th level unit.
*Too dependable on sulfur, to build blackies 1+5+4+6+20+20=56 sulfur not including manticore upgrade!
*Too expensive to build with gold (minotaur 4000, manticore 5000).
*Lack of a powerstack throughthout the whole game.
*On random maps without underground dungeon starts on dirt and they do not get the speed bonus. Beware of necro units as they are faster then your units and could cause damage.
*Lack of a fast unit. The harpy hag is your fastest with the speed of 9?! That is untill you get scorpicores with speed of 11, still not fast enough. That is untill you get blackies with 15 speed and still you only start 4th .

Castle defending
A good castle for town deffence, with 2 shooters powerfull melee unit (minotaur) and 3 fast fliers they are pretty good at defending their town.

Castle sieging
Their 2 shooters and 3 fliers combined with some good magic and lots of SP makes dungeon a strong sieging town almost as good as conflux is.

Good on maps
They are too expensive on poor maps and lack the 7th level unit the first week for the richer maps so I think dungeon is really not the way to go in multiplayer games, sorry all you dungeon fans .

Bad on maps
Poor maps they lack the resources and the gold, on rich maps they fall behind from the others that can build their 7th level first week, so they are bad on both of the types.

Overall ranking: I guess it is on last place for me, I stopped playing them long time ago online.  

click and help me out!! Thanks!!

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Known Hero
Demands raising new Titan's HP
posted March 19, 2006 09:57 PM

Has 2 shooters with no melee penalty, has strong high level creatures, has powerfull mage guild, has artifact merchant, has 3 flying creatures so you'll mostly be the first one to attack.

This town is expenssive. You will need a lot of gold and sulfur to get the higher level creatures and buildings.
Towns growth rate is not high, but this is traditional (we see it well in HOMM V...).

Buildings get more expensive with time (naturaly). You'll need plenty of sulfur if you want those dragonns...
Mana vortex is great for your magic heroes, and the creature portal is a handy way of getting more bang for your buck, weekly! you can get a town dwelling (one of your creature dwellings) on the other end of the map nad get a growth bonus + that creatures half growth rate from the portal.

Traglodites - O.K. for 1st level creatures. No blind ability is nice, but who blinds 1st level creatures? that is a waste of spell points.
Harpys - Nice stats, very usefull (and annoying) hit & run ability, especialy with the upg. harpy (harpy hag) no retaliation ability.
Eyes - nothing special about them, jusr average low - midd level shooters.
Medusa - good shooters with fine skills, has no melee penalty and very usefull melee bonus stone gaze attack that freezes enemy troops for a good time. Definitly worth the money.
Minotaur - VERY, VERY POWERFULL. these are the towns best creatures in my opinion. They are very strong (15 5 skills, great damage, high speed) and have 50 HP which is good for their level. Tough to kill, have better stats then 6th level manticores!
Manticores - flying, fast and have good paralyze ability. Be warned! it is dangerous to send them out alone! have average stats and are not that great (you have to balance the Minotaurs and dragons some how...)
Red \ Black Dragons - among the strongest the game has to offer. Have 300 HP, good damage, 25 25 stats, breath (strike 2 hexes) attack, flying are immune to magic. Magic immunity can be both good or bad, as you are immune to harmfull and bad spells (great armageddon combo) but you are also immune to good spells, meaning you can't ressurect and heal dragons and can't boost their skills.

Heroes class:
Magic may not be the towns best, but with a powerfull guild that has such spells as town portal, lightning, teleport door (named "dimension door" I think) and ofcourse ARMAGEDDON, magic is worth investing in.
Overlords are decent might heroes and get good secondary skills. Their stats are fairly balanced. Shakti can be usefull for a start with traglodite boost, for example.
Some good heroes are Jeddite (good spell specialty), Sephinroth (+1 crystal) and Dace (has tactics and armor).

Final rank: 9th. I just don't like this town. Shoot me, but I still won't like it.

The frozen land of red Titans wishes you luck in your journeys

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Adventuring Hero
The pirate of the Baltic sea
posted March 20, 2006 02:38 PM
Edited by CoCoDemon on 20 Mar 2006

Da best creatures huh ? Well there alot of great creatures in this lovely town.

