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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #3: Inferno
Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #3: Inferno This thread is 3 pages long: 1 2 3 · NEXT»

Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted September 04, 2020 11:40 PM

Faction Recreation Contest #3: Inferno

Alright, next up: Inferno! This faction IMO is one of the ones with the most innovating potential, excited to see what everyone comes up with!

As a reminder, the requirements for a submission are:

- At least 2 hero classes(but can be more) and a short description of each. This can include their special skills if they have any, their role in society, and just general lore about them. If you want you can draft up a few individual heroes with their bios and specializations, but this is by no means required

- At least 7 units, but can be more if you want to use a different tier system than the standard one. A description of their role in battle and any notable abilities should be included, but you don't have to be too specific if you don't want.

- A grail structure, its effects, and 1-3 other unique buildings and their effects.

You have 2 weeks from when the first submission is made, after which there will be a 5 day voting period. As a reminder, anyone can vote, but you have to give ALL the submissions a rating out of 10 (except your own submission if you made one.)

Good luck everyone and have fun!

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted September 05, 2020 12:28 AM
Edited by PandaTar at 18:51, 11 Sep 2020.

-     Heroes in battle have sideline actions and field actions. Sideline actions are performed alone and don’t require direct interaction with any troop on the battlefield. Field actions are performed accompanying a selected allied troop (TAG). Tagged troops gain certain bonuses.
-     Heroes are unique, but they are classified in three roles: Commander, Ruler and Explorer. They have unique classes, specialties and combination of skills. Classes may change as heroes take actions outside their main role. Specialties do not change. Each faction has 30 heroes and 6 will be featured. There are no equal numbers of rulers, explorers or commanders in each faction. Some have more of one than the other. Gates faction has more Commanders.
-     Some heroes cannot ride mounts, because they don’t need them.
-     Some units can wear gear and wield equipment.
-     Towns have population limit.
-     Battlefield is irregular, with different ground heights, terrain and weather effects.


As the Elven Necromancers of Ithalion started conquering vast regions in what it was later known as the 'Death Flood', and were threatening to advance beyond the Deadlands, envoys of some races made a pact of sacrifice, corrupting themselves into fiendish forms to be able to reach the deepest realms of the Qliphoth, an ancient race dwelling in an inferno called Okkur. These beings are not entirely physical, as they also exist between realities and even imagination, for their greatest power resides on fear and possession, making their lair reachable by non-local gates, so they can appear anywhere. The pact was known as 'The Great Awakening', because it rose dormant powerful qliphoths, who surfaced back to reality to seal their contract. They learned that necromancers were reaching for them, silently, using the undead to cover entire regions undetectable. Their objective was to obtain the power of the qliphoth which would allow entire dominance of Necromancy upon all aspects of life: boundaries of mind, body and soul. In an equally silent counter-attack though, Okkur hit Ithalion hard and took that opportunity to use their Possession ability to take control over the undead, destroying them. As they have no power to control other souls, however, which is necromancy’s greatest achievement, they hindered the Necromancers advance by taking one of their main weapons away, but could not eradicate them. Necromancers saw Possession as a great threat to their undead armies, making them suppress their use again. Some of the undead were bound to reality of flesh and corruption, giving them new form through Possession, and then inhabited by lesser qliphoths giving birth to the lowest ranks of Okkur. Even some of the former necromancers decided changing their sides, lured by this new unknown and enticing power. Now that Okkur is wide awake, it will spread its arms as far as they can reach, adamant in not allowing Ithalion reign to threaten them ever again. Meanwhile, their gates allow them to infiltrate any realm and strengthen their grasp over lesser races and forge contracts for their advantage.

Native Terrain



Brimstone Stormclouds (Tier 6 Dwelling) – The Unit Efreeti can be hired there. It has annexes: Brimstone Palace (upg. Efreeti Monarch) and Mutation Chamber (unlocks Chimera and Gorgon). On an area around town and siege battles, a huge storm affects all targets passing through it. Gates units, friends and foes alike, have boosted attack, accuracy and speed. Enemies have penalties on defense and evasion, and suffer moderate damage based on Fire, Lightning and Physical. The grail Hades doubles its effectiveness.
Impenetrable Darkness (Tier 4 Dwelling) – the unit Pazuzu can be hired there. A permanent cover appears directly above town. Enemies cannot have any information on it. It also protects allied non-Gates units from extreme heat and terrain hazards (vulcanic, molten, lava) in an area around town.
Dragon’s Hoard (Tier Ultimate Dwelling) – The ultimate unit Red Dragon can be hired there. Allows added consumption of gold to provide Red Dragons a new perk: Belly of Gold (higher defenses against projectiles). Improves Bribe skill effectiveness for Gates heroes.
Sulfur Pits – produces 1-3 units of sulfur per day, depending on how big these pits get expanded. Unlocks Brimstone Stormclouds and Hellforge buildings.
Qliphoth Gate – provides an assigned Contractor. Unlocks Purgatory, Homunculus, Imp, Buer, Cerberus, Santelmo, Chimera and Gorgon related technologies and buildings. Qliphoths are gathered and stored there. Allows exchange of qliphoths between other gates at other towns. The gate has a limit of number of units transported daily and storage. Balrog, Corrupt and Qliphoth heroes can be hired there.
Hellforge (Tier 2 Dwelling) – The unit Buer can be hired there. Allows manufacturing of equipment for Gates units. Unlocks Temple of Obsessions and Hephaisto’s Workshop. Also allows melting resources, equipment and artifacts to provide additional bonuses in town or materials.
Hades (Grail) – this colossal guardian assists heroes on any fight on the map, as long as it’s in the same level. It throws molten boulders randomly on the battlefield for fire and physical-based area damage on foes, whilst casting Immolation, Bloodlust and Pain Reflection on allies. General stats of all qliphoth units are increased. Fire-based techniques and spells of all allied heroes and troops are boosted. Decreases number of qliphoths required to corrupt bodies and turn into new troops.

Gates is a dormant-dominant faction, as it depends on opportunism to bloom. Otherwise, they’ll remain occult. Contracts and fights determine their expansion pace, for contracts are their means to socialize and reap benefits for growth.
Native Weakness – Gates units are vulnerable to Water and Ice-based spells and techniques. Due their heat, Fire Ward and Fire Made abilities blocks effectiveness of weak water and ice spells and skills, but do not endure stronger effects. Effectiveness of water abilities don't go under 75% and goes as high as 150%. For ice, ranges from 100% to 200%.
Faction Skill Tree – Contract
Contracts control how Gates faction works. Regularly, Okkur provides some qliphoths to be used for warring, in addition to the creatures that already dwell there. Through contracts, these qliphoths can be better used, strengthened and even multiplied to rapidly increase Gates ranks. They can also serve as means of diplomacy, although they can be forfeited by both parties, giving or taking advantage of the broken contract effects. However, skilled Gates heroes can also rewrite some of the dealings. The kingdom is also supported by Contractors, who wander the map finding random contracts for their assigned town. Some of the keyskills: Gating, Collect, Warfare, Charm. Some of the secondary skills: Fire Magic, Deception, Scouting, Forfeiture.
Other common Gates heroes’ skills
Warfare – keyskill which improves all aspects of warring. Some of its skills: Offense, Defense, Tactics, Machinery.
Alchemy – secondary skill that allows a hero to mix elements to create new ones, by using potions, resources, items and even creatures. It can also help strengthening potion effects or imbue spells in concoctions.
Charm – keyskill that allows enticing enemy troops, calm allied non-Gates troops, calm population under invasion, get advantages from adventure map objects and places. Only Succubus heroes can learn Charm. Some of the secondary skills: Torture, Hypnosis, Deception.
Fire Magic – through the Guild of Fire, provides access to learn and teach Fire Magic Spells and Techniques, which gives flaming, searing and heat properties, mostly destructive. Examples: Searing Haze, Fire Wall, Flare.


The heroes of Gates are classified into the following races:
- Balrog (demon-looking giant): 2
- Corrupt (races deformed by contracts): 6
- Djinn (efreeti): 3
- Dragon (red): 2
- Ithillid (mind-flayer kind): 1
- Qliphoth (spirits possessing bodies): 9
- Salamander (naga-like creatures): 1
- Succubus (winged female creatures): 6

Deleb is one of the oldest red dragons alive. He was defeated in the Battle of Emtilok by Arkediff, eons ago, and in his rage, he tied himself to Okkur. After retreating back with the qliphoth, Deleb awakened again several times, always bound to his new alliance with Okkur, for contracts on many lands. Most of the times, it was to deal with local struggles, petty little skirmishes and never once, he faced the anzu. But as luck struck them a day as they captured an istari named Hudrial, Deleb learned that the anzu had a peculiar weakness and he can use it to find Arkediff and destroy him.
Race: Dragon
Role: Commander
Class: The Red Terror – his presence on the battlefield causes considerable morale loss on all enemy troops. When tagged, adjacent enemy troops have greater loss and may become paralyzed. On the adventure map, decreases resistance from local conflicts, blocks opposing Bribery effects and has greater chances of success at extricating information from prisoners. Spies and scouts flee in terror at the sight of him.
Specialties: Molten Scales – when tagged, on each round fire-based damage will affect all surrounding units (friends and foes alike). Any fire-based spell or technique targeted on the tagged troop will be redirected to the next molten damage tick. Anzu Slayer – tagged troops inflict more damage against the anzu. When fighting an anzu hero, any attack on their tagged unit forces enemy anzu hero to step back.
No mount, Magic Immunity, Sky King
Fire Ward – provides Fire Resistance to tagged troops and lowers penalty from molten, lava and volcanic terrain.
Giant – cannot tag along small units. Normal-sized troops are required to be numbered at least 25. Provides damage bonus to tagged flying and melee units and No Melee Penalty to ranged units.
Dragon Breath – Active 5-round cd ability from sidelines. Blows a white-hot breath upon an area, dealing fire and energy-based damage on all targets. Its power is boosted by each allied qliphoth present in battle and his own Power. Killed troops are disintegrated.
Trample – tagged ground troops inflict greater damage vs small units.

After many battles in the deserts of Buscadhran, several djinns were captured by Okkur. Fafner was one of the most memorable Genies of Nuhardir, the Greatest Oasis Palace of Buscadhran. After ages of torture, watching others fall one by one, he endured and stood sane. When he was the last one, the qliphoth Asmodum came to him and said that a new contract demanded Fafner’s demise. Asmodum, however, taking advantage of the despair and hopelessness filling Fafner, acknowledged the genie’s power, and struck a bargain with him, binding them both to a powerful pact where he would be released, if the one who demanded Fafnir’s demise was taken prisoner in his instead. Not knowing the identity of his nemesis or if all of that was Asmodum’s deception, he’s become bound to a contract. Nevertheless, unchained and even conceded Gating powers, he tries to find his place on Okkur, where he now belongs, even against his will.
Race: Djinn
Role: Explorer
Class: Branding Master – brands three small areas on the adventure map linked to his body. Areas must be in his line of sight, even if they are across impassable terrain. Any spell he casts on the adventure map will be reproduced on these areas as well. Whenever enemies enter that area, they lose their movement points and get bound in place for another whole day. All brandings break the next day. They last 7 days and can only be set when another expires. There is a mandatory 3-day cooldown when all brandings are broken before expiring.
Specialty: Shackle Break – while tagged, attacking an enemy troop breaks their link to their hero. They will act on their own following a pattern of most used actions. Undead, animated, possessed or summoned units get paralyzed. Only one shackle-breaking instance can be active per time. Enemies have a chance to resist it at moment. Effect breaks if Fafnir retreats to the sidelines.
No mount, Ranged, Fire Ward
– ability to pass over medium obstacles, such as forests,  on the adventure map. Allows tagging any unit during battle, and do not suffer terrain penalties. Vulnerable to weather effects.
Void Travel – Adventure Map Command. Grants him the ability to be able to immediately travel between any of his brandings or a branding and a Gate Town. All brandings break upon command. He can only gate himself back and forth, and perform this action while within a branded area.

