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7 Mar 2016: Romero launches a Piano Sonata Album Kickstarter! - read more
19 Feb 2016: Heroes 5.5 RC6, Heroes VII patch 1.7 are out! - read more
13 Jan 2016: Horn of the Abyss 1.4 Available for Download! - read more
17 Dec 2015: Heroes 5.5 update, 1.6 out for H7 - read more
23 Nov 2015: H7 1.4 & 1.5 patches Released - read more
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5 Oct 2016: Heroes VII development comes to an end.. - read more
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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: ~ Heroes 6 - News and Information topic - Please read rules ~
Thread: ~ Heroes 6 - News and Information topic - Please read rules ~ This thread is 29 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 20 ... 25 26 27 28 29 · NEXT»

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of Gold Dragons
posted January 01, 2008 01:44 PM bonus applied by Maurice on 09 Mar 2016.
Edited by alcibiades at 07:54, 05 Oct 2012.

~ Heroes 6 - News and Information topic - Please read rules ~

Use this thread to post official information about upcoming Might And Magic: Heroes 6.

Please use the Discussion Thread to discuss existing news.

04.10.12: First standalone expansion featuring Dungeon faction is announced!
The expansion is scheduled for Spring 2013 (let's hope that doesn't mean an october release this time). Read more on page 26 of this thread and discuss the expansion here.

04.10.12: Patch 1.8 is scheduled for release next week or about so.
Release notes here.

25.08.12: Second addon "Danse Macabre" is officially announced.
Like first addon 'Pirates of the Savage Sea', this addon will be centrered around the return of an old 'legendary hero', the lich Sandro. More info in this thread.

30.07.12: A security breach with UPlay browser plug-ins has been reported.
Please see this thread for further information and links to source.

29.07.12: Patch 1.5.2 has been live for a couple of days.
Fixing minor things from patch 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. See change log in Elvin's post here.

12.07.12: Patch 1.5 including townscreens and DLC pack 'Pirates of the Savage Sea' is released!
Both are available through Steam.

14.06.12: First DLC 'Pirates of the Savage Sea' is announced!
Look here for details on the content, and another preview of the Patch 1.5 Townscreens!

07.06.12: Heroic Corner posts Q&A with information on patch 1.5 and future timelines and projects.
Read the full Q&A here, it includes several interesting parts.

17.05.12: Patch 1.4 is out, news about patch 1.5.
The first patch since Limbic took the role as main developer has been released. Read about the content and download procedure here, here you'll also find some information on what is planned for patch 1.5 - including several balance tweaks.

08.03.12: Torre de Marfil (spanish HoMaM fan site) has gained acces to developer Q&A.
Read a rough google-translate here (perfectly understandable). Soom good, some bad news. They're working on making a more userfriendly modding tool. Sim turns for multiplayer and alternative creatures on each tier are low priority and is not to be expected anytime soon (they quote H5 as an example having only Sim turns on second expansion, giving an impression of the time frame to expect). Thanx to lepastur for providing the link.

27.02.12: Patch 1.3 and future patches are announced.
Finally, the news draught is over, and a future release plan for patches as well as content of upcoming patch 1.3 is released. For 1.3 content, see page 23 of this thread. Patch plan looks as follows:

- Patch 1.3 will be released on second half of March
- Patch 1.4, end of April
- Patch 1.5, end of June
- Patch 1.6, end of July
- Patch 1.7, end of August.

Meanwhile, member krs has started a list of wishes for future changes in Heroes 6. Please take the time to stop by the thread and take 10 minutes to give your vote on the priority of the different aspects, so we can see where the demand lies.

20.12.11: Patch 1.2 is out!
If you don't get an automatic update, run the gu.exe from start menu. Discuss the new patch here and report new or persisting bugs here.

17.11.11: No news is ... good news?
Nothing posted in News topic since 26.10 ... Sad panda is sad.

17.10.11: Hotfix (version 1.1.1) is out.
Solves start-up issues on certain (labtop) graphic cards as well as cursor flicking issues.

13.10.11: M&M Heroes 6 is released worldwide!
The game is out in digital stores as well as being shipped physically. Make sure to allow the auto-updater to install the first game once the game is installed.

01.09.11: Beta version 1.4 is running!
Check bottom of this page to see what's new. Share your impressions here and report any un-reported bugs you may encounter here.

17.08.11: Beta version 1.3 is running!
Discuss your impressions in this thread or report any bugs you may come across here. As always, check the FAQ and Questions Topic if you have any trouble and ask there if your need help with something.

15.08.11: Second phase of beta starts tomorrow.
Read what's changed here.

08.08.11: Public beta starts in a week, and will be downloadable by torrent.
Public beta should start august 16th. You can download the beta via torrent here. You'll still need a beta key from pre-ordering to install.

05.08.11: Release date pushed back til October 13th.
In order to act on feedback from the beta testing, release date has been delayed! Source.

28.06.11: The public closed Beta has started, albeit with a few download problems.
Read more about how to get access to the Beta on the official forum here: Public Closed Beta Q&A. Share your thoughts about the Beta in the Public Closed Beta Impressions thread.

15.06.11: Beta-testing is drawing near.
If you wanna help out testing server capacity - and thereby earning yourself access to be beta when it is released - read here!

02.06.11: Beta trailer is out - scheduled for June 28th.
The official Trailer for the Beta is now out. Access to the beta is gained through pre-ordering the game through Steam.

17.05.11: My, my time flies ...
It's been almost a month, and no updates here from my side. No major news in the final month, but we did get a new Community Developer. Apart from that, beta is currently set for late june (but they're probably going to tell us that that was just a rumour ), we had two handfuls of tavern Hero revealed, including some celebreties (in actual and game world sense), and we've had animation videos of a couple of factions (check the facebook page for latest releases).

