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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
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Legendary Hero
the reckoning is at hand
posted May 24, 2017 04:04 PM bonus applied by kiryu133 on 11 Jun 2017.
Edited by LizardWarrior at 09:31, 26 May 2017.

Anyone for a faction recreation contest?

It's quite some time since we had any of competition. So, I was wondering if there are enough people willing to take part in a faction re-imagination contest, like the one we had back in h6 days. Just re-imagining an already existing faction, using your unique touches, or even twist the faction.

As for rules, your entry can be as short or as long as you want, but remember that it doesn't matter that much. While a few lines of background for every creature may intrigue more people to vote for your faction, stating what everyone eats for breakfast is gonna bore them to death, sometimes even just a simple line-up with names may be creative enough to get you some votes. I'm using this rule because people may get discouraged by lengthier entries or their never finish the faction because they got so much stuff to add. I would like to see a fast-paced faction creating contest.

The requirements for every faction should be:
+ 7 creatures (can be any kind of tiers you want)
+ 2 heroes classes (you can add special faction skill for both might and magic classes, or just go heroes 1-2-3-4 style and have no faction skill at all, you can list your heroes but that shouldn't matter too much)
+ town theme/feel (this includes architecture and terrain, don't exaggerate with story)
+ up to 4 special buildings (0 is fine too, but being creative here should help)
+ a picture is worth 1000 words, so if you find pics that fit your faction use them, but as always, don't exaggerate (also use links if they are too large)

+ at the end of each round, other participants or forum members can rate all other towns with a score from 1 to 10, you can't give any vote for your own faction
+ the winner of the round will be the one with the highest score
+ the grand winner will be the one with the best overall score and with the most won rounds
+ people should vote what they think it is the most creative example (hint: copying a line-up from a previous game isn't creative)
+ length and detail should come second to creativity

Valid Example:(not a real entry)
*note: this entry is considered complete enough to be judged
*note: it's not necessary to use this template, be creative

Motto: We need more skeletons
Terrain: Swamp
Architecture: Mesoamerican
Description: The undead were once a prosperous ancient empire that has meet its doom. The high priests of this empire made a pact with Xolotl ages ago, a pact to give them tremendous power at the cost of their own lives. Now the undead are relentlessly watching over the swamplands and marshes atop of their pyramid cities.

Might Hero:Executioner
Executioners are the tainted souls of those who had the "honor" of being sacrificed at the top of blood pyramids by necromancers. Filled with nothing but hatred for the living, the executioners have only purpose, to wage war against anything that breathes.  

Magic Hero:Necromancer
Necromancers are vile sorcerers that worship Xolotl, the God of death, offering him living sacrifices every day to satisfy his hunger for blood. Necromancers also want to transform everyone into a skeleton.

Faction skill:Sacrifice
Sacrifices a number of living creatures in order to get an proportionate number of undead troops. The higher the level of the sacrificed creature, the higher will be the level of the resulting undead creature.

1. Lost Spirit -> Tainted Spirit
2. Skeletal Servant -> Skeletal Warrior
3. Dog Cadaver -> Psychopomp Hound
4. Priest -> Hierophant
5. Blood Altar -> Underworld Altar
6. Flesh Golem -> Gore Golem
7. Bone Serpent -> Thunder Serpent

Special building #1:Altar of Xolotl
Increases the "Sacrifice" skill by 20% if it's performed inside the town

Special building #2:Monolith of the Eclipse
All undead creatures you own have their stats increased by 5% and an additional 1% for every Monolith of the Eclipse you own.

So anyone interested so far? If yes, then I guess we can use this list of rounds for now:

Round #1: Castle/Haven
Round #2: Sylvan/Rampart/Preserve
Round #3: Stronghold
Round #4: Dungeon
Round #5: Tower/Academy
Round #6: Necropolis
Round #7: Inferno
Round #8: Fortress H3
Round #9: Fortress H5
Round #10: Sanctuary
BONUS: Forge vs Conflux

I think those are all. Not sure how far will we get.

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Famous Hero
Warlord of the sea
posted May 24, 2017 04:48 PM
Edited by Mediczero at 16:52, 24 May 2017.

Shut up and take my interest! I'm in! ^w^
Although I would give Swamp Fortress and Mountain Fortress their own rounds, where in the Mountain round there is also a side contest for the best new name for it. And I would move Forge/Conflux to the last round and make it a innovation round where you can also suggest a new faction concepts.