Lilith is well-practiced in the arts of charming and deception, when it comes to play with weaker minds. It was by her hands that the istari Hudrial was charmed and taken captive, which led to the downfall of Clanker’s Laboratory and of its secrets. She always preferred the sandy regions of the world, and so she often ventured that way. The self-betrayal was taken like an ironic curse when she fell in love with someone there. Fearing that Okkur legions could eventually invade the deserts, she schemes to let those lands untouched and find a better prize for her kingdom.
Race: Succubus
Role: Ruler
Class: Dream Dame – her presence on the battlefield can mesmerize enemy troops randomly. Mesmerized units become idle, but can retaliate. Each time an enemy gets mesmerized, all allied units have a boost on attack and doubles the proc of critical hits on flanking damage against the mesmerized troop. If tagging a troop, effect is concentrated on nearby enemy troops. Does not affect mind-immune units.
Specialty: Conquest the Locals – any neutral guarded building or town have decreased number of troops against her. Improves effects of the Charm skill.
No mount, Flyer, Fire Made
Enslaving Potions
– improves effectiveness of her Alchemy skills and unlocks Enslaving Potions. She can plant them in any market and black market disguised as regular potions. Enemy heroes can buy those potions and be enslaved. Enslaved heroes divide unknowingly any plunder and experience with her for the duration of the potion.
Copycat Stall – Adventure Map Command. Leaves a small platoon behind to impersonate her and makes her invisible for the duration. Does not work if she is in enemy's sight. Copycat moves away from her and away from the nearest enemy. Invisibility is broken if she gets to close to an enemy hero or town, or if she is detected by spells or skills.

Nebirus is the only salamander to rise to power within the top ranks of Okkur. All because he is actually two personas, and each one strengthens the other. His duality allows him to be a great explorer, for the other soul residing in him is knowledgeable on foreign lands. No one knows about it, but Nebirus himself. And being originally a very good blacksmith, turned Nebirus the most reliable source of collective foreign armaments in Okkur, for he can travel far and wide and learn of the many advantages on foreign weaponry and how to adapt them for Okkur. His duality also allows him to experience things more profoundly and faster, which is why he keeps it to himself, or his superiority could spark envy. But even Nebirus cannot predict if he will be in charge forever.
Race: Salamander
Role: Explorer
Class: Elite Weaponsmith – when visiting a new smith's workshop, he’ll commit to memory any weapon blueprint present there and transfer to any town he visits. He can design regular versions of artifacts and relics to be forged as unit equipment at Gates Towns when he is present. However, the artifact or relic is lost.
Specialty: Magma Wake – Adventure Map Command. Makes Nebirus stay in place, and after some days, depending on how the terrain and weather were, the area surrounding him becomes volcanic or molten terrain. It cannot overlay rivers or active terrain spells. It does not purge weather effects.
No mount, On foot, Fire Made
Dual Minds
– gains more experience from actions. Proficiency counting is doubled.
Unbreakable Shaft – manufactory of weapons under his vigilance grants them the Unbreakable quality.

Ellsen was the greatest necromancer of the first ages. His rule over the necromancy laboratories gave him unmatched power, which allowed conquering three kingdoms in 50 years. When the last kingdom fell, a dying maiden, whose name has been long forgotten, wished with all her might for a way to bring Ellsen down, even if it cost her soul. Her plight reached Okkur and the qliphoth Sandro took heed of her. Peculiarly peaceful, he is the keeper of the one of the primeval relics: a crown named Bajhara, which is said to bind soul and body eternally. His plan was simple: capture Ellsen, drain him of his life, dispose of his soul, then possess his body and all power in it by wearing Bajhara. As the opportunity arose, Ellsen learned of Sandro's plan and cast a self-decaying ability. Sandro had to use a legion of lesser qliphoths to enclose the necromancer’s power to his decaying body, and still, Ellsen’s soul only completely vanished when the last piece of rot fell from his bones. Finally bound by Bajhara, Sandro real powers are beyond imagination. So are his real plans.
Race: Qliphoth
Role: Ruler
Class: The Undying – Sandro always reemerge in town a week later conditions which would kill a hero. He favors the nearest Gates town (if there’s no Gates town under control, he’ll appear randomly on any place on explored lands). Bajhara shields his body from being looted, so he never has any of his equipment lost or taken by enemy forces.
Specialty: Corrupt Necromancy – any animating or necromantic skills and spells cast by enemies in battle also consume his spell points, but turn their effects for his favor. Soul-stealing Necromancy have souls turned into qliphoths, that remain poured in the backlines. Animating dead bodies will instead be corrupted by using stored qliphoths, turning them into Imps, Buer or Chimeras, by consuming the same amount of qliphoths used to produce those units at Gates town. Imps can be raised only from small bodies. Buer can be raised from medium-sized bodies. Chimeras can be raised by consuming five medium-sized bodies (or ten small bodies). Giant bodies suffer no effect.
On foot, Melee, Rider, Corrupt
Undead body
– immune to any vulnerability affecting living bodies.
Necromancer's Essence – this hero can learn the skill Necromancy.
Necrobarrier: his presence causes enemy necromancy not to work in an area around him on the adventure map. It also dampens its effects in battle and nullifies it on allied tagged troops.

The inferno of Okkur cannot be endured by most of the races of the world, but it’s native for the balrog Zydar. Balrogs are the predecessors of qliphoths and succubi, and one of the ancient races, like dragons, anzu or elves. The very few who still exist are seldom seen and seldom interacts with the outside world, except during great wars. Zydar enjoys fighting against great commanders and is an expert at sieging his enemies. His last battle he went undefeated until the Great Invasion, when the former anzu leader Mernaff descended in aid to the the sieged Kentrejara. The tide turned by then, and that sour defeat is still etched in his memory, although he also appraised his enemies for their superiority. He is still to prove himself in this new era for his thirst for a fiery, infernal victory is great, whomever his foes be.
Race: Balrog
Role: Commander
Class: Inferno Visage – slightly improves attack, damage and accuracy of all allied troops as the battle drags on, each round. The effect is cumulative and reaches a cap. If tagged, the troop gains these improvements twice as fast. This wave of improvement purges negative morale every round. When tagging Apophis troops, greatly improves their Blade of Expiation ability.
Specialty: Siege Strategist – improves effects of all siege units in battle. Bonus is lower on non-native siege units. Improves effectiveness of all allied troops against enemy siege units, either offensive or defensive. Siege weapons can target a broader range of buildings in enemy towns.
Giant, Flyer
Made of Fire
– on the adventure map, allows this hero to land on any terrain with fire, magma, molten lava or intense heat, and his powers protect vulnerable troops from these effects. In battle, tagged troop becomes immune to fire.
Infernal Blade – when tagged, adds additional fire-damage on allied attacks. The fire sets on the enemy target inflicting damage again and it can spread to adjacent enemies on the next round. The infernal fire can jump back and forth enemies indefinitely.
Terror Whip – Adds Sideline Commmand. Increases allied target's attack and speed considerably, and dampen morale slightly. Works only on living units vulnerable to mind effects. On non-Gates units, morale loss is higher, but gains on attack and speed are greater. On allied Gates units or fire-immune units, it also casts Immolation lasting 2 turns. Effect can be refreshed, but does not stack.


Tier 1 Impthe weakest qliphoths who are bound to the weakest dead bodies. Corruption transforms them into small flying devilings. Some of them can grow in size and strength with spell sapping powers, thus being called Familiars. Others, delve into meddling with fire to attack their opponents, known as Magogs. Familiars and magogs can merge themselves into Tier 2 Mylingar, that can explode if slayed.
Living, Flyer (Magog is a ground unit), Small
– this unit has a qliphoth soul. It’s vulnerable to spirit and body effects, but slightly resistant to mind effects. It’s immune to animation and necromancy effects.
Fire Ward – resists to most effects of fire-based spells, attacks, techniques and terrain hazards.
Legion – spreads its ranks to surround a target completely. Enemy target needs to be adjacent to it and have unblocked access to all sides.
Sap Power (Familiar and Mylingar) – attacks cause spell points loss on targeted units. If enemy is heavily outnumbered, spell point loss is greater. If target is tagged, its hero will lose 1 spell point per attack/retaliation for each separated platoon (1 up to 6).
Play with Fire (Magog) – uncontrollable firebolt has great variation of damage. It can target the ground and set it on fire, damaging enemies who pass stand in it. Fire damage is low, but constant. Lasts up to three rounds depending on the damage variation and weather effects.
Burst (Mylingar) – explodes on death, causing minor fire-based damage on its attacker. If more than 50% of stacks are killed in a single attack, explosion will affect all adjacent units with damage spread evenly. If all bukavacs are killed at once, damage becomes energy-based and sets fire on the surrounding ground.

Tier 2 Buer corrupt beings bound to dead bodies and metals. These aberrations can dart through the battlefield and easily cut their way into enemy ranks, always twisting their blades and chains even when dislocating, constantly harming anyone who gets too close.
Living, Floater, Melee, Corrupt, Fire Ward, Equip (knives and belts)
– this unit does not retaliate.
Twirl – this unit's damage is low, but it constantly hits adjacent enemies each turn. It triggers enemy retaliation.
Shrapnel – active ability with 5-round cd. Concentrate a powerful attack on three adjacent enemies in front of it. It releases 9 shards divided between targets, with each shard inflicting maximum damage. While in cd, however, buer will only inflict its minimum damage on a single target and won't Twirl.

Tier 3 Cerberusthese hellhounds are one of the native creatures of Okkur. They are nimble and sturdy, with a devastating bite. They are also submissive and can pretend changing loyalty if they are being under constant attack. Only temporarily.
Living, Melee, Fire Ward
Awareness – immunity to flanking.
Three-headed attack – attacks three-adjacent units right in front of it. It triggers retaliation.
Sulfurous Bite – attacks on corporeal enemies decreases their defense for the next round. It weakens defensive equipment.
Play Submission – if this unit sustains heavy losses, it’ll become submissive. It will cease aggressiveness and have evasion massively boosted and won't move adjacent to melee enemies. It will randomly resume agression and inflict bonus damage on the next attack.

Tier 4 Pazuzu shadow and smoke-like qliphoths responsible to take hold of minds and absorb throughts, and transfer what they learned into other allies' minds, giving them greater effectiveness when fighting known enemies.
Floater, Living, Corrupt, Ethereal, Fire Ward
Know your Enemy – improves hero's Diplomacy and Charm skills/commands effectiveness.
Transfer Mind – Added Action. Grabs hold of an adjacent foe and stores information upon it. Pazuzu can relay that information to any allied unit, one information per time. It enhances offensive and defensive capabilities against the targeted enemy. Does not affect enemies or allies with mind immunity.

Tier 4 Salamander powerful beings with vicious attacks, they can easily sweep whole ranks of enemies with they scythes, as well as brand their foes before falling, so allies can avenge them. It can be upgraded to Tier 7 Efreeti Salamander, merging physical prowess to the magical capability of the Efreeti. Upon upgrade, both units are merged.
Living, Ground Unit, Fire Made, Ranged (Etreeti Salamander), No Melee Penalty (Efreeti Salamander), Equip (Salamander: scythes (salamander only), bracers, gauntlets, spalders, pauldrons, gorgets; Efreeti Salamander: added circlets)
Special Salamander
Red Moon Scythe – Active Ability that consumes one turn to be set, it creates a spectral disk around it that spans on all surrounding positions. While salamander remains within that disk, its damage is amplified and foes get additional damage from fire-based damage of any source. The disk dissipates when Salamander moves.
Brand of Vengeance – if enemy kills a Salamander, it’ll be branded and take additional damage from any Gates unit. Greater effect on remaining Salamander units.
Special Efreeti Salamander
Pain Reflection – reflects part of damage taken. Reflected damage is based on fire and energy.
Fireball Attack – ranged attacks have the same perks as in the Fireball spell.
Firewall – raises a wall of fire on the battlefield or adventure map. Inflicts fire-based damage upon any target, friends and foes alike, who crosses it. Damage ticks each turn. Maintaining the wall drains constant mana. On the adventure map, inflicts damage mitigated among all troops. Blocks flying units’ path on either scenarios.
OBS.: hiring this unit disables Santelmo, Nightmare and Chimera.