-The best is the dragon I bet everyone knows that. And it's also one of the best 7lv creatures and if hit and run is not banned from the game and u have anrmagedon u cano some serious damage and run away ;]. Also drags are good for there high speed and nice atack and defence. This nice creature can also hit 2 creatures with one blow but be carefull couse ur enemy can use that for his advantage !!!
-The second best is the minotaur. That creature is amazing ... It has a very high atack and it's allso fast thats a really nice combo ;] . But it's defence isn't very high  so it's a creature which likes 2 atack more than to be atacked ;D (Don't they all)
-The shooters of Dungeon are cool. The beholder/evil eye can do melee as good as it can shoot and thats handy. Medusas are a real pain in the .... if not upgraded couse they have only 4 shots lol!!! So if u don't have an amor cart this creature will no use in 4 rounds :/. But it can turne enemy troops into stone (I bet u all know the mytht) thats a really nice spec.
-The last creature on the GOOD list is the harpy/harpy hag. It has the best speaciality in the game (if upgraded) . Damn it atacks but the enemy doesn't strike back (damn wouss!!!!) and if that wasn't enough it returns to the position where she was standing before the sneaky attack! But if cursed this creature will allmost stop to exist :/

Well there are 2 creatures which are pure snow :/.
-the 1st one sadly is manticore/scorpicore. Damn thats a real shame couse in most of the towns lv6 is one of the main creatures taken in early battles (week 2,1) and if u'll take manticore in some battle week 2 make sure u have some shootin power or take minotaurs and a bunch of troglodytes ;D with you. It has some good things like high speed and his spec (dunno how it's called) which makesyour enemies creature miss 3 turns allso it's a flying creature thats a certain plus. But becouse of it's low def. ,att. and health it 's considered of beeing the worst lv 6 creature in the game
-The troglogyte lol!!! Low def , att , health combined with sucky speed what more to add!!!!

This town has one of the best special buildings in the game thats Portal of summoning. It summons creatures from external dvells directly to your town and allso leaving them in the dvelling. So that means if u will flag a dragon dvelling u will get 1 from the portal and 1 from the dvelling (and from ur castle if u have them built) . Tip : Never flag any low level dvellings in the begining of the game (lv1, lv2, lv3) only if u have scouted your area and founded no high level dvellings there (lv7, lv6, lv5) then flag those.
Allso mana vortex is useful as it doubles your heroes mana points (but only once in a week and  only  to 1 hero )
Atrifact merchant is allso cool . U can often find boots  there or gloves of speed. (bah almost never buy this one becouse there are lots of Atrifact merchants in the map if u are playing a random one )
Battle scholar academy. It gives 1000 exp. points to your hero.

The building order is not very bad . Well no dragon dvelling week 1 couse it would be stupit to sacrifice castle for only 1 extra dragon.
But  all the rest creatures are build in 1st week so I could say that this town has a fast building order (not as fast as fotress but not as sucky as in Castle or Tower)

Heroes. There are 2 clases of them : overlords and warlocks. Well these both types have some nice heroes (I wanna tell that I like might ones that is overlords couse I don't want to be accused of liking magic ones lmao.I bet u know what I mean) The best overlord is Gunnar with his supreme log spec , allso I like Dace for his nice starting skills and spec ;]. Shakti and Damacon are allso cool. The 1st one brings lots!!! of troglodytes and the second one gives you +350 gold each day ;]. Overlords ussualy level up nicely (that is : get earth magic , logs , armor, offence).
Warlocks well they aren't that bad (as heretics). Best of them would be Alamar and Jeddite cosue of there resurection spell spec and Deemer with his meteor shower spec. Sephinroth is way cool if u get when playing with Rampart or Stronghold (it produces +1 crystal per day ). Warlocs level like all magic heroes (getting crap skills like sholar , mysticizm etc. usually!!!).

Well the town is  good on maps where u get mines in your area or there are lots of resouces lieing around. Allso you need alot of gold too couse this town is not one of the cheap ones! So it's good on rich and medium rich maps.

