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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Battle Avatars - RPG IC
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Undefeatable Hero
Elite Assassin
posted September 23, 2008 04:51 PM

Mordekai tries to intimidate the small man with goggles: "Listen fool, do you have any idea with who you dare to fight with?!"

"Aaaaaaaaah!" screams the weird man and orders his insect to attack.

Mephisto manages to dodge the charge and slash the insect with his Dark Claw and weaken it. The insect retaliates and slams Mephisto into the wall. Just as the insect prepares for one more charge, Mephisto uses the Dark Nova ability and renders the insect too weak to even stand on its feet. Before it collapses to the ground, the weird man jumps off the insect.

Mordekai approaches him and tries to figure out what is his problem. He ignores Mordekai and starts using some kind of flute he had with him. Strangely enough, the flute didn't make any sound, but after "singing" for a short amount of time, he stops and puts the flute back on his belt.

"You better give me a good reason to let you live, fool!", Mordekai says to the strange man.

But after this there are a multitude of crashing sounds heard, and a lot of these insects start coming up from the floor, and they surround both Mordekai and Mephisto.

Mordekai is desperate and tries to take the weird man's flute, while Mephisto tries to hold off and dodge the insects' attacks. They fight for it and suddenly Mordekai manages to punch him in the face, and his goggles fall on the ground.

The man seems very surprised and shocked about the current situation for some reason: "What happened? What's with these insects and with that Devil?" asks terrified.

Mordekai is surprised hearing that as well, but he has no time to think about it. "Give me that flute!" says Mordekai desperate. The man is still very shocked and doesn't even move or react when Mordekai takes the flute off his belt. He tries to "sing" with it although it produces no sound and he has no idea how to use it to make the insects go away. After he sings in a random manner, the insects seem to stop attacking and enter a state of "idle".

"Mephisto, go slowly out of there and don't touch the insects." orders Mordekai to his Battle Avatar. Mephisto manages to go around the insects without touching them and join his master.

Mordekai turns to the strange man: "Now, can you tell me what is wrong with you? And what's with this flute?"

"Why should I answer to one as evil as you, that has a Devil as a companion?!"

"Why?" - Mordekai bursts into a laughter - "For one that could die in any second now by the hands of my ArchDevil here, you show a lot of courage by asking this question. Now, can you give me a good reason to let you live, perhaps starting to answer my questions?"

"Very well." - the man replied: "First I would like to say to you that I have absolutely NO idea what those insects were, nor what's with this flute. You see, I was searching for a way to the Arena, the middle of the Nexus, a place of tremendous power-", he is interrupted by Mordekai: "I know about that place. In fact, I'm planning to journey there as well, with the help of Mephisto here", Mordekai points to the ArchDevil.

"Great." - the man replied: "Perhaps we can journey together. Although I feel a little uneasy in the presence of foul creatures such as this Mephisto, it's surely better to have a powerful ArchDevil by my side."

"As long as you don't stay in my way, you may come. Now, can we continue the previous discussion?", says Mordekai.

"Yes yes, of course. You see, I don't remember anything about the flute and all that because I lost all my conscious once I put those strange goggles on my face. I happened to find this artifact somewhere, and didn't think for a moment that it was cursed. But once they came into contact with my eyes, they started to take control of my mind and I don't remember anything since. I don't know what's the artifact's "will", since I don't have a clue what I did after they took control of me, and I have absolutely no clue where I found that flute... who knows how much I've been roaming around the Nexus... At least I learned my lesson: not all artifacts you find are good for you."

Just as the man finishes this last sentence, the insects behind them start to make some strange noises.

"I think we'd better leave this place... NOW!" said Mordekai, and all three started to run on the long and, as it appears for now because of the dense fog, endless corridor, as far away from those insects as possible. But they didn't run much, and the ground already disappeared under their feet, therefore all three falling in the darkness below...

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Famous Hero
Still Alive.
posted September 23, 2008 06:26 PM

*The Battle Avatar throws his left sword and apparently awaits the last blow*
*The robot is only two steps away from Djenn*
*One more step*
*The clash creates a metallic sharp sound, leaving the two combatants in a mass of dense black dust*
*Moments later, after the dust settles down Coshma’ notices the robot intact and a wall in the crystalline wall*
“What the…”
*Coshma’ runs to the hole, but feels the need of grabbing his companion’s sword as well*
*The robot seems to be ignoring Cosma’ and continues starring at the hole*
*Coshma’ walks until the end of the hole to notice his Battle Avatar…*
“Can I get some help TODAY?”
*…hanging up on what seemed to be a dark abyss*
*Strange “crack” sounds from the other side of the hole, it seems that the robot has resumed his hunt for the two*
“Should we…”
*The drill blocks the other exit*
“Oh god we’re trapped in here…”
“Negative? A giant robot is drilling on the only exit out of here, of course besides this abyssal one…”
*Djenn takes his sword and sticks it bellow the abyss’ edge*
“And make sure you hold tight.”
*Coshma grabs Djenn’s legs and they both stay hanged on the sword*
*The robot stops drilling at 2 feet away*
“I think he stop…”
*The robot seems to start hitting random parts of the tunnel, leaving large chunks of crystals falling into the abyss*
*After some minutes of crystal hitting, the robot seems to be stopping and retreating from the hole*
“You grab the sword and stay here, I have an idea”
*Coshma’ follows his Battle Avatar’s advice and tightly grabs the sword*
*Djenn enters the hole and starts shouting*
“What the… ARE YOU CRAZY??”
“I know what I am doing!”
*The robot seems to hear the shouts and decides to come after their origin*
*20 feet away from Djenn, the robot starts running with his giant drill pointing straight at the Battle Avatar*
*15 feet away*
*Djenn turns back and jumps in his master’s direction, grabbing his legs*
*The robot hits a pile of crystals and drops into the abyss, with it’s drill still running*
*Coshma’ stares idiotically into the direction where the robot fell down*
“Can we go now?”
*They both climb up to the exit and fall down the cave’s floor*