Tier 4 Santelmo the only surface-dweller qliphoth, known as gate guardian. They are closely tied to the plights of the wicked, connecting them to Okkur. By using its monoliths as marks, this unit can carry other units through the void to travel distances already known by it. They can also shield another troop from harm by closing monoliths around it.
Living, Floater, Ethereal, Corrupt, Fire Ward
Clear mind – immune to mind-affecting skills and spells.
Collect Qliphoth – a part of allied qliphoths who are slain in battle are collected by Santelmo and gated back to the nearest Gates town in the next three days. If there are no Gates town under control, the qliphoths are lost. Each Santelmo can only collect one qliphoth.
Cocoon – protects another adjacent small or normal-sized unit from harm. Each Santelmo protects two small units or one medium-sized unit. Loses Ethereal perk and mitigates 50% of physical damage. While in this form, neither Santelmo nor the protected unit can act.
Gating Troop – sets its monoliths on its current position and becomes a small void. If an allied troop steps through it, the void will be able to move around the battlefield and deliver those units elsewhere. If Santelmos are destroyed with troops in the void, troops have moderate chances to vanish along with them. If not, they'll reappear on an adjacent spot where Santelmos were slain. Upon delivery, Santelmo’s essence instantly jumps back to its monoliths. While in this void form, Santelmo takes 50% more damage from spells, magic and energy-based attacks, but Ethereal perk doubles effectiveness. Each Santelmo carries only one unit. Does not work on Giant units.
OBS.: hiring this unit disables Salamander, Succubus and Apophis.

Tier 5 Nightmare stallion of hellfire, the nightmare can be ridden by qliphoths either on physical or ethereal form. It is also master of sleeping paralysis, thus its name. Ever galloping in the inferno, it brings a trace of that flame with it wherever it goes.
Living, Ground unit, Mount, Fire Made
Trail of Flames – leaves a trail of fire on its wake that burns enemies who stays in it. The ground keeps burning another three turns.
Long jump – Added Command. Jumps a great distance over small obstacles. When it jumps, it does not leave a trail of flames.
Terrorize – Added Command. It neighs and prances in place, creating illusions of horrors and confounding or scaring all adjacent enemies. Increases chances of evasion, retaliation damage and higher critical odds. Effects are greater when foes are outnumbered.
Sleep Paralysis – If target is under the effect of Sleep debuff, nightmare can attack it without breaking the effect.

Tier 5 Succubus one of the races who dwells Okkur, the succubi are responsible to deceit and lure other races into submission, through tricks, charm and secrecy. As masters of playing with the mind, they are very strong-willed.
Living, Flyer, Ranged (half-fire, half-physical), Fire Made, Equip (daggers, orbs, light armor)
Clear Mind
– may render enemy attacker unable to perform an attack on the Succubus at the last moment. Chances vary depending on stacks numbers, getting lower when succubi are outnumbered, or higher if enemy is outnumbered. It also draws the attention of all surrounding enemy units, which may leave their flanks exposed in favor to look upon the succubi. It also improves Diplomacy skills on the adventure map, regardless of faction. Does not affect targets with mind immunity.
Shadow of Fire – when attacking a foe under the effect of any other fire skill or spell, procs the effect of Echoes buff on the next round.

Tier 6 Chimera – corrupted from the bodies of great predators of the world above, chimera is an unknown quantity in battle. Its volatile mood and aggressiveness make it exceptional for focusing and taking down entire troops, as they imbue different capabilities from former bodies, but they are also unpredictable when attacked.
Living, Ground Unit, Fire Made, Corrupt
– whenever attacked, this creature go berserk, immediately moving towards the attacker. It attacks the closest enemy, if the attacker cannot be reached on that turn. Chimera retaliates twice in a row if the attacker is already engaged.
Multiple Strikes – attacks four times in quick succession. Each following damage inflicts less damage than the former. Additionally, each attack inflicts a debuff on the target for the next turn, in this order: defense; speed; accuracy; Poison. Target cannot evade all attacks.

Tier 6 Efreetithe djinns of fire are the greatest magic users of Okkur, skilled for attack and defense casting. Upgrading to Tier 7 Efreeti Monarchs broadens their repertoire of deadly spells, and can even travel the void on their own.
Living, Floater, Fire Made, Equip (Efreeti: gauntlets, bracers, gorgets, chestplates. Monarch: capes, robes, pauldrons)
Special (Efreeti and Monarch)
Fire-Shield – a small percentage of damage taken on melee combat will be reflected on the attack as a fire-based instance. If Efreeti numbers are greater than the attackers, percentage is increased.
Isolation – A 2-turn cd Active Ability. It can target an ally or a foe. Target becomes isolated from terrain and weather effects. Its duration depends on how hazardous either weather or terrain are. It can also be cast on the ground and will put out fire. Does not work on shallow waters or deep sea terrain.
Special Efreeti Monarch
Void Travel – A 3-round cd Active Ability, counting from the reappearance. Moves from one known place to another on the battlefield. It requires Efreeti Monarch to wait until the end of the round to enter the void. And only reappears at the end of the next round. Can't be targetted in the void.
Flare – massive concentrated fire and energy-based damage upon a single target. Produces a steam haze on the area, dampening target’s accuracy and evasion.
Agony – causes intense burning in the body of a living target. Fire-based damaged over time. Target becomes uncontrollable, moving randomly on the battlefield.
Fire-Shield – applies Fire-Shield buff on an allied target.

Tier 7 Gorgonborn in brazen forges of Okkur and the gathering of powerful qliphoths, these fiends look like huge bulls. Its skin brims with molten pressurizing its violent core. Its snort is so overwhelmingly intense, it can melt and kill enemies instantly, which makes the Gorgon a formidable foe.
Living, Melee, Fire Made, Corrupt, Mount
Pumice Skin – grants immunity to earth-based effects, and any enchanted equipment that hits it has its enchantments purged.
Deadly Efflux – its attack channels a powerful pressure from its core and inflicts energy-based damage. Even if the damage is not enough to kill a target, there’s a chance to cause instant death, which is scaled individually between gorgon and target, regarding enemy size, but not tier. One gorgon has very high chances to instantly kill a small creature. Moderate chances to instantly kill another medium-sized unit. Smaller chances to instantly kill a giant unit. If gorgons outnumber targeted enemy, odds get greater still.
Panic – if Deadly Efflux causes casualties, the affected stack may flee as far away from Gorgon as possible. If the affected stack is ordered to attack the gorgon again the next round, it has a chance not to obey and remain motionless. It does not affect mind immune enemies.

Tier 7 ApophisBalrog spawns, not as big or able to fly, but extremely strong combatants. It’s one of the races that can influence and corrupt other races, without having qliphoths possessing their body. Their blade imbues a caustic effect upon body and soul, which can bring impending doom to anyone they attack next.
Living, Melee, Fire Made
Life Corruption – A 5-round cd Active Ability. Disrupts the essence of an adjacent living target and causes abnormal penalties upon stats: HP and SP. Up to three random debuffs can affect the target in the next round. HP and SP anomalies can be stacked by other allied Apophis, and also are greater if Apophis outnumbers the target.
Blade of Expiation – attack charges its blade on next attack with part of the damage done previously. Bonus damage against living corporeal units, and doubled against living ethereal units. It charges with retaliation also.

Tier Ultimate Red Dragonthe main enemy of the anzu, the red dragon often covets riches, which enhance their powers. Their obscure nature can be easily attested, as they are immune to the contractual influence of Okkur, but still has chosen that inferno as their lair.
Living, Flyer, Giant, Fire Made
Dragonskin – immunity to effects of spells below Expert level, and mitigates part of any physical damage taken.
Clear Mind
Magic Immunity
Tail Sweep
– retaliation strikes three adjacent units in the direction of the attacker. It has a chance to stun and/or push foes away.
Pyre Breath: sets ablaze up to three positions in line with fire and energy-based damage. Main target burns for two additional rounds, with ticking fire-based stances every turn. Damage and burning time are halved on the following unit and halved again on the last. It can target an enemy that's three positions away, although the breath will not go beyond that. It can target and destroy some small and medium-sized obstacles.


-     Support units can accompany heroes, wander the map on their own or have any other supporting role. They can only be moving units and they don’t stack. They are disposed if allied troops are defeated in battle, or if detected by enemies on the adventure map.
-     War machine units accompany heroes on battles only. They can be either stationary or moving units. Some of them can be stacked. They are disposed if allied troops are defeated in battle.
-     Siege units accompany heroes on siege battles only. They can be either stationary or moving units. They don’t stack and can be destroyed. They are disposed if allied troops are defeated in battle.

Homunculus gigantic aberration which transports or garrisons allied troops in a siege battle, even tramples small enemy units. A hero can carry only one Homunculus.
Living, Corrupt, Giant, Siege Unit
Trample – inflicts damage on small units when it moves over them.
Bridging – on the adventure map, it can be used as a small bridge. But it will be spent and will have to be replaced.
Transport – carries an adjacent allied troop to another place of the battle map (has limitations on the number of units it can carry). Cannot carry Giant units.
Garrison – garrisons an adjacent troop on height. If the allied troop is ranged or caster, they will be able to take offensive actions. Homunculus cannot move while garrisoning troops. Cannot garrison Giant units.

Purgatory a support unit which wanders the battlefield collecting bodies. After the battle, Purgatory wanders back to the nearest accessible Gates town to deliver those bodies to be possessed by qliphoths. Number of bodies randomly decreases as they rot away each passing day: limit is 7 days. It can be destroyed both on Battlefield and Adventure Map. Only one Purgatory serves a hero per time and only one Purgatory exists per Gates town.
Living, Corrupt, Giant, Support Unit
Follower – this unit travels back and forth hero and town only. But can be intercepted on the adventure map.
Join hero – leaves town to join a chosen hero. The time it takes to reach a hero is based on the current distance from town when the command is issued.
Retrieve Body – grabs bodies (small or medium-sized) of casualties adjacent to it. Each round it grabs a quantity worth of HP based on the deceased units. Bodies retrieved cannot be resurrected, reanimated, conjured or accessed anymore, either by the enemy ranks or allied ranks, including hero. Bodies are released back to their stacks if Purgatory is defeated. Don't grab Giant bodies.
Return to Town: returns to the nearest accessible Gates town to deliver the bodies and stays put.

Hecatoncheires this multi-limbed monstrosity consumes adjacent allied living beings in battle and releases their energy from its hands as projectiles, having doubled effect if qliphoths are consumed.
Living, Corrupt, Giant, War Machine Unit
Hundred Fists – when attacked, hecatoncheires will counterattack inflicting a base damage plus a little damage for each energy unit stored.
Consume – grabs a quantity of adjacent living units (only allied small and medium-sized units) to be consumed and transformed into harmful energy to be released upon foes, with greater effects tied to tier. If battle ends, all energy is lost. Energy can be released after 5-rounds of when consumption started.
Release – unleashes energy produced by consumption upon any number of targets. It ignores magic immunity.

Contractor a support unit which can be sent on the adventure map to find contracts for the kingdom. The area must have been explored and the contractor will be away for 7 days. The more time it takes, the higher are the chances to find better contracts. Contracts can provide qliphoths to town, resources, items, troops, find secret locations and treasures, or even trigger generic Quests. If enemy heroes spot this unit, it immediately dies. Each Gates town has its own assigned contractor, who once dead, won’t return.
Living, Support Unit
Doomed – this unit cannot be resurrected or replaced by any means.
Track Contract – moves to a chosen area to find contracts for the assigned Gates town. Contracts vary in effects, rewards and timespan.
Retreat – makes the contractor return immediately to its assigned town. It becomes available again after 7 days.
Sign – contracts may trigger a dungeon or a quest, and they must be signed to become available on the adventure map. If fulfilled, they bring great rewards, but misfortune awaits upon failure.