20.04.11: French UbiSoft forum reports game is delayed until September 8th!
We'll await further confirmation and info. Apparant reason is more time for developers to finish game.

19.04.11: Demo delayed?
Not a lot of information lately, sorry for the low level of updates, but as most of you probably know, it was announced that people who preordered the deluxe edition through Steam would gain access to the demo on april 20th. However, Cepheus now reports that demo is delayed, at least for a bit. Will try to keep you posted as soon as I know anything.

19.03.11: Ubisoft redifines the seasons: June 23rd is now spring!
Ok, a bit sarcastic here. Release date has been confirmed on official fora to be:
US - 21st June
Europe - 23rd June
UK - 24th June
Wonder whether Ubisoft will still stickto their claim that "gaim is not post-poned" and that this is in accordance to their original "spring 2011" target. Anyway, post-poning is the right choice, if that's what it gets to make the game playable. We'll be back if information changes.

10.03.11: Sanctuary is revealed as the fifth faction!
It is now official that Sanctuary will be the fifth faction in Heroes VI. The faction draws on a combination of aquatic and asian samurai themes.

23.02.11: Blood and Sweat Tears - and major new gameplay video!
Exciting news on the Hero reputation system, and exclusive screenshots from Hungarian site shows leveling up screens. Check the News topic and Artwork topic to have a peak at awesomeness!

And to top this, a major new video (with deutsch commentary) featuring loads of in-game footage in great quality, featuring confusing imagery of Water Elementals and Mother Namtaru fight!

18.02.11: Video Q&A part 2 answers some questions on Neutral Creatures and Bosses.
This Q&A has subtitles, just press the [CC] icon to turn them on. Highlights are: There will be 8 neutral creatures and 8 bosses. All bosses are aligned with a faction, but Stronghold has no aligned boss.

09.02.11: Video Q&A part 1 answers some questions on Heroes.
Check page 13 of this thread for the full transcript of the Q&A. Further Q&A videos to follow!

04.02.11: Major update of game homepage.
Models added for Kiril as well as all the remaining creatures from Haven, Inferno, Necropolis and Stronghold. Also, creature ability descriotions (but no details) are added for all creatures.

24.01.11: Steady release of artworks and screenshots.
In response to discontent in the fanbase, UbiSoft have started a steady release of screenshots (Screenshot Of The Day) through their Facebook page, as long as taken up on the 3-times-a-week creature artwork release, at least until Stronghold line-up is all revealed. Follow the Artwork Thread for a collection of released artworks and screenshots.

13.01.11: Gamespot has new feature video on the Stronghold faction.
Check out the video here to see some combat clips of the Orcs, as well as to hear more on their history (not much we didn't know) and in-game pla style.
Alternative source: YouTube HD video.

09.01.11: The fifth race is leaked.
During the last couple of days, the images has started spreading over various online comunities, and it is by now no longer a secret that the last race of the standard edition of Heroes VI will be the Naga, as many had expected.

06.01.11: New game homepage with screenshots and unit info!
There's a new official Might and Magic: Heroes 6 homepage: http://www.mightandmagic.com/heroes6. Lots of features not fully finished yet, but interesting bits and unit ability descriptions.

22.12.10: Stronghold screenshots and campaign Hero portraits revealed.
A set of new screenshots show us in-game models of the Stronghold elite and champion units, and a hero portrait of the Stronghold campaign hero Sandor has been revealed along with formal portraits of the other three campaign heroes. Check the Artwork Thread for an overview of this.

16.12.10: 4th faction revealed: Stronghold makes a return as base faction in Heroes 6!
It is now official, that Stronghold is the fourth and final continuing faction from previous games. So far, core units have been revealed (see the Faction Overview), and a bunch of screenshots from a German site shows screenshots of a number of other units including the Centaur (see the Artwork Thread).

As always, please use Discussion Thread to share your oppinion on these news.

08.12.10: Name changes and full Haven, Inferno and Necropolis line-ups.
The full line-ups for Haven, Inferno and Necropolis have been revealed. See the Faction Overview for complete information on faction philosophy, core values and, not least, line-ups. A couple of last-minute name changes have been revealed:

- Priestess is now Sister
- Temptress is now Lilim
- Excruciator is now Lacerator
- Juggernaut Ravager is now Ravager
- Bone Guard is now Skeletal Spearman
- Grave Ghoul is now Ravenous Ghoul
- Putrid Lamasu is now Lamasu
- Festering Lamasu is now Putrid Lamasu

We are still awaiting the disclosure of the 4th faction, due mid-December according to latest rumours.

06.11.10: Igromir video and Mother Namtaru boss information.
Two interesting news updates: Our friends at Heroic Corner have obtained a video from the alpha trailer also seen as screencaps from GamesCom previously. Download and discuss the video from the dedicated thread.

The first example of a Boss creature, the Mother Namtaru spider woman has been revealed. Look into the dedicated thread to see pictures revealed and read on her abilities.

01.11.10: New status through October 2010.
No major news releases during october. Various creature artworks have been dropped, check out the Artwork Thread to see the artworks, or discuss them in the Discussion Thread or one of the specific creature threads. Also read some creature descriptions scattered on page 76+ in this thread.

23.09.10: Archangel Castle provides an interesting new Q&A session with Ubisoft; thanx to Nelgirth for translating from french:
Archangel Castle had its Q&A session with Ubisoft : http://www.archangelcastle.com/h6_presentation_QAAC
Keep in mind that the questions were gathered 3 weeks ago, so some infos that got unveiled lately weren't known at the time we asked them.