“I… think… we… should… get… going… now…”
“Yea, sure…”
*They both notice a new portal that has opened in the other side of the cave*
“You first Djenn, maybe we’ll get more lucky this time…”
“Wait, my sword.”
*Djenn grabs his other sword and enters the portal, closely followed by Coshma’*

“Indeed, such a great luck…”
*The two were sitting on a platform that was floating above a giant lava ocean, but at least there was no enemy in sight, at least on the platform…*

((OOC: I hope I haven't controlled the robot too much, if I did, I won't do it anymore ))

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Undefeatable Hero
Stand and fight!
posted September 23, 2008 07:53 PM

Smoke lifted from Kenji's palms, he had hit that thing with full power.

"Master, this attack nearly emptied my energy cells. I suggest we leave before it comes back."

"For once, I agree. We should search for the portal to the next arena." The woman and the metal-guardian were already far away, but the ground still trembled as the guardian ran, Harus had made a mistake.

"Master, this arena is huge, we may not be able to find the portal today, and my energy cells needs some time to recharge. We should find shelter."

"Hmm... you're probably right... let's go."

As Kenji had predicted, the arena was larger than they had imagined. Fortunately, the area seemed free from other enemies, at least except for that huge tiger and its rider. Who was she? And why did she save them?

She surely had knowledge of these arenas, maybe she knew a faster way to reach the center... maybe. Harus had a feeling they would meet that woman once again.

"Is this alright Master?" Kenji had found a cave in the side of a large cliff.

"That'll do nicely Kenji." Kenji turned a small flashlight in his arm on and the cave was illuminated by a blue light. It wasn't large, but good enough for shelter.

"If you don't need any further assistance Master, I'd like to charge my cells."

"Sure, I'll need you at full power tommorow." Kenji's eyes went black and his head tilted forward.

I won't be that reckless again, I've underestimated this place, Harus thought to himself.

Night never came to the arena, the sun kept its light on the realm the whole time. Harus had trouble sleeping, not because of the light, but from exitement. This place was dangerous, but at least exiting, a paradise compared to Edernia.

If I reach the center, and the tales of power are true, I'll shape Edernia into something like this place.

Harus pulled a small cord from his mechanical left arm and plugged it into Kenjis chest. A direct link between Kenji and Harus' minds was formed.

"Heh, 97 %, seems as if he really used all of his energy... he should wake up soon."

Kenjis eyes turned into their normal red colour again, he raised himself and let out what could've been a yawn, if he had been human.

"Welcome back, any dreams?" Harus asked with a grin.

"No, I don't have that sort of AI, you should know, you programm..."

"It was a joke Kenji, the kind you laugh at."

"Oh... I apologize."

"No need, I'm not known for my humour, now let's move on." After exiting the cave, they walked back on the same road that they had met the metal-man and the woman on. Their tracks were still visible.

"This is the only lead we have, I'm pretty sure that woman had an escape plan, if we're lucky, it might be the portal."

"We should keep an eye on the metal-man's tracks too. I doubt that woman will be here to save us again Master."

Harus and Kenji started following the two tracks, hoping they wouldn't stumble upon any new or familiar enemies, especially the metal-man...

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted September 25, 2008 10:36 AM bonus applied by Mytical on 09 Nov 2008.
Edited by JoonasTo at 10:46, 25 Sep 2008.

A white dove is flying in the sky. There are white clouds below it spreading out like a field cotton wool. The pigeon lands on a bird-cherry branch spreading out from the clouds. The tree slowly rises out of the clouds. Slowly other trees start to appear from the clouds all around. Before long whole park filled with flowering cherries and bird cherries emerges from the mist. An old cobblestone road slithers between the trees. Along the path are benches made of dark wood. A young couple is kissing on one of the benches. An old couple walks by smiling to themselves about the youth. Kids are playing tag on the grass and some are playing on the path with pearls.
Looks like a perfect place with nothing out of the ordinary.

Except that they all have two white wings.

After a very loud "You're it!" from one of the kids the dove hastily takes back to the air along with it's fellow creatures. They quickly gain some altitude before slowing down and calming a little. They keep flying forward to the depths of a metropolis made of steel, stone and glass. It's a dance of light as sun reflects and glisters from different surfaces splintering into countless colourful rays. The flock evades a train going past high speed. The birds land on an oak growing on a balcony. A small red-haired woman in her 20s opens a glass door and steps to the balcony. She takes some seeds from a bag near the door and holds them on her palm raising her hand upwards to the birds in the tree. The birds fly to her hand and chirp joyfully. The woman smiles and starts to sing in a high voice joining the birds. After the birds have eaten and take to flight again she stretches her own magnificent white wings and spreads them wide like a goodbye.

She watches the birds fly on and vanish to the distance. If only she could fly too, join them in their joy and explore the skies with them. But no. Angels weren't meant to fly. She pulls her wings back together and steps back in. She goes to her wardrobe and picks out formal white clothing and white knee high boots with high heels. She changes into the clothes and checks herself from the mirror. A gorgeous young woman around 160 with deep crimson hair and pure white wings almost four meters long smiles back to her. Satisfied to what she sees she grabs her two cross shaped earrings and hurries out of the door. She wouldn't want to be late for her first day in a new job. She attaches the earrings as she takes the lift to the roof and steps into a train that's just leaving. The trip is over in a blink of an eye. The magnet trains in her old city while fast were nothing compared to these. Nothing like these here in New Eden. How they got them go this fast was a perfect mystery to her. Some rumours tell they had managed to control time but she knows that time couldn't be controlled.
It is just an urban legend.