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Legendary Hero
the reckoning is at hand
posted May 24, 2017 05:00 PM

Yeah, that would be better. But first, let's see how many people are willing to join for the 1st round.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted May 24, 2017 05:00 PM

Mediczero said:
Shut up and take my interest! I'm in! ^w^
Although I would give Swamp Fortress and Mountain Fortress their own rounds, where in the Mountain round there is also a side contest for the best new name for it. And I would move Forge/Conflux to the last round and make it a innovation round where you can also suggest a new faction concepts.

I can second about everything in that. especially the part about an "innovation" round.

I am thinking of reactivating my activity on HC for a some weeks now and what better for me than to enter a contest

When shall it start?

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Legendary Hero
the reckoning is at hand
posted May 24, 2017 05:06 PM
Edited by LizardWarrior at 17:10, 24 May 2017.

Haha Nice to see you, Jiriki. I guess we should either wait until 5 contestants (myself included) are in or just start right away. Not sure what would be better.

edit: Of course I screwed up the title Can Kyriu be so kind to fix it for me? Thank you

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted May 24, 2017 05:10 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 08:01, 26 May 2017.

Damn it. Ideas flushing into my mind without my authorization; they simply don’t respect my authoritah! I’ll have to vent them away, before they nest, buzz and bother.



Song theme.

Coat of Arms Motto
    Iustitiae homo non deficient.

    Semi-gothic and semi-merovingian.

    Humans abide by their laws and their own nature. In times of war and peace, rulers set their population to support life or death, thus justice is done with their own hands and never fails. Castle ranks are known for flexibility and very good for defensive roles, especially siege, not to mention their great assortment of flying units, which allow them efficiency between strike and cover strategies and seafaring. All of that revolves around a very old power which channels life and will of populace to the common and greater good, even when sometimes that power may feel wicked and evil, overwhelming and secretive.

Featured buildings
House of Healing – Improves effectiveness of War Tents by 5% (damage protection) and 1% (chance of death saving) during a defensive siege. This effect is granted for all Paladins anywhere on the map, and doubled when a Paladin is defending a town.
Dragon Tongue Harbor – it’s a defensive Siege Building with an AoE of 40 hexes around town, but can only be built if there’s a shipyard and sea terrain connected to town. At the start of a round, it’ll damage a large area on the battlefield with mixed fire and physical damage, causing the area to burn any target standing or crossing it for the next 3 turns. It takes another 3 turns to reload and shoot another rain fire. The effect is immediate while at siege. The effect is delayed for the next round when it’s a nearby sea battle, and only Commodores can request remote attacks. These remote attacks can miss (20%) or damage enemy boat and cannons instead (20%). Requires Docks, Lighthouse, Battlements and Donjon.
Guild of Engineers – Improves town infrastructure, sewers, streets, water and town effectiveness. Bonus income of 500 gold per day, increases unit growth by 6, 3, 2, 1, 1. Each judgemaster improves daily gold income by 1%, accumulative.

Native Terrains
• Grassland: + 50% movement.
• Dirt: +25% movement.
• Sea: +25% movement, lighthouses have doubled bonuses.

Hero Classes

Commodore is an optimal class for seafaring, in which skills and perks benefits more when traveling or exploring the sea. CLASS SKILL | Seamanship: improves movement and units statistics on sea. Greater levels allow the Commodore to manage direct control of the Cannon Galleon, to request Dragon Tongue Harbor intervention on nearby battles, to minimize losses when going through maelstroms and having chances to spot hidden treasure and points of interest on the sea or on seashore.
Paladin is an optimal class for land exploration and battle, in which skills and perks benefits commanding troops and the use of expertise of supportive abilities in town, towards healing or killing. CLASS SKILL | Battle Prayer: improves allied troops stats for the next round, stacking up to three times when troops suffer no losses. Prayer neutralizes any negative morale effects and boosts initiative at random values, up to 25% base values.
Judgemaster is an optimal class for ruling and siege, in which skills and perks benefit town building, kingdom affairs and ruling, also dictating which inclination all troops hired in town will have, towards healing or killing. CLASS SKILL | Judgement: any unit hire under the rule of a judgemaster will follow the judgement. Judgement synergizes with other towns with same judgements. There are two judgements: Life and Death, which focuses on healing or killing.