Will it be possible to customize the radius of the Control Areas of forts and cities?

Will it be possible to convert H5 maps for H6?
No. The game engine is different. The game code is different and with the new features from H6 any conversion will be impossible.

Is it possible to place a boss on a map through the map editor?
Yes. It will be possible to use a boss like any creature to keep a treasure.

How will the map editor look like? Will there be "modules" like for the Warcraft 3 editor? etc...
The map editor will use triggers like in WC3. It will be possible to create a map without ever writing a single line of code.


Will mod creation be easy for H6 ?
It's our objective ^^

How did you plan the mod creation? Will it be easier than H5 (better file structure, ability to modifiy/import 3D models, etc...) ?
First, we want the game to have a simplified UI in order to activate/deactivate mods. Also, H6 is a lot "cleaner" than H5 when it comes to file structure.


Will it be possible to deactivate the dynamic camera (that zoom on creatures dealing a critical hit for example)?

You talked about a travelling showing points of interests at the start of a map. Will it be possible to deactivate it? Will we be able to see it again after we started playing the map?
Yes, it will be possible to deactivate it. So far, it's not possible to see it again, but it's an interesting idea.

Will it be possible to change the shortcut keys ?


How will you explain that soem creatures in H6 will not appear in H5 (which is in the future) - for example the Juggernauts?
Sheogh is THE Chaos and it has 1000 faces that we're slowly discovering. A creature can then be in H5 but not in H6 and vice and versa, but the creature is still existing in the world of Ashan. Over time, some creatures can also evolve.

Will there be achievements ?
Yes, but more infos will be given later.

Will there be a beta-test? Open or closed?
We can't give you any info right now ^^

What is the favourite "plus" you've brought to H6?
Something we haven't unveiled yet.


Let's say, if my opponent captures my city and starts to convert it, but I recapture it. What will happen?
The conversion will be automatically stopped.

Will it be possible to load/save a game during a battle?
Loading yes. Saving no (though this might still change).

How will H6's multiplayer happen? Will it still go through ubi.com? or a simple interface like in H3?
We'll talk about the multiplayer later ^^

Will there be combat logs?


Will it be possible to delay a building over 2 turns in order to lower costs (as in Heroes Kingdoms)?

Will it be possible to destroy one of the unique building in our cities in order to build another one?
No, unique buildings will only be destroyed when your city is being converted.

Will creature growth boosts from external dwelling only affect the base creature or also the upgraded creature?
The boost will affect all. The player can choose the creature he wants to buy.

Will cities still have specializations?

Will there be a Graal?
Yes, the Tears of Asha.


Will creatures affect the deplacement of a hero on thr adventure map (like in H4)?
No, the hero will have his deplacement value and it won't be affected by his army.

You said you wanted to keep the Heroes essence, though one of your first changes was to reduce the resources (which makes long-time fans screaming ). Why such a change? How will the new system impact our games?
Resources are not fundamental, they're a feature. It is important to make a distinction between the soul of the game  on one hand(turn by turn, RPG component, realm and city management) and on features on the other (resources for example). We'll explain more about this very soon.

In one of the Gamescon interview, Erwan talked about spying and scouting your opponent. Does this mean will get a real fog of war ? If there's one, will it be possible to affect the opponent's line of sight (like the Veil of Shroud in H3)?
The fog of war is static. Once shown it will disappear. Abilities, artifacts and buildings can help you reveaingl it.

What about Dragonblood "mines"? Is there a real explanation about them?
YES. During the War of Ancients, the Dragon Gods spilled blood on the world of Ashan creating nexus of powers called Dragon Veins. The inhabitants of Ashan have learnt how to extract the blood, hence the creation of mines.

Will external creature dwellings be linked to a creature or to a category (core, elite, champion)?
They'll be linked to categories.


How can we customize heroes?
You'll be able to select your hero's name, sex and might or magic orientation. The advanced classes will depend on abilities.

How will you balance Might vs Magic heroes? In H5, a might-oriented hero could kill 1-2 level 7 per strike or at best a dozen level 1 while a more Magic-oriented hero could kill hundreds with a single spell).
The balance between heroes will be reviewed in-depths.

Can we have more infos about the magic?
There will be 7 schools. The 7 elementals: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness and the Primordial Magic (linked to Asha and Urgash)

Will the skill system look like King's Bounty (for example a might tree, a magic tree and a jack-of-trade treee)?
There will be a tree system like in KB, but there will be A LOT more trees. We'll speak more about this later.

Seeing that we get a total control on our hero's development, how will you avoid all heroes being carbon-copies of each other? Will there be "intermediate" skills to avoid the "ideal template"?
Each hero will have a class with a unique skill and each faction won't have the same access to magic or to skills. Also each faction has a unique ability.


If an arena is bigger than its H5 counterpart, will it be possible to have more than 7 stacks on the battlefield?

How will morale and luck work?
Morale wil grant you an additional action (or none if bad morale) and chance will give you max damage (or minimal if bad luck).

We'll be able to place shooters in towers, but what happens if a tower is destroyed?
If a tower is destroyed, any stack inside will die.

Will the weather affect an arena battle like slowing units, affecting spells or shooters (rain, fog, blizzard)?
Yes, it can happen, but it will be random (it may or may not happen at all).

How will the terrain change affect a battle? Will floodings stop a creature or only slow it?
Flooded squares can't be crossed at all. There will be plenty of different effect based on the kind of arena.


What is the size of the biggest creatures  belonging to a faction?
Still 2x2. Bosses will be bigger (can be 4x4 for example).