Before her stands a huge palace made of crystal reaching high to the sky. There are five towers one on each corner of the pentagram shaped building searing the skies but none of the are even half of the height of the tower that rises from the centre of the building. It seems to reach all the way to space. The sun's rays break from it's surface rippling to five rainbows that extend to each smaller tower. So this was the place from where the world government kept its regime. The famous spellbound palace which had been here since the unification that happened a thousand years ago. And yet there wasn't single mark of wear on it. What a magnificent peace of extraordinary workmanship! Beyond anything they could build these days. Actually come to think of it the whole New Eden was beyond modern engineering. They had other flying cities but nothing this massive or gorgeous. Not to mention silent! Not a single sound of machinery that kept it in the air. Truly magnificent! It was like magic. She shakes her head. Leave the legends be woman.
Magic doesn't exist.

She walks to the building and steps into the entry hall only to find herself in 30th floor.
"Whoa! What just happened!", she quickly covers her mouth in shame for shouting out loud. A middle aged man walks to her.
"Don't worry. It's just a teleporter. You'll get used to it. that happens to a lot of people on their first time here.", she feels a blush rise to her cheeks.
"I'm sorry about blurting that out, sir. Won't happen again.", she struggles to regain her dignity. The man just smiles.
"Ah, don't fret it. Come I'll give you a tour of the palace.", he starts leading her to another teleporter.
"The five towers resemble the local sub-governments each. You're from eastern sector, correct?", she just nods to him in response.
"If you ever want to see how they're doing back there just take that door there.", he points to a door on the right before continuing.
"The first thirty floors are dedicated to normal citizens. The administrative floors are from here to fifth hundredth floor. The next fifty are a single council chamber, the one you always see on broadcasts. That's where we're going now."
They step into the teleporter.

A forum fifty stories high opens in front, under and above her. There are thousands of councillor pods in a spiral formation starting from the bottom and reaching all the way top to the ceiling. The man sees the awe in her eyes and satisfied about the results continues his speak.
"The next ten floors belong to the high council and they are off limits without a permission from one of the high councillors. Consider yourself honoured if you ever get that permission.", he takes on a little boasting posture and continues.
"I've been there twice.", she has a dreamy look in her eyes when she answers on the fly.
"Fascinating.", the man smiles a big smile.
"Isn't it? There are some who have worked here their whole lives and never been to the high council areas.", not really listening to the man she abruptly brightens up.
"What's there in the highest floor?", the man becomes confused by this sudden question.
"The high council area of course.", a little hurt he adds.
"Weren't you listening?", she just skips the man's question.
"But above those? You said that the high council floors only count for the next ten. I thought there was 561 floors here?", the man recovers from his confused state.
"That's an usual misunderstanding. Around the time this was built they started numbering the floors from the base floor. So even though there's really only 560 floors here the last one is numbered as 561st.", a little disappointed she just nods.
"So which floor are you ordered to? I can program the teleporter for you so you don't have to go through all the traffic in the cross rooms.", she hands him a handwritten letter.
"I'm a new aide for the high council!", the man's face turns all red as he literally rips the letter from her hand.
"Let me see that!", as he reads through the letter colour escapes from his face. He continues in a cold tone.
"I see. I'll program the teleporter for you anyway.", he turns to the teleporter while she takes a last look to the chamber.
"It's ready. Just be courteous."
"Thank you!", she thanks him as she steps into the teleporter.

"You must be the new aide I asked for.", an older blond haired woman clothed in snow white robes addresses her. She bows bending one knee down and spreads her wings according to all courtesies to the older woman.
"Rise my child. So I may take a good look at you.", she rises up and pulls her wings back together.
"No,no,no! Leave them open dear. I want look at you in all your glory. Not like some beaten rat! Never hide what you are dear.", she spreads her wings again. What a strange woman for a high councillor!
"My, my you are beautiful my dear. And what magnificent wings you have! So beautiful! So full of power! You should be proud! I bet you itch to spread them once in a while, don't you?", the older woman asks with a barely visible twinkle in her eye.
"Yes, I actually do. How did you know?", quickly she acknowledges her mistake and adds.
"If I may ask your highness?", the councillor smiles cunningly.
"Let's just say I have a certain inner eye for things like these.", she ponders on something for a while and mumbles something.
"Actually...maybe I should...No I couldn't...do that...Yes, yes I should.", she turns back to the young woman.
"I'm going to need you to take this...", she conjures a small box from nowhere on her palm.
"...ten floors up.", she takes the box and bows slightly to the councillor.
"I will your highness."
"Drop the courtesy. You can just call me Gabriel. But keep the bows! I like them.", she bows again slightly.
"Very well, your...Gabriel.", she looks around looking for a lift or a teleporter. The older woman points her to a silently humming corner.
"It's there. Just don't ask his name! God speed Rheia.", Rheia start walking to the corner the woman pointed. God speed! Who's name? What a strange woman indeed. How did she know her name? She has read your file of course you silly! Now ten floors up was it? She steps into the teleporter just as a thought hits her. But that's...