1. OKKUR AWAKENS – vs Necropolis (Deleb, Zydar and Necropolis’s hero Alba): a new powerful plight awakens Okkur once more and Deleb and Zydar, in their haste for battle, heads towards their contractor in an unusual situation.
2. THE ELUSIVE CONTRACTOR – vs Neutral (Lilith and Fafner): Lilith shares a secret that may interest Fafner, and both heads away in search for their own answers, but spies are everywhere.
3. SEED OF CORRUPTION – vs Clans (Nebirus and Sandro): many wild clans are spread on almost all wastelands, so Nebirus and Sandro see that as opportunities to amass forces against their main foes, the necromancers.
4. THE FIVE ENVOYS – vs Clans, Necropolis and Dungeon Maze (Sandro, Nebirus, Zydar, Lilith and Fafner): each hero has a task to try and control five strongholds on strategical positions, always with eyes upon places to set gates to allow them grow strong yet with secrecy.
5. LONE HUNT – vs Dungeon Maze and Haven Citadel (Deleb): Deleb learns of the location of Arkediff’s lair and goes alone underground fighting strange foes, only to reach his most dangerous enemy’s lands and get his due revenge.
6. FLAME AND FROST – vs Summit (Zydar): Zydar is sent to the frozen mountains to get a hold of the power of ice giants and set corruption there, accepting this mission with lust for great battles to come. But his flame alone might not be enough for this task.
7. SANDRO’S SECRECY – vs Neutral (Sandro and Fafner): Sandro suspects Nebirus might have fooled Fafner, and having Nebirus as one leader that can lead them to a defeat, he tries to undo the contract cast upon Fafner and learn the identity of the djinn’s nemesis.
8. DRAGONS & ANZU – vs Haven Citadel and Necropolis (Deleb and Lilith): overwhelmed again by the anzu, Deleb retreats badly wounded and is rescued by Lilith, who strangely appeared in the area as she was investigating a possible undead invasion on that region.
9. LEFT BEHIND – vs Oasis (Fafner): as he learns the identity of the contractor, Fafner goes to his homeland to settle some unresolved business and finds the Oasis kingdom in an uproar.
10. BEYOND THE BOGS – vs Miasma Marshlands (Nebirus, Sandro, Zydar and the Sanctuary’s hero Saigo): investigating a new contract in the quagmires of the southern territory, they find a powerful Earth-dragon as contractor. In order to get help to defend his lands from the advancing bog, he is willingly to corrupt himself to Okkur. Which would be convenient, for his kingdom is all but unknown to them yet.
11. THE ELVEN NECROHOL GATE – vs Miasma Marshlands and Necropolis (Nebirus, Sandro, Zydar and Fafner): with Fafner’s return with important news and Saigo’s revelation of a missing piece of the jigsaw to find Necropolis, the Elven Necrohol could hold many answers and become weapons, as their bodies could still be corrupted by the qliphoths.
12. AN ENDLESS OBSTACLE – vs Atlantis and Clans (Deleb, Lilith and Fafner): an important relic is necessary to search for the true location of the Necromancer’s capitol, but it is beyond wild clans’ territory and into the infinite blue. The three flying heroes goes in that search against the overwhelming power of the ocean.
13. GATE TO DEATH – vs Miasma Marshlands and Necropolis (all featured heroes and Miasma Marshland’s hero Broghild): gating to distant lands, they arrive at endless marshlands with hostile tribes. But in order to sweep into Necropolis territory, they’ll have to face some difficult tasks, and their local contractor guide Broghild may give a helping hand.
14. CLASH OF BODY AND SOUL – vs Gates and Necropolis (all featured heroes): in a long and difficult battle against necromancers and conflicting divisions of their own ranks, all heroes help defeating the greatest threat to Okkur, or so they thought.
15. MY ENEMY? – vs Gates (enemy Sandro) and Necropolis; allied Haven Citadel (Deleb, Zydar, Lilith, Fafner and Haven Citadel’s hero Arkediff): as Sandro’s reveal his true intentions upon necromancy and corruption, and killing Nebirus, his former allies prepare to face him in battle, but they were not counting with the most surprising aid of the anzu Arkediff. And Deleb, in spite of his resentment, understood why.

It is longer than Haven's post because I did not prune this line-up. It would require too much rethinking and Haven was not ready yet, so I was easier to deal with.

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posted September 07, 2020 01:58 PM
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Inferno, let's go.

General infos
-this proposal is meant to be in the same setting and game as the factuons from the former rounds.
-the setting is an entirely new one, neither the "old" setting up to H4, nor Ashan.
-there are several gameplay aspects that I have decided for myself, but will not detail here, unless someone asks me to. After all, this is about the faction, not a game proposal. Examples are: Battlefields, Weather, Ambushes, Advanced Diplomacy, Governors, Quests.
-both world and gameplay I'll develop during the rounds(Which is the reason why I won't give relations for the yet unknown new factions)
-I follow a classic, choiceless 7-tier lineup with alternate upgrades for the units
-there is a "Tech Tree" for every faction (saw the idea here and found it awesome so it's in my proposal)


In a nutshell:
Inferno is a bit split in gameplay style. It favors rushing tactics in battle, but slow, long time growing strategies on AM and in Towns. Thus, you should prepare a battle carefully, optimizing the situation, and then finish your enemy swiftly and mercilessly.
-fast, offensive melee units
-many flyers and casters
-no archers
-generally weak on defense and hitpoints, lack of a true "Tank"

Big changes to older Inferno:
Fire is there in the faction style, but not that big a theme, especially not in gameplay.

There are realms beyond this world. Some of them are dark...and twisted. And one of those is said to be more twisted than all others. Yes, including this world, even. That Realm has many names - the Underworld, the Abyss, Purgatory, ... Hell. It is populated by demons, mighty beings, created by negative energies, emotions, thoughts and deeds. But it also bears a promise ... of power. Long ago, someone - very desperate, some say, a visionary, others object. Maybe also only someone very stupid - sought to open a way from this world to that. And they succeeded. Partly. A demon took over the body of that someone. And with knowledge from this world and hell itself, they could bring more of their kind. For centuries, millennias, they hid, and schemed. And then, 3232 years ago, they managed to give demons their own form and unleashed an army of them onto this world. The Demon war was grieve, but with a brave alliance of wonderful people, the evil demons were driven back. Or so history tells us. It is notable though, that some realms accidentally were rid form the maps along with the demons, like the peaceful meadows of the Halfling Union or the ressourceful Caverealm of the spiderfolk. Nevertheless, the demons seemed gone. Until they return. Turned out, they had just been hiding again. 2415 years ago, the second demon war raged on the world. This time, it was stopped by some strange infighting, that gave other nations a chance to separate the Demon armies. And this time, some of them remained and do so until now. Some even made treaties with their neighbours. Some even remained neutral in the third demon war of 1221 before now. Which did not stop them from being purged afterwards, mainly by the human realms, but also by the Elves. But htis time, quite a bunch of them managed to survive together, in a remote, volcanic region protected by mountains and sea - and lava. There, with shifting rulers, the Inferno towns remain to this day. As well as few isolated settlements elsewhere.
For a long time now, they have expanded their methods, using corruption, trade, intrigue and diplomacy, alongside the old-fashioned border-wars. But voices rise that it is time to pursue old goals again. And the fires are heating up again...

Faction Relations
-Castle/Haven: They are the enemy. Relentlessly standing in Infernos way, worshipping the embodyment of everything the demons are not. These two factions will not come to any good terms. It is probably the oldest and strongest Fheud existing, and a war neverending.
-Dungeon: The Dungeons are useful, and they have a promising nature. They also do like destruction and are not so biased. Thus, Inferno often allies with them, though there are exceptions.
-Forge/Factory: tba
-Necropolis: Both factions are hated by many others, and thus they often ally. These are usually short-lived, though. The infernos for example find it harder than you'd think to corrupt the Undead.
-Rampart/Sylvan: The Forests and the Fires are not at good terms and have never been. THeir peacefulness seems to end when it comes to demons. Constant and lasting war.
-Stronghold: The Barabarians are strong and the demons respect them. Unfortunately, they on the other hand despise the demons. Thus, it is more or less an uneasy truce between the factions.
-Sanctuary: Sanctuary favors balance, perfection, and a world that is existent and whole in itself. For Inferno, they are interferers, and a danger that has to overcome, but they know they have to deal with them carefully. War.
-Cove: Neutral
-Dwarf Fortress: Truce
-Tower/Academy: The relationship between Wizards and Demons is a complex one. The demons need the wizards powers, but they also know they are a dange. As the towers are not one united realm anyway, the diplomatic status depends very much on the situation and is constantly shifting.
-Conflux: Peace
-Swamp Fortress: Peace

Hero Classes

Heretics are those banished by their own lands for ideas that are deemed...well, infernal. Many do not intend to go to Inferno first, but are driven there by their own kind. They are usually useful rulers, but also potent mages.

Starts with 1 Attack, 0 Defense, 2 Spellpower, 3 Knowledge, as well as the Spoiling the land Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Leadership, Nobility, Enlightenment, Diplomacy
-Low Chances for Light Magic, Water Magic, Siege Warfare, Fortune

-Dante (Male Human; Specialty: Corruption works faster)
-Ignatius (Male Human; Specialty: Imps get a bonus on attack and defense.)
-Pyre (Female Human; Specialty: More damage and initiative for Flamethrowers.)
-Taurubor (Male Minotaur; Specialty: Reduced building costs in governed Inferno Town)
-Xaide (Female Naga; Specialty: More initiative and hitpoints for Wheels of Torment)
-Ydash (Male Elf; Specialty: More speed and damage for Lost Souls)

Demonology is the Knowledge of the Demons, but also covers a lot of dark and summoning Magic. Demonologists excell in Magic, above all, but they are also acceptable on the AM.

Starts with 0 Attack, 0 Defense, 3 Spellpower, 3 Knowledge, as well as the Cultism Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Dark Magic, Fire Magic, Mysticism, Sorcery
-Low Chances for Light Magic, Water Magic, Leadership, Offense, Defense

-Aiden (Male Human; Specialty: Increased Mana Regeneration)
-Jezebeth (Female Demon; Specialty: Increased Mana and Initiative for Succubi)
-Nathir (Male Human; Increases the Attack and Defense of Hell Hounds)
-Xarfax (Male Dwarf; Specialty: Dark Spells with duration last longer)
-Xyron (Male Demon; Specialty: Fire Damage Spells deal more damage)

Hell Knights:
True Warriors of Hell can lead their Armies and fight alongside them as Hell Knights. These bringers of destruction do not waste time with ruling or with spells, but their weapon is always ready.

Starts with 4 Attack, 1 Defense, 1 Spellpower, 0 Knowledge, as well as the Pact OR True Shape Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Fighting, Offense, Siege Warfar, Fortune
-Low Chances for Magic Skills, Diplomacy, Enlightenment

Hell Knights:
-Anwen (Female Elf; Specialty: all units deal more )
-Calh (Male Demon; Specialty: can perform the sacrifice action, killing friendly units to gain a huge damage and initiative boost for several turns)
-Garuna (Female Orc; Gains XP whenever successfully using Corruption)
-Nymus (Genderless Demon; Specialty: Increases the Attack and Defense of Fiends)
-Sesshou (Male Demon; The heroes attacks deal more damage, the bigger the target stack)

Faction Skill: Corruption
The hero can spend time to turn Dwellings up to Tier 1/2/4/6/7 (on Basic/Advanced/Expert/Master/Legend Skill Level) into the corresponding Inferno dwelling. This works on AM as well as in town.

