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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Horn of the Abyss Proposals/Wishlists
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Famous Hero
posted February 26, 2017 01:54 AM
Edited by P4R4D0X0N at 02:01, 26 Feb 2017.

bloodsucker said:
This may sound crazy but I could use a seer's hut with a "be a specific hero" A or B. For instance, I'm putting some pairs of them next to each other, one asking for Corkes (player's main) and another for Gunnar (ruler of the underground) but the fact that you can visit yours doesn't affect his or vice-versa, if an OR was available I could use just one and it would.

Another thing, I know it has been like this since release but lava objects page is way too limited, half a dozen mountains some dead tree and that's it, nothing comparable to grass or swamp.

A specific hero is tough and could lead to a long run if he/she is imprisoned or not available in tavern. But anyway I like the idea... since it's something different from the typical stuff.

Edit: Some stuff from the HotA Thread...

"Fire" and "Water" is a little isolated to a hand full of skills. Same counts for "Air-" and "Earth Magic" imho but they are still some more useful since you may use air and earth very well on map too. (DD, TP, Fly)

As for "Water Magic" something like "Town Portal" or "Dimensional Door" could be interesting... another lvl 4 or 5 skill to teleport your ship over a larger distance maybe even map wide on water, since you need a turn anyway to leave the boat and attack a city. Maybe you could place a whirlpool on map leading to another defined whirlpool you already set on map. At least water magic would have a use outside of battles and not reduced to only a few skills. Some Examples...

"Benefit Currents" (LvL4 Water) gain an amount of additional movement points when you cast that spell on sea. up to 1-4 times a day depending on water magic skill.

"Whirlpool" (Lvl4 Water) creates a temporary whirlpool on map teleporting your boat to another location (cost a little less than Dimensional Door only works on water and in the same way as DD)

"Whirlpool 2" (LvL5 Water) Creates a lasting whirlpool on map that may be used by all heros (enemy included) leading to another whirlpool you already set on map. If you set another whirlpool the first one disappear and connects pool 2 and 3. Same counts for enemy (AI won't use that skill, just use existing whirlpools) (uses all spellpoints to cast, (at min. 50) to avoid exploitation)

"Healing Tides" (LvL4 Water) grants healing to all your troops, maybe also over an amount of rounds, depending on your water magic ability. No water magic -> once, basic -> once, advanced -> twice, expert -> twice.

"Ice Shackles" (LvL3 Water) freezes an enemy to a certain location up to a maximum of 3 rounds, targets attack is reduced by 15% (it still retailiates or may attack if ranged) and it takes 7% more damage. Fire magic like fireball will instantly melt the ice. (some more use for fire AoE since you may hit a surrounding enemy and freing one freezed stack while you damage it a little)

"Blizzard" (LvL4 Water) weaker version of Armageddon ideal for ice immune units (add ice immune units first)

"Thunderstorm" (LvL5 Air) Place a Thunderstorm (lasting dark cloud on battlefield, "Inferno" spellsize) for X rounds, the storm hits friendly and enemy units randomly in a random pattern (may hit nothing, one of five units, maybe all aswell), it has also a very small chance to chain light in it's area. [This skill would force units [most use for ranged units], out of an area while your own units aren't save aswell in this area]

"Portal" (LvL5 Fire) (very likely to get for Inferno, since this town is predestined for it), place a pentagram on map, you and enemy may use it, if you set another one you'll port to the first set location. (see Whirlpool above) (uses all spellpoints to cast, (at min. 50) to avoid exploitation)

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Famous Hero
Making it in the real world
posted February 26, 2017 12:05 PM
Edited by Rage08 at 12:20, 26 Feb 2017.

Currently, you cannot purchase a cannon if you already have a ballista.
Unfortunately, this means you cannot upgrade to a cannon if you happen upon a Cannon Yard or gain access to a Cove blacksmith.
You can trade your ballista away to another hero, but it would be nice to be able to upgrade it to a cannon for 2500 gold (the difference in price between the two).  
I realize this is a relatively rare problem, but hopefully this can be eventually addressed.

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Hired Hero
The best H4 unit
posted February 27, 2017 03:02 PM

I wish for the main Hota thread to be unlocked again, but it's too much to wish for...

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 02, 2017 02:14 PM

It's strange to me why we can't dismiss a visiting hero. I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature (maybe I am missing some rule), but this doesn't make sense at all, because we can garrison the hero and then we can dismiss him thru Kingdom Overview by clicking on the "View Towns" and then on the portrait of the garrisoned hero...

Even more strange - we can't dismiss heroes thru the "View Heroes" tab of the Kingdom Overview, even though they are not visiting or something. We can still dismiss them by clicking on their portrait from the regular list of 8 Heroes.

Also, heroes can't be dismissed from the Town screen, despite of them being garrisoned or not. We must resort to the "View Towns" way.

So, there is a way to dismiss any hero, but we must do all these "tricks" in order to light up the "Dismiss" button. Why was it grayed out in the first place? I wish this button was active at all times.

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Famous Hero
posted March 02, 2017 09:17 PM

Never thought about that... but I agree... dunno why that is anyway.

I got something different: The new implemented "town gate" isn't passable -> in some cases it's connected to other loot behind it, but you can't pass it since there is no option to move on the activation square with your heroes. Solution is simple: just make it passable.

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Hero of Order
The Abyss Staring Back at You
posted March 04, 2017 04:44 PM

Thread closed, because there is now a new, stickied thread for HotA wishes and proposals. You can find it here.
I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later. -Mitch Hedberg

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