"...261st floor.", an old man continues his thought.
"How did you? Where am I?", Rheia looks at the old man disorientated. He looks old but really well preserved. The type that must have been really handsome younger. Wears an army uniform, black boots a strange glove and a beautiful rapier. Strange but nothing that particularly sticks...HE DOESN'T HAVE WINGS! She inhales out of terror. What has happened to him? Who could have done such a thing? Was it an accident? The poor man must be in tremendous pain! She had heard about people who had lost their wings in an accident and had gone mad from the pain. But this man didn't seem crazy. Actually he seemed rather calm.
"Where would you like me to start Rheia? From the wings, or the 261st floor that doesn't officially exist?", even more confused she blurts out.
"How did you know my name? At least you could give me yours", she gets cut short by the old man.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You aren't supposed to ask that question don't you remember?", the words of the councillor come back to her mind. The man continues.
"You see. I wouldn't want to get you in more trouble than you al ready are.", stunned, Rheia manges to mumble out a few words.
"In trouble? Me? Why?", the man continues like he hadn't even heard her.
"You see. That teleporter you just took to get here is one way only. So the only way out of there is by flying. And from what I've heard you don't do much of that nowadays.", the look on Rheia's face is one of disbelief and utter terror.
"By, flying?", the man nods.
"But don't worry about it yet. You came here with a package. Might I have it?", still stunned about what she has just heard Rheia hands the small bow to the man.
"Thank you.", seeing as Rheia is still shocked about what she has just heard he comforts her.
"Don't worry about it. You've got one of the strongest wings I've ever seen and dear believe me I've seen a few in my time.", slowly recovering Rheia asks from him in disbelief.
"I do?", the man nods again.
"Yes you do, didn't Gabriel tell this to you already? You would have made a great soldier.", Rheia's interest starts to spark up.
"A soldier? You were in the wars?", if this guy had really been in the wars he was over 1500 years old! The man nods.
"Yes, and I can guarantee you you would have been a general at least. With those wings and the fire...", Rheia cuts him short.
"Fire? What fire?", the man smiles slightly to the young woman's impatience.
"The fire that burns inside of you. I can see it. It's just waiting to be released.", confused again Rheia inquires more.
"What is this fire and how do you know I've got it?", the man taps his right eye's corner.
"Let's just say I've got eye for these things. As for what comes to the fire, You'll find out one day.", frustrated about the man's cryptic Rheia changes subject.
"Why don't you have wings?"

A look of sorrow and pain washes over the man's face making Rheia regret that she lost her patience and resorted to this. She tries to apologise.
"I'm sorry. I didn't...", but the man cuts her short.
"Don't worry. It's just that sometimes I still feel them and the pain...", his hand does an involuntary movement trying to catch his now non-existent wing. Instead of the proud and strong man who radiates and aura of a strong leader she saw before Rheia now sees a broken old man in front of her. She is about to apologize again but he steels himself.
"They didn't just cut them off. They banished them. For five hundred years my wings vanished slowly but steadily. The pain was constant. Finally they vanished completely and left only these ghost feelings and pains that haunt me now.", Rheia was shocked beyond belief. She had heard about wing cut being used as a torture method in the past but this, this was beyond anything that she could have imagined in her worst dreams. This man had really gone through hell and back and yet he was standing in front of her in flesh and soul. What an extraordinary person. And he had said that Rheia was strong!
"You said something about only getting out of here by flying? Were you telling the truth or just trying to keep me here to get some company?", the man looked a little hurt.
"I would never lie to such a beautiful angel as you. I am honest to the last depth of my soul. I can show you.", he walks to the door and opens it. It leads to a balcony. Rheia looks back to the place she entered. There is no silent humming like there was in the high council chambers. She swallows.
"So I really do have to learn to fly?", the man nods.
"Unless you want to stay here and enjoy the fabulous view."
"How?", Rheia asks in disbelief. The man points to the balcony beside him.
"Come here. I'll help you.", slowly Rheia conquers her fear and walks to the edge of the balcony.
"What now? Just jump?", the man let's out a small laugh.
"Not very healthy to make the first attempt at this height you know miss devil-may-care. A little dry practice would be good don't you think?", Rheia nods.
"Now just close your eyes and spread your wings.", she closes her eyes and spreads her wings to their full width.
"Now try to find those muscles right next to the ones that spread your wings. No not the one that pull them close, a little above them and inwards. Hmm. this isn't working as well as it should, hold on for a while I'll try something.", eyes still closed Rheia hears a slight crackle. Then she feels her legs lift off the ground. Before she has time to open her eyes he hears the man.
"Keep them closed you're not dropping. Now move forward. not by using you legs or feet. Use your wings! Look for them. It shouldn't be so hard. Not for one with as great wings as yours. What are you afraid of? Why are you holding back? Don't! Be proud of what you are! Don't fear it! You were born to fly! Like a dove through the sky!", Rheia realises that the man is right. This is what she has always wanted. To be able to fly with the birds. To explore the skies. To be free!
"I'm going to let you go now!", she panics and opens her eyes.
"What! Why?", the answer present itself as she looks to the balcony that is now 100 meters away.
"Thank you! Whoever you are!"
"You're welcome! Enjoy your first flight!", he shouts after her when she dives in to the clouds.

I look after the diving young female angel with blazing hair. She truly is spectacular. She will make a great general one day. If only I could have my wings back. All five of them. I liked flying so. The feeling of air on my skin, the strength of wind on my face. *sigh* I raise the small box and scan it.. Symbols run in my vision as my computer determines the contents. With this I finally might. It's the last peace to the puzzle so to speak. Finally I will be able to tap into the nexus. I step back in and close the doors after me. After hundreds of years of research and secretly building this I have finally perfected it. I pull the sheet off and uncover a circle about my height. I attach the last piece and prepare myself. Finally I will be able to tap into the power of the nexus again! Last time I tapped into it I build New Eden with it's power but then I also had my own powers that were almost enough for that by themselves. Now I would have to draw all of my energy from the nexus. I connect the energy source.

Slowly the circle comes alive. A slow spiralling energy starts to gather. Yes! It's working! It start to spin faster and faster. Only a matter of time. It's still speeding up. Be damned! It's going to over drain! This isn't good! Too small power source. Now it can't be stabilised. What's that? It's opening a portal! Hmm, this was unexpected. I could enter the nexus and try to pursue the powers of the nexus from the inside. That would be risky though. There would be guardians and competitors. And I would have to make do with what I have now which isn't much. Then again the other option is to stay here and try to build another power drain. That would take some hundred years. Hmm. I get to my desk and  write a letter. Don't come back. I walk to the balcony doors and open them. I take one of the pigeons sitting on the edge and attach the note to it's leg. She will find it. I step back in and close the doors after me. It's all or nothing! I step into the portal.