-Cultism (The hero can spend time to turn humanoid units into cultists.)
-Spoiling the Land (The hero can spend time to turn AM-mines into sulfur mines.)
-Pact [only for non-demonic heroes] (Increases the weakest stat of the hero by 4. Using Corruption or its subskills gets more effective.)
-True Shape [only for demon heroes] (Increases the strongest stat of the hero by 4. Non-Inferno enemy units have -2 morale while battling this hero.)
-Occult Rites [Cultism + Sorcery] (The hero can sacrifice Cultists to replenish their mana.)
-Lay waste [Spoiling the land] (The hero can spend time to destroy AM-buildings.)
-Infernal Gift [Pact OR True Shape] (Upon choosing this subskill, the hero acquires an Artifact of medium strength.)
-Twisted Steel [Infernal Gift] (The hero can spend time to turn an artifact into a darker version of itself - not every artifact can be turned, though. The outcome depends on the artifact in question.]
-Demon Spells [(Pact OR True Shape) + Occult Rites + any Magic Skill at Expert Level] (Gains Infernal versions of certain spells of any spell school they have on at least expert level. Damage spells usually change their damage type to dark + fire. Debuffs last longer. Buffs increase damage or speed as well. Healing spells work better on Inferno units. Some special spells get special effects.)
-Passing the Gift [Pact + Cultism + Infernal Gift] (Can spend time to turn Cultists into Lost Souls.)
-Destroyer [True Shape + Lay Waste + (Offense OR Siege Warfare on Master Level)] (The hero and their units deal +50% and take +25% damage during Sieges. The damage of Catapults and Flamethrowers is tripled.)


Tier 1: Imp
A lowly demon spawned to this plane in masses. Used as cannon fodder and for lowly, but necessary work. You find lots of them in sewer duty, or as Hell Hound Cleaners - maybe the shortest-lived job ever, considering the vile Temper of those beasts.

Strong Stats: low price, high growth, initiative
Weak Stats: damage, defense, hitpoints, Weakness (Light +100%)

-Annoy (The Imps can use up their turn to target an adjacent enemy stack. That stack looses their retaliation and their next turn is delayed.)

-Mephist (Mephists are demons of mischief, recognizable by their split tail and horns. They can cast the spell misfortune and they increase the effect of good and bad luck triggering for all units on the battlefield. They are a bit faster and a lot better in attack and damage than normal imps.
-Wimp (Wimps are winged imps. They are better in initiative, defense and hitpoints. They can fly and their annoy ability is upgraded, also dealing a bit of damage now.)

Tier 2: Lost Soul
Various religions argue about what happens to the souls of those who pass away. Most agree that there is a place for the souls of the wicked. And most agree that place is hell. There is little agreement though, on who is wicked enough to go there. The demons are not too talkative about it. And the lost souls are neither. They are bound to this plane as mere silhouettes, burning in agony, which they intend to pass on to other mortals.

Strong Stats: Speed, Initiative, Damage, Immunity (Dark)
Weak Stats: Hitpoints, Defense, Weakness (Light +100%)

-Driven by Agony (Morale works the other way around on this unit. Negative morale gives it an earlier next turn, while positive morale makes them loose their turn.)

-Dark Soul (Dark Souls are hardened by the torment of having lived not one, but many lives - and failing each time. They are a lot better in hitpoints and defense. Dark Souls deal all their damage as dark damage and have the ability to hide once per battle.)
-Merciless Soul (There comes a point when a lost soul has exactly nothing left to loose - their last incarnation. By that time they are driven thin by torment, and extremely dangerous for all others. They have a lot more damage, attack, speed and initiative, but they have much less hitpoints and defense (making them weaker than many tier 1 units in these aspects). When Merciless souls die, they burst, dealing damage to all adjacent units. They also have double strike.)

Tier 3: Succubus
Not all demons are only destructive. Some are very fond of...other things. Succubi are the demons of both lust and pain. The demons claim that it is usually the mortal possessed by demon who is so lustful and twisted the demon becomes a succubus. The virtues argue there would probably be no lust without the bad demons interference. They have not yet countered the argument, though, that probably humans would be much smaller in population that way.

Strong Stats: Initiative, Attack
Weak Stats: Defense, Hitpoints, Low Growth

-Lust for Pain (Whenever this unit deals or takes damage, it gets a bonus on morale that starts big but reduces with every turn.)
-Spellcaster (Bloodlust, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Mirth, Sorrow)

-Seductress (All succubi have a passion for physical love. Some are so fond of it, though, that one might hardly call them warriors anymore. They regenerate mana when taking or dealing damage. They gain several more mind control spells, including Hypnotize.)
-Tormentress (Succubi do not only bring lust - but also pain. A Tormentress enjoys this so much, they devote all their life to bringing pain into this world. They can reduce the morale of a friendly unit to enhance their own and dealing damage makes them stronger. They gain debuff- and damage spells.)

Tier 4: Hell Hound
A demon taking the shape of a ferocious dog in this plane. Hell Hounds have a strong hunger for flesh and a lust for hunting. Strangely enough, they are also very true to the place of their summoning, making them good guardians as well.

Strong Stats: Speed, Initiative, Attack
Weak Stats: Defense, High Price

-Fierce against Fear (Enemy units with a morale of 0 or lower cannot retaliate against this unit.)
-Pursue (When an enemy unit moves away from this unit while it has its retaliation left, this unit uses up its retaliation to follow the enemy unit and perform an attack against it.)

-Cerberus (3-headed hell hounds, and rumored to be the best guard dogs possible. They have better hitpoints, attack and defense. They gain No Retaliation as well as the classical strike against the 3 front squares.)
-Soulhunter (Huntin flesh is not enough for these vile beasts. They hunt and devour souls as well. They are even faster and deal more damage. They do not need or use up retaliation to Pursue.)

Tier 5: Wheel of Torment
Despite its shape as a construct, this black wheel is actually a demon, bound to this metallic shape. Sinners and Saints alike are bound to it, the former for their sins, the others for their enmity towards Inferno. They suffer together, while also helping destroy the demons' enemies.

Strong Stats: Speed, Initiative,
Weak Stats: Hitpoints, Expensive

-Feeds on Sorrow (This unit has +1 morale. It gets +1 morale whenever another units morale is reduced, or negative morale is triggered, anywhere on the battlefield.)
-Momentum (thisunit has to keep moving to stay efficient. For every tile it moves, it gets +1% damage. If it does not move, it looses each damage power gained by this and additionaly gets -25% Attack and Defense.)


Tier 6: Fiend
Each flame casts a shadow. But this Shadow is flame. One of the few armed fighters of Inferno, they wield a gigantic, curved and jagged scimitar. Created explicitely for bringing destruction in this world, they are feared in all the world. Especially those being old enough to remember a Demon War fear and loath them.

Strong Stats: Hitpoints, Attack, Resistance (Dark & Fire -50%)
Weak Stats: Speed, Initiative, Weakness (Light +50%)

-Broken Wings (This unit can fly, but needs 1 Mana per Tile to do so.)
-Dark Flame (This unit deals its damage as 50% fire and 50% dark damage, no physical damage at all.)
-Firy Shadow (This unit begins the battle invisible while on volcanic, underground, wasteland, desert or rock terrain.)
-Spellcaster (Burning Soul (Target unit gets a bonus on attack, damage, initiative and speed, but also gets damage every turn), Fireball, Fire Shield, Firewall)

-Pit Fiend (Focussing on the Shadow in themselves, they descend to the deepest pits and love it when someone tosses victims there. They grudgingly ascend for battles. They get more hitpoints and defense. They start the battle invisible everywhere and can protect friendly units from damage spells, but they cannot fly at all. Their spellbook gets several debuffs.)
-Golrab (Wicked, twisted beings of fire and destruction, they burn things first, and then again, and then someone else can ask questions to the ashes. They have more attack and damage. Their spellbook upgrades Fireball to Inferno and Fire Shield to Fire Skin.)

Tier 7: Devil
Where angels embody virtue, Devils emody Sin. Or so the angels say. The Devils would argue they embody power. And Destruction. And magic. And lust. In short, a devil would probably say it's the embodiment of Fun. Their victims disagree. Optically, devils look humanoid, but with a long tail, hooves and hornes, as well as a snoutlike face, red skin, glowing eyes and more of that stuff. They wield a red trident into battle.

Strong Stats: Initiative, Speed, Attack, Resistance (Dark -75%, Fire -25%)
Weak Stats: Defense, Weakness (Light +100%)

-Hate Angels (Double Damage against Angels and their upgrades.)
-Hellpaths (This unit moves by travelling through the plane of Hell, directly reaching the target spot within range.)
-Spellcaster (Curse, Dark Blessing (Buffs 3 random stats for the cost of reducing 1 random other), Force Field, Shadow Coat (Gives friendly unit 50% Resistance against ranged attacks and Dark damage), Sorrow)

-Archdevil (Leaders among the devils, they are rarely seen on this plane in greater numbers - and then they bring destruction. They are better in all aspects than devils - but also a lot more expensive. They can open Gates to hell and summon lesser demons as temporary allies. They also gain the Armageddon Spell.)
-Devillain (More schemers than warriors, these only serve someone when it serves them on the long term. They have better initiative and speed. They gain some mind control spells. They also have the ability to open rifts into hell among enemy units, causing horrible damage and drastically reducing the targets morale.)

Special War Machine:
Flamethrower (The Flamethrower is a special Catapult that, instead of normal Wall-Attacks, can also throw Balls of fire, that work like the Fireball spell.)

Associated Units:
-Cultist (Cultists are mortals choosing to serve the demons instead of opposing them. Usually it is the promise of power that draws them. Sometimes also desperation, fear, greed, or simply hate. Pretty weak by themselves, they strengthen other Inferno units and the Corruption Skill.)
-Ifrit (A corrupted and possessed spirit from this world, be it Djinn, Ghost, or Ethereal, will be turned into an Ifrit. These Spirit-Demons are powerfull spellcasters.)


Building Chart


Building A [Requirements] (Effect)
>Upgraded Building A
-> twice upgraded Building A
-Other Base Building needing Building A

General buildings are black
Magic buildings are blue
Dwelling are red
Special buildings are green

Buildings unique for Inferno (except dwellings) are bold

Village Hall (500 gold income)
>Town Hall (1000 gold income)
->City Hall (2000 gold income)
-->Capitol  (5000 gold income; unique per faction)
-->Province Hall (3000 gold income)

Fort (Adds weak Walls; allows Building dwellings)
>Citadel (makes the walls stronger, adds central Tower and weak moat; +25% Creature Growth)
->Castle (Makes the Walls and moat stronger, adds Towers on the Walls; +50% Creature Growth)

Marketplace (Allows trading resources for others. More marketplaces allow a better trade rate.)
>Ressource Silo (Gives 1 sulfur per day)

Tavern (Can recruit heroes of level 1)
>Inn (Can recruit heroes of level 5)

Mage Guild Level 1
>Mage Guild Level 2
->Mage Guild Level 3
-->Mage Guild Level 4
--->Mage Guild Level 5

Blacksmith (Can build the Ballista.)
>Forge of Fire (Can build the Flamethrower)

Shrine of the Demon Cult [Town Hall] (Allows you to recruit Cultists. The population does not grow weakly, though. Instead, you gain Cultist population in the nearest Demon Cult Shrine whenever you use Corruption or its subskills, as well as when you take a non-Inferno AM-Dwelling.)
>Monastry of the Demon Cult [City Hall, Inn] (Can sacrifice a bit of Cultist Population, sending them to a chosen Enemy Player, Hero or City, and gain accurate information about them. The more Cultists you send, the more details you get.)

Altar of Sacrifice [Mage Guild Level 2, Tower of Agony] (Each hero can use the Altar of Sacrifice once, with the following choices: 1. Sacrifice Flesh - permanent loss of an artifact slot (Left or Right Hand, or Legs), -2 attack and defense, but immediately gain a huge amount of XP and one additional Skill Choice (like on Level up). 2. Sacrifice Soul - Forget one Skill (Lowest possible Skill Level, not the Faction Skill), -2 Spellpower and Knowledge, but gain a medium amount of XP and +5 Attack and Defense. 3. Sacrifice People - sacrifice as many of your troops as you want, turning them into XP at a rate depending on the units' power level.