Magna Faction Skill | Unification
    Magna faction skill is a passive global skill. Its effect is based on the number of hired heroes and on which classes they represent.
• Commodore – one hero represents a fixed base of 2 greater view radius, and a cumulative additional 10% movement point on sea per new heroes. Units battle statistics are marginally improved on any sea battle, by boosting synergy of Seamanship Skill effects amongst Commodore heroes.
• Paladin – one hero represents a fixed based of + 1 HP for all troops on land, and a cumulative 2% additional effect upon healing abilities.
• Judgemaster – one hero gets to be town ruler, thus activates the possibility of having Life and Death judgement ordered to all troops hired in town (Life is default), and a cumulative 1000 gold, + 2 random common resource and 1 random rare resource at the start of the week for each Judgemaster.

Units | 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Base Tier | Guardsman – loyal servants of people, they’ll storm cities, guard walls, raid lands and help those in need. Their flexibility may cost them defensive garmenting, but no one questions their due with their duties.
    o Life Special (Loyal Vanguard: absorbs part of damage taken by adjacent allies to diminish their losses. Morale never lowers from starting values, and if negative at start, it’ll improve 1 per turn, until turning getting positive.). Death Special (Raid and Loot: boosts morale when defeating enemies, but lowers if taking casualties. Increases loot acquire after battle. Grants random gold bonuses when flagging buildings on enemy lands)

Core Tier | Enfield – tamed fast flying striking units, they are masters of tracking and scouting. Due their highly evolved senses, it’s almost impossible to fool them, although battling is not their forte, which makes them a splendid support unit.
    o Special (Scout and Track: this unit provides + 3 range of sight for their leading hero on the adventure map, adds one level to a hero’s Scouting skill and they’ll track scent of enemy armies 2 days away, but only tracks where enemies have explored. When garrisoned on a town, improves 6 range of sight for that town). Life Special (True of Heart: passive ability, immunity to any mind controlling ability and has initiative boosted whenever an allied unit is damaged.). Death Special (Silent Death: active ability, unit will dive from up high to inflict critical damage against a foe (+33%), but will suffer a backlash damage of 10% itself. It takes one turn to perform.)

Core Tier | Sharpshooter – while enfields track and identify foes positioning, sharpshooters use that info to take down enemy ranks and pinpoint their arrows with deadly precision. Their longbows are strong enough to rain death as far as the eye can see. Depending on the orders of their leaders, sharpshooters can either be used as support or as cannon fodder, as some offensive strategies may place them on harm’s way.
    o Special (Ranged: unit performs attacks from afar, by spending a limited amount of ammo. No Range Penalty: no matter how far a target is located, this unit will inflict full damage regardless of distance. Life Special (Arc Shot: passive ability, ignores cover effects from enemy units when they are in front of targets and halves ranged damage penalty from walls.). Death Special (Iron Feather: active ability, ranged attacks break through obstacles, but requires clean aiming, so it cannot be shot from cover nor have walls blocking the path)

Core Tier | Roc Lancer – aside guardsmen, they are the brunt of the castle forces, and extremely effective flying fighters, because both beast and rider are fighting together. Their flexibility may cost them defensive garmenting, but no one questions their due with their duties.
    o Special (Double Retaliation: for the rider and the mount will retaliate against one attack each, every round. Life Special (Wings of Safety: active ability, this unit can be positioned over an allied stack to protect it and will absorb upcoming damage. However, it makes the roc rider vulnerable, boosting damage taken by 15%. Protecting an ally will also render that ally unable to perform attacks or activate abilities, so they can only move away or defend. Given the positioning is also not proper for offensive actions, roc rider will perform attacks and retaliation with 25% penalty over damage.). Death Special (Last Dive: this unit will pin down an enemy stack by positioning itself over it, and will only be able to attack and retaliate that enemy, with doubled attack and defense values. The enemy will also not be able to disengage or move. However, roc rider will be open and vulnerable to outside attacks from other sources with 33% boost upon their damage)