In my own opinion Dungeon is a nice town and it should be rated somewhere at the top of the list. It depends alot on the map so can't say the correct spot :/

That's all folks
hope u liked it lmao

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Undefeatable Hero
Pretty Boy Angel Sacraficer
posted March 20, 2006 03:06 PM

I am not a Doungeon fan but i plaued it a few times.
Seems many disregard Mants & upgrading them then dragons.
Hard to get armies going with the few select creatures you start with since shooters are higher lv etc.
Orless you get the Trog hero specialist, then you can easily have 2 main heroes day 1.
Mants are required to build dragons.
Thier expensive to recruit but not nessary to me in most occasions to use.
You dont need to upgrade them hastily.
You can wait till your ready.
Dreaming of a Better World

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Famous Hero
Also known as Nobris Agni
posted April 13, 2006 07:01 AM


- Black Dragons are excellent level 7 creatures
- Minotaur Kings with high stats and damage are wonderful level 5's
- Two strong shooters with no melee penalty
- Portal of Summoning is a great add-on, depends on the external dwellings though
- Excellent magic

- Troglodytes and Manticores are very poor units for their level
- Very expensive to build and maintain - which is a problem on small maps

- Overlords are good heroes, with Gunnar and Shakti my preferred choice. Warlocks are also fine heroes, Jeddite and Alamar with Resurrection are great.

Best Unit:
MINOTAUR KING - high damage and always positive morale are great

Worst Unit:
TROGLODYTE - this unit is very lame that they go down fast like bowling pins under pressure.

No one knows my true nature here...

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Undefeatable Hero
posted December 14, 2006 04:10 AM


Mana Vortex: Mana Vortex doubles the spell points avaliable for visiting heroes.

Portal of Summoning: On Day 1 of each week, a random creature type from a dwelling flagged on the Adventure map, become avaliablie for recruitment (it is like buying your other units from the dwellings inside the town, but if you have a creature dwelling flagged on map, then you will not have to leave your castle in order to buy that unit, but it is random though, you might end up with a random creature from a dwelling you own)

Has one of the strongest Level 7 units in the game, the Black Dragon.

Some good unit abilities such as the Harpy Hag (attack and return, No enemy Retaliation), Evil Eyes (Close range they attack equal damage than when they attack Long range), Medusa Queens (20% chance of petrifying their targets for 3 rounds), Scorpicores (Attacks have 20% chance of paralyzing an opponent).


Has a rather Weak Level 1 unit, the Trogoldyte and it's upgrade Infernal Trogoldyte.

Best creature

Black Dragon

Has the Most Hit Points in the game (same with Titan, and Ancient Behemoth) of being 300.

Has both good Attack and Defense, at being 25 each.

They are fast, moving 15 Hexes/turn.

They deal 150% damage to Giants and Titans, but that is countered by Titans and Giants doing 150% damage back to Black Dragons (and Red Dragons).

They are Immune to all spells.
That can be good as you can cast Armaggedon and not have your Black Dragon affected one little bit and the enemies creatures all perish, and it can be bad as you cannot cast such spells as Bless, or Cure or Haste or any of those good spells that can increase some particular "stats".

They have good damage, at being 40-50, which is pretty good for this creature, and as they are faster than most, they will be able to attack first in battle (they are not the fastest level 7 unit though).

Tacticful usefullness:

Be able to cast such spells as Armaggedon and not lose any Black Dragons.

You are able to strike 2 units if they are standing behind eachother, or directly opisite eachother.

Like Behind, Diagonal or opposite, the Black Dragon will be able to attack BOTH enemy creatures, with one attack

Worst creature


They are perhaps the worst unit in my opinion, as they do not prove to be that useful, except maybe if the enemy has Blind spell, because Trogoldytes are immune to blind spells (as they have no eyes).

Tactical Usefullness:

They are immune to blind, so you can just attack the enemy unit, and not be affected by blind spells.

This will negate the "Blind" ability that Unicorns deal out aswell.

Special buildings

Mana Vortex: Mana Vortex doubles the spell points avaliable for visiting heroes.

Portal of Summoning: On Day 1 of each week, a random creature type from a dwelling flagged on the Adventure map, become avaliablie for recruitment (it is like buying your other units from the dwellings inside the town, but if you have a creature dwelling flagged on map, then you will not have to leave your castle in order to buy that unit, but it is random though, you might end up with a random creature from a dwelling you own)

Good / Bad on what kind of maps

I would say that they are alright in small maps, but since you wont be able to get the really powerful units until later, than I would say that they are best suited to Larger Sized maps, as they will have enough time to build everything, and get the main and stronger units.


