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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Free Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.8 release
Thread: Free Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.8 release This thread is 11 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 · NEXT»

Adventuring Hero
posted July 29, 2020 10:28 AM
Edited by sirDranik at 13:23, 13 Oct 2023.

fheroes2 release dairy

fheroes2 is a recreation of HoMM2 game engine.

This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in the gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and UI improvements), breathing new life into one of the most addictive turn-based strategies.


Edit 04.09.2020:

fheroes2 0.8.1 release

We're pleased to announce a new release of fheroes2 - 0.8.1 version.

We decided to make an intermediate version as we made a huge rework on graphics: we developed a new rendering engine which fixes all major graphical issues such as incorrect Air Elemental or Resurrection Spell drawings, shadows and fonts.
We also fixed more than 50 bugs for this release.  

Edit 05.10.2020:

fheroes2 0.8.2 release

We're happy to announce a fresh release of fheroes2 - 0.8.2 version. This is an intermediate release towards 0.9 version which contains some not very noticeable but very important changes: we finally released a brand new AI, polished many-many UI issues, change the structure of maps, added deeper support of campaign and made user friendly interface for external music which is present in full version of the game.  

Now movement of heroes of the map is delightfully smooth as in the original game. Also take a look of fixed UI elements in the battle (take a look at extra surrounding shadows of monsters and truncated shadow of Phoenix in 0.8.1 version).
We also fixed more than 100 bugs for this release.

Edit 04.11.2020:

fheroes2 0.8.3 release

We're excited to announce a new release of fheroes2 - 0.8.3 version. This is an intermediate release just before 0.9 version with many interesting changes.
One of them is that AI became even smarter: it properly manipulates castle construction, monster and hero recruitment, creates a complex and optimized routes over map to visit needed objects, fights monsters and collect items on the way.
Also we improved rendering speed of the world map by more than 20%, fixed drawings in castles (the original game draws them improperly), fixed well-known War Troll's stone and Cavalry sprites (also incorrect in the original game) and made many other changes.
Have a look at screenshots from the original game and our project (notice how Tavern or Hut for example are rendered).

As usual we also fixed more than 100 bugs for this release.

Edit 24.12.2020:

fheroes2 0.8.4 release

We're very excited to reveal a new release of fheroes2 - 0.8.4 version just before Christmas and New Year holidays! The team decided to split 0.9 release and give you an opportunity to enjoy the better game once we polish few more things before major 0.9 release. For this release we made main focus on game's logic and mechanics and fixed many places in the game: scrollbars, unit stack separation by keyboard, UI dialog elements and interaction with objects on maps. More importantly, we improve game's performance on low-profile devices and fixed the issue with full screen for SDL 2 builds. As usual here is a set of screenshots for visual changes of the game:
- Freeman's Foundry (notice that the original game does not show the third monster)
- Monster's small icons (the original game has the same defects as before 0.8.4)

We also fixed over 100 bugs for this release.

Edit 6.02.2021:

fheroes2 0.9 release

We ought to tell you wonderful news: fheroes2 project has been upgraded to 0.9 version!

Over a year of enormous development's passed and the project is non-stop reaching its ultimate goal!
Animation and rendering in fheroes2 is really close to the original game (and even better in some places!) thanks to the new rendering engine.
fheroes2 team made a fantastic work on game's optimization! After thousands of source code lines being rewritten and hundreds of bugs being fixed fheroes2 engine became much faster on all supported platforms. The game is now by 50% faster and contains mind-blowing smooth animation. This is not everything at all what the team made for you.
0.9 release is a core milestone in the project development as we created a brand new artificial intelligence (AI). Now players can face a worthy opponent, not an apathetic visitor of wells and fountains. However, there is still a work to do to bring AI to the level of making the life of true HoMM fans incredibly difficult
You might remember that in the previous release we realized an intuitive and comfortable monster stack manipulation using Alt, Ctrl and Shift key shortcuts. Recollect how frustrating it was to do monster separation in the original game.
We also working on game interface enhancements. We don't want players to feel that they're playing in outdated game but enjoy the original product with suitable and comfortable approaches, familiar for every HoMM series fan. The team implemented a highlighted areas for mass spells and added a new window for "Town Portal" with its own proper town list and suitable styles for "good" and "evil" interfaces.

Edit 5.03.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.1 release

Just recently we released previous update and now we're presenting a new version of fheroes2 project! Every month the game engine becomes better, faster and higher quality!

You can have a chance to try 0.9.1 release where our unstoppable team fixed a lot of issues and added something new to the game:

- we added an option of instant battle where you can finally skip boring and extremely easy battles saving your time
- window resizing on SDL 2 was included in the release allowing users to choose any resolution and still play in a windowed mode
- AI has become even more craftier and smarter! Be ready to face it on the map and during battles!
- finally we added "View World" feature which was demanded by many players. There are some polish actions required but you can fully use the feature without issues
- the team completed implementation of fast unit splitting with mouse: now you can master a new way and immediately sort all your troops with just few clicks
- A partial continuation of campaign was also added into the release where you can test your skills in first few scenarios of the original campaigns. Please keep in mind that the project is still in active development so the full campaign support will be surely added upon 1.0 release.

In this month our squad fixed more than 50 bugs and rewrote a lot of source code to optimize the game and fix any potential issues.

Support your favorite strategy game! Spread the word about us to your friends, with whom you played many days together. The more people know about the project the faster the day comes when we all can dive into an immersive world of Heroes of Might and Magic 2!

Edit 10.04.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.2 release

The first month of spring was marked by the enormous enthusiasm of our heroic team. So here's 0.9.2 version!

The team finally added support of view type spells - View Heroes/Towns/Artifacts/Resources/Mines/All. From now on all spells from the original game are fully supported by fheroes2! On top of this we fixed many issues with other spells such as Hypnotize, Blind or Berserk.
In the newest version you could encounter large obstacles in battles which were missing before due to incorrect implementation.

Also a huge work was done for AI. Now your opponent won't hesitate to use some powerful mass spells, blind your monsters or just destroy everything with a single lightning shot or with annihilating Armageddon! Moreover, AI takes an advantage of 2-hex attacking creatures and it will make sure to hit as many foes as possible.