High Tier | Zealot – masters of healing and the few who study ancient magic, zealots are formidable fighters, channeling the power of body, soul and mind upon their fists, they can direct bursts of ruin upon their foes and strike them down without the aid of any weapon. Those same fists they use to destroy, they can use to heal allies, protect them and defend their cause.
    o Special (Ranged. No Melee Penalty: unit has no penalties when engaging enemies at close-combat. Fists of Aura: either for close and ranged attacks, this unit inflicts mixed physical and magical damage). Life Special (Cleasing: active ability, unit will cleanse ailments from an adjacent allied unit. Healer: passive ability, doubles War Tent effectiveness when nearby it.). Death Special (Rancor: inflicts 10% more damage against units who have attacked this unit. Damage stacks up to 50% or until zealot is attacked by another foe. There’s a permanent bonus of 25% if a zealot dies, increasing the cap to 75% bonus damage)

Elite Tier | Valkyrie – strong amazons who ride winged steeds, relentless, fierce, implacable. Although their steeds are winged, they can’t actually fly in battle, but plane, descending on foes from high ground, and they can prolong their jump to overcome some obstacles. Covering distances give them momentum to inflict even greater damage on enemy ranks, and they are usually deadlier against crowds, for their strike sweeps down great numbers.
    o Special (Flutter and Charge: active ability, unit will jump over obstacles or patches of terrain, max of half its movement points, avoiding terrain penalties while moving. Upon landing, each hex travelled on air adds 5% to final damage. It doesn’t stack with Sweeping Strike. Sweeping Strike: passive ability, this unit strikes in a sweeping motion, being more efficient against greater numbers. Ratio ranges from normal damage (Valkyrie) 1:5 (enemy) and adds 2% for every enemy added to the ratio, capping at 100% bonus damage). Life Special (Spear of Entropy: when an adjacent ally is damaged, if enemy is up to 3 hex far from the Valkyrie, she’ll add her retaliation to the allied troop, by throwing her spear for 50% her normal damage, which can push the enemy target away from her allies. It does not stack with Sweeping Strike). Death Special (Battle Trance: each additional surrounding foe gives a boost to Sweeping Strike bonus damage of 20%)

Prime Tier | Vampire – vampires are old entities, born from extensive gathering of people, from their wills and their lives, when they share and prosper like one. Their very souls give birth to vampires. Differently from old tales, vampires don’t feed from blood; they are maintained by life force, willingly, shared amongst those they protect, and so they do their bidding evoking old power, forgotten ancient magic, which very few humans know about, even encase the souls of their enemies on stone monsters, which might have been the source of rumors of shapeshifters.
    o Special (Teleportation: unit can move instantly from any visible location to another on the battlefield. Ethereal: unit’s composition is not physical, but magical. All physical damage against it is decreased by 66%, although magic damage is amplified by 33%). Life Special (Shared Life: unit will heal all surrounding allied units evenly, even resurrect them, by spending its own life force, and can sacrifice itself for that. Life Flux: high spirits of allied troops improves a vampire’s lifespan, and the more numerous they are, the higher the bonus, which becomes a shielding life energy that preserves vampires from harm and provides them with even better healing prowess. Ratio is for every 50 HP worth of allies, 2 HP is added to as bonus + bonus for each stack with positive morale equal to 50% | 3 HP, 4 HP, 5 HP and so on). Death Special (Summon Gargoyle: each vampire will summon a gargoyle on the battlefield. Lifebreak: this unit will drain in life from all surrounding living enemies, restoring its own, but it won’t resurrect lost units. It’ll build a protective supplementary life shield with any additional drained life force though)

Summoning | Gargoyle – a flying high tier monster, animated from raw stone to do their bidding, they are nothing but the souls of the wicked being punished for redemption, once those who were the enemy, now fighting to cleanse their sins.
    o Special (Construct: unit has neither a living body nor a mind, being immune to any effects, which would afflict such conditions. Guard Magic: when this unit defends and doesn’t move, it’ll guard units behind it from magical effects, up to two hexes away. Death Special (Redemption: when this unit is destroyed, the wicked soul encased in it bursts out, exploding its casing, dealing mixed magical and physical damage on all adjacent units)