Will basic creatures still have a use compared to their upgrade?
Upgrades are not optionnal. Upgrades are real upgrade in powers compared to a basic creature. Also an upgraded creature will keep the abilities of the basic one.

In comparison to faction creatures, how many neutral will there be?
We won't give you an exact % but there will be neutral creatures. One of them is on the Gamescon T-shirts ^^

We've seen that 5 of the Necropolis creatures were only using one square. How many "Big creatures" will there be per faction?
It depends on the faction, but it will be either 2 or 3.


Could we get more infos on Sveltana? Is she one of Asha's Chosen (like Aranthir)? Is she a Dragon Knight? Does she belong to the Blind Brothers?

"My name is Sveltana, aunt of Slava. I left my home in order to dedicate my life to Asha, the goddess of Death. I used to be beloved and called "Flower of the North, but now people fear me and call me Pariah, Heretic or Necromancer ..."

Daughter of the Griffin Duke who was hoping for a son, Sveltana lived with the burden of being a lone child, unwanted by her parents. At the age of 15, after the birth of her brother Pavel, she was isolated while he was named heir of the throne. She was quite happy with how things turned for her and she left her hom in order to study the world of Spirits, first with the Angels then with the Magicians of the Seven Cities. She was an excellent student and the Necromancer Aguirre became her mentor. Since she had no link with her familly, she decided to join the freshly born Cult of Asha, the spider goddess. She became Aguirre's assistant and his right-hand woman.

She travelled through the Jade Sea islands with her master in order to free Mother Namtaru, a powerfull avatar of the Spider Goddess. Aguirre was killed during the expedition and Sveltana, alone, brought the creature back to the Silver Cities. She became a legend among all the Necromancers. She didn't have much time to enjoy her fame. Shortly after triumphant come-back, she was called to help Pavel to stop a demonic invasion. Sadly, she arrived too late and couldn't save her brother. She became the regent of the Griffin Duchy until her nephew Pavel would be old enough to reign.

Will the Dragon Knights and the Blind Brothers have a role in the campaign?

The Ancients Wars was the war between Angels and Faceless, right?
Yes, exactly.

Why 400 years before H5?
The storyline after Dark Messiah is covered by Heroes Kingdoms. The writers wanted to go to the past and show the events that lead to Heroes 5.

17.09.10: The first part of the character biography has been posted:
The Dynasty in M&M Heroes VI

Heroes VI tells the story of the Griffin dynasty, when they were still Dukes of the Holy Empire, and not yet sitting on the Imperial throne (like in Heroes 5 and Clash of Heroes).
The Griffin Duchy is east of the Empire, a region that would correspond to the Slavic nations in our own world.

At the dynasty’s origins, The Griffin Duke Pavel* was a zealous servant of the Light and a trusted lieutenant of the Falcon Emperor.
He met his demise defending his own duchy from a Demon host summoned by the dying wish of a desperate enemy.
Pavel’s heroic last stand would ensure the survival of his son, Slava, who was only a boy at the time of these events.

Pavel’s sister Sveltana*,

who had left her homeland to become a prominent Necromancer in the Seven Cities, was called back to act as regent to Slava and educate him in the ways of the Griffin.

Fifteen years and a war have past. Duke Slava of Griffin is now the father of five promising children. These are the main Heroes of the Heroes 6 campaign, and they will lead different factions to battle.

Elder son of the Griffin Duke. Heir to his father’s crown.
Since his childhood, Angels whisper in his ear.
They speak of glory and purity but also of corruption and betrayal.
Frustrated and confused, he must expose the lies and pick his side.

Her father’s murderer.
Executed by her beloved brother Anton.
Brought back to life as an undead Necromancer.
Did she really kill her father? If yes, why?
She must recover her memories to find the truth!

Betrayed by someone he trusted above all people.
Sacrificed to the powers of Sheogh.
His soul is ripped apart in a terrible ritual to share his body, and his memories, with a powerful Demon.
The Demon guest and his host fight for control, with the human’s soul as their battlefield.
Torn between two loyalties, whom will he pledge allegiance to?

4th CHILD – More information to come later!
5th CHILD – More information to come later!
                                                                                             * See Reveal Trailer

29.08.10: The first gameplay videos are released/leaked.
Watch the two videos here:
Adventure map parts
Combat screen parts

29.08.10: A couple of interviews with Erwan le Breton, but no major news:
From Gamestrust and Gaminator.

26.08.10: Big all-round new update on H6 features, including skill system and town buildings.
Head over to this thread to read details and discuss.

25.08.10: Information on the Area Of Control feature is released and up for feedback.
Head over to this thread to read details and discuss.

23.08.10: Arturchix at CH reports his first-hand experience of playing the pre-alpha demo at GamesCom.
Read his excited report here.

22.08.10: Gunnar at Drachenworld post answers from Erwan le Breton to forum questions - no major new information.
Answers are listed halfway down and are in German.

21.08.10: HookedGames presents a review from GamesCom.
Read full review here.
Information includes details on dynamic battlefieds and mentions a "larger than ever skill tree" for Heroes.

21.08.10: PDF documents with various informations on three factions (Haven, Inferno and Necropolis) are available.
The documents can be downloaded using the following links: Haven | Inferno | Necropolis
Information in documents include general theme of factions, magic inclinations, racial skills, overall tactics, and much more! Credit to Eternor at Celestial Havens for locating the files.

21.08.10: Marzhin at Celestial Havens, part of H6 development team, clarifies details on H6.
Read complete post.
Highlights are that city screen is still in the game (in 2D) and details on mine capturing.

19.08.10: Gamescom report including new tidbits of information.
Read report here.
Includes interesting information on Hero leveling and Necropolis gameplay.