In previous release we added an option of instant battle. We decided to improve it, as a result the team added a Restart button. A player who is unhappy with instant battle results can hit the button and replay the battle manually.

fheroes2 project is evolving. Every month we spend a lot of time improving code quality. We add new gameplay elements. Fixing hundreds of bugs. Recently we added a full support of the project on PlayStation Vita. In the future we are going to expand the range of devices on which you could run and enjoy Heroes of Might and Magic II!

Edit 06.05.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.3 release

Another month and another release! fheroes2 has been updated to 0.9.3 version!

We have many things to share with Heroes of Might and Magic II players. We hope, you're aware that our work is still going with a full force.

In the last month we finally fixed one of the biggest visible issues: shadows around heroes on the World map. Previously shadows were rendered with unknown logic, even the same one multiple times. But now rendering looks as good as possible!

Also we added few more things making the game interface more friendly and pleasant to use.
We brought to life buttons for fast exchange of armies and artifacts in hero meeting dialog.

On top of this we made changes in Lich shooting attack. Now the area of the attack is visible helping players to perform the attack in known manner without any guesses.

A huge improvement was added to fheroes2: we added support of the original languages of the game: Polish, French, German and Russian!

And finally we almost finished the support of "The Succession Wars" campaigns, including bonuses and special victory conditions.

As usual our team spent enormous efforts for code quality as well fixed more than 80 bugs!

Edit 06.06.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.4 release

We're pleased to announce a brand new 0.9.4 release!

Past release had a basic support of The Succession Wars campaign which was good but not an ideal. In the past month we polished every aspect of the campaign, adding missing video scenes, fixing multiple discovered issues and even bugs encountered in the original game. But this is not everything, we added a full support of The Price of Loyalty campaigns! So now you could enjoy playing all 6 campaigns originally present in HoMM2.

The list of new features for this release includes an extended display of number of days in cursors, added shadow for magic book and showing double shadow for 2-hex monsters in the battle. You can easily plan your move without guessing where the creature will move at.
Also if want to see how many creatures were in your army at the beginning of the battle or how powerful and useful your hero is you could open Hero Screen right from the battle!

Additionally, we improve overall performance and now it's up to 30% faster than previous version. Also the game consumes much less resources which is a way to deploy the game on portable devices in the future.

At last but not at least, we added a fully optional installer on Windows making the game installation easy and intuitive. Unix users receive an updated script for installation as well. Please note that from this version the game will store all save files in a separate place: for Windows it's user profile directory, for Unix it's XGD directory.

As usual our team fixed over 100 bugs, polishing AI, fixing many logical issues and UI defects.

Edit 06.07.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.5 release

Here comes 0.9.5 version of fheroes2 project with many changes.

First of all, we added Monster Description information for every creature with special abilities. This change is extremely useful for newcomers and even for pro players who want to refresh their knowledge.

Secondly, we fixed a lot of issues being presented with object passabilities on the World Map. Sometimes players were unable to progress with certain maps due to aforementioned problems. Now the project has the same logic as in the original game. Besides this some logic with object interaction was fixed as well.

On top of this, a huge amount of work was given for AI improvement: now it can interact with more objects, it has better hero management and path planning.

Overall AI is much smarter in comparison with previous releases so be ready to enjoy the challenge

A small but useful feature was added to the game: all scrollbars now support continuous scrolling while holding arrow buttons.

We also dedicated some time for fixing music related issues, adding missing features of campaigns such as scenario restart or Bane / Alliance monster behavior.

Overall we managed to fix more than 70 bugs!

Edit 08.08.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.6 release

Fheroes2 is updated to 0.9.6 version! As usual we spent a huge amount of time polishing the code to make it more stable and less error-prone. However, this is just a normal thing to say.

First of all, we boosted translation support in the project. Starting from now you can enjoy the gameplay in Polish, French or Russian languages.

Our team decided to translate things in the most efficient way - manually with multiple members involving in the process. In this case we could easily spot any mistakes in the texts even which were present in the original HoMM II game.
Please remember in order to play with translation you have to own the original game of this language. Translation to other languages will come very soon.

We also made few quality of life improvements in this release. One of them is cursor shadow display for 2-hex monsters during the battle. Now a player will know the position of a monster to be taken while attacking.

Another important improvement is a new configuration dialog which allows to switch between languages (if supported by the game resources), change game resolution and access experimental options (under development).

Besides this we added support of Nintendo Switch game console.

Lastly, the goal of fheroes2 is not only to create Heroes of Might and Magic II engine but to make a memorable and enjoyable add-on for the game. We would like to tell that the work has been started and we already have some changes for game graphics, campaign scenario script is partially written and we're working on new songs to be a part of the game. More details will be shared later.

Edit 06.09.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.7 release

Here's a new version of fheroes2 - 0.9.7 which as usual includes a lot of changes!

In the last few months the team spent enormous amount of efforts for code optimization and preparation for the upcoming add-on.

Everyone knows, that Farm is not fully drawn in Knight city, while there's no castle built. With the help of artist we added missing part so it wouldn't look like being cut anymore.

Also, we modified Captain Quarters in Necromancer castle to be logically more accurate. The original image had a bridge which was leading to emptiness in case of being built in a town.

The team also made a simple but useful change: you can view the full name of a save file, the name of the map being played and save file location within your device. Just right click by mouse on any save file to view the dialog. This was done based on the given feedback to ease real file findings.

This month we put a lot of resources into translation of the game into other languages. Besides heavy polishing French and Polish translations we introduced basic support for German language.

On top of this AI was significantly improved in this release. We fixed some logic in battles related to pathfinding algorithm and AI behavior, and AI heroes right now have their own classes making them to cooperate within a kingdom in a more efficient way. Fighters will focus on battles while Hunters well... will do everything.

As usual our team fixed more than 60 bugs since 0.9.6.

Edit 06.10.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.8 release

After delayed a little by technical issues we're pleased to present you 0.9.8 version of fheroes2 project!