I would say that this town is probably out of 10, maybe a 7, as it is kinda weighed down by some crap units like the stupid Trogoldyte, but other than that everything else is fine
~Ticking away the moments that
make up a dull day, Fritter and
waste the hours in an off-hand

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Supreme Hero
posted December 14, 2006 03:02 PM

Advantages: Mage Guild Level 5, Black Dragons, Good Resurce silo, Portal and Gunnar.

Disadvantages: Level 1 & 6 creatures are below average among their tier.

Best creature: Minotaur are good fighters but i'll go whit Black Dragons and the Magic Immunity. Armageddon and Implosion immunity of Blacks is great!

Worst creature: Manticores lowers the army strengt most when it's so high level creature that you must need to use it but it's weaker than other lv6 creatures.

Building order: Allright i guess some upgrades needs some resources but not unreasonable.

Hero classes: Hero Gunnar: Logistic, Offense, Tactics, Wisdom, Air + Earth Magic and Leadership. (I hope i didn't forget any great skills)

Good on Large maps where high levels spells like Dimension Door or Town Portal comes to play if you get lucky. Also others 4-5lv spell are deasent for Warlock hero.

Bad on Small maps when you can't build Black Dragons on week 1.

-OWN subjective rank in a townranking: (by strenght)

1) Conflux (allways overpowered)
2) Castle (originally the strongest town only bad point is only 4 mage guilds)
3) Tower (Not my favorite town but many range creatures and lot's of spell curantee you power)
4) Dungeon (Black Dragons and fairly good town)
5) Necropolis (Okay in larger maps they are unstobbable! In those rank 2-3)
6) Rampart (Needs more range creatures)
7) Stronghold (Needs more magic and flyers)
8) Inferno (Needs more creature powers)
9) Fortress (Well needs everything better exept the death stare!)

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Supreme Hero
posted December 15, 2006 07:26 PM

Actually the portal of summoning not only allows you to buy the units from a flagged creature dwelling in your castle, you can still buy them in the dwelling on the adventure map. This means that you can get the troops twice.

Another good thing about the mana vortex is that it's an instant replenish of spell points; you won't need to end your turn in the castle.

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Adventuring Hero
posted August 31, 2009 07:19 PM

Dungeon is a very good town for lots of reasons

First of all you have a town with three flyers, two ranged units and two-foot soldiers, which makes it one of the best for siege attack.
However you are in good position too in siege defense because of the durability of your ranged units, a very good foot soldier, (Minotaurs), and a good help with the Harpy Hags loop attack. This allows you too to be aggressive in the battle in most cases, allowing more double breath attacks for your Dragons, and a fast neutralization of the enemy ranged units, (specially good if you have Tactic advantage).

Other reason is that you have one of the best 7th level creatures in the game, the Black Dragon. You won't have an easy time to get them in your town but when you get them they are the most important unit for you. Their magic resistance and their double attack make them quite useful for quite wide diffirent tactics.

More reasons are the special buildings of your town, which are perhaps the best of all towns.
I like especially the Mana Vortex, very useful for both might and magic heroes. The Artifact Merchants can be a good way to supply your heroes with needed artifacts, but later in the game, (because you will need lots of money and resources at the start), and the Portal of Summoning can be great if you find a good extra town dwelling, specially if we talk about Black Dragons, (though I confess I don't use it very often because it's not usual to find these dwellings).

The last reason is heroes, Overlords and Warlocks are both very interesting heroes classes with different tactics to follow but both can become very successful.
But the most important is that the individual heroes no matter if they are might or magic are great, with great specialities, good starting skills and secondary skill development, and good starting armies.

No matter which hero you choose every of them are at least good as secondary heroes, with diffirent skills that can be very useful, (+350 Gold, Scouting, spells which can be taught to your heroes...).

Now I'll comment the units of the town:

Troglodytes/Infernal Troglodytes

They are just average as level one unit. Useful in early game especially if you start with Shakti who possibly have throng of them to start with. Their blind immunity are great, but since thse units are quite week and nearly never a thread it is quite superflouos for these units.