17.08.10: Might And Magic: Heroes 6 is officially announced!
Read press release.

Grab a mace and make some magic.

August 17, 2010

San Francisco, CA - Today Ubisoft announced the return of the fan beloved Might & Magic franchise with the development of Might & Magic Heroes VI, which will be available worldwide on Windows PC in 2011. Developed by Black Hole Entertainment (Armies of Exigo, Mark of Chaos Battle March), Might & Magic Heroes VI will include all the characters and features that have made this brand a worldwide success, in addition to a wealth of new innovations.

"Might & Magic is a powerful franchise with an amazing 20-year legacy," said Adam Novickas, director of marketing at Ubisoft U.S. "Players will be able to enjoy the Heroes experience like never before. The amazing creative teams at Black Hole Entertainment are keeping the original Heroes spirit, while enhancing the RPG elements."

The Might & Magic Heroes VI adventure starts 400 years before the events in Heroes of Might & Magic V, showcasing a family of heroes in a thrilling, epic story where Angels plot to revive an unfinished war.

A legendary Archangel general killed during the war of the Elder races returns to life with a vengeance. Under the cover of preparations for an upcoming Demon invasion, he unites the peoples of Ashan to eradicate his ancient enemies. However, he underestimates the power of the all too human dynasty of the Griffin Dukes.

The Griffin heroes' destinies will be written by players. In the game, players will be able to:

- Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes gameplay, remasterized with the well-known developer, Black Hole Entertainment, and in close partnership with the game's numerous fans.

- Experience the unique mix of Turn-Based Strategy & RPG: Explore extra-large adventure maps, collect tons of resources and build extraordinary cities. Perfect your tactics to level-up your heroes, recruit troops & ready them for combat on exclusive battle maps

- Shape your destiny: Lead the Heroes of the Griffin dynasty within an intriguing scenario. Choose your path, assume your choices and customize your gaming experience thanks to a brand new reputation system.

- Rediscover the richness of the Might & Magic Universe: Discover fantastic landscapes and creatures from the world of Ashan. Enjoy revisited 3D designs and an exclusive new bestiary.

- Share with the community: Post content & compete with your friends using a new and intelligent, online community interface.

For more information, visit mightandmagicgame.com.

17.08.10: GamesCom article on Heroes 6 published.
Read article source.

A venerable franchise is getting a makeover.

It's been a while since we're heard anything new in this franchise on PC, but Ubisoft is returning to the world of Might & Magic. The next game will be titled Might & Magic Heroes VI, and development will be handled by Blackhole Entertainment, a studio that also produced Armies of Exigo and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. According to Ubisoft, the franchise's fanbase is playing a large part in how the sequel is developed, as many community suggestions are being incorporated into the design.

Overall, though, the game appears to present a similar turn-based strategy role-playing experience as before, though with prettier visuals this time around. It's actually being built as a prequel to the events of Heroes V, being set 500 years before. The game's currently scheduled for a March 2011 release date.

We were shown a brief demo of the game in action, and it looked like it'll deliver the same kind of action fanchise fans would expect. In case you aren't familiar, you'll basically be guiding a hero unit across a large world map, clicking around the environment to gather up resources and fight with enemies. When transitioning into combat, the gameplay screen will change to a grid where your army and the enemy's will face off against one another. You then take turns issuing move orders across the grid and flinging magic at each other until one army is victorious.

In a battle we were shown, the Hero was a necromancer named Svetlana who went into combat with an army of vampires, wraiths and skeleton archers. Fighting against knights and griffons, the fantasy combat was nicely detailed, with flashy magic effects and smoothly animated deaths for units on the field. You'll have abilities like magical bolts that can rip through multiple targets, archers that can fire from afar, and other special skills to heal, resurrect, and do damage. The order of which unit is slated to move next will be displayed onscreen so there won't be any mystery about what'll attack next, and should you persevere and win you'll be rewarded with experience and other spoils.

As you continue to move across map and reap resources you'll also be able to take over towns to add to your forces, which in Heroes VI includes the ability to convert towns entirely to your faction. Building up your hero, whose progression is now persistent across missions, and army will be especially important if you aim to take on some of the dangerous boss characters being included in the game. We didn't get to see any of these encounters, but we're told bosses will have, as one might assume, abilities, attack power, and defenses far beyond that of the normal foes.

There's much more to learn about the game, but for now it sounds pretty good. We're told there'll be an easy way for fans to share content in-game, which should lessen the hassle for those who plan on sticking with the product after Blackhole's content is exhausted.

17.08.10: Erwan le Breton (game developer) Q&A on Heroes 6 development is published.

Read source.

Erwan le Breton Q&A:

1. M&M Heroes V has been launched five years ago. Why did it take so long for M&M Heroes VI?

[Erwan] There are several reasons for this long gestation period. Some pragmatic, like waiting for the perfect development studio to succeed Nival. However, the main cause lies in a long concept phase. We have discussed at length, and sometimes experimented, several additions to the Heroes formula. Some we kept, some we discarded. Heroes VI was to us a “labour of love”, and when you want to craft a precious gem, you don’t measure time. Consider that it took us 2 years to develop Clash of Heroes, a DS game, when it takes usually 6 to 8 months for most DS games to be developed.

2. Please reassure me : did you keep the turn-based rythm? Will we still be able to play in Hot Seat?

[Erwan]Heroes VI is still a turn-based game, and hotseat remains the basic multiplayer mode.

3. Some players thought that Heroes V formula was too much closer from Heroes III. How Heroes VI will be different from previous opuses?