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Undefeatable Hero
Chaos seeking Harmony
posted September 25, 2008 11:21 AM

Joon - As you step into the Nexus, something a bit odd happens.  Instead of the brick and morter that the rest see..it is a cave like area.  Everything is covered in black soot, and there is the stench of decay and death.  Ugly green moss covers the stones around, and the soot is slimy.  You hear screams coming from further inside the cave..
Message received.

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Supreme Hero
Blind Sage
posted September 25, 2008 12:27 PM

The thing that fell from the sky was just a big rock. Asteroth breathed out when he saw that.

"That was good. I thougt it was a monster at first."

"Yes master. But why did the rock land here?"

"I don't know."

When he said those words they heard big footsteps from afar.

"What was that master?"

"I don't know Sephiroth."

"Look master there it is."

They saw a giant stone golem walking towards them. And suddenly next to it a portal was created.

"Look master!"

"Let's enter it. Ánything can be better than this monster."
Why can't you save anybody?

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted September 25, 2008 01:40 PM
Edited by JoonasTo at 15:41, 25 Sep 2008.

(OOC: My character is left handed.)

Ugh, what a stench! It's worse than the lowers! I look around in the dim, eerie light of the cave. There's soot everywhere. Those rocks that aren't covered in soot are under a thick layer of green, ugly moss. It isn't normal moss rather some kind of alga . There are screams echoing from the tunnels. I check my equipment starting from my sword. I pull out my rapier from it's scabbard to check it for any marks of wear or stress. Not a single dent. Slightly smiling I put it back to the sheath. It has served me long and well. Next I try to lift one of the moss covered stones with my glove. The conduits sparkle as the circuitry comes alive but it floats. Telekinetics is the only thing I'm capable any more because it doesn't require magics. Other powers have vanished along with my wings. Oh how I miss them. Instinctively I try to spread my non-existent wings but I only manage to set off a searing pain that sweeps over me. I take a moment to control the pain and try to shake off some soot from my boots. Doesn't come off. Ugh, disgusting. To think that I, who was once looked up to by all am now walking in this goo. But if this is what it takes so be it. I start slowly advancing to the direction where the screams are coming.

After a way too long trudging through the moss and soot I finally reach the source of the screams. Three creatures of darkness are torturing a small group of what seems like people without wings. Some of them have long, pointy ears and some have a tail but there are also some who look like angles without wings just a little uglier. From my research I know this to be either a trap or a test. I hope for the former because I really wouldn't want to tackle those three demons in my current state. I scan the area for any portals leading to the next world but find none. So, this is a  test after all. The hard way it is then. I scan one of the demons but the data comes out somehow corrupted. No matter how I try to translate it I can't make anything cohesive about the random symbols. I try to scan another one of the demons. I get an electric jolt from the system and sparks fly out of my right eye illuminating the whole cave in blue light. Why did it have to die on my just now? I carefully open my eyes. Nothing but white. Great! It isn't enough that it surely draw the attention of those demons with that light show it had to make me blind too! Some shadows become visible. Slowly my vision recovers. The two demons are steadily advancing on me. The third one hasn't moved. Why is it standing still. What is is waiting for? Has it changed colour? It wasn't grey before. It's stoned! But how? No matter now. Time to get down to business. I draw my sword.

Suddenly a bright white light fills the cave illuminating even the farthest corners. What the hell was that? You tell me. Who are you? I'm not the one in your head so what if you let me ask the questions here. Last time I checked this was my body. Then why can I control it? I try to take a step forward but nothing happens.  Interesting. I have all the sense but I really can't do anything. It feels like my body tough. What makes you think this is your body then? Watch me. I, no he, spins the rapier intricately and he stops his show of extraordinary skill by bringing the rapier at the height of my, no his, eyes. I can see the reflection of my face from it. It really is my face but like it was before my banishment from the world to the solitude of the tower 900 years ago. Are you trying to say that you're me and I'm you? I almost forgot about you, me. Yes I am. I would never forget a single detail of this beautiful face. I am pretty. I can't deny that. Any ideas why I'm here, where ever this is?  This is inside the nexus, a multidimensional entity of worlds. As to why you, me, are here I have no slightest idea.

A loud growl distracts me and the other me from our thoughts. You didn't tell that we had quests. Not really quests. Not invited any ways. One of the demons charges towards us but we spring off the ground and take flight. I have my wings! Of course I do! Why wouldn't I? Never mind just concentrate on the demons. I, he, we, nod and dive after the demon.

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posted September 25, 2008 05:26 PM

After all three landed in a room with no exits, the small opening in the ceiling from which they came was covered with bricks, resulting in a complete closed room.

"What happened? Where are we?" Mordekai asked confused.

"I think we fell into some kind of trap... or this could be another test." said the other man.

"Hmm, I think we have other problems than having no exit for now" Mephisto interrupts them as he shows them that some kind of toxic slime is coming from under one of the walls.

"This doesn't look good at all." said the man desperate.

"Mephisto, you have the ability to hover off the ground! Hold us up and use that ability so we can be safe from this aciding substance!" orders Mordekai.

"As you desire, master" - Mephisto picks them up and uses his ability to hover off the ground. Soon enough, the entire floor is covered with that toxic slime.

"Now we should think of a way out." said the man accompanying Mordekai and his Battle Avatar. But just after he ended the sentence, a strange noise is heard, and the ceiling starts to go down. He continues his last sentence desperate: "And FAST!"

Mordekai looks around carefully but can't figure out anything: "I have no idea, maybe it has something to do with the wall from under which that acid came from?"