In this release we put a lot of efforts to fix remaining issues with object passabilities to make the logic exactly the same as in the original game. Most of known issues in this area are fixed. But this is just bug fixing portion. We also enhanced our AI to interact with teleports, Pyramids and be more efficient for castle and other heroes interactions bringing more challenge to the game.

The team doesn't forget to add new quality of life changes to the game: we added an icon indicator for the type of map (The Succession Wars or The Price of Loyalty) as per request from players:

This change gives more information about the map and which objects might appear there.

Another feature which was missing before is to highlight cells of an attack for a creature with two-cells attack:

Now every movement during the battle has proper cell highlighting.

The original game has no ability to display the duration of the spells and their description but fheroes2 currently allows to check this information. Note, that new spells are going to appear in our future expansion, so this enhancement will be quite useful for not only newcomers, but for experienced players as well.

Windows users can now have video scenes from DOS version of the game. During installation you can opt to unpack required resources from the original game in order to have full experience gameplay.

As per each month we fixed over 60 bugs and added other small changes to the game.

Edit 07.11.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.9 release

We're very pleased to announce 0.9.9 version of the fheroes2 with a lot of changes and new things to show.

Within current release we've fixed some interesting places in rendering, which experienced the original game during gameplay.

Warlock castle has Waterfall building as well as Cave. However, the image of the Cave was always showing whether Cave is built or absent. We fixed this mishap in graphics and now fheroes2 shows exactly what is built in the castle!

Another thing is that Captain's Quarters in Warlock castle has blurred road nearby and incorrect rendering of Moat. We fixed these places as well!

Another thing worth to mention is that we added missing part of Captain's Quarters in Barbarian town, while there is no castle built.

We also invested a lot of time fixing many issues with AI: now it uses objects more rationally and can interact with Alchemist Tower and Sphinx. AI heroes are now more rational in visiting objects.
From logic side we fixed numerous places with object passabilities. It's not an easy task to do but we fixed many places with diagonal moves, shadows being impassible, water action objects and Reefs.

Small but interesting feature: the team added support of devices with resolution lower than the original so we're expanding the list of devices where fheroes2 can be run. Also we added missing resolution in resolution list for players can have more options especially playing on wide screens.

A very useful feature which was added to this release are buttons for switching between castles within castle construction screen. So you don't need to go through every castle and open construction screen to build something for each castle in your kingdom!

Suddenly we received a full scale translation of fheroes2 to Norwegian language. As of now it's not possible to select this language within game's UI but only in the configuration file. This restriction is due to a fact that original HoMM2 game was never officially released in Norwegian language. Nevertheless, this changes triggers the work to add support for languages based on English characters. In the very near future we'll add algorithms to generate missing letters in Latin alphabet which are required for other languages. Even such languages support is a niche area but we'll still support it to bring more pleasant experience to each player.

As usual our hardworking team fixed over 70 bugs since 0.9.8 release.

Edit 11.12.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.10 release

After a difficult month of development we're extremely happy to announce 0.9.10 version of the project! Even having many obstacles with development during this release we made many interesting and important changes.

First of all, from now any version of the game includes minimum 4 languages to be chosen: English, French, German and Polish. These languages will appear even for a demo version of the game. We still need to polish the characters for each language and soon we'll update all of them. Besides this based on a huge demand on our community we'll add Russian language as a start language. This is planned for the next release.

Secondly, we made many small but important changes in many places across the game: fixing text position in many dialogs, battle grid rendering, showing heroes on mini map (very useful feature to know where your and your opponent's heroes are) and we even added missing video playback in "The Price of Loyalty" campaign selection window.

The team spent a lot of time improving AI behavior for spell casting during battle, fixing its inability to land on a beach, fixing passabilities with water objects and Dimension Door, fixing pathfinding and terrain penalties and even updating troop splitting logic.

Lastly, we expanded our list of supported translations: we added Italian language support. We also added missing translations for multiple places.
Overall, the team fixed more than 60 bugs since the previous release!

As part of this release, we now have a wiki page to explain the enhancements to this game engine reimplementation compared to the original.


Edit 25.12.2021:

fheroes2 0.9.11 release

Up to the end of the year we're announcing 0.9.11 release of fheroes2 project! We decided to divert from the original release schedule and bring a little surprise for your for the upcoming holidays.

In this release as announced previously we added full support of Russian language out of the box which means that you can select Russian for any version of the original game. Before this change it was almost impossible to get an official Russian translation of HoMM2 but now you can purchase any official version of the game and enjoy playing it in your native language. All Russian language letters are generated on the fly by our engine from English letters. Moreover, from now French language contains proper letters for any version of the game. Support of other languages will be added in the upcoming releases.

Another important feature which was added for this release is extended spell description for heroes. From now on you don't need to calculate how much damage a certain spell will do or how many Elementals you can summon during the battle. Just open the spell description window and check the outcome.

We also added a map information popup window while right clicking on a map in the list of maps. This window shows the location of the file and map type: either "The Succession Wars" or "The Price of Loyalty" so players can easily find these files on their machines.

Besides this the team fixed AI behavior during castle defense, updated logic with roads, fixed many places for rendering and even added support of national symbols as a part of path on Windows. Overall the team managed in a such short period to fix more than 20 bugs.

Edit 12.02.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.12 release

We're proud to announce a new version of fheroes2 - 0.9.12! We delayed the release by few days to polish several things which we hope you'd enjoy.

Starting from the very beginning, in this release AI significantly improved on the map and during battle. Now AI heroes are able to create complex path through terrains and water and even through whirlpools. No more wandering around heroes. Attack and retaliation during battle was fixed as well and monster behavior under certain spells. AI behaves now even more efficient.

Next, we fixed remaining issues with object passabilities. These issues required a lot of time to understand how it works in the original game and fully replicate logic. So from now you won't encounter issues when your hero cannot pass to a certain location unless it's made by a map creator on purpose.

We improved army order setting by changing to proper UI and making this as a battle option. Now you can easily toggle the option based on your preference.

The team also put enormous efforts into translation. We added generation of German letters for any version of the game and also updated translation for Russian, Polish, French and German. Besides this we fixed several places of missed or incorrect translation of texts.