Summoning Circle (Allows recruiting tba)

Tower of Agony [Summoning Circle] (Allows recruiting Lost Souls)

House of Pleasures [Tower of Agony, Mage Guild Level 1] (Allows recruiting Succubi)

Infernal Kennels [Summoning Circle, Citadel, Tavern] (Allows recruiting Hell Hounds)

Painforge [House of Pleasures, Blacksmith] (Allows recruiting Wheels of Torment)

Bottomless Pit [Tower of Agony, Infernal Kennels, Mage Guild Level 3] (Allows recruiting Fiends)

Demon Palace [Bottomless Pit, City Hall, Mage Guild Level 4] (Allows recruiting Devils)

Grail Building: Portal to Hell (Summons Infero troops for free each day - the tier depends on the day of the weak, the troop strength and how much of the town is built.)

The Walls of Inferno do not look like built bricks, but are rather molten rocks, jagged and crooked and all but straight. The moat is a Lava moat (the lava streams directly from the walls), dealing entering units fire damage and, when upgraded, a burn effect, additionally to making them stop. The Towers of Inferno are armed with Flamethrowers, dealing fire damage.

Tech Tree
Every faction has their own Tech Tree, offering benefits for all your heroes, armies, towns and AM-Structures.
The tech tree can be accessed on the Adventure map. Most Techs have requirements you must meet. If it is buildings, 1 town with them is enough.
Techs take time to research. The more towns you have, and the better built these towns are, the less time Techs take.

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Known Hero
posted September 07, 2020 05:16 PM
Edited by Alon at 16:41, 18 Sep 2020.


The devil is not personally strong, or omniscient, or capable of rallying forces through moral example. No. The devil wins through trickery: the best way to defeat strong enemies is to turn them against themselves, offering deals to any who would switch sides.

The inferno has the trappings of a strict hierarchy of violence, but actual physical confrontation is rare. Instead, its tradecraft is deceit, double dealing, and temptation.

It is based far more on Dante's Inferno than on modern depictions of hell as hot and horrorlike. To the extent there's any elemental magic, it's cold and poison rather than fire. But mind magic is far more important: fear, temptation, berserk.

Heroes and skills

The inferno relies on trickery to get around enemy strong points. The hero has to use special skills to make sure enemy troops are distracted by infighting or too afraid to retaliate. The army has to combine the might of the troops with the power of the hero, which can be about mundane espionage and bribery or about magic related to demoralization.

Special skill: information

All inferno heroes have the ability to glean information about the enemy they're about to face ahead of time. This includes bonuses to thieves' guild information about the enemy economy, but mainly gives the devil advance intelligence about enemy weaknesses, giving the inferno time to prepare the counter. This forces the inferno to play a reactive style.


The inferno's might hero specializes in espionage and recruitment of traitors. The corruptor goes beyond mere information gathering and has the bribe ability, used to find traitors who will open the city gates to aid in sieges and to pay low-morale hero-less armies guarding resource nods to stand aside.

Additional bonuses, depending on the hero, include tactics (fighting on more favorable terrain), estates (more money), magic resistance, and bonuses to individual unit types like fliers and skirmishers.


The inferno's magic hero has the greatest ability to weaken enemy troop's ability to fight in the midst of battle. In addition to the information ability and the spellcasting power of any magic hero, the warlock can use the charm ability on one enemy stack per turn, causing it to lay down arms and not fight - even if the unit is an undead or construct, as the charm can disrupt the enemy wizard's control.

Additional bonuses, depending on the hero, include specific spell types including curses (that is, general debuffs), poison magic, mind magic (that is, fear and berserk), and individual caster units like the succubus, slaver, and malebranca.

Special buildings

Torture chamber: enhancement for the thieves' guild, good both for getting extra information about the enemy and denying the enemy information about the town's capabilities.

Poisonous pool: a defensive structure, using one of the inferno's favored punishments. It provides bonuses to poison attacks in sieges and for a turn after a hero ends their turn in town; this includes poison spells as well as the attacks of the swarm, stalker, and geryon.

Dark altar: additional power for bribery and charm. The dark altar encourages devil worship, reducing the cost of bribing traitors in sieges and enhancing the ability of warlocks to inspire fear in the enemy in battle. Bonuses from dark altars in different towns stack.


Units have 3 tiers. The same town can build all units in each tier - the rule is that a tier 1 building is required to build a tier 2 building and a tier 2 building is required to build a tier 3 building.

Of note, the Inferno is weak at range, and only has two units that can attack at skirmish range. To counter ranged enemy units, like archers and elven archers, cast your favorite debuffs on them, or swarm them with fast low-tier units.

Also of note, Inferno units are often specialized against some factions in the sense that poison attacks are ineffective against undead and constructs and demoralization is weaker against Castle heroes with good leadership stats. The devil has to tailor the army to the opponent.

Tier 1

Imp: small, cheap, fast, disposable attacker, with weak defense. Prone to being demoralized. Can distract enemies that would otherwise attack a stronger stack.

Swarm: a swarm of giant wasps, light flyers with a poison attack that slows and demoralizes the target. The swarm can attack a single target or an area but the total damage delivered is always the same.

Fury: a strong fighter that causes bonus damage against a target that is or was previously charmed or demoralized during the fight.

Low-tier armies can be single-unit or mixed. The swarm is especially good in monobattles because of its ability to spread out, and can also fly over walls to aid in sieges. Swarm-fury is a good mix using demoralization, but against morale-less undead as well as heroes with strong leadership, spamming imps can be better.

Tier 2

Stalker: a fast spider-bodied with the ability to dart backward after attacking and jump up and down cliffs, kiting melee units. It is weak against ranged attacks. Its attack is poisonous and is therefore weak against undead, which is important as the Necropolis is weak in ranged units.

Geryon: a heavy flyer with a toxic, 6-armed attack.

Succubus: a magical skirmisher with the ability to charm living creatures into not attacking.

Good unit comps at this tier include fury-succubus to maximize demoralization, swarm-stalker-geryon against enemies without resistance to poison, and imp-stalker with the imp acting as cannon fodder.

Tier 3

Gog: a fast beast that swallows creatures it attacks whole, recovering damage in the process; this attack leads to unit perma-death (thus, healing is ineffective and the unit is not recovered if the enemy wins the battle) and demoralizes the rest of the stack. This is effective against the living as well as undead, just not summons or constructs.

Slaver: a slow, tanky giant humanoid with a strong whip that causes physical damage. The whip has just enough range to have first strike when attacking as well as defending. Moreover, the slaver dampens enemy magic, and in particular can wrest control of enemy summons and constructs.

Malebranca: a heavy flyer with a physical attack that causes fear and demoralization. Having many malebranche in the army also helps sow dissension in enemy cities during sieges, aiding spells like berserk and charm.

Good comps depend on enemy faction and situation. Malebranche are excellent siege units, esp. with geryons to tank damage; malebranca-succubus-fury is good for demoralization, slaver-stalker-swarm ruins units that rely on speed, gog-succubus is good against casters, imps can be cannon fodder for any other comp.

Final notes

I could potentially swap the stalker for the cerberus. I like the stalker as a unit a lot, and if the swap happens it goes to the dungeon; the reason for a cerberus-free inferno is that I mapped out lineups using the six factions of H2/4/7 in which the necropolis gets cerberus, so if the inferno gets that then the necropolis has to get a substitute, probably the ghoul. I also like the idea of the kiting stalker in the inferno, which is a trickster town.

In Heroes the warlock is a dungeon hero, but I think of the dungeon as the dragon town, in which the heroes are dragons and the lower-tier units are cannon fodder for the strong. Moreover, in line with the inferno as a European mythology of the devil, the word warlock was always used specifically for a devil-worshiping wizard, and its etymology is "deceiver" or "oathbreaker."

The three evil-IDed towns - necropolis, inferno, dungeon - have to be distinguished somehow. So in my schema, the inferno is the tricky one that tells stories of temptation, the necropolis is the endless horde of undead horror, and the dungeon is the brutal hierarchy in which the weak exist for the pleasure of the strong.

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted September 07, 2020 06:49 PM
Edited by Galaad at 22:57, 11 Sep 2020.





Magic oriented, specialized in fire and mind magic. Extremely intelligent beings at the service of evil. Born from fire and kill with fire.

Faction unique : Gating, teleports a stack, takes 3 turns at basic level, 2 turns at advanced, and 1 turn at expert.


Might oriented, specialized in artillery and ballistics. Well trained and excellent leaders in battle. They are feared since centuries.

Faction unique : Fire ballistas and catapults, dealing more damage to castle walls and units. +1 at basic level, +2 at advanced, +3 at expert.


Under construction


Under construction


Tier 1 Imp/Familiar
Fast melee units, low damage dealers.

Tier 2 Demon/Demon Warrior
Slow melee units, good damage for a tier 2 unit.
Upgrade has 20% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Tier 3 Killer/Bringer of Death
Fast melee unit, teleports, decent damage dealer.
Upgrade has 50% chance to inflict additional fire DoT for 3 turns.

Tier 4 Goat/Goat Seer
Tank, ranged unit, good damage dealer
Upgrade casts fireball up to 3 times

Tier 5 Hellhound/Cerberus
Melee, balanced good defense good attack, AoE attack, no retaliation
Upgrade attacks twice, no retaliation

Tier 6  Ifrit/Ifrit Sultan
Flyer, melee, good damage, has 100% chance to inflict additional fire DoT for 3 turns
Upgrade casts fire shield for 5 turns, can be casted 3 times

Tier 7 Devil/Archdevil
Melee, teleports, inflicts -3 to morale for 5 turns and -5 to defense for 3 turns after a hit
Upgrade has 50% chance to cast fear after attack


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posted September 11, 2020 06:29 AM

A little update in the Campaign Overview, in the end of the proposal, with a small explanation of the suggested plot.
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Supreme Hero
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posted September 11, 2020 05:17 PM

The only thing I can say is: Why hans't Pandatar been contracted to design the Heroes 8 Towns yet? That level of dedication to detail up to having multiple unique traits and bios on each individual hero all done by the same person as top down town design is astounding. Don't tell me you shopped the town image too as well?

Though there is room for improvement in that one (no doubt would be done all in animated 3D), it shows a lot of work nontheless.

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Legendary Hero
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posted September 11, 2020 06:34 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 22:55, 19 Sep 2020.

Thank you, Nimostar, it was such a nice comment! ^_^

A lot of things require some polishing, rethinking, but it's fun creating, nonetheless. Finding uniqueness between each hero and their functions on the whole is a quite interesting exercise.

For the townscreen, I used around 12 9 different images to compose it, although I had 14 selected. Finding the right background is the trickiest, to acommodate everything, and finding a second one to stretch it, if the main background is too narrow. Then you just have to find some other random stuff to simulate dwellings and some buildings, maybe add units on it, if possible. It's a hobby, so I do it rather tenderly when I have time to spare. And Quarantine arranged that time. hohohohoho
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Hero of Order
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posted September 11, 2020 10:58 PM

NimoStar said:
The only thing I can say is: Why hans't Pandatar been contracted to design the Heroes 8 Towns yet?

He's overqualified to work at Ubi.

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Supreme Hero
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posted September 12, 2020 02:38 AM

Finding the right background is the trickiest, to acommodate everything, and finding a second one to stretch it, if the main background is too narrow. Then you just have to find some other random stuff to simulate dwellings and some buildings, maybe add units on it, if possible. It's a hobby, so I do it rather tenderly when I have time to spare. And Quarantine arranged that time. hohohohoho

No problem, deserved compliments.

I know finding the background is initially the trickiest part - I myself made a 2D edited new townscreen for H4

However there is something that on the long run became even harder: Keeping the illumination and contrast with the buildings.