Following Mordekai's advice, the other man examines that wall carefully. "Hmm, I can't find anything special regarding that wa... wait a minute..." - he spots something interesting - "I recognize that strange half-square half-circle shape in the wall!" - he points to the aforementioned shape carved in the wall.

"You do? Mephisto, get us closer! And quickly, our time is running out!" orders Mordekai. Mephisto moves with the two to that wall.

"Yes yes, this is it!" - says the man, after which he gets something from his backpack, a strange glimmering stone that is half-square half-circle. "I found this some time ago, before I found those cursed goggles. Let's see if it fits." - the man puts the stone in the spot, and it fits perfectly.

A strange sound is heard and the ceiling stops moving. "This was it!" says the man excited.

"It seems we still have to find a way out of " - before Mordekai finishing his sentence, the wall in the opposite direction rotated and revealed some stairs that go up.

"That is our way out! And this toxic slime won't be able to go up on the stairs." says Mordekai, after which Mephisto starts moving to the stairs.

Right at the end of the stairs, the corridor seems to split in two directions, west and east. To the east, a magnificent portal can be seen far away, while to the west there is nothing but a black deep fog. But as soon as they get here, something seems to come out from the fog to the west...

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posted September 25, 2008 07:13 PM
Edited by Adrius at 19:14, 25 Sep 2008.

They had followed the trail for 20 minutes when Kenji suddenly stopped.

"The woman's tracks are gone… the Metal-Man went to the left, into the woods..."

"Did it defeat her and drag her away?"

"Not likely, there are no signs of battle. Either she flew or she jumped somewhere."

"Hmm... guess we'll continue to look for the portal, I bet this road leads to it anyway."

"As you wish Master." The two continued along the road, at least they knew the Metal-Man wasn't after them anymore. The road seemed endless, and the blazing sun was on them all the time.

"Kenji, this is useless, how big is this place? We'll never find that damn portal!"

"Wait, let me calculate." Kenji focused his eyes on the mountain that was the farthest away. "That's strange... according to my calculations that mountain is only 200 metres away."

"What?! That can't be right, unless..."

"This is all an illusion." As Kenji spoke those words, the whole realm transformed into a metallic arena, it looked like a futuristic coliseum. The walls were blinking with thousands of mechanical devices; the roof had 3 beams of light crossing each other. Harus pointed at it and said:

"That's probably the device that made the illusion, I'm curious however, how could this fool your sensors?"

"This technology's more advanced that Edernia… It uses some sort of atmosphere system that mimics a true world. The air, heat and ground are all real, it's just the appearance that's fake."

"Does this mean the woman and the Metal-Man were also illusions?"

"I'm not sure… maybe they're still trapped in the illusion, but since we can't see them here, they've most likely moved on to some other arena."

"Ahh, I nearly forgot, where’s that portal?" Harus looked around, he quickly spotted the portal which they used to enter the arena, it still shine with the strange, green light. On the other side of the arena were the same silver pillars that the first portal was built of, it didn't radiate the same light though.

As they walked up to it, the arena began to flicker in different lights before returning to normal.

"Watch out!" Kenji quickly pushed his Master aside; something heavy fell at the spot where he had stood and caused a big cloud of dust to spread.

"Argh, why the hell...?" Harus stopped as he saw what Kenji had saved him from. A tall metallic man stood before them, his eyes were the same colour as Kenji's, red. His right arm had a long blade attached to the wrist.

"Seems like you figured out my little trick... you are the first actually..." His voice was robotic, without feelings. "I am the protector of this arena. My name is..."

"Kenji, kick his ass."

"Confirmed." Kenji suddenly disappeared from view; the illusionist gasped before he screamed and fell to the ground, his body had been sliced in half. Kenji appeared a metre away with his blade unsheathed.

"Seems like the limit of your powers are illusions, I’ll finish you off now." Kenji raised his blade and struck nothing but empty air. The Illusionist's body had disappeared.

"You are absolutely correct mister Kenji, this is my power!" They had been surrounded by hundreds of fake giant monsters. "Terrifying, is it not?"

Harus laughed, "It's silly, that’s what it is! Kenji, attack that roof-thing!" Kenji formed a sphere of energy in his hand and threw it up against the illusion device. The blast caused the whole room to shake as the illusion-device fell to the ground.

"No! What have you done?!" The arena returned to normal and the illusionist stood alone.

"We were stupid not to destroy that thing at once Master..."

"Yeah, well... at least we've got this guy to question about the portal." The illusionist stumbled around in the arena trying to get as far away from them as possible.

"No, no! Do not come any closer! I will stab you with this!" He waved his wristblade in the air, trying to look as frightening as possible. Kenji caught his blade between his fingers and grabbed the Illusionist's neck with the other hand. Harus smiled and patted Kenji on the shoulder.

"Good work Kenji, now illusion-guy, how bout you tell us about that portal over there?"

"I… I cannot…" Kenji tightened his grip around his neck, the illusionist squealed but didn’t choke, seemed like he really was mechanical.

"Oh really...? Make him talk." Kenji pulled the wristblade until it ripped off his arm; he then shoved it through the man’s stomach. There was no blood; instead there was a black substance that looked like oil.

"Do not kill me, please! I’ll activate the portal for you, just don’t kill me!"

"Heh, that's funny, a machine that's afraid of death? Very well, we'll hold you to your word." Kenji dragged the man across the arena and placed him in front of the portal. True to his word, the illusionist activated the portal which shined up with a blue light.

"You will not kill me? You are nice people are you not?"

Harus thought about it for a minute. He did want to kill this guy, but he might be useful too.

"Master, I suggest we leave him be, he can hinder the advancement of other fortune seekers."

"True, we'll let you live... get back to your work."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you…!" The illusionist screamed in joy as Harus and Kenji jumped into the portal and disappeared in a blue flash.