Lastly, we added betrayal scenario for Roland and Archibald campaigns where players can switch side and play for the opposite Lord. The team fixed few other small issues related to campaigns so you can enjoy playing it even more.

Also there were some useful changes related to battle. For example now you can view dead monsters stats while pointing their corpses on a battlefield.

Edit 11.03.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.13 release

We are extremely happy to announce a new version of fheroes2 project - 0.9.13.

After a month of hard work and many hours spent on the project we as always have something to show. This release is a special as it contains a very unique feature - text support for people with vision issues. Enabling this mode makes the game to output all necessary information in a text format within a console window. Such data can be easily read by any text-to-speech conversion tool giving players the ability to enjoy the game. This feature is still in progress.

Next, we added popup windows within campaign scenario window, especially for awards and scenario choices. Many players don't know what these items mean and guessing is not a right way to make a proper choice. Now you can right click on them to get extra description of the item.

We also made a lot of changes in AI behavior: it became more rational in hero recruitment, developing castles, making tactical decisions during battles and on map. The team closed multiple sound and music related issues like missing sounds for some objects on map or incorrect music being played for a terrain.

Moreover, we introduced scalable scrollbars within the whole game. Now it is more intuitive to understand how many items are in a list. We also reworked most of dialogs: now icons within standard dialogs are clickable by a right mouse button so players can get more information about a specific artifact, spell or even resource while interacting with an object.

Lastly, we added Czech language support for the official version of HoMM2 so players can finally get full information from maps made for this version of the game. Besides this, the team fixed multiple general translation issues.

As usual, the team fixed more than 50 bugs of an old project and improved tons of code for future changes.

Edit 11.04.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.14 release

Another month has passed and as usual we are presenting to you a new version of fheroes2 project - 0.9.14!
We are getting close to 1.0 release and putting all efforts to make it happen as soon as possible.

In this release the team made huge changes in translation support. We added in-game font generation for Norwegian and Italian languages and also updated most of translations.

Additionally, we fixed Battle Only button for many languages.

Artifact based logic and code was completely reworked fixing many places of incorrect effects from artifacts and even missing bonuses. Artifact related logic works exactly as in the original code. With new changes it would be very easy to add new artifacts into the game or modify their abilities opening huge possibilities for modding.

AI has become smarter as well! We optimized AI decisions on spells, castle construction priorities and AI now can use Dimension Door... Do not be surprised if an AI hero may jump out from nowhere.

We also fixed multiple issues with monster growth, surrender cost and movement logic during battles. On top of this the team completed work for native macOS application support but we need to sort out digital signing for it.
Lastly, we added support for MP3 and FLAC in-game music file formats.

As usual the team fixed more than 50 bugs since the last release.

Edit 09.05.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.15 release

Another month of our team productive work has passed and we are announcing fheroes2 0.9.15!

This release is filled with new features introduced recently.

First of all, we added missing Black & White cursor support to fheroes2. Now some players can enjoy the perfection of monochrome graphics.

Secondly, the team fully redesigned hotkey integration and added a separate window where players can check all hotkeys used in the game.
Speaking of windows in the game: we expanded the configuration window so players can tune sound and music directly within the Main Menu, and also to access Hotkeys window, toggle cursor type and even toggle Text Support Mode which was added some time ago.

Besides the usual work on polishing campaigns and fixing any issues within them we upgraded the popup windows for awards and bonuses in the campaign window. Now every player would know what to expect and how to plan the strategy to win the next scenario.

AI has not limits for perfection! In this release AI got to know View All spell usage giving it an advantage to see everything on the map (btw, same applies for humans). AI heroes are more keen to explore and uncover more areas instead of roaming around castles and open territory. Moreover, AI heroes can now properly navigate within narrow paths and they better manage mana consumption.

The range of supported languages is expanding too! In this release we added Ukrainian language with basic translation work being done. More work is ahead but this is a start. Other translations were not left untouched: we updated French, Russian, Polish and Norwegian languages.

And as usual the team polished the game by fixing numerous bugs with logic and drawings.

We hope that you would enjoy the game even more!
Thank you so much for supporting this project!

Edit 14.06.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.16 release

Welcome a new version of fheroes2 game engine - 0.9.16!
We made huge changes and we are eager to share details about them.

We reworked the whole source code related to audio. The first major change is that specific music tracks resume from the places where they were stopped, exactly how it is in the original game! For now this feature works only for External type of music such as OGG, FLAC and MP3 files, but we will expand it to MIDI tracks in the near future.
Secondly, all surrounding sounds on Adventure map are adjusted for every hero's step instead of being updated once per tile. This brings a gradual change of sounds during hero's walk. We also optimized sound management to be more efficient on low-end machines and removed very rare short sound "peaks". Additionally, the team fixed incorrect sounds for some objects and a small bonus: rocks in water with seagulls now have their own sound. Check them during the game play!
Lastly regarding audio, we added 3D Audio feature for objects on the map. Put your headphones on, walk your hero nearby a river or mine to feel the depth of sound!

Based on the newly added feature the list of options in configuration was changed as well and all audio options are now grouped separately.

AI in this release became much faster and smarter. We significantly improved AI calculations by caching needed data without reducing the complexity of the logic. AI heroes are now aware of special map's conditions: they will attack a castle which is a loss condition for a human player, much more aggressively or defend their hero so it is harder for a player to defeat it.

Our team improved some graphical features of the game. Did you notice that Knight and Wizard castles always have light blue flags? Now these flags have the same color as the owner of the castle.

With the power of the engine we were able to fix Red Tower in Sorceress castle. The original resources contain an image, that lack some parts of the structure.

Not bad for an image being completely generated by the application? Notice the rainbow behind the Tower.

And here is another example where the original resources were incorrect: captain's quarters icon in Sorceress castle.

The team fixed High Scores for campaign, closed many issues with spells, updated multiple existing translations and added Belarusian, Spanish and Swedish languages support.

As usual we fixed more than 40 bugs since the last release.
So do not waste time anymore and download the latest version of the project. We hope that you enjoy the game!