[Erwan] Heroes VI has several surprises up its sleeve, most linked to the adventure map and the RPG dimension (the heroes’ creation and evolution). We hope the fans will be excited by our mix of familiarity (the core Heroes mechanics are unchanged) and innovation.

4. Heroes V has been developed by Nival. Why did you change the developer for Heroes VI?

[Erwan] We explored the possibility of a Nival-made Heroes VI, but it was difficult to find a common vision on the project. Moreover, Nival was developing Allods Online, a huge project that took away most of the team who had worked on Heroes 5.

5. Why did you choose Black Hole to develop Heroes VI? What did they bring on this project?

[Erwan] They had two great fantasy strategy games at their credit: Armies of Exigo and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. For the latter, they worked very closely with Games Workshop, so they knew what it meant to develop a game within a specific franchise. They also had a solid in-house engine, perfect for Heroes VI. Obviously, they impressed us as experienced, talented and passionate people during our first encounter. Something they more than confirmed during the game’s development! Last, but not least, they are huge fans of the Heroes series 

6. Heroes fan communities are very active and update detailled « wish lists » for Heroes VI. Did Ubisoft take these comments into account? More generally, do you consider fans opinions?

[Erwan] Almost since day 1 we have been in contact with the leaders and most active members of the massive Might & Magic fan community. At first it was a couple of informal emails and encounters, and it gradually evolved into a private forum, in which we discuss the game vision, its mechanics and its art direction. Already, their enlightened feedback has influenced some of our design ideas.

7. Regarding artistic direction, do you still collaborate with Olivier Ledroit?

[Erwan] He created new concept arts specifically for Heroes VI, and we still refer to the ones he made for Heroes V. His design ideas are mostly reflected in the heroes’ and creature’s armors and weapons. As for the general art style of the game, it was developed conjointly between Black Hole and Ubisoft.

8. Heroes is known for its soundtrack quality. Will Rob King and Paul Romero still be part of the Heroes VI project?

[Erwan] Music is an important part of the Heroes experience, so we have put even more of a focus on it than ever before, but we will tell you all about it later.

9. There were strong scenario links between Heroes V, Dark Messiah and Clash of Heroes. What about Heroes VI? Does the game still happen in the same continuity and universe?

[Erwan] Heroes VI is set in Ashan, the world that links all Might & Magic games since Heroes V. But this time we take you roughly 400 years before Queen Isabel’s war and the rise of the Dark Messiah.

10. How will the Heroes VI campaign look like? Will we have to play all campaigns in a precise order like in Heroes V?

[Erwan] In Heroes VI, each campaign is linked to a specific faction. They are interconnected, but can be played separately, in any order. Completing them all will reveal the “big picture behind the scene” J

11. Can we expect new factions and new creatures in Heroes VI?

[Erwan] In terms of factions and creature line-ups, Heroes VI is again a mix of familiarity and innovation. For instance, Haven is still here, with its crossbowmen, its knights of the Holy Light and its Angels, but also with new creatures, unseen in a previous Heroes game.

12. Will it be PC exclusive?

[Erwan] Heroes 6 will remain a PC-game only. However, we’re considering a Mac version

News badge of August 2010

*There will be 5 factions*
- Announced factions are Haven, Inferno and Necropolis.
- The 4th faction is rumoured to be announced in November. It's a known faction from previous Heroes.
- The 5th faction will be an original faction. It is rumoured to be announced in January only.

*New tier system
- Units are no longer divided in successive levels of strength, they fall under three categories: Core, elite and champion.
- The former 2 categories have 3 units each and there is one champion unit. Take haven, the archer and the spear guy will be of comparable strength since they are both core units.
- The creatures belonging to the same category (core, elite) will have similar stats but their abilities will determine their role on the battlefield.

*Creature combat and adventure map abilities
- Creatures will still have passive and active abilities (like Griffins still have their Dive - which one wasn't said though).
- Some kind of line of sight system will make its appearance again.
- A huge work has been done on every creature's animations: Passive, dealing damage, taking damage (seems the griffin is screaming a lot).
- Creatures won't be able to wander on the map without hero.

*Creature Siege Damage
- Creature stacks can now damage the fortifications but are less efficient than catapults.
- During sieges, we can put archers in the main tower.
- The defensive moats will be back.

*Creature dwellings will work as resource production buildings
Basically, when you first capture a creature dwelling you will receive a first batch of creatures that you can integrate straight away to your army. The building will then work as a resource building meaning that it will add creatures to your creature pool every week as a gold mine would add gold to your resources. These creatures will then be hirable via the cities and forts you control.

*There will be 4 resources: Gold, Wood, Ore and one rare resource
- The rare resource is named "crystallized dragon blood".

*Mines and dwellings will be linked to Control Points, which has to be conquered to take control of mines
- It will be possible to leave creatures in Control Points to defend them.
- Once a mine is flagged AND the related Control Point is captured, a mine can only be permanently flagged after the Control Point is conquered. Leaving a Hero on the mine will temporarily capture the mine. Conquering a Control Point will automatically shift all mines to new owner.
- The focus points and the dwelling systems are made to put more emphasis on our main hero, rather than having people buying heroes to make chains of heroes.
- More details on the Control Point feature in the masterpost of this thread.

*Town / Fort / Creature dwelling conversion will be available
- Town conversion will be very expensive and take several turns (not said how many). A player can stop the conversion by attacking the city and interrupting it (not said if it's automatic or if you have to click something).
- During a conversion, buildings that are common to all towns won't be destroyed (marketplace, tavern, town hall).

*Town unique buildings
- 2 slots, 4 buildings per town, each with a different ability (economy booster, creature production booster, gives a special ability on the adventure map or the combat maps).
- Having several similar unique buildings in different towns improves their efficiency (a bit like the marketplaces).

