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Heroes Community > Newcomers Inn > Thread: You're New? Come here first!
Thread: You're New? Come here first! This Popular Thread is 154 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 30 60 90 120 ... 150 151 152 153 154 · «PREV

Tavern Dweller
posted May 22, 2019 01:14 AM
Edited by bceeN at 01:21, 22 May 2019.

Heroes3 - save time and play more HoMM3

Hi everyone,

I am Bence from Hungary. I love Heroes3. I remember when I first played with it after the release. I also love the well-known Empire of the World II map.
But I hate you need to make trillions of clicks on Mondays.

So I automated a few repetitive tasks with my favorite tool, AutoHotkey. I hope it's not a problem (not ad).

Video on youtube:


- automated Town Portal with the town portal function: TownPortal(n), n is the number of town
- recruit your creatures easily: Recruit(1,1,1,1,0,0,2) - 0=skip, 1=max, n=exact number, 7 parameters are the tiers
- select your heroes, towns with hotkeys
- sell your resources with 1 button
- navigate on the maps with hotkeys - after I made it I found it's a built-in feature in HD/Hota, np I learned

If anyone interested just lmk, I'll try to share it somehow. And of course, if you have any good idea please let me know.

And I love Paul Anthony Romero - this music, I'm speechless.


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Tavern Dweller
posted July 08, 2019 07:46 PM

Hi! I'm new here

I was directed to this forum by dredknight but I have found this site a long time ago. I love modding HOMM 5 especially ToE.

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted July 09, 2019 11:19 AM

Welcome, hope you have a nice time here.

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Tavern Dweller
posted July 22, 2019 02:37 AM

Hello im new to the forum not the game series my first ever HOMM game was the second game which is still the game I love the most today.

I so planed to beat all games funnily I already beaten 1,2,6 and on last mission on 3 but I got a question for you rely professionals can I play the games in what ever ordder I want and still understand most of the lore or well that games lore ? I know 7 is like a squeal to 6 but rest of the games? Also im not doing expansions because well im doing my back log so I have far to many games to deal with expansion atm the moment. Maybe you guys know where I can read or what i would like most watch a summery about the lore it self to understand how the games connect.  

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Legendary Hero
posted July 27, 2019 01:14 PM

To understand the lore of HoMM I-IV you also need to play Might & Magic VI-VIII, otherwise you'll have... gaps, at best.

To understand the lore of HoMM V you need a brain surgery. After the obstructing tissue located inside the skull is fully removed, you can enjoy the introduction of Ashan (operational brain has been proven to be incompatible with the HoMM V lore).

To understand the lore of HoMM VI and VII you need to fulfill the prerequisite for the HoMM V lore and also apply for the experimental nerve system replacement with adamantium equivalent, otherwise it's highly likely to suffer a nervous breakdown at some point (the factory-default human nerves have been proven to be incompatible with the expanded Ashan lore).

Bear in mind though, that HoMM I-IV and HoMM V-VII have nothing to do with each other lore-wise.

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Supreme Hero
posted July 27, 2019 01:28 PM
Edited by monere at 13:36, 27 Jul 2019.

Fdgk said:
Hi everyone!

Well, it is somehow awkward to introduce oneself after something so brilliantly eloquent like that:

CountBezuhoff said:

...but I am going to do it anyway.

So, my name is (not really) Fdgk and I'm living somewhere between Iceland, Malta, Portugal and Russia, to give you a rough idea.

I started playing Heroes 3 as a child in 1999 at a friend's house and am hooked ever since. I immediately bought my own copy and played it for hours and hours, although I did not really understand it in all its depth until some years later and as a matter of fact am still learning new things about it to this day. I also tried Heroes 1, 2, 4 and 5 but always came back to Heroes 3 after a while.

I played more or less regularly until 2013 but then stopped because of unknown reasons (work and personal life probably). I never uninstalled the game though and it remained on my computer as the only game I still had installed, waiting for me to get back to it.

And finally a few weeks ago I learned about HotA (before I had only heard about WoG which did not really appeal to me), got curious and installed it. Now I am back playing it whenever I have time. At the moment I am playing through the HotA campaigns and am really enjoying it. By the way, I am one of those casual players who just play SP and hotseat.

As for this forum, for years I used to read some of the threads but never got round to registering until yesterday when I finally decided to do so.

That's all, I think.


welcome, mate. You and I have at least 4 things in common:

1) we have both played H3,4 and 5 but always come back to 3;
2) we both enjoy SP;
3) we both still learn things about this game 20 years after it's apparition
4) we have both discovered the game at a friend's house, then we have immediately acquired our own copy

I am from Romania (if this matters), and I'm bored at the moment


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Tavern Dweller
posted August 08, 2019 06:55 PM

Hello, been a HoMM3 fan since I watched my brother played it when I was barely a wee child. Something about HoMM3 is so magical, how many times you play you will NEVER become tired of the game.

I live in Sweden, if that is something of importance.

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Legendary Hero
My Pattern Emerges
posted August 08, 2019 08:50 PM

I expect 50 shekels every month on my bank account from you as a form of compensation for using my avatar.  Good day to you, sir.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 28, 2019 05:39 AM

pandora said:
Hi there

You've made a great choice stopping in here to join us, we're glad to have you!

Please sit down, introduce yourselves and let us know a little bit about you

Minun, male, a chinese, fan of HoMM3, 5.

I am writing a mod tool which can hanle the pak files on the fly, without extracting the zip-archive, and directly edit, generating new paks. Finally it will be opensource, publish via github. everyone can download its code, fork it, use it to make new mods

BTW, where can I post a new thread, or directly reply a post, what I can only find is a block quote reply button...


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