Siege Units

Ballista – a moving war machine that inflicts piercing damage on enemy ranks, having no minimum range, and greater ranges halves damage methodically. Special: giving its piercing nature, this unit has a chance to ignore enemy defense values and when that happens, the shot will strike another enemy target directly behind the first stack for 50% of damage. Ballista can be stacked up to 10 units, and each unit covers up to 50 enemies. Special doesn’t work on stacks beyond that ratio.
Mangonel – a moving war|siege machine that attacks enemy ranks, structures or other enemy war|siege machines. Mangonels have a minimum range, but no maximum range. It can be stacked up to 3 units, each unit representing 1 layer of destruction on a defensive building.
War Tent – a fixed war|siege machine that protects a single selected stack the next round against 10% of all sources of damage. There’s 1% chance to immediately save every unit from certain death, leaving them, symbolically, with 1 HP.
Cannon Galleon – a moving warship that allows using cannons during sea battles. At the beginning of a round, cannons can target enemy ranks with explosive damage, and takes the next turn to reload. Cannons can only target enemies standing on the opposite ship.

Mount and Ultimate Artifact

Hippogriff: Castle heroes mount hippogriffs.
Eye of Libra: a hero who is wilding this artifact can dictate Life and Death to all Castle units on battlefield as deemed fit. Only Castle heroes are allowed to use this artifact.

And I think that's that. Now I'm feeling like there's no due left. ^_^
"Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."
GlaDOS – Portal 2

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Famous Hero
Warlord of the sea
posted May 24, 2017 05:10 PM

Just curious, will each round have an individual tread?

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Legendary Hero
the reckoning is at hand
posted May 24, 2017 05:11 PM

Nope, the whole contest will be held in this thread. I think there's no need to flood the whole forum.

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Legendary Hero
Pain relief cream seller
posted May 24, 2017 05:29 PM

I'm in, I could churn out something, I may recycle some concepts I once had in mind for my own mod.

You know, those kind of projects that seem great but are never finished...
Noli offendere Patriam Agathae quia ultrix iniuriarum est.


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Famous Hero
Voice in Gelu's Head
posted May 24, 2017 09:45 PM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 22:06, 24 May 2017.

Sounds like fun! I'm in!

My suggestion for voting would be that each voter can rank the submitted town ideas and the one with the best collective score wins.

Also, are we doing one for Dungeon or nah?

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Hired Hero
posted May 24, 2017 11:17 PM

I'd be interested in participating, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Over how long a period of time are you planning on doing this?

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Known Hero
posted May 24, 2017 11:28 PM

Sounds like a fun idea I'm in!

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted May 25, 2017 01:41 AM
Edited by Galaad at 01:42, 25 May 2017.

Sure, why not. Although I'd suggest to move it to the Coliseum, and make a deal with moderator to give a +QP to the winner (if you can nominate one).

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Legendary Hero
posted May 25, 2017 04:06 AM
Edited by MattII at 11:09, 25 May 2017.

Motto: The flame of life burns eternally.
Terrain: Grasslands
Architecture: Medieval Italian
Description: A human faction that worships eternal life. Chief among the symbols is the Phoenix, a fiery avian, that while not eternal in itself, has a life cycle that represent the ideal they reach for.
Symbols: The Phoenix, The flame

Might Hero: General
Generals are the highest-ranking officers in the Haven armies. While it is possible to 'buy' rank to some degree, to reach even close to the rank of general requires not inconsiderable intelligence in a broad array of fields.

Magic Hero: Mernial
While not the most high-ranking priestesses to serve Meinas, Mernials are nevertheless in the upper echelons, having, among other things, made an ascent of Mount Menas while in their third trimester.

Faction Skill: Resurrection
After battle, a number of creatures who were killed can be resurrected, based upon factors such hero level, skill level, artifacts and the number of Sisters/Mothers in the army.

Creatures (all abilities from H5, unless otherwise stated)
Tenka Scout Tenka Raider
Image here
Large Creature, Flyer | Large Creature, Flyer, Strike and Return

Militiaman Skirmisher
The Town Militia here
(None) | Shooter, Range Penalty

Archer Fire Archer
The Archer here
Shooter | Shooter, No Range Penalty

Legionnaire Praetor
The Triarii here
Large Shield | Large Shield, Shield Allies, Bravery

Cavalier Cataphract
The Cataphract here
Large Creature, Jousting, Bravery | Large Creature, Jousting, Aura of Bravery

Sister Mother

Lay Hands, Caster | Lay Hands, Caster, Magic Proof 25%, Shooter, No Melee Penalty

Phoenix Angha

Large Creature, Flyer, Rebirth, Fire Shield, Immunity to Fire | Large Creature, Flyer, Rebirth, Fire Shield, Immunity to Fire, Regeneration, Resurrect Allies

Special Building 1: Temple of the Eternal Flame
Gives all defending creatures Regeneration, and gives a visiting hero a 10% bonus to his Resurrection skill.