Harpies/Harpy Hags

Good when upgraded. In fact this is one of the priority upgrades in the first week because you will need them to clear mines in company of Trogs. With the upgrade they gain most of all speed, and a useful loop attack, (but sometimes it's not so useful).
These and Trogs must be the one you use in the first two weeks to clear mines, so when fighting against ranged units, you better use them by splitting them in some stacks, one or two with some good numbers of them, and the rest, (two or three more stacks should be enough), with just one of them to get next to the ranged unit and not letting them use it's ranged attack.
Later in the game they will be useful in siege attack and defense because their special attack, but only if you have high numbers of them, or they won't do enough damage. In fact, that's their big problem, they make very low damage. Blessing them is good if you have the spell, (and be afraid of curse because it will make them to do insignificant damage).

Beholders/Evil Eyes

These are good three level units but they are very very expensive. There's no big deal to upgarde them fast as they are quite good even without the upgrade.
I don't buy them in the early game just because they are so expensive and they make very low damage.
In fact they are half way between a foot soldier and a ranged unit, because they are very tough, and have no melee penalty, but make very low damage.
They are just really useful for long battles because they will suffer and you will still have some of them surviving, or when you have lost of them, because they will do a good damage then. I prefer not to buy them until week three at least, until then they can be a great defense for your town if an enemy hero wants to attack you. Bless is again a good spell for them.

Medusas/Medusa Queens

Don't buy them if not upgraded because they will get without shots too fast.
This is other of the priority upgrades, because they are one of the best units in your town and you need them using their ranged attack all they are able. Other tough ranged unit without melee penalty, which won't die easily. In addition they have a valuable skill, (petrifying), which can be very useful specially knowing that they have no melee penalty. So if you can't make a ranged attack don't worry to use their melee attack. But be careful when attacking higher level units, don't always confide in the petrifying skill, as it won't show up very often. Don't risk them too much and attack high level units preferably if they can't counterstrike.

Minotaurs/Minotaur Kings

This is your second best unit and your great foot soldier. They can even face stacks with higher levels, have a good speed and very good attack/defense stats.
They will have extra turns in battle because their +1 morale ability, which is great.
These units greatly benefit your army when you have Tactics advantage, because they will be able to reach the enemy units in just one turn which is great, (your flyers won't suffer so much with them near). If you can Bless them, do it, because they have a great damage range, (12-20).
Their upgrade is not a big need early because they are very good without it. You better concentrate in getting your Dragons or levelling up your Mage Tower, (a big need if you are a Warlock).


This is perhaps the weakest unit in your army, with very low stats for a sixth level unit. However their advantage is being a fast flyer with a good skill, (paralyse).
But the same of the Medusa is applied here, don't confide in the ability because it won't show up every time, (or will show up but not when you need it) unless you really need it.
Don't risk them too much if the situation doesn't need it or you will lose too many of them, try to attack when your enemy has lost the counterstrike, specially when attacking sixth and seventh level units.
However it's not always possible because as a flyer you need them to go fast for the enemy ranged units, (even more in castle siege), so you will be hit by their foot soldiers. Use the wait-attack tactic if possible, give them the Minotaur support, or resurrect them often.

Red Dragons/Black Dragons

Your best units. You need them as soon as possible. However it won't be easy because you need lots of resources to build up your town until get them.
Their breath attack is a very good speciality to fight in an aggressive way, (if you attack with your Dragons before your enemy has moved their units you will have more probability to use that attack). But it can have a double-edged effect because you can kill your units if you aren't careful.
Always place your Dragons next to your units, and don't let any hex between them, or any enemy stack could attack your Dragons and you would kill your own units in the counterstroke .
The magic immunity is an advantage in average. With Black Dragons you won't be able to boost them with beneficial spells, but they won't be vulnerable to Blind, big damage spells nor negative spells, (Slow, Curse...), so you can always count that they will always have a good speed, damage stat, attack and defense values...
The same is true for Red Dragons, though they will be vulnerable to fourth, and fifth level spells, yours or from the enemy. The big advatge of that is that you can resurrect them, (great). The upgrade is a must, the sooner the better, being the only exception if your main hero is a Warlock with the Resurrection spell. In that situation you better not rush for the upgrade and concentrate in levelling up your Mage Tower.

Note that one of the best spells for your units is Bless though a Mass Bless is not
probably, because Warlocks rarely get Water Magic and Overlords can't get it. You'll have to learn to fight with what you have with.

