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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: New Upgrades Mod [Amethyst Edition] for ERA
Thread: New Upgrades Mod [Amethyst Edition] for ERA This thread is 30 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 20 ... 26 27 28 29 30 · «PREV

Hired Hero
The Strider
posted January 15, 2023 08:13 PM

RerryR said:
DuDi said:
Sansal said:
Usually, while entering a battle, the game crashed with the TUM. This is a huge problem. Does Anyone know a solution for this?

Try to change HD Mod filters. It worked for me. I've changed it from default to:
Stretch filter: xBRZ x2 +Cubic

In my H3 session yesterday I was following your advice and made the same filter settings and what should I say, NOT A SINGLE RANDOM crash during my 6 hours of game time!
I will do more test, but maybe you have found something here.

I have hope it will stay that way and you can enjoy your games without a few seconds random crashes.

All the best.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

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Famous Hero
posted February 18, 2023 08:01 AM

Is there an explanation for this?
All the dragonlings look like creatures from Castle in Hero.

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Tavern Dweller
posted April 27, 2023 11:45 PM

Hi, has anybody problem with crashing game after AI hero visits crypt? I found conflict with Game Enhancement Mod. When Enhacement mod is disabled all is fine.

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Tavern Dweller
posted April 30, 2023 09:02 PM
Edited by Azure_Dragon at 21:09, 30 Apr 2023.

Hello !
Since my last post I have noticed some graphical differences in the ACM and TUM variants of the game mods. I do not know whether it is made intentionally or needs to be fixed, but I'd like to share them :
1. When playing with different races in the classic WOG version of Heroes 3 (v.3.58) when trying to recruit a creature from the Castle town screen and when clicking on the buildin picture, a new dialogue window opens and you are given a choice between the upgraded and non-upgraded version of the creature and back then by default the upgraded version of the creature was chosen by the cursor. Now, using this mods, I noticed that for some creatures the default cursor is on the upgraded version, while for others it is on the non-upgraded version. And I need to click manually every time when I want to purchase the upgraded versio first on its picture,then on the button for maximum number of creatures to be bought, then - on the purchase buttom. This graphical thing happens BEFORE building the special building in every town for the third upgrade creatures to appear.Example : If I play with Inferno, when I ant to recruit familiars and I open the castle screen, the picture for imps is marked in red and I need to switch manually to the picture with the familiar, in order to buy it. Can this be fixed so that the cursor marks always by default the upgraded version of the creature ?
2. I use the option "Fourth upgrades in town "ENABLED !!! AFTER I build the special building in every town for the third upgrade creatures to appear, when trying to buy creatures, opening the screen, the third upgrade creature has a picture as a backgroung always of the Conflux town behind the creature graphics, instead of the background of respective town. For example : Behind the Lord of Thunder there is a green background with a picture of a Conflux town. Behind the Guardian of Zeus, there is a white (snow) background with a picture of a Tower town. It happend ONLY for level 7 creatures. Can these backgrounds for all third upgrade level creatures be changed so that THE RESPECTIVE TOWN picture where this creature is from to appear ?
3. I do not like the current graphics for these 2 creatures (but I love playing with them) - Lord of Thunder and Guardian of Zeus. Is it possible the old graphic of the Heroes 3 WOG for the creature LORD of Thunder (it looked like the Titan, but the armor was in a colour between red and pink) to be brought back and replace the current purple graphic of the creature Guardian of Zeus. And for the current creature Lord of Thunder a red armor to be used instead of this bronze  colour that is now ? If the creators do not intend to do so, or if it requires a lot of work, is it possible for me to replace some files manually and bring the old picture back so that to make at least the Guardian of Zeus to look like the old Lord of Thunder?
4. Is it also possible to make this to appear by default : when trying to buy creatures maxumum quantity you could afford at the given time to be available automatically for purchase instead of needing to hit the "buy all creatures button" in order to set this to maximum ?

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 29, 2023 01:51 PM

It says "Third Upgrade Mod out of date" and gets stuck.

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Tavern Dweller
posted January 21, 2024 08:54 AM
Edited by TestNik at 08:55, 21 Jan 2024.


The link to download this mod does not seems to work anymore and I can't find it anywhere else. Could someone please provide a fonctioning dl link for this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hired Hero
posted January 25, 2024 04:59 AM

Hey guys, big fan of this mod! I'm just installing WOG and my mods on an old laptop and came across "Third Upgrades Mod Lite" on Heroes3wog.net. It appears in this lite version you can upgrade buildings in your castle a second time, rather than having one general upgrade building for all upgrades. I'm very interested in including this feature in my maps, any way to get this functionality with the whole mod?
Thanks for your time!

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Known Hero
posted April 03, 2024 07:59 PM
Edited by vmaiko at 22:23, 28 Apr 2024.