Special Building 2: Messenger Tower
Gives the town a +4 view radius of the surrounding area.

Special Building 3: Shrine of Meinas
Gives +20% growth for all creatures.

Also, how many faction can you post at one time?

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted May 25, 2017 10:07 AM

so in. depending on time though
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 25, 2017 10:25 AM

That in, can I start on my Sylvan/Rampart/Preserve entry now?

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted May 25, 2017 11:11 AM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 19:32, 31 May 2017.

@MattIII: As I understoond Lizard, there will be rounds, which means (in my eyes), first all havens, then Rampart, etc. Else it might be chaotic for voting...

Of course, I own no rights of the pictures and music, they all belong to their respective owners.

Symbols: The Winged Sword, The Blazing Sun
Motto: Protect the Innocent
Terrain: Grassland
Architecture: Romanesque architecture largely, Gothic elements on
The Haven towns are the settlements ruled by the Order of Light. This order origins in the human Empire of old, but for a long time now, it is far larger and influential than that Empire was. The Haven is still mainly populated by humans, but you find other People as well. They value Protection, Faith and Honor above all. The Church is the leading institution in all matters from war to everyday life. Modern technology is frowned upon
For theme examples, for now somehow my mind has set on Lilium for the town screen, Battle of the Heroes for the battle theme and Leliana's Song for the Adventure Map. These are of course, only examples for the kind of song I'd like!

Might Hero:Paladin
The commanders of the Church of Light, this is a special Order of Sacred Knights.
Equipment: Steel Plate Armor with Silver & Gold ornaments (Suns, Griffin-Heads), Coat in Player color with Winged Sword Emblem, 2-handed Warhammer
Attack: Melee
Scenario Heroes' Races: 2 Angels, 4 Centaurs, 1 Dwarf, 2 Halflings, 3 Humans
Mount: Heavily Armored Horse (None for Centaur)

Magic Hero:Cleric
The Clerics are those Priests of Light who have shown mastery of Faith and Spells, as well as a skill in leading.
Equipment: Linen Robes in White + Player Color, Necklace with Large Winged-Sword-Talisman, Holy Book of Light
Attack: Ranged (Magical)
Scenario Heroes' Races: 2 Angels, 1 Dwarf, 1 Half-Elf, 4 Halflings, 3 Humans, 1 Musra (Mouse-Based Beastman)
Mount: Gryphon

Faction skill:Faith
This skill represents the Faith of both the Haven heroes as well as their armies. A skilled Paladin or Cleric can use the faith to invoke powerful abilities or strengthen the troops. Some troops additionally gain special bonuses from the faith value. Technically, a Haven hero has a faith value. The maximum of Faith they can call upon are bound by level and skill level. The actual value is determined by the Haven troops in the army. Each hero class has different, usable abilities that use this Faith value. The Paladin focuses on Blessing abilities here, while the Cleric has superb healing ability. Both gain offensive abilities against demons & Undead.



-Peasant-> Militia/Pilgrim
This unit is actually not human, but halfling. They were the first to enter the protection of the Church of light, and their skill in making food and drink is unquestionned. As is, by now, their devotion to the Light, which is the source for most of their deeds. Halfling peasants fight with a pitchfork.
The most faithful halfling peasants become pilgrims, devoting their life to service of the Church and a journey to the "Eight Sacred Places". Their Fork is replaced with a stick called "candle of Faith". They use it as a wandering stick, but it's top is also burning and thus they fight with it in battle. These often join the armies to make their journey, as well as to defend the Faith. Generally a peaceful people, the halflings still know how to defend themselves, and for centuries have formed their Militia. These are famed in all lands for their skill as slingers.
Stats: Weak in most stats, average hitpoints, good initiative. Pilgrims have great improvement on hitpoints. Militia reasonable improvement on attack and defense.
Farmers (Increase population growth of dwellings when staying in a town), Ranged, Seekers of Light (When a Faith ability is used on this unit, it immediately gets an action)
Dwelling: Halfling Holes > Halfling Village (Upgrade requires Tavern)