One of the big disadvantages of Dungeon is its slow building up, and the need of big amounts of resources and money. You can easily last three weeks until you get Red Dragons.

You first goal will be to build your Capitol, (unless the map that you play is outrageous rich).
You are blessed if you get it at the end of the first week, but in average you won't get it until the start or mid of week two.

Then you better build up your town to get Dragons soon, preferable in week 3 or if possible before. When you have them you can go for your Mage Guild if your main hero is a Warlock, or upgrade the Dragons.
By that time you can easiy have entered the second month, so until that you will have to be careful with the possiblity of an enemy attack. Other towns develop faster so perhaps they will have higher level units if they attack you early. But if you have resisted and you have developed your town and main hero, then you have a great hero, with a great army, and useful special buildings.
Now is your time, go for the enemies and slaughter them . It is very difficult to build up a great army first month, which makes this town best for large or xtra large maps. Though it is possible to gather a strong army and have a good hero week 3 or 4.

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Adventuring Hero
posted August 31, 2009 07:44 PM

Warlocks and Overlords

My self I prefer Overlords above Warlocks. Here I'll tell some of the reasons why I prefer the Dungeon might hero, the Overlord, over the magic hero, the Warlock.

First of all the existent Overlords are good heroes, with good specialities and starting skills. They come with good starting armies, which is a big help in the early game.
They develop very well the secondary skills so you can get most of the useful skills for might heroes, and is quite probably to get two magic skills, one of them Earth Magic surely, (great).
You can't get Water Magic however, so there's no Mass Bless or Mass Dispel or Cure .
That's not a very positive point but it's not definitive, you can fight without those spells getting advatage of your good might skills and your probably two magic skills.

However Warlocks are very good heroes too, they come with good specialities and spells, which can be very helpful in the early game to clear mines, (while Overlords come with armies, Warlocks come with good spells).
They develop well the secondary skills with good probability to get three magic schools, (Water is not probably too), and they can't get resistance, (not a great problem).
However they have a higher probability than Overlords to get a second class secondary skill, like Eagle Eye, Mysticism or Scouting . But this is not a definite reason to get Overlords or Warlocks, as they are quite similarly good.

Overlords are quite balanced.
They develop most of all attack and defense but they will have decent spell power and knowledge stats.
So they can become good magicians with time, especially if you supply them with some good artifacts to increase spell power.
I've said spell power because knowledge is not a problem for an Overlord.
Remember that you have the Mana Vortex, which in addition to a decent knowledge stats, and perhaps Intelligence as secondary skill, and probably any artifact increasing your knowledge, means that you can have even more spell points than a magic hero from any other town.
Warlocks however are pure spell power, and the magic is the only way they can become great heroes.

One of the great problems for Warlocks is the lack of high Mage Tower levels early in the game, because you will need lots of resources and money to develop your town, (huge amounts of wood and sulphur and quite gems and ore too).
That will let Warlocks in a very bad situation because they need good spells to resist the attacks of other might heroes or magic heroes which can get spells before than you, (most of the towns).

In the line of the previous reason, Warlocks have a great spell dependency so even if you develop your Mage Tower but don't get good damage spells then you are in big, big trouble, because you have to conquer other towns, and pray to get the Mage Tower at least with level three, (if not you will spend lots of resources again and that means more time), and get any good damage spell.
Of course if you wil get Armageddon in your starting town, then you are blessed by the gods and you are a big trouble for your enemies. And if you can get other spells like Meteor Shower you can face your enemies without fear but if not you better pray. Ressurection also makes a Warlock devastating.

These reasons make Warlock very weak in the early game.
They will probably be better than Overlords to clear mines in the first two weeks because of their starting spells, (Overlords won't have it easy if you don't waste too much money, which you need to get fast your Capitol and Dragons, in units like Beholders).
But if you start closed to other towns faster in development, (most of them), you can be easily killed without having even the third level of Mage Tower if they attack your Warlock early. Overlords however can spend some money to get units, and resist better, (or even attack), in those situations.

In conclusion though a high level Warlock with good spells is a formidable hero, but you won't easily get to that situation, being very weak in the early game and depending a lot of the spells you get in your Mage Tower.
Overlords however are more flexible and adapted, good to every map, and they will become good magicians with time, without any apparent weakness.

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