Hi there, I returned to the forum

It's been a while since I was here, last year I was very busy and I didn't have time to publish my mod everywhere, today I come with version 1.18.1, maybe thanks to Liso from the Heroes3wog net portal you guys stayed updated. As compensation I come to provide you with all the changes that have occurred from version 1.17.0 to version 1.18.0


New feature!: Now Catherine Ironfist can upgrade Crusaders and Inquisitors into Swordmasters! (Beta phase)
- Fixed wrong description from Pure Diamond Dragon and other creatures.
- Ritual Dagger works now on Supreme Arch Mage but better.
- Fixed passibility from Order of Ice dwelling.

The following changes were made by Archer30:

Deleted individual files written in the main code for better management:
...Datas81 wog - disable options.erm
...DatasAura of Bravery.erm
...DatasKongsuni Artifact.erm
...EraPluginsAfterWoGchange wog options selection type.bin
...LangKongsuni Artifact.json
...Langunlimited music themes.json

New effect of artifacts:
- Lightning Rod: This rod increases your Attack, Defense, Knowledge skills by 3 and your Power skill by 6. It gives the hero Lightning Bolt and Chain Lighnigs spells and makes all units vulnerable to these spells (only artifact immunity works). Chain lighting can be cast on all enemy units without damaging ally creatures. Each stack hit by the Chain Lightning spell gets an additional hit by Lightning Bolt.
- Amulet of the return of Samsara: When casting Resurrection and Animate Undaed, the spells will also be cast on all the ally creatures with 30% of the hero's power. Transform different skeletons into their living forms.
- Implosion Amplifying Bracelet: When casting implosion, the spell will also be cast on all the other enemy creatures with 30% of the hero's power.
- Exchange Cloak: When worn, the Attack and Defense of the allied hero and enemy hero are reversed.

Other improvement of fixes:
- New Pandora now works only in random maps (for securing the compatibiliy with custom maps).
- Several options from WoG Scripts and Era Scripts now also work on third upgrade of the effetive creatures.
- A + LMB on the position of the garrison hero/visiting hero's portrait from the town screen upgrades all the avaialbe creatures.
- Fixed greying out WoG option menu.
- Fixed changing the name of Portal of Summoning even when 8th creature is not enabled.
- Fixed Wayfarer's Boots.
- Fixed Helm of the Hydra Queen.
- Added the missing level 8 and commander portraits graphics in png format for the future compatibility with Era Assembly.
- Fixed Ingham's specialty not working on High Priest.
- Other minor fixes and optimizations for Assembly.


#General Changes:

-Disabled Emerald by default due to serious optimization/performance problems. (You can still enable it in Mod Manager -> Right Click on the mod -> Plugins)

-Removed legendmenueng.rar from Data folder.
+Updated Amethyst and Amedit.
+Updated more_anims.era and AmeEfect.pac
+Fixed error messages each time a map is loaded.
+Fixed cannot upgrade Rust Dragon into Sulfied Dragon in Hill Fort.
+Increased the number of enemies and changes to regular units for upgrades in Sorceress Castle as well as a greater reward for greater challenge and entertainment.
+Now all CBs can give mithril as a reward but in exchange they will be harder to face each week, except Lv7 Creature Banks and Dwelling Banks which remain the same. This is intended to provide greater challenge and motivation to visit the new CBs of the mod.

> Added AmeEfect.snd *(New creature spellcasting have sound now!)*

> Added new creature: New Halfling from HotA Factory included to TUM with its Upgrade and dwelling *(replaced Thatched Hut by Halfling Adobe)*.

#CB Templates:

+Updated CB templates for Custom Creatures Banks, these are the most relevant changes:
+Added option to set both exponentail and linear growth for the CB.
+Added terrain replacement option, if selected the CB will only be placed on allowed terrain. For example only snow or lava.
+Fix AI will not receive reward when defeated at the CB.
+Fix AI will always fight reduced number of guards.

#Due to these changes, certain creature banks no longer appear on certain terrains:

-Regular Churchyard will no longer appear on snow or grass terrain.
-Regular Ivory Tower will no longer appear on snow terrain.
-Regular Experimental Workshop will no longer appear on snow terrain.
-Spit will no longer appear in any other terrain except Grass and Swamp.
-Magical Utopia no longer appear in any other terrain except Grass.
-Rotten Dragons Valley no longer appear in any other terrain except Dirt, Rough and Subterranean.
-Fire Dragon Castle will only appear in Lava terrain, while Ice Dragon Castle will only appear in Snow terrain, which will further reduce the chances of finding them and increase the balance of the game.

#General Changes:

+Renabled Emerald plugin, therefore the artifacts work again because the stability was improved.
+Now the Prismatic Eye only needs 4 Dragon Eyes instead of 5 to be assembled (Faerie Dragon Eye was excluded).
-Fixed passability of Volcanic Well, will no longer be able to block roads.
-Fixed combo artifact assembly being disabled.
-Fixed Colosseum of the Magi, AI no longer revisits it indefinitely.
-Removed "theoretical battle ai vs ai" and "BattleAIvsAIFix" from modfolder which they were empty plugins that disabled its function for performance reasons.

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