-Falconer -> Hawkyer/Tracker
Hunting is both a sport for the influential and a necessity for the poor people of forest regions. In both cases, Haven hunters rely on falconers to bring down the prey. Centuries ago, a Paladin discovered these also have a great use in battle, sending the birds of prey down onto the enemy. Since then, you can hardly find an army without a squadron of falconers as ranged support.
Hawkyers have expanded their taming skill and use hawks instead of the smaller falcons. Their big claws can deal a scaring amount of damage. Trackers, on the other hand, focus on tracking prey down - and finding any foe, wether hiding or not.
Stats: Good in initiative and Attack, weak defense. Hawkyers do a lot more damage. Trackers are faster and have a bit more hp.
Falcon Flight (Ignores penalty for obstacles. Instead of damage penalty for distance, the length of distance determines when the unit can act again after a ranged attack), Hawk Harrassing (Active ability. Targets an enemy unit, dealing 50% damage and sacrificing the Hawkyers next turn to reduce the targets stats), Ranged, Falcon Eye (Increases the range of sight on the Adventure Map. In battle, while the falconer is active, units using stealth abilities are visible and can be targeted.)
Dwelling: Aeries > Hawkeries (Requires Fort, Upgrade Requires Citadel)


-Pikeman -> Phalanx/Sentinel
Pikemen have always formed a backbone of human armies. The Church of light has expanded on that habit. These well-trained and -armed soldiers prove especially effective against fast and offensive foes. They are also disciplined, obedient and dutiful.
The Phalanx are a remain of the old human empire. An elite amongst footsoldiers, they are chosen and trained with care. Their devotion to their officers makes them a valuable weapon in the hands of a skilled commander. But not all Pikemen aspire to be part of the Phalanx anyway. Others wish to devote their live to the Church and the Protection of the people. Those blessed warriors are called sentinels and they are found as the guards of the most important cities, clerics and diplomats.
Stats: Great defense, weak speed. Phalanx get a damage and speed boost. Sentinels have better hitpoints and defense.
Blessed by Light (When a Faith ability is used on this unit, it gets a great bonus on defense), First Strike (This unit retaliates before an attacker can strike), Protector (Takes 50% of any damage directed at adjacent friendly units from that units to themself), Riders Bane (This unit deals extra damage against mounted units), Spear Wall (Increases the damage of retaliations by 10% for each tile beyond the second an attacking unit has walked over in the attacking move)
Dwelling: Barracks > Training Grounds (Requires Blacksmith and Fort; Upgrade requires Citadel)

-Battle Priest -> War Priest/Battle Preacher
Most Priests of Light are peaceful and calm - but sometimes the Light needs a strong arm to be spread. Battle Priests have devoted themselves to vanquishing Evil with their maces. Yet they are also used to motivate and heal troops in battle.
Some priests thoguh, focus totally on the aggressive path of killing Creatures of Darkness. These War Priests are feared by the foes and even their allies feel uncomfortable arond them. Battle Preachers on the other hand, rather focus on strengthening the faithful troops than fighting alone.
Stats: Good attack and defense, weak hitpoints. War Priests deal heavy damage and are faster.
Caster (Healing, Blessing and Offensive Light Spells. War Priests only have the offensive spells, Battle Preachers lack them.), Pious (When a Faith ability is used by the hero, ths unit gets a morale bonus for their next Turn.), Preaching (Every time this unit is at turn, it increaes a commanding hero's faith value for the rest of the battle. This effect is cumultative), Vanquish Evil (+25% [50%] damage against evil units)
Dwelling: Sword Shrine > Sword Chapel (Requires Monastry and 2 other Dwellings)


-Gryphon-> Armed Gryphon/Silverwing
Gryphons are viewed as the sacred beasts of Light. They are smarter than most beasts are, and gentle outside of battle - whilst fierce within.
It is common nowadays to clad strong Gryphons in hard Iron Armor.These Armed Gryphons are even more awesome - and glorious - than ordinary ones. Silverwings are a special breed of Gryphons, blessed by the Clerics of Light. They are more intelligent and often develop a bond to sentient beings.
Stats: Good spead and hitpoints, weak defense. Armed Gryphons are much stronger in defense and hitpoints. Silverwings are even faster and have better attack.
Additional Retaliation (This unit can retaliate once more before its next turn), Armored (Any reduction of this units defense is halved), Child of Light (Any blessing or healing by a Faith ability used on a friendly unit is also applied to this unit), Fierce Retaliation (This unit deals +25% damage in retaliations), Flying, Unlimited Retaliation (This unit can always retaliate in melee, and is neither limited by normal game rules nor enemy abilites)
Dwelling: Gryphon Nest > Gryphon Tower (Requires Fort and 1 Advanced Unit Dwelling)