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posted September 26, 2008 06:20 PM

From the thick black fog, multiple blood-thirsty hell hounds came. They were twice as big as ordinary wolves, and their horrible howls and growls reflected their evil and savage nature.

Although the man was frightened, he managed to speak: "I think we should run towards the portal. These creatures can't pass through."

"I don't think we'll make it. They will catch us before we arrive at the portal." - Mordekai responded.

The hounds started roaring. It was obvious they were preparing for an attack.

"There is only one thing to do. You have to take the risk, Mephisto. Use your deadly gaze, and hope that it will not affect yourself." said Mordekai.

Mephisto follows his master's advice, and uses the Frenzy Gaze ability. It was successful, but it also affected the man that was accompanying them. The hounds started to bite and slash each other with their teeth and large claws, but the man was also frenzied and attacked the hounds. He didn't stand a chance and was quickly and brutally slain, while Mordekai and Mephisto used this opportunity and ran towards the portal to the east.

And so they passed through the portal to a new layer of the Nexus...

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posted September 26, 2008 09:56 PM

when they jumped into the portal the giant stone golem almost reached them. The portal lead to another part of the Nexus where they landed heavily.

"Master where are we?"

"I don't know. But we are not alone."

A small girl was standing abit from them looking at them.

"hello there little girl."

"Hi there old man. Why are you in my house?"

Sephiroth and Asteroth looked around and only saw the Nexus.

"you live here in nothing?"

"Yes old man. I don't like you. You are scary. I'm calling my daddy."
Why can't you save anybody?

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posted September 27, 2008 06:44 AM
Edited by Mytical at 08:18, 29 Sep 2008.

Kek - As your cloud splits..every door it approaches the Gargoyles spring to life.  They are creatures of earth, so your cloud has an advantage, but there is six of them.  It will be difficult.

Joonasto - You dive toward the fiends.  Noticing their companion turned to stone they panic.  Natural cowards, they notice your wings and immediately associate you with their mortal foes the Angels. They grow wings and leap, but smash into each other, dazing themselves.  Their panic is making them easy targets.

Eugen - as you are hoovering over the firey pit, you hear sounds of some sort of battle going on.  In the distance, past an arch, you see a five winged creature battling two rather clumsy and frightened deformed creatures.  They have red skin, horns, and black leathery wings.

Asheera -  You hear some humming and see 4 glowing red eyes light up the fog.  There is the shuffling of feet, and 2 large creatures can now be seen.  Looking as if several different bodies had all been stiched together, they are well over 10' tall.  Behind them is a man in a odd looking suit of metal.  Three small cylinders float over the horrible flesh creatures.
Message received.

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posted September 27, 2008 04:35 PM

"Novaran do you see any openings in the paths?"

((Navura and Novaran can understand each other"
"I see..."


Navura realizes that the balls of energy are buzzing with high frequencies...  
"i think i can see an exit i can reach"

Navura moves through the steam and opens the door...

((Mytical why didn't you update me earlier?))
Protection From Everything.

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posted September 27, 2008 11:35 PM

The portal flashed and they arrived at the next arena. Kenji looked around, a blue, cold fog was surrounding them.

"Finally out of that damn illusion, oh wait, Kenji, check that this isn't also an illusion..."

"This fog is too thick for my sensors to detect anything."

"Ah, well I guess we'll have to walk through this stuff then." Harus began to walk right into the fog, Kenji followed. Harus shuddered a bit, it was freezing.

"Anything could hide in this fog Master, shouldn't I walk first?"

"Stop being so protective Kenji, I can take care of myself." Kenji sighed, could he never listen?

"Master, we have no sense of direction in here, let's go back to the portal and come up with a plan instead of being reckless." Harus stopped, he had been reckless before... and he had vowed to be more careful, maybe listening to his servant's advice might be a good start?

"Alright then, we'll go back."


"Yes, really, now move." Kenji moved out of his Master's way and followed him back to the portal.

"This fog seems strange, it's like it's following us."

"Yes Master, or something inside it... the last arena had a guardian, two actually, so this surely has one too."

"Or maybe it's just a labyrinth? We could wander around in this fog forever. If we screw up, we'll have to be able to get back to this portal." Harus seated himself on the metallic platform that the portal stood on and folded his arms.

"Kenji, does a compass work in here?"

"Nice idea, but no, I checked that as soon as I saw the fog. The magnetic fields are disorted." Harus looked down and shook his head.

"Damn it, what can we do then? This place must have a way out!"

"I guess we could... talk to it."

"What, the fog?"

"Yes, proclaim a challenge, if we're lucky, the enemy will show itself."

"And lose its trump card? I don't think so... but it's worth a shot."

Harus rose, took a deep breath and shouted into the mist.


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posted September 28, 2008 02:07 AM

"Novaran do you see any openings in the paths?"

((Navura and Novaran can understand each other"
"I see..."


Navura realizes that the balls of energy are buzzing with high frequencies...  
"i think i can see an exit i can reach"

Navura moves through the steam and opens the door...

((Mytical why didn't you update me earlier?))

((Did, only in OOC.  I have something planned for your character don't fret))
Message received.

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posted September 28, 2008 11:39 AM
Edited by eugen_cosmarul at 19:53, 28 Sep 2008.

“Djenn, look!” Coshma’ points somewhere in the distance, right near the edge of the platform where a creature is flying above the lava. “Any idea of what that should be?”

“Never seen such a thing before.” The creatures seems to run from something hidden to their eyes because of the platform’s curved shape.

“Well that’s the only way anyway so…” The two start running towards the flying creature.

A strange shout breaks the silence and a giant pair of black wings rises above the arch.

“Come on… faster!”
“I’m right behind you!”
“Look!” Djenn points at two winged creatures that seemed to chase the flying one they’ve seen before.
“I think we should help that… whatever it is”
Djenn was watching the fight. It wasn’t what it seemed to be. The two deformed creatures were in fact running away from the flying creature, hitting each other with their giant wings. With a last dive, the flying creature resembling and angel passed between the demons, slicing them, and leaving them covered in blood.