Tell me, what was your answer for that? I just fiddle in photoshop but it is a lot of work and the results are often not perfect

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Legendary Hero
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posted September 12, 2020 03:03 AM

In these cases of mine, which I actually don't have to care much about contrast because it is nothing that will be used anywhere, I focus more on the layered depth of the composition. I think it's the most difficult part. When things start to fade back, because of distance, and there are tones over tones in the making. So I mostly do manually some brushing here and there on new empty layers, and try some manner of filters to see if it fits, make copy of layers and try overtones on them. Most of the time it sort of works, at least for this level of hobby, that is. Getting different artworks and merging them together requires a bit of patience.

I don't know exactly how it works on something that will actually be used in game, though. It might require a different approach. Buildings too faded back won't have much contrast, so they must compensate with size or an unusual shape, I think. I would have to look upon what you are doing to have a better notion.

I have Necropolis and Atlantis, also. Necropolis is finished for a while now, so it's not that wide-screen like. I also applied Red as their main tone, because they are not bound to the usual necromancy, and because it sort of bored me. ^_^ So, Necropolis was made upon a single background. But you'll notice that Atlantis are two backgrounds to stretch it wide, but the right hand side had very few fishes about. I had to add some, but also didn't spend much time with that in the end.
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Supreme Hero
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posted September 12, 2020 03:35 AM

I don't know exactly how it works on something that will actually be used in game, though. It might require a different approach. Buildings too faded back won't have much contrast, so they must compensate with size or an unusual shape, I think. I would have to look upon what you are doing to have a better notion.

Well, if you really want to comment, you could see here and say what you think on that thread. I know it's not precisely perfect and you have clearly been doing this for longer -that was my first serious attempt-

The layer things with transparency doesn't work exactly fine in H4 unless they are baked into the image, sadly that makes the prospect of animation harder as well (my town screen even tho theoretically works ingame with independent buildings, is not animated yet)

I have Necropolis and Atlantis, also. Necropolis is finished for a while now, so it's not that wide-screen like. I also applied Red as their main tone, because they are not bound to the usual necromancy, and because it sort of bored me. ^_^ So, Necropolis was made upon a single background. But you'll notice that Atlantis are two backgrounds to stretch it wide, but the right hand side had very few fishes about. I had to add some, but also didn't spend much time with that in the end.

Ah yes, widescreening  is hard in some things, I needed to cut the image however to fit into 4:3 HOMM IV aspect, so its ironic. I can see the atlantis transition but it was nicely done. However, if intended for an actual game and not a concept, that would be a real nightmare to animate : P

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Known Hero
posted September 12, 2020 12:31 PM

Do you guys have DeviantArt accounts or something where people can see your art?

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Legendary Hero
Undorcover modder
posted September 12, 2020 01:44 PM

Ok, so I finally have some free time on my hands and I've got a hang on how I think the higher hierarchy could work.

I forgot to mention some important details in the first contest, for example the fact that the action doesn't take place in any former HoMM setting and that's the main reason why I didn't really add campaign and such (but I will try now, since other people did it as well). I should also mention I'm trying to follow NWC ideal of having the lore evolve around classical lineups rather than the lineups follow the lore (one reason why people disliked certain unit lineups in Ubisoft's games).

And yes, I do want a battlefield influenced by the terrain and weather, just like PandaTar suggested as well, although I was first inspired by what King's Bounty 2 is gonna have.
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posted September 12, 2020 04:20 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 18:44, 12 Sep 2020.

Alon said:
Do you guys have DeviantArt accounts or something where people can see your art?

Not yet. As most of things I am doing for this hobby uses other artists' work, I cannot simply post that stuff there as something of mine.

But, in future, I might try some personal art, after I learn how to use this new pen-pad, and actually create something manually. Artstation is also a nice place to find some interesting art, if you need it someday.

FirePaladin said:

And yes, I do want a battlefield influenced by the terrain and weather, just like PandaTar suggested as well, although I was first inspired by what King's Bounty 2 is gonna have.

Yup, more or less on that setting. Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, but with hexagonal slots. Only the variable on higher and lower ground that I am thinking about, if the battle only has 3 layers of height, or if they have more, like in FFT (which could be complicated, if a ground unit is trying to reach a flying ranged unit, that could keep evading or reach a place where that ground unit couldn't reach, ever). But terrain penalty, elemental effects and weather (although weather effects I would propose are much fiercer) are all present, as some conditions, like pushing units from high height, and charging spells (not instant casting with no cool down).

With a 3-layer design, low ground units would suffer increased damage from mid/high ground incoming attacks and less chance to dodge them. Low ground units, on the other hand, would have decreased damage against mid-layer units, and vs high-layer units, even more damage penalty plus accuracy penalty due lack of reach; however, they could get easily covered by obstacles or other units between attacker and target, if the attacker requires target to be in line of sight. A unit's Flying perk would make them always stand one height of layer above where they are located, which would make them even more protected against melee attacks from low ground units while they are on highest ground, because there would have, in fact, 3 layers of height distance. However, flying units are very suscetible to be crippled by weather effects.

And, of course, don't make any unreachable points on the map. ^_^
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posted September 13, 2020 12:14 AM

I do have a whole Deviantart gallery though I didn't showcase Heroes related stuff there as of now

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posted September 14, 2020 01:02 AM
Edited by FirePaladin at 00:06, 19 Sep 2020.

Game Mechanics description
* As mentioned before, the battlefield now has different terrain heights in certain areas, influencing stuff such as shooters dealing increased damage to units found lower than them, with some exceptions, and melee units dealing less damage to troops above them. Weather also influences the battle, like reduced movement and/or initiative during rain, etc.
* There are now battlefield structures which can deal damage to creatures, like Volcanoes (similar to what modern King's Bounty has). There also are destructible obstacles, including even bridge legs, if you manage to break those haha.
* There are certain damage types based on the creature's attack (so no Earth damage unless it's an elemental magic attack, not any HoMM7 shenanigans here). Eg. Dragons deal Fire damage and blades deal physical damage, some of them dealing a bit of poison or any other type of damage if the blade is enchanted, poisoned, etc.
* Certain factions have specific skills.
* There are around 2 alternate units for each faction.
* Equipment for certain units was added (eg. usually not wild beasts, monsters, etc.).
* Initiative is a thing now, it affects when the unit's turn comes; basically, Speed stat is now split into Speed and Initiative.
* The factions are made to have classic units (and features) as the vast majority (NWC's vision), which aren't based on the lore, but there also are some partial exceptions, and some alternate units can be more lore-aligned.
* Each hero class has a hero which specializes in something more exotic.
* There are 5 schools of magic: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. Spirit is divided in two separate sub-schools: Light and Dark. Good aligned heroes can use only Light Spirit magic, while Evil aligned heroes can use only Dark Spirit magic (also, Good aligned MGs can't get Dark Spirit spells, and the same goes for Evil aligned MGs). However, neutral heroes can choose to use one or the other, and neutral MGs can receive either/both (depends on final balance) Light and Dark Spirit spells.
* I am designing this to be a relatively average improvement from HoMM3 mechanics, so it won't traumatize too many fans (including me) and won't stray too much from the base game mechanics (cough- HoMM6 -cough; I still liked it, but it wasn't a HoMM game).
* And as usual, this is somewhat of a rough sketch, creatures' and features' balance would influence certain stuff to change in a final version.

Overall description
Inferno is mainly composed of infernal creatures and is a predominantly underground faction. They are technologically advanced, although just the less-advanced branches are near the surface, with exceptions for strategic points (meaning some of their units have lower growth and higher stats). Their society is ruled by fallen Angels and Devils.

It's fit for sieges, and its tier 1-4 creatures usually have at most average or under-average stats, with 5-7 level creatures having at least average stats; they are, however, accompanied by interesting abilities and support from Occult spells. They also do have 1 to 2 shooters, depending on the route you take, so it'll be tougher to endure a siege, until you get the higher level teleporting units. Even then, you have to engage in melee, and base Demons are quite fragile. The higher tier dwellings are also quite expensive, but the units do not disappoint. Basically, this faction has to be played using wits.

Visually, the town has an imposing Castle structure with iron reinforcements. The land is barren and there are some lava cracks all over the place; the sky is red. All buildings except for tier 6 to 7 (and minor details on other buildings) fit into the medieval concept. Mage Guild has only 4 levels and is similar to the H3 MG due to the occult aesthetic.

Music could be some softer metal or something along those lines (similar tones to this, H3 Inferno Metal Cover; I have to thank Nimostar for finding this inside the HoMM4 Greatest Mod).

Its racial/faction skill is Occultism, which gives its heroes and/or units access to certain spells, occult spells (from a special building) or technologies like Teleport, Sacrifice, etc. (it's described a little lower). The Inferno heroes themselves start with various skills.

Here are the levels of the skill and its bonuses:

Basic: Lets you learn level 1 Occult spells, which are by themselves an Inferno-specific branch of Dark Spirit magic. They use Rage/Wrath instead of Mana, which accumulates when damage is dealt to creatures during the battle. You get more of it when your own creatures take damage. I think the Basic level would give you a cap of 10 for it, with +10 for each level.

Advanced: Same as Basic but lets you learn level 2. Heroes can now cast both a regular spell and an Occult spell per round now.

Expert:  -//- level 3.

Hell Officer (Might hero):
Doesn't prefer either Attack or Defense, and starts with 2/2/1/1 stats. Has 3/3/2/2 skill chances at level up.

One of them could specialize in Tactics, being able to either deploy one more limited sack of a certain low-level unit or splitting stacks before the beginning of the battle.

Average chances for Fire and Dark Spirit magic, as well as for Earth. Chances for Air and Water Magic are minimal. Has high chances for Tactics, Offense and Armorer.

Ritualist (Magic hero):
Their chances to receive Spell Power (or its equivalent) at level up are higher than those for Knowledge, and start with 1/0/3/2 stats. They usually specialize in damaging spells and start with a magic school which is predominantly made out of attacking spells.

One of the magic heroes can summon/create a crack in the soil using Occultism skill from the beginning (obstacle; can't fully block a creature). At a higher level of Occultism, the same hero can instead create a lava crack.

High chances for Fire and Dark Spirit magic, as well as Sorcery. Chances are average for Earth magic and Tactics.

Faction relationships:
Castle: Both of them totally despise each other, for obvious reasons.
Necropolis: They are on very good terms with each other. Necropolis even provides rare resources they don't use to Inferno. Some even suspect that the main Necropolis kingdom is a vassal to Inferno.
Dungeon/Warlock: They are aggressive at first towards Inferno, but become neutral later on after settling territorial disputes. Even later, they become allies, but that would be a thing for the expansion.
Forge (not Factory Ram Ranch): Thing is, Forge is very diverse, and is mostly just a term to describe the overly technological sides of a faction/nation. So you could say the lower-areas Inferno is Forge, but there are some more Forges as well.
Rampart/Sylvan: Elves hate Inferno for obvious reasons. Constantly at war when they meet each other, just like Castle.
Stronghold: Monke hate evil gods of death. Inferno doesn't really care about Barbarians for now, since their near-surface bases are kinda far from them. And even so, their units are too tough for Barbarians to easily fight.
Sanctuary: They hate Inferno for reasons unknown to outsiders, and also dislike how Inferno has been active underwater for thousands of years if not more.
Cove: Just any other humans in the eyes of Inferno. The pirates see Inferno as an enemy though.
Dwarves: Currently neutral, they are researching more about wt**** Inferno has in its armament and all. They are doing this because of a secret pact as well. It's not like Inferno doesn't know that, though, and they do have their secret plans to deal with that.
Tower: Currently neutral. The wizards always expected the coming of Inferno, and they take care to prepare themselves and find out as much as possible about Inferno.
Conflux: The elements don't want to be perverted by Inferno, while Inferno does want to corrupt them.
Fortress: They are allied and help each other with their problems.

War machines:

Battle Ram:
Autonomous battle ram made out of iron.

A catapult. The Trebuchet also deals area Fire damage compared to its base form, and can be acquired with the Blacksmith's upgrade.

Fiery Arbalet:
Experimental Ballista version of upper Inferno forces. Has more damage and Attack (+1), but is more fragile.