Edit 12.07.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.17 release

After a month of hard work with some unexpected disruptions in development we are happy to announce a brand new version of fheroes2 - 0.9.17.
This release was focused mainly on audio and AI but not only.

Audio was significantly improved since the previous release. We fixed issues with MIDI music playback delays on Adventure Map, multiple possible crashes with audio synchronization, extra sounds appearance in castle's window and etc. Such cases were very rare but nobody likes a buggy game.
As a bonus Freeman's Foundry now has its own ambient sound on Adventure Map. Walk your hero nearby it to hear!

"Evil" interface finally got some proper attention. In the original game this type of interface was applied only to a limited number of dialogs. We expanded the list and made some windows to have a proper "evil" look.

AI has been greatly enhanced in this release. The team added a new Courier role for AI heroes to focus on supplies delivery for more stronger heroes. AI now is smart enough to use Adventure Spells efficiently and also to estimate the number of needed heroes for the kingdom.
Lastly, AI will defend its castle more aggressively instead of leaving them empty and defenseless.

As per many player requests we added an ability to change hotkeys for in-game events within the game. Now you can set any combinations to improve your gameplay skills.

Besides this the team fixed multiple places with logic on Adventure Map, closed some visual issues with dialogs and improved translation for multiple languages.
As usual we fixed more than 40 bugs since the last release. We hope that you would enjoy the game and thank you very much for your support!

Edit 14.08.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.18 release

A new 0.9.18 release of fheroes2 is here!

This release is a bit unusual in terms of visual representation but it contains a lot of important changes.

The first thing which the team was fixing is audio. As you remember we made significant changes in the code to push audio on the next level. In this release we polished things to make it even better. Windows OS players were facing a lot of issues related to MIDI music: fading sounds, inability to restart songs where they being stopped, or even crashes on Windows 8. We added new sound font package to fix all these issues so you can enjoy music in full power. This applies only for SDL 2 build.

The second thing which closed over 40 bugs is a new rendering system for Adventure Map. Old rendering system was full of issues such as heroes being visible through mountains, boats being rendered over other objects, monsters being seen over fog. Now most of these issues are gone.

This new rendering system allows us to progress towards new map format, in-built map editor and also to easily add new objects on Adventure Map.

We also fixed multiple issues with amount of monsters in objects, their distribution during battle, Diplomacy rules and other small but important logical situations. The team updated Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and Hungarian translations.
We hope that you enjoy this more polished release which is very close to 1.0 release.

Edit 14.09.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.19 release

A new release of fheroes2 - 0.9.19. In this release we put extra effort to polish some cases of rendering on Adventure Map. Besides this we fixed few issues with Mini-map and also View Towns spell show properly rendered castles.

The release brings a new feature to make the game even more attractive for everyone: an option to auto-finish the battle by instantly bringing results of it from where the player left. This is very useful for battles when the outcome is obvious and you just want to skip a boring part of it. Default hotkey for this is Q.

Army exchange was improved to make the experience more pleasant. You can use arrows in hero meeting dialog to move whole army with a selected stack. Give it a try.

AI was updated as well: the team fixed cases when AI heroes were wandering non-stop around one place, and enhanced artifact evaluation by AI heroes making their strategy more efficient.

The release also brings a major change which would be welcomed by long-time players as well as those who are new to the game. The team added difficulty level for campaigns. You can select between Easy, Normal or Hard. The difference between these modes is in AI behavior. If you feel that a campaign is too hard to complete, you can lower the difficulty and try again.

This change not only adds a new difficulty button but also paves a way for the add-on changes because we added an algorithm to generate any possible buttons without even having resources for the font. It unblocks the work for translation team also. Soon you will see buttons being also translated to other languages.

Besides these changes the team updated translations for multiple languages and made small tweaks in UI to make the game even better.

Edit 11.10.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.20 release

It is time to introduce a new version of fheroes2 - 0.9.20. One month has passed and we are happy to share some news about the release.

Translations and corresponding UI saw huge improvements. We added support for Turkish, Dutch and Romanian languages, including not only their translations but font generations for each of them.

Moreover, the fheroes2 engine is now capable of generating new buttons within the game for any language. For now we have updated just a few buttons in the game, but in the future we are going to make it possible to cover all of the buttons for any language within the game.

The AI has improved significantly. The team did an enormous work in fixing various logical issues related to the AI and also some very tricky places which would have been impossible to catch for normal players. This was made possible by a new special debug tool within the engine which allows us to literally see every step of the AI. We also decreased some monster growth perks for the AI, which by the way were also present in the original game, to have more fair conditions for human players and the AI.

The Petrification spell got a brand new icon which was not present in the original game, and this icon was drawn by our pixel artist.

On top of all of this we added a Handicap feature not only for multiplayer as it was in the original game, but also for single-player games to give players more flexibility and an even higher challenge while playing certain maps.

As usual the team fixed more than 30 bugs.

Edit 14.11.2022:

fheroes2 0.9.21 release

Fheroes2 Resurrection team introducing a new release of the fheroes2 engine - 0.9.21.
We are happy to tell you that many significant milestones were reached. The list is quite long (as usual) and very diverse, so there should be something interesting for everyone. Here are some highlights that we have selected for you:

First of all, we solved a sound issue that would happen during playback of campaign videos for Windows users. No more audio distortions or crashes.

We added new options for graphics in the main menu settings. Now you can select V-Sync to solve potential screen tearing problems, and display system information like the Frames Per Second (FPS), and toggle full screen mode on or off.

As usual the AI has seen substantial improvements. It will now arrange its troops better and has better priorities for what to do on the adventure map. In addition to this, we expect players who try the final Roland campaign scenario to meet a much greater challenger now - without making any spoilers…

Translations are constantly improving and this release makes it possible to select Czech, Hungarian and Dutch languages. Translations were also improved for Russian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, French and Norwegian. The translations were becoming so many that we had to add a new language selection dialog.

Last but not at all least, we have added an initial Android version! This has long been awaited and thanks to hard work put in by our members this was achieved. We need to emphasize that it is the first version of this and that there are still things left to do to polish the experience to an acceptable quality. Soon we will update our documentation on how to install it and play on your own devices.