*2D animated town screens WILL be in the game

*General principles of the revised RPG system
- Heroes can be male, female, Might, Magic.
- Heroes have faction and class specific abilities.
- Heroes gain skill points when they level up, that they can spend consciously on "general" abilities organized in skill categories – they have total control over their development – no more "probability-based" limited skill choices offered to the player.
- Heroes can unlock advanced classes that will change their appearance and grant them an ultimate ability.

*More variety in the combat arenas
- Specific topography (various sizes and shapes for the battle arenas).
- Dynamic topography (seashore battle with the tide flooding the arena turn by turn).
- Different combat objectives (hold your ground for X turns, defend this sacred shrine at the center of the arena, kill a specific enemy stack, etc.).
- Boss fights!
- The combat arena with bosses will have "special" designs.

*Initiative system
Back to H3 mechanics but with a H5-like INI bar interface.

*Adventure map information
- There will be fixed camera angle on the adventure map, to avoid rotating the camera to locate hidden items. Easier to manage for players and map designers, feels like 2D navigation but with the benefit of 3D coolness
-  At the beginning of a map, a scrolling will show the "points of interests" of a map (a bit like KB when you first visit an island).

*No secondary / alternative upgrades
- They may appear in subsequent additions, however.

*The Artifact Sets
Nothing special – you collect them all and you get a bonus.

*The different tilesets
Jungle, Plains (Summer AND Autumn), Lava, Wasteland (Necropolis), Underground.

*Campaign structure
5 campaigns of 4 maps, 1 per faction, playable in any order, with an optional tutorial map and a mandatory prologue map.

*The Map editor
- With Marzhin’s involvement the goal is to make it user-friendly and shipped before the game, or at least simultaneously with it.

*Presence of critters on the adventure map
- Turtles, dolphins, birds, etc.
- The Phoenix will be back as a neutral creature. It will be blue because it is linked to the Moon. (Ubisoft is trying to create its own bestiary for M&M universe).

Below are major pre-announcement headlines.

Status as of 01.10.08: There is currently no official announcement that tells us that there is a Heroes 6 in the making.

Status as of 25.07.09: Still no official announcement, but apart from talk from different sides indicating the Heroes 6 is in the making, we now have the first visual proof that this is the case, namely a picture from Ubisoft Might And Magic team with a guy wearing a shirt with Heroes 6 logo and artwork of something that looks like either a Devil, a Cyclops or a Behemoth:

Status as of 09.08.09: Still no official announcement strictly speaking, but we're certainly getting close here. A german homepage called PlanetDS has posted the transcriped interview with the two Might And Magic team members, from which above picture comes. They pretty much confirm that Heroes 6 is in development, when they answer the question about the future of the M&M series by saying that they are wearing the answers "close to their hearts".

Status as of 12.03.10: Still no official release date, but the story writer from Heroes 5 has been involved in an "upcoming strategy game" scheduled for early 2011. Would this be Heroes 6?

Check back here for further information when we know anything.

Status as of 11.08.10: The first hint of an official announcement comes in terms of a facebook update which, albeit being extremely cloudy in it's content, does feature an image and a short video with strong elements of Heroes related content.

Status as of 14.08.10: Ubisoft post the above preview at an internal URL which contains the code M&M_H6 which pretty much confirms, that this is indead Heroes 6, as we know from previously that name of series will be change to Might And Magic: Heroes in order to gather all elements under the common "Might And Magic" header.

Status as of 15.08.10: The first screenshot, supposedly from Heroes 6 (or at least a demo version) has been leaked:

Status as of 16.08.10: The game trailer for GamesCom 2010 was leaked, but was then removed. Trailer will probably be official in a couple of days. Several new screenshots are out also (see current page 11 of thread).

What will happen now?

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Known Hero
posted August 13, 2008 09:58 PM

The pre-production phase for Heroes VI has already ended.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 08, 2009 03:53 AM
Edited by Sherekhaan at 03:57, 08 Mar 2009.

I found an excellent russian thread on this at:


Xaar seems like a legend at research! He found two good candidates for the new (rumoured) developers:

Firstly Neocore Games

New development Neocore Feb 9, 2009
It's been a busy winter at NeocoreGames so far. While the majority of the team is vigorously working on the upcoming title: King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame (check out the official site if you haven't done it yet), some additional work has been started on an upcoming project that has to remain secret for the time being but promises to a really interesting venture. Stay tuned!

And earlier from Feb the company Black Hole Entertainment who are actively recruiting.

Very interesting thread indeed even if only speculation.


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Known Hero
posted June 02, 2009 09:40 PM

Told you so. It wouldn't be reasonable to come up with an announcement about Heroes VI, when you're releasing Clash of Heroes. Most people would simply forget about it and move to Heroes VI.

Not to mention that it's quite early in development. And it's going through a lot really. I wouldn't expect Ubisoft to release any info anytime till 2010... But that certainly doesn't mean the game isn't in development. It's just not the right moment yet.

The time it takes from the first brainstorms till the first public info really varies, so comparing it with Diablo 3 or Disciples 3 (which, just to mention, seems a promising title) really makes no sense whatsoever. Remember that Clash of Heroes was announced just recently, where actually the game's already completed.

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Famous Hero
posted June 14, 2009 05:53 PM
Edited by xerdux at 17:57, 14 Jun 2009.

Well, thats nice. If somebody gets the game then please report if there is any new lore/revelations/story.

But why do they waste time and rescourses on... on crap like Clash of Heroes and Heroes Kingdoms instead? Russians...

Or are they low on money or what? I thought HoMM was a success.

