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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Pokémon - Adventures in Helnith (RPG)
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posted January 11, 2017 01:19 AM

"Good job Gastly, now use some Nightshade." And for pete's sake don't wake up! Or if you do...hit yourself!

rolling 1d100(98)
rolling 1d100(82)
When all else fails... read the instruction booklet!

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Duke of the Glade
posted January 11, 2017 05:42 AM

"Do you think a sweet punch would be better for a Karaoke party or a dry punch? Or maybe a spicy punch?"

Not expecting the sudden question, Mark would shake his head, look up and tilt his head slightly, asking, "W-wait, wha- huh? Oh, t-the punch?" Adjusting to the fact that apparently this girl was talking to him now, Mark would think over the options and say, "Um... I-I don't know much about punch, but... dry doesn't sound good f-for a singing party, given we're, you know... singing? And whenever I eat or drink sweet things, it seems like some junk builds up in my throat... so spicy, I guess? And That s-should help clear people's sinuses too!"

Mark knows nothing about punch.

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posted January 12, 2017 01:41 PM

Jack wandered over to those messing around with the costumes to see what they were doing. He wasn't sure why there were costumes in the first place, but figured he'd see what was up with that as well.
Blasted digital always resetting itself, over and over again. To analog!

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posted January 16, 2017 01:35 AM
Edited by Kareeah_Indaga at 01:36, 16 Jan 2017.


Gastly lasers the Electrike with Nightshade for a solid hit ((20 damage)), and once again the Electrike snoozes through its trainer's command.

Taillow: 6/54 (recalled)
Gastly: 10/48

Pompuff: 0/70
Electrike: 42/62 (Asleep, Confused)



"I like that! I'll make it spicy," she responds. She opens up one of the tubes of concentrate--Mark can see a picture of a Cheri Berry on the side--and empties it into the punch bowl, adding a large quantity of liquid, slush, and Cheri pieces to the components already there. She stirs the result and ladels some into a cup, which she hands to Mark. It's very fruity thanks to the sherbet and the concentrate; fizzy, and definitely spicy. After a few sips Mark notices that his fingers, which had been feeling a little stiff from his earlier drawing, suddenly don't.

((+1 Cheri Punch to Mark's inventory.))



The crew members have costumes heaped up high enough in their arms that one almost bumps into you.

"Watch it there..."

You notice the costumes in question are dripping wet. You ask them what they're doing and the man who almost bumped you is happy to explain:

"Some yahoo set off the fire sprinklers and soaked a lot of the costumes in storage--we need to get them hung up to dry or they'll mildew. Say, you couldn't get the keys to the dressing rooms from Elder Rashel, could you? These are a bear to carry."



Mina of course trailed in last. It looked like the party coordinators were still setting up--not surprising, seeing as how they were a good bit early.

Not seeing any of the boys immediately and not keen on standing around being useless, Mina decided to approach some of the people setting up to see if there was anything she could do that didn't involve heavy lifting--she was getting tired of the nurse scolding her for straining her injuries and getting sick of being injured in general.

The plate brigade seemed to be doing well enough when she asked, but they directed her to the sound crew, who it seemed were having...difficulties. At least, judging by the loud swear the man on the ladder emitted as she approached, and the sound of something dropping.

Mina hurried over to retrieve it--'it' turned out to be a screwdriver--and handed it back up to him, asking what she could help with.

"There's a box of wires over there--dig some out and start plugging them into those speakers."

Mina did as she was told, wondering how much she was going to be able to help with this seeing as she wasn't an electrician. Thankfully the wire bundles seemed to have been designed with people like her in mind; the ends were neatly color-coded, and the few that weren't were obviously a different shape, and when she was done she was reasonably confident she'd plugged everything in in the right places when the sound crew carried off the speakers.

While she was working, she found a small battery rolled under one of the speakers.

"What does this go to?"

One of the sound technicians peered at it. "Nothing; it's junk. Just throw it out."

But figuring it might come in useful later, Mina pocketed it instead.

((+1 Cell Battery))

Having run out of things to plug in, Mina took a moment to look around. She noticed Mark over by the punch bowl and went over to join him.

Helnith Dice Roll Thread

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