As usual, we fixed more than 40 bugs since last release.

Edit 21.12.2022:

fheroes2 1.0 release

We finally reached the milestone we have been working on for more than 3 years. Today we are happy to present you the 1.0 release of fheroes2!

During the past one and a half months, the team has made huge improvements in the rendering of the game. We fixed multi-screen support, fullscreen mode with high DPI, improved overall rendering on Adventure Map and more. Now you can enjoy the gameplay with maximum comfort.

The team brought the Android release to the fully playable state: we added right click emulation support, reduced minimum Android version to 5.1, fixed constant scrolling of Adventure Map and added several more improvements to provide smooth gameplay on every Android device.

We also greatly improved the animation during battles. No more freezing units during actions or clunky animations of some monsters. On top of this, the team added full replication of Luck and catapult animation.

Moreover, the team introduced a lot of algorithmically generated and translated buttons to be able to play the game in any language. The work is still in progress but it is a huge step forward.

Besides this, we fixed issues with Campaign rewards, updated translations, reworked HotKey system and more.

If you are not fully familiar with the features present in fheroes2 project over the original game you can take a look at our wiki page.

Even though the 1.0 release is a huge milestone for the project, this is just the beginning of a much larger scale of the project. We are going to release the Android version in the Google Play Store, add an Editor, multiplayer and most importantly release our independent expansion.
You can check the roadmap of the project here.

Edit 17.02.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.1 release

Here comes version 1.0.1 of fheroes2 project and we are happy to share details about it!

In this release the team made huge changes in animations of monsters and spells during battle. Such improvements relate to walking animations, shooting, spells not overlapping units and more. These changes fix animation issues present even in the original game and make the gameplay even more pleasant and smooth.

This release brings improvements for performance as the team speeded up multiple places including Adventure Map rendering, animations in battle and various windows. This might not be noticeable by most of users but significant for those playing on portable devices by reducing the amount of energy needed to run the game.
Regarding the portable devices: Android release got a huge boost! We added a special application called "fh2 toolset". The application will run for players who are installing the APK for the first time. The app helps with installation of the game. It also contains save file manager if you want to delete certain saves from your device.

Based on demand we implemented scaled resolutions support. Now you can choose resolutions which have an integer scaling factor applied to the original resolution. This helps to scale up the game but maintain the resolution in an acceptable way, especially in windowed mode.

Moreover, we made a huge ground work towards the future Editor and new map format. This is not visible by players as the whole work was internal in relation to source code but essential for the future changes. Besides this we updated multiple translations, reworked fonts for buttons and fixed numerous issues with logic on Adventure Map and in battles.

Edit 14.03.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.2 release

We are very excited to announce 1.0.2 version of the project!

This release is full of interesting changes and improvements. So, let's get started.
The team always spends time improving the performance of the engine and in this release we again improved the Adventure Map rendering. It might not be visible for many players but if you use a mobile device to play the game then smaller energy consumption is very welcome.

With a great help of an artist, we fixed the original look of Captain's Quarters building in Sorceress town as well as changed multiple icons for options to give each option a unique and logically correct image.

Speaking of improvements AI heroes now know how to use Town Portal and Town Gate spells. This makes AI the same advantages as human players. Moreover, the overall AI task logic decision on the Adventure Map was reworked, leading to better strategic decisions.

This release also brings multiple fixes for spell logic in battles, fixes for special cases of monster movement and additionally we corrected all sounds being used for objects on the Adventure Map.

In the past it was impossible to know the in-game date from a save file unless you load it. Having tens or even hundreds of save files might lead to difficult navigation among them. From now on you can right click on a save file to see the date without even loading the file.

Android players had no way to type anything within the game as most of mobile phones do not have a physical keyboard for this. To overcome this disadvantage, we introduced a virtual in-game keyboard which will popup if you click on text edit area.

Beside all these changes the team fixed over 60 bugs and updated multiple translations for the game.
Note that old save files before 1.0 version are not supported anymore.

Edit 13.04.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.3 release

A month has passed and it is time to bring an updated version of fheroes2 project - 1.0.3. This release contains many hidden to players changes which will greatly impact the project in the future so let's get started.

In this release AI has become even more smarter: the team improved the logic for fog discovery (the original game's AI knew the whole map since the beginning), fixed the behavior of using Dimension Door spell and enhanced formulas to evaluate object priorities on Adventure Map. In the near future we are going to make even more in-depth changes to make AI truly an opponent to play against.

Adventure Map rendering had several small rendering issues which have been fixed for this release. Small imperfect details always affect an overall game look so not having them is important. However, besides this the team speeded up the rendering on Adventure Map as well which means that less processing power and less battery are required to play the game!

We also added a special button for several dialogs in the game to open recently introduced Virtual Keyboard dialog. This dialog is present for all touch screen devices by default if you touch on edit text area but some devices running Windows were not identified to be eligible for this feature. From now all platforms support Virtual Keyboard dialog.

The list of hidden changes consists of code preparations for the upcoming future in-game Editor. That's right, the Editor is going to be within the game itself, not as a separate application. Such integration will allow not only to create maps on any supported platform but instantly test them.

As the most important preparation made in this release is to bring the engine to Google Play Store. We did all necessary procedures for this and we are waiting for a review approval to be able to publish the application in the store. We are expecting to be done within the next few days and once it is done we would be happy to inform you about this.

Besides the highlighted changes the team made multiple fixes in logic during battles such as Mirror Image or Teleport spells behavior, updated multiple translations and also added Vietnamese and Slovak languages.

We hope that you would enjoy this release and thank you so much for your valuable support of the project!

Edit 14.05.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.4 release

We are introducing an updated version of the fheroes2 project - 1.0.4. This release as usual has plenty of changes which we would like to share with you.

In this release the AI has powered up. The AI is now more picky about resource collection on the Adventure Map and this will depend on ths kingdom's needs. AI heroes got their logic upgraded regarding several objects on the Adventure Map. Besides this, the AI heroes will tend to avoid unnecessary jumps back and forth using Dimension Door, and also heroes are smarter in terms of unblocking paths for other heroes.