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Known Hero
posted June 14, 2009 06:24 PM

Quite frankly Xerdux, it's not the Russians that make decisions on what games to make. It's Ubisoft France. And just so you know: Clash of Heroes is developed by Capybara (from Canada) and Heroes Kingdoms is developed somewhere within Ubisoft.

Not to mention that, as CHUCKLES wrote in the official forums quite some time ago, Nival is no longer developing anything Heroes related for Ubisoft. A new company has taken over the development process for Heroes VI.

And remember that Ubisoft want's to make money on the title. They bought it for quite a sum of money, and it's logical that they want huge revenues. Enlarging the possibilities by creating titles for other platforms was just a matter of time.

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Famous Hero
Townscreen Architect
posted July 18, 2009 11:22 PM

One question for for Dexter... Can you tell us anything about H6? At least one sentence would be nice.

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Known Hero
posted July 18, 2009 11:31 PM


Sorry, but I'm affraid that direct info would get me in trouble. Actually you shouldn't even know that it's in development. But from the images in the artwork section (the grey models extracted from Heroes V) you might get a couple of good ideas. That's all I can give you.

As for the offer from Shanghai, I would really care much about it. Remember Heroes Online? Not much happened around it. I don't even think anybody can say if the title has been already released or not.

The Chinese market is a totally different story, and unless you get an official annoucement on the project from Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic website, don't really bother caring for it.

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 19, 2009 08:07 PM
Edited by Vlaad at 21:49, 19 Jul 2009.

Yeah, I found those on a Russian forum and posted them here. If I'm not mistaken, there is also a short video on youtube featuring what could have been a Naga (from a mod made by Psatkha?)... Here's a screen:


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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 19, 2009 09:52 PM

Obviously it was not a finished creature, probably just some resources. Found the video, see for yourself.

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Adventuring Hero
Dank memesiah
posted July 19, 2009 11:33 PM
Edited by alcibiades at 10:10, 21 Jul 2009.

If anyone of you likes to see all the "grey models" - here they are
I have a knack for perceiving things - I can see how it sounds, I can feel how it sings

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 19, 2009 11:59 PM

This is getting off topic, but I posted these as a hint of what might (have) be(en) in H6...

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Supreme Hero
of the Horadrim
posted July 25, 2009 01:30 AM

Check this out (it's from celestialheavens.com):

That looks like the H6 logo.
| The HoMM Channel |

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 25, 2009 06:50 PM

Alci, you were right - it does look like a Cyclops.

A demonic, fiery Cyclops.

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Famous Hero
Townscreen Architect
posted July 26, 2009 11:07 PM

Dexter, is that guy supposed to wear that shirt (on which is writing HOMM6)? Was that for commercial purpose or is something else...just wondering...
"The age can be wicked to those who walk alone. When I look into the Mirror, I see myself as I might become..." -Freya

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Supreme Hero
Former Chessmaster
posted July 26, 2009 11:15 PM
Edited by yasmiel at 23:27, 26 Jul 2009.

I know all that.

but I have too some confusions. Where is the "of"  on T-shirt?,
we see the Big H and small "Might and..." after but not "of"

Moreover, it seems for me that his t-shirt is really similar than these ones of Heroes Collector Edition.

anybody can create such a T-shirt, go to any picture shop...manufacturing defect???

The worst is the wearing of this T-Shirt is a decision not a hasard.
but all time of his spot, the guy talks about Clash of Heroes, never of 6.

Just this guy wants to sale his stuff.....especially that behind him

The proof is he's ready to wear anything for that.

Actually Ubisoft has tried on several occasions to rename the series to "Might and Magic: Heroes". Every game since Ubisoft got the IP had its box first showed with the new version of name, but fan reaction in Europe was negative so they reverted it back (not sure did they revert it in US editions).
This is just a hastened example that i found googling, but im positive that both expansions and vanilla had a version with that name.

On H6 note, i hope it feels more like expansion to heroes 5. I don't want yet another reset. I miss Nival .

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 27, 2009 12:32 AM

Yeah, it seems Ubisoft will be using "Might and Magic" as an umbrella brand for a number of loosely related games.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 27, 2009 07:50 PM

sleepy sun asks, sleepy sun is answered

Dexter can keep his secrets with him, i just like seeing the smiley
So much has changed in my absence.

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Known Hero
posted July 27, 2009 08:19 PM

@ Sleeping_Sun
I would be certainly uncommon for a person like a game producer to coincidentally have a Heroes VI shirt on him when participating in a Clash of Heroes Dev Diary. It certainly was intended.

@ lucky_dwarf
Can't tell you. You might consider that kind of unreliable, but that isn't my concern now is it?

And as for a copule of things which raised in the thread, remember thare is still a lot to do with Heroes VI. The demon on the shirt may as well be one of major units/heroes within the game as well as a completely random one. Just recall the Cavalier image (the yellow one) for Heroes V. It was made and released quite early but got changed and naver made it into the game.

The Dark Messiah team was never connected to Heroes VI. As far as I recall they had another project during the past time. Call of Juarez got shipped not long ago, and from what I vaguely recall, Romain de Waubert was on the team. But when and how did it all start would be way too much info for you.

And last but not least, I've read that somebody thinks the creature is too Disciples like (I think there was a comment like that on Celestial Heavens). Well... No. But that's all you can get for now.

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Famous Hero
Imbued Ballista
posted August 02, 2009 05:11 PM

Unused cutscene

Found this unused cutscene by accident. While it doesn't mention anything drastically new, it does mention something unused... "the watersnakes" at 1:55.
This hints at an amphibious race they might have planned for Heroes V, and likely will be realized for Heroes 6 first if any new factions are added.
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