Special Buildings:
Blacksmith with upgrade:
Does what I said above, upgrades war machines. Has some factory pipes going on on top of it. It can also provide equipment for certain units.

Temple of Doom (level 1, level 2 and level 3):

Gives access to Occult spells. Mage Guild level 1 is required, and it's a smaller annex of the MG. Level 1 gives 3/5 spells, level 2 2/4 and level 3 1/3.

Sacrificial Altar:

Increases growth of certain creatures based on the creatures sacrificed. Also gives the hero a small boost of Rage next battle.

Simp Twitch Channel:
Your classic Imp horde building; raises their growth/week by 6.

+1 growth to Demonesses/Succubi. Can be built only after the Imp horde building.

Scorching Pyre:
The hero's spells deal 10% more damage for the next week when visited. It's basically a pile of burning sacrifices, including some car tires.

Hell Core (or Tartarus):
Grail building. Base Grail bonus, boosts the accumulation of Rage/Wrath in battle, heroes also might start with 1/4 of it charged. Inferno units which use hi-tech equipment also get a boost related to it (will be specified in the units' section). Works on geo-thermal energy. It's a reactor inside of an iron building (has more layers inside, including steel and other materials). Fire is coming out of all of its holes, as well as lava.

Occult Spells (duration is equal to level of Occult skill):
Level 1:
* Demonic Seal (Inferno creatures deal +10% damage against the target; can be cast once per battle though, and uses a bit much Rage)
* Burn (inflicts the Burn effect on the target, dealing Fire damage for a few turns)
* Fire Bolt (exactly what it says it is - low damage)
* Agitation (the target creature gets +1 speed and initiative)
* Trap (places a random trap in the designated Fireball-like area - one for each level - can be place manually with Artillery skill or smt similar, I guess)

Level 2:
* Fissure (similar to what the hero at the beginning has, although only he/she can cast the upgraded version)
* Fire Aura (Fire shield)
* Snake strike (the target retaliates before it's attacked)
* Area Agitation (Fireball area)

Level 3:
* Mass Snake Strike
* Teleportation/Summoning Portal (Teleport spell but also applies a Fire or Dark Spirit magic buffing/nerfing spell on the target creature)
* Summon demons (limited by hero level, like 1/2? I'm not sure)


- = Under
-- = Much under
+ = A bit above
++ = above

* Stats are based around the unit's growth (eg. 4); first stat is for the base unit and 2nd for upgrade.
* Stats shown here are for reference, they could be higher or lower, depending on balance mainly.

Level 1: Simp Imp
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Damage: 1-2 (Physical)
Health: 3
Initiative: 6
Speed: 6
Growth: 16 (32)+6
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Mana drain
Description: The classic simps you get in any Inferno in HoMM (except for H6). They drain mana, kick and bite, are relatively fast and have under-average stats. Curse their high growth though.
Dwelling: rotating chairs Small habitat buildings made out of bricks, forming a round village. A large fire appears in the middle at upgrade.
Grail bonus: They are so stupid and such simps that they don't get any  bonus from the Grail structure.

Level 2: Infernal Hound/Cerberus
Attack: 6
Defense: 4
Damage: 2-5 (Physical)
Health: 18
Initiative: 7/8
Speed: 6/7
Growth: 5 (12)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* No Retaliation [only for upgrade]
* Three-headed attack [only for upgrade]
Description: Those three-headed doge. They're good on offense and speed, they are lacking only on the defensive part. They are dogs mutated in Inferno's labs.
Dwelling: Cages, how more complicated can they get? A building does appear at upgrade, being a lab to mutate the dogs.
Grail bonus: The doge are now even merrier and have higher initiative.

Level 3: Cultist/Blood Shaman
Attack: 7
Defense: 6
Shots: 18
Damage: 3-7 (Fire)
Health: 19
Initiative: 5
Speed: 6
Growth: 5 (10)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Shooter
* Blood Ritual (can apply a Demonic Seal (Inferno troops deal +10% damage against the target) once per battle which will last 1 turn) [only for upgrade]
Description: A hooded figure in black robes; has red shining eyes and red motifs on the clothing at upgrade. They use small fiery bolts as projectiles, coming from their palms. They use a dagger in melee.
Dwelling: Mysterious, dark temple. Sacrificial short pillars, which top area is lit with fire, appear at the upgrade, next to the entrance.
Grail bonus: Demonic Seal lasts 2 turns.

Attack: 8
Defense: 6
Damage: 4-6 (Physical and 1 dmg Fire)
Health: 26
Initiative: 6
Speed: 6
Growth: 5 (10)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Frenzy (They can go in a frenzy for 2 turns once per battle, sacrificing their defense for attack and going out of control)
Description: A bit inspired by the HoMM6 units, at least the base concept and name. Human-looking creatures with redder skin, having half of their body protected by black armor pieces and a helmet on their head (their eyes glow yellow). They wield curved long blades (kinda similar to what Kratos from God of War has).
Dwelling: An open hall full of torturing devices.
Grail bonus: 4 defense when the Frenzy is used.

Level 4: Hell Bird
Attack: 13
Defense: 9
Damage: 6-9 (Physical and 1-2 dmg is Fire)
Health: 45 (Average+)
Initiative: 7
Speed: 9
Growth: 4 (8)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Flyer
* Fiery Aura (1/4 fire damage is dealt each turn to enemies standing next to the unit)
Description: A black, ardent bird, with scales on it and sharp teeth. Any enemy standing around is burned by its fiery aura.
Dwelling: A nest placed on a volcano, with a building and stairs icorporated at upgrade.
Grail bonus: Chance to inflict a weak burning effect with its attack (~20%), and half the chance to inflict it to enemies around.

Level 5: Demoness/Succubus
Attack: 15/15 (Average+)
Defense: 12/12 (Average-)
Shots: 12/n/a
Damage: 13-18/13-18 (Average; 1/2 Dark Spirit dmg and 1/2 Fire dmg for base unit; the ratio is 1/4 Fire and DS dmg and 1/2 Physical dmg for upgrade)
Health: 55/66 (Average)
Initiative: 8/8 (Medium +)
Speed: 6/7
Growth: 2 (4)+1
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Shooter [only for base unit]
* Fireball [only for base unit]
* No Melee Penalty [only for base unit]
* Seduction (The Succubus can seduce (Hypnotize) any level 1-6 male humanoid unit once per battle for 1 turn, after which base damage is dealt to the seduced unit. The Succubus then is healed by the amount of hp the seduced unit lost (Life Drain)) [only for upgrade]
Description: Almost naked attractive women with hooves, purplish bat wings and horns. The base unit has a ranged fireball attack and no melee penalty. The upgrade losses the possibility of shooting and gains a whip. Their only stat bonus is +1 speed, as well as nicer visuals, for the ability.
Equipment: Long dagger which deals less damage but has a 50% chance to inflict Bleed (target unit's defense is lowered by 1 and is also dealt a bit of damage).
Dwelling: A decently-sized building with an altar-like shape and many rooms, featuring a succubi statue on top of it and 2 next to the entrance at upgrade as well as extended sections.
Grail bonus: Either:
* ~20% chance for No Retaliation
* One shot/battle for Succubi at 2/3 damage. Demoness get Life Drain shot once per battle (although they drain only 25% hp from enemies outside the center of the attack).

Level 6: Demon/Annihilator
Attack: 18 (Average+)
Defense: 21 (Average++)
Damage: 18-28/21-32 (Average; a bit of Dark Spirit dmg as well as Fire, but most of it is Physical)
Health: 80/90 (Average-)
Initiative: 7/7
Speed: 9/11
Growth: 1 (2)+1
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Teleport
Description: Humanoid, cyborg melee unit. Relatively frail-looking and has large eyes and head; uses long, thick blades under the forearm as weapons. At upgrade it gains steel armor and hi-tech equipment, as well as iron horns.
Equipment: Can be modified in the Blacksmith to have more hp in exchange for defense (less armor but more flesh is shown).
Dwelling: A steel tower structure, with bluish, bright led lights on and in it. It's covered in a bit of iron as well.
Dwelling upgrade (horde; +1/week): Increases growth by 1 from 2 with Castle (3/week now). Adds a craft under construction on top of the building.
Grail bonus: Small hp boost.

Level 7: Devil
Attack: 28 (Average+)
Defense: 28 (Average+)
Damage: 36-48 (Average-; Fire and Electric dmg)
Health: 200 (Average-)
Initiative: 13
Speed: 18 (or infinite)
Growth: 1 (2)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks)
* Teleport
* (Has a 50% chance for Attack-and-Return)
* Electric Shock (Has a 50% chance for No Retaliation)
* Cursed (-1 Luck to enemy)
Description: Red-skinned humanoids, with dark-red scales over portions of their body, clad in steel and bearing semi-burnt bat wings on their backs. Being part of the elite, they can also use the teleportation technology to teleport anywhere on the battlefield, as well as a broad armament selection from the Blacksmith. They normally come with the possibility of using fire and lightning attacks from their clawed palms.
* Longsword (higher damage but no special ability)
* Scythe (lower damage but 2-hex angle attack)
Dwelling: A pentagram-shaped modern building with bluish led lights; it gains a tower and Devil statues next to the entrance at upgrade.
Grail bonus: 2-hex fire attack with their palms (just like dragons, but deal half damage to second target); they still deal electric damage to the first target; instead of a more simple sword, they can now wield a curved sword which ignores a percent of the target's defense; the scythe deals more damage.

Attack: 33 (Average)
Defense: 36 (Average)
Damage: 75-90 (Average+; Physical and 20% Fire)
Health: 400 (Average)
Initiative: 14
Speed: 15
Growth: 1 (1)
* Demonic (20% fire damage resistance; takes 20% more damage from Holy attacks; Fallen don't take more damage from Holy attacks though)
* Angelic Race (Has 15% damage resistance to all damage types)
* Flyer
* Hates Angels (Angels reject Fallen and vice-versa, and such, they deal increased damage when they attack each other)
* Hell Ruler (Each Fallen can summon 1.5 Annihilators (rounded up) once per battle, from a corpse, burning it)
Description: Fallen Angels; they now wear black and red armor instead of shinty silver and gold armor. Their corona/aura is red. Most stats are lower than a regular Angel's but they do deal a bit more damage (like 5 or 10 more (out of which 20% fire damage)) with their fiery long sword. They also have a good resistance against all types of damage, just like their arch-enemies.
Dwelling: A very high-tech, imposing habitat structure; boasts a very high price as well. It's colored black, to fit in with the other buildings.
Grail bonus: They can now summon 2 Annihilators/Fallen.

I should mention, Angels are quite OP to balance the Castle faction against any faction, while the Fallen are somewhat weaker to balance Inferno with its versatile units, spells and their summoning.

Overall First Campaign Plot (too late at me to develop further and more in-depth; also, ofc, the expansion campaign would be more connected to other factions and world plot, etc.):
The campaign features how a Devil general pushes the Inferno forces towards the surface under the orders of a Fallen, opposed by the Warlocks and Dwarves in the underground. Later on, when having reached the surface and gotten the help of several Necropolis towns, the human forces try to stop him as well, together with the elves and some giants. At the end, you decide to have the interior of a volcano and several mountains near it serve as your base, protected from the possibility of being attacked and annihilated by the Angels' armament anytime soon.

Protagonist: An intelligent and tricky Devil, specialized in summoning demons (campaign hero, duh). He often mocks the other races for their lack of knowledge towards technology and the outer space, as well as the conflicts happening at larger scales. The dude does like dark humor and irony.

Level 7: Mosquitor:
Has OP offensive stats, average defense, but lower health. You have a 75% chance of missing the dang unit (even spells do), and it also has Life Drain, First Strike, Flier and No Retaliation. Highest speed and initiative in the game. This infernal pest ain't no joke.

This last one's a joke tho, haha. But yes, it could be an Easter Egg unit.
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Deadline on Friday, Gentlemen.
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Please delete the bot's post.
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