This release adds important changes for game resolutions. Widescreen resolutions are available so many players, especially on Android, will have a better experience playing the game. Moreover, the team expanded the logic for scaled resolutions.

We added missing post-victory special effects as well as map ratings shown to players. This feature from the original game was missing until now. On top of this, we expanded map rating information so it is even better than in the original game.

The team fixed multiple issues with rendering and timings during battles. Now monsters do not freeze while certain spells are being applied and also no more small lags for certain actions. Moreover, we fixed several logical issues during battles such as castle towers not shooting if castle monsters are unable to move.

This release adds Polish and Russian languages support for the in-game virtual keyboard. This feature allows players not only to enter victory player name, but it also helps with completing some maps which require visiting the Sphinx object on the Adventure Map. This will be expanded to support more languages.

This release contains over fixed 40 bugs and many updates to translations to give the best experience to more players.

Edit 14.06.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.5 release

Here comes a new version of fheroes2 project - 1.0.5!
As usual the team made many changes since the last release and we are excited to share details with you.

Let's start from the Editor relates changes. The team made internal source code restructure to allow to add new artifacts to the game. This change is invisible to players but essential to move forward with the Editor. Additionally, the team has started creating the Editor's UI. There are many changes to be done but we are moving forward. As highlighted earlier the Editor is going to be a part of the same application.

We reduced CPU usage for rendering and sound playback during battles. This helps with performance on low-end devices and also prolongs battery life on portable devices.

The team made significant changes for many UI elements in the game. For example, we added a blinking cursor for text input positioning, added missing shadows for Virtual Keyboard buttons, expanded Evil interface for windows which do not have this feature in the original game and many more. These are tiny changes which in general make the game experience even better.

AI in this release got a huge boost in logic. We fixed multiple issues related to creature upgrades and hiring for AI heroes, make AI heroes to visit castles in advance (just before the first day of week), fixed cases when AI heroes did not meet each other in the middle of a turn and also enhanced logic for heroes to defend castles and attack enemy's castles.

Besides these changes the team updated translations for many languages, fixed issues with several Android devices and fixed more than 30 bugs since 1.0.4 release.

Edit 15.07.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.6 release

We are introducing the latest version of the fheroes2 engine - 1.0.6 with many changes done by the team in the last month!

This release brings an updated version of the Adventure Map AI. AI heroes are more accurate in terms of analyzing threats for castles and defending them, they don't visit useless objects and have better estimation of a possible battle outcome when attacking enemies.

However, since the AI has been significantly improved in the last months such changes affect campaign gameplay making it very hard for some players to complete. Therefore, the team added an option to lower the campaign difficulty during playthrough. But remember that changing the difficulty affects the final score of the campaign.

In this release the team polished several tiny issues with original images, sped up loading the game's resources and also improved rendering speed which subsequently reduced CPU usage, leading to lower battery usage on portable devices.

Speaking of UI, the team continues to work on the new Editor. It is still in progress, but we are happy to share more in the future. In the upcoming months, the main focus of the team will be the Editor to bring it to a functional state and make it open for all players.

Besides fixing more than 20 bugs from the last release the team updated several language translations and expanded the list of UI elements available for translation.

Edit 15.08.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.7 release

A month of work has passed and our team is presenting the newest version of fheroes2 engine - 1.0.7! As usual, we are going to cover the most interesting changes in this release.

First of all, the AI got a huge boost in this update. Now AI heroes know how to use Summon Boat spell.
The team fixed multiple places with pathfinding logic, decisions during battles and also estimation of threats from enemy heroes and castles. AI heroes are going to be more practical towards their castles and when to attack enemy castles.

The team is expanding the translation functionality of the engine, allowing more and more UI elements to be translatable. This is not trivial as the engine needs to generate these UI elements from scratch for all languages. Fortunately, we can make it happen.
Speaking of UI changes we also fixed the rendering of many windows. For instance, Battle Only dialog has properly rendered item lists where you can even right-click on items.

Since touchscreen device owners, in particular Android devices, are limited to device capabilities the team expanded Android Toolset application to export and import save files. This helps players to transfer files between multiple devices.

The work on the Editor continues and in the past month we added UI elements for different Brush types and now it is possible to draw terrains. As of now, the Editor is only for developers as it is not ready to be used but we are happily sharing news about the progress.

This release also brings a lot of translation updates, and tweaks in animation in battles and more than 40 bugs have been fixed since the last release.

Edit 12.09.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.8 release

Today we are releasing a fresh version of the fheroes2 engine - 1.0.8 release.
The past month the team has done a lot of things and we are pleased to share details about our work.

The most noticeable change every player will notice, is the enhanced look of the Save/Load file window. This window was expanded to support much longer filenames and not to be so compressed in size.

The AI in this release became smarter during battles and will kite their shooters if necessary instead of waiting to get hit. On the other hand, on lower difficulties the AI's use of "Dimension door" spell has been given restrictions, making these modes easier.

The team spent a lot of time improving multiple aspects of the UI, including expanding existing translations, adding missing letters in fonts, and making more elements translatable. One of the examples of this work is translated vertical buttons.

The work on the Editor continues. In this release, we completed terrain connections logic to make smooth transitions between terrain types.
An interesting fact is that the team is working on the translation part for the Editor in parallel. At the time when we make it accessible to the public, you will be able to use the Editor in a language of your choice.

Besides these major changes, this release contains a lot of small changes to polish the game engine and make the game play even better. Adding High Score for multiplayer game, fixing rendering issues in the Kingdom Overview dialog, speeding up file loading and many more such things are included in this release. All major translations have been updated bringing most of them to 100% coverage.

More than 50 bugs were fixed for this release.

Edit 13.10.2023:

fheroes2 1.0.9 release

As usual, after a month of hard work, we are releasing a new version of the fheroes2 engine - 1.0.9 release, filled with updates, fixes and new features!

Based on feedback from the players we made the AI easier on low difficulties. This makes the game more accessible for more players and at the same time keeps the challenge for those who want on higher difficulties. The AI also got a boost in its battle logic and is smarter on the Adventure Map.