“Djenn, prepare yourself!” The creature seemed to observe the Battle Avatar’s radiant aura and decided to come closer to him.

The creature stopped at some 30 feet away from them.

From a close view it didn't seemed to be a beast anymore. His majestic wings were all covered in blood, like almost all his body, but he had an "angelic" face, and seemed to not really want to engage in another battle.


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posted September 28, 2008 01:12 PM
Edited by JoonasTo at 13:14, 28 Sep 2008.

We dive down and in a flash we are high in the air again. Two brutal growls of agony shake the cave. We smile. The demons' wings drop off and the ground start disappearing under thick black blood pouring out from their backs.
*Show off.
*You liked it more than I did.
*I know how that feels. I can't wait to rip off the wings of those hypocrites too. This is just the beginning.
*Got that right.
We dive back to the demons. We twirl around the demons slicing left and stabbing right. Without their wings their moves are slow and they don't stand a chance. All they can do is scream in pain and anger. We are like lightning, gone before you feel the hit and never striking the same place again.
*God how I've missed this!
*Somehow, I knew you would appreciate my efforts.
We simile again.
*Time to finish this.
We rise high up to the air again. The demons on the ground are trembling in terror and agony. We dive and in the blink of an eye we're al ready past the demons. The demons collapse to the ground and their heads roll off. We land in the middle of the carnage to make sure their dead. The sight is grotesque. Pieces of the demons lay here and there around the mutilated bodies of the demons. Everything's covered in black blood. And in the middle of this a beautiful five winged angel standing in all his glory. With the black demon blood covering him and his white wings there is no doubt about his identity.
A true angel of vengeance.

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posted September 28, 2008 01:25 PM

The freed people seem greatful for the rescue, and in awe of you.  The caverns stretch for miles, and there are pits of lava and such, but a multitude of exits..including a large archway.  You sense you are being ... watched.
Message received.

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posted September 28, 2008 06:46 PM
Edited by Asheera at 18:49, 28 Sep 2008.

The man in the odd-looking suit of armor examined Mordekai and Mephisto for a while, and then started to speak in a deep voice: "Well well, what we have here?"

Mordekai didn't like the situation, and after analyzing the horrible stinking creatures and seeing the three small cylinders floating above them, he had an idea, that those cylinders controlled the monsters' minds. "Mephisto, attack those small cylinders at once!"

"As you desire, master." - Mephisto used his Trident and shot one of the cylinders using his Dark Nova ability, but it didn't do a thing.

The man in the armor started to laugh diabolically: "Nice try. Now it's my turn." - after these words he moved his hands in an odd manner and then shot a magical ball at Mephisto, which hit him and slammed him to the wall. It wasn't a very powerful shot, and Mephisto quickly recovered.

"Now, if we don't stop this hostility, I'll have to order my 'pets' here to slaughter you. I'm sure you wouldn't want that, right?" said the man in the armor with an evil grin on his face.

Mordekai wasn't feeling comfortable at the mercy of this strange man, but had no choice: "Very well, what would you like to do for a start?"

"I have an old enemy of mine, a very ugly witch, which has a specific strength against me. My creatures here stand no choice against her, because of this advantage she has over them. So I'd like you to go and kill her for me."

"Mind telling me what that advantage against you is?" asked Mordekai.

"NO! I will not tell you! But it's not important for your mission. You will only have to use that ArchDevil you have with you to kill her. His powers should be impressive, and I think she won't be much of a threat to him."

"But how will you know I won't ally with her and betray you?"

"Because she is not friendly at all. She won't even dare to speak to you, she is crazy and she'll attack you on sight."

"Ok, one last question. After I kill her, what will stop you from using your 'pets' here to kill me?"

"You are wise, and indeed nothing will stop me. But don't think about it for now, just do the task I gave to you, if you don't want to die now for sure."

"And what if I'll run as far away from you as possible?"

"You won't be able to. The portal to the next realm can't be reached without my 'permission', I assure you. You are stuck in this small realm!"

"Very well, I will do the task, but I'll expect you to show me the portal afterwards, so that I can go to the next realm."

"We'll see that, but for now just do your task and stop thinking any further. Here, I'll give you a map of how to reach the witch's hut." - the man moved his hands and cast a spell which created a map from thin air. "Follow the path and you'll reach her hut."

Mordekai took the map and, along with Mephisto, left this place. He was still suspecting that this man will kill him after his task is complete, instead of showing him the portal to the next realm.

After they left, the man spoke to the horrible creatures he has as pets, as a joke since they can't actually understand the common tongue: "My friends, the damn witch will be slain soon, and I'll have the body of an ArchDevil to use as parts for you. You'll probably be improved considerably, even more than you are now." - the man had a satisfied grin on his face, obviously wanting to kill Mordekai and Mephisto once their job is done.

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What if Elvin was female?
posted September 28, 2008 08:10 PM
Edited by JoonasTo at 20:11, 28 Sep 2008.

We watch the people now freed with ignorance.
*Pitiful people.
*Yes, they'll probably never find their way home from here. If this isn't their home that is.
We feel something odd. Like something's watching us. Near the archway.
*You feel that too?
Completely ignoring the freed prisoners now we turn to look to the archway. There is something there. Something that feels oddly familiar. We jump and take to the air with one beat of our big five wings quickly closing the distance to the archway. We stop in the air a little distance away from the archway. There are two wingless creatures like some of the ones down on the bottom there. The other one has an aura of light similar to ours. He looks like a warrior. The other one looks more like a scientist. The scientist whispers something to the creature of light. Keeping our guard up we address them.
"I see you are a creature of light like me but you are no angel. What are you?"

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