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Heroes Community > Summoners Academy > Thread: Creature Quest Discussion Thread
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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted March 13, 2018 07:27 PM

Well, my smart phone has not the biggest resolution. If someone here saves a picture from those units at the highest resolution possible, from these fancy iPhones, I could try and clean those images then whenever I get some free time. I only have seen the Queen Scylla. The rest I know not.

Heroes-based proposal thread On hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Supreme Hero
Tutto possibile
posted March 16, 2018 11:50 PM

By the eight angels holding God's ark above the skies I was going to swallow it and leave without a word, but damn I decidedly can't shut it up:

I don't know if it is because you became a mod here on HC and elsewhere, happened to be the chief of the CQ guild or something, but I want to highlight the megalomaniac attitude you're slowly but surely developping. Since you don't seem to get yourself to understand the fair manner in private, I will make myself clearer here and I shall have you know this:

I have enough of the dictatorship in my country to add your overcontrolling behaviour's weight on my shoulders. I have a high enough esteem of my person to deem myself deserving getting an answer when I send a message to you or to anyone else as well. Just who do you think you are or you became to treat me like I am rubbish or something?

You really think you alone are the origin of the Kreegans? You wouldn't have accomplished 10% percent of what the Kreegans are and have been and become solely by yourself. By yourself you would have ended in the Stickers like everyone else. I was good to send Valeriy HCMs to convince him to create the Summoners' Academy subforum, to create multilple threads when none but you and I were doing it (beause in the meantime, the guild fell down and a lot of players left it), I was good to put more material in the subforum again when it got finally created (you know, mainly the thread you gave me QPs in, because I was the only one contributing, not because of their quality I admit), to help the infinite amount of noobs passing by the guild in the guild chat firmly knowing they would and indeed finished at the Stickers, to convince people to visit the forums and create accounts when they were not HCers. You remember that time? When Stevie and the rest left the guild at once while Bruk was still a noob not even yet in the guild and SNO was in the Stickers, that very sensitive and delicate period where the guild used to rank in the 100s, when we were less than 10 in it, who was with you organizing things out, pushing with you so that we get the forum, we get the top 3, we get the HCers, where there was no hope of success at all? I don't even know who Bersy was, yet when you asked me to second your recommendation I did it, it is later that you told me he created ERA, you remember that, too? I did that in the name of the "friendship" you supposedly held me.

I deserve way, way more than what you gave me. The Kreegans are a community result, you owe it to mark, you owe it to those you called the "traitors", you owe it to me, you even owe it to Stevie no matter what you might think or believe. You didn't make the Kreegans alone, and more importantly you didn't get them where they are simply by yourself.

I could have left you at that hopeless moment, I could have made it to the Dark Lords, Dark Reign and even to the Stickers, let me remind you that when you ranked first thanks to your VIP team, I the cheapass f2p managed to rank 8 in the same group as you, in high gold, with 4 epics in his team, with one being 2d, and all that before kingdom. My skill is indeed not to be proven anymore, so don't doubt, not one moment that I remained because I was a weak player who needed your protection or your advice, I remained by choice to help you, because I admit I considered you as a good friend.

Ah but the times of strife are gone now, you could even pay yourself the luxury to get some former Stickers, creating the counter effect and getting your revenge on them. Now that the guild is full of high level players, huge paying whales, that you're secure enough the get the guild to rank top 3 sometimes top 2, you don't need me anymore do you? No need to charm anymore?

And no you have no right to look at me from a high position and judge me like I'm unworhty or something. If I want to tank to get 4 dots mediums I tank, I don't need your authorisation, because what you don't know is that when I don't need one, I spend the week tanking and using all my blue balls to push up noobs since I'm not using them to rank. If I do tank it's because the game is flawed, with each passing update advantages more the payers, because the devs fail at creating a good mechanic for this game. If I want to leave the guild because I'm fed up with Heroes Community, it is my right and you have absolutely no right to judge me.

I have always been there to support you, and the day I needed your help when Oliver reported for a madeup exploit of shield in PvP you said absolutely nothing to defend me. Bruk was the only one who supported me.

I left the guild and I shall never get back to it, having you know that it is not your personal accomplishment nor property, that being a mod in HC, on the unnofficial CQ discord forum, or the chief of the Kreegans doens't exempt you from respecting me like you'd do to any other. You don't have to ignore my messages and simply oust me from the discord chat that I use to chat with Kip, Liz and Neraus tu punish me, and no you're not using the guild discord chat for crucial information in the game, that's not an excuse. You are none to give me a value or acting condescendent with me. The pedestal you're standing on is built but on your ego and doesn't grant you any priviledge.

A little video that will explain to you why you have such a "bad" memory of what I contributed with.

I hope you'll go far with that kind of mentality, remember this one thing: you're not a leader, you're a boss. A leader, you have never been. And since we are at it, I hereby inform you that I won't answer you anymore, that you are not welcome at me anymore, as well. Because you're not worth more than me, you're not better or higher than me, or I don't know what kind of megalo delirium you're living in. Have your pleasure throning on what we all created, play God and give orders. Today if I leave the guild, it's because of you and only you.

                                                 The dirty, stinking limpy AlHazin.
"The Erwin is out there as they say once in a while lol" - Verriker
"Poetry is a felt change of consciousness" - Markkur
Use this code in Creature Quest! t2QEc#j7h

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