The team reworked the game settings on the Adventure Map. This allows players to change game resolution or language without exiting to the Main Menu. This is more convenient.

Moreover, the Hot Keys dialog was upgraded as well and now it is easy to see all button mappings.

Touch devices have an important update: during battles, players have to confirm actions. The first touch event just places the cursor at the touch point, displaying information about the action being performed. The second touch event is confirmatory and performs the corresponding action if and only if this action corresponds exactly to the action of the first touch.

We reworked the "Continue movement" button's logic on the Adventure Map. A long press on this button cancels any created path for a hero. If a hero without a planned path stands on an object, then pressing this button will interact with that object.

The work on the Editor continues and is gaining pace. During the past month, the team has been able to implement roads, streams, monsters and heroes placement in the Editor. There are more things to do before making the Editor public.

Besides the major changes, the team updated several translations, fixed multiple issues in the battle's logic and rendering, and closed more than 40 issues since the last release.


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Legendary Hero
DoR Modder
posted July 29, 2020 10:30 AM

This is actually interesting, not gonna lie. I'm going to take a look at it.
"Goblins use pistols because a shotgun recoil would kick them off the ground flying."
The Reckoning.... it's drawing near....

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Legendary Hero
posted July 29, 2020 12:36 PM

Nice and good luck. Especially most important is AI very good in original Heroes II.

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 29, 2020 01:07 PM

Baronus said:
Nice and good luck. Especially most important is AI very good in original Heroes II.

Currently our team is working on completely new AI, which should bring even more hardcore experience to the HeroesII.

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Supreme Hero
Heroes 3 Fan
posted July 29, 2020 04:23 PM

Well, new AI seems interesting, as original one was very hard on Impossible difficulty.

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Legendary Hero
posted July 29, 2020 09:17 PM

Yes original is best in whole serie. Wery hard. I like it. Completly new?! Interesting!
And next question... How about free heroes1??? We have demo too?

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 09:22 AM

It's an open-source remake of the original game (similar to OpenXcom or OpenTTD projects for example). It is indeed targeted at modern operating systems with support of higher resolutions. Logic behind such project (compared to a mod) is to get away from limitations of old code and engines, plus full transparency of open-source.

Project roadmap is defined in milestones there. 1.0 version will be a full faithful remake with modern multiplayer support and improved AI.

Our team is working on fHeroes2 only. I'm sure, you can find some other projects related to any part of the original HoMM series.

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Legendary Hero
DoR Modder
posted July 30, 2020 01:12 PM
Edited by FirePaladin at 13:43, 30 Jul 2020.

How can I compile fheroes.vcxproj without having Visual Studio?

Edit: Nevermind, I just copied my Data folder from my H2 game into the project's folder and now it works. Still, I wonder if I can play it in fullscreen somehow.
"Goblins use pistols because a shotgun recoil would kick them off the ground flying."
The Reckoning.... it's drawing near....

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 02:16 PM

F4 will help you run this game fullscreen. Also you can change ingame resolution by pressing the door in main menu.

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Legendary Hero
DoR Modder
posted July 30, 2020 02:42 PM

"Goblins use pistols because a shotgun recoil would kick them off the ground flying."
The Reckoning.... it's drawing near....

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 03:11 PM

You are welcome!
Our project grows fast. Keep an eye on it. Lots of new stuff will be implemented the nearest time.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 30, 2020 04:15 PM

Beautiful, but I think some clarification could help new users, for instance:

1) Do we need to download the source code? (I know the answer is no, you just need one of the SDL, run the demo_bat and put the DATA folder from the original game in the project folder, but that information is nowhere to be found)

2) What is the difference between SDL 1 and SDL 2 ?

3) Do you plan on adding borderless window ?

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Legendary Hero
DoR Modder
posted July 30, 2020 04:17 PM

From what I've read, SDL2 is just a more optimized version.
"Goblins use pistols because a shotgun recoil would kick them off the ground flying."
The Reckoning.... it's drawing near....

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:10 PM
Edited by sirDranik at 17:12, 30 Jul 2020.

1) Oh yes. You're completely right, no source code is required. We'd add installation guide as soon as possible, to prevent such type of questions.)
2)There're no essential differences on SDL1 and SDL2 for common user. It's just simply two versions using different libraries.  (I think currently SDL1 is more optimized, and SDL2 runs faster.)
3) What exactly do you mean?

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Supreme Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:14 PM

sirDranik said:

3) What exactly do you mean?

"Borderless windowed mode looks like fullscreen mode, but it's really windowed mode running at full-screen size with no borders. It combines the benefit of having your game take up the whole screen with the convenience of being able to mouse to another monitor instantly"

It greatly improves alt-tabbing

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Legendary Hero
DoR Modder
posted July 30, 2020 05:14 PM

Borderless window is basically Fullscreen but in a window.
"Goblins use pistols because a shotgun recoil would kick them off the ground flying."
The Reckoning.... it's drawing near....

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:24 PM

Currently we have another priority tasks. But in future, probably, we could support such mode. Don't think it would be hard to implement.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:27 PM

One more thing: how far are you guys willing to go? I mean, are new secondary skills, spells, etc. on the horizon?

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:47 PM

First of all, we want to make this game flawless and ideal. With good AI, interface improvements, extended resolution settings and 0 bugs.) So players can Really Enjoy fHeroes2 game.
After that, we're going to create separate add-on. I cannot talk much about it right now... The only thing I can say, is that we're going to create maximum relevant and not-spoiling-the-original-gameplay addition to this brilliant game, so every true HoMM-lover would enjoy our improvements.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 30, 2020 05:57 PM

sirDranik said:
First of all, we want to make this game flawless and ideal. With good AI, interface improvements, extended resolution settings and 0 bugs.) So players can Really Enjoy fHeroes2 game.
After that, we're going to create separate add-on. I cannot talk much about it right now... The only thing I can say, is that we're going to create maximum relevant and not-spoiling-the-original-gameplay addition to this brilliant game, so every true HoMM-lover would enjoy our improvements.


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