-Centaur Knight-> Centaur Noble/Templar
There are knights of all races in the Realms of Light, but noone can doubt that the centaur knights are the best ones in matters of tourney and combat. Especially Jousting comes natural to them.
Centaur Nobles are wel respceted amongst all Faithful and seen as a true inspiration. They love tourneys more than true battle, but they would never back down when needed. A completely different Knight Order are the Templars. Exclusively consisting of Centaurs blessed by High-ranked Clerics, they have devoted themselves to the protection of all sacred places - which includes finding and conquering these places first.
Stats: Good for the Tier in every stat but HP, but very expensive. Nobles sacrifice a bit speed for attack and defense. Templars sacrifice defense for damage.
Armored (Any reduction of this units defense is halved), Noble's Honor (-20%/10%/+10% damage when attacking Core/Advanced/Champion units), Inspiring (Friendly Core and Advanced units get a bonus on Morale and Initiative), Jousting (+5% [10%] damage for every tile passed when moving during an attack. If the Bonus is 50% or higher, the enemy might be stunned, losing initiative for a few turns), Templar's Vow (When fighting within a certain range of any Light-Based Town or Location, this unit gets a bonus on morale, initiative and another stat, depending on the location)
Dwelling: Lists > Tiltyard (Requires City Hall and an Advanced Unit Dwelling)


-Angel-> Flamebearer/Lightbringer

Stats: Good especially in Hitpoints and Speed, a bit weak in damage. Flamebearers deal much more damage. Lightbringers actually deal less damage, but got better defense and awesome hitpoints.
Aura of Faith (The effect of Faith abilities used by the commanding hero on targets adjacent to this unit or this unit is doubled), Body of Light (This unit absorbs Light Damage into healing (No ressurrection possible), but is vulnerable against Dark Damage), Hate {Demons, Evil, Undead} (Double Damage against hated units. Chance that other orders are ignored and a hated unit is attacked if possible), Flyer, Searing Sword (The Damage of this unit is 40% physical, 30% Fire, 30% Light. Damaged units have a chance to get blinded, being unable to act or retaliate for 1 turn), Sword of Light (This unit deals Light damage instead of physical Damage. Light Damage is more effective against Undead and Demon units).
Dwelling: Portal of Light > Portal of Heaven (Requires City Hall, Monastry and Church of Light)

The Haven Town
Town Screen

Special building #1:Monastry
In the quietness of the Monastry, haven heroes can learn Faith abilities through rigorous fasting and training under the guidance of the Abbots.

Special building #2:Church of Light (Requires Town hall)
The Church of Light provides all friendly haven heroes within a certain range with more Faith. If a Castle is built, it also allows the Main Castle to use Faith abilities instead of shooting.

Special building #3:Cathedral (Requires City Hall, Monastry, Church of Light and Sword Shrine)
Increases the growth of all units in this town. The bonus is increased with the Faith value of Heroes in the town or nearby.

Grail building:Relic Shrine
Additional to the non-specific income and growth bonus, haven heroes defeated in battle are transported and revived here. If they are far away, it may take a while. They get fresh starting troops - which depend on their level and skills.

Towers are actually aeries, in which falcons are bred. These are attacking any besiegers fiercely. These towers profit from the abilities "Falcon Flight" and "Falcon Eye" as described above.
The Moat is filled with water and 1/2/3 tiles broad for Fort/Citadel/Castle. Walkers stop movement when entering the water and can only move 1 tile/turn through the water (making the town more vulnerable against amphibians and other swimmers, of course). The Fort has a dam, while the other 2 have a drawbridge.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 25, 2017 11:17 AM

Defense? Is that war machines or what?

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted May 25, 2017 11:24 AM

MattII said:
Defense? Is that war machines or what?

Which defensive structures are used, so basically towers and moat. potrentially more interesting on later factions.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 25, 2017 11:47 AM
Edited by MattII at 12:44, 25 May 2017.

Ah, right.

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