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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Era II
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Adventuring Hero
posted July 14, 2017 05:05 PM

majaczek said:
@Igrik, MoP or anybody who can help
I am working for upgrading plugin amethyst
I have problem with crexpo
I enabled 10bit field in crexpo structure instead 8bit one (so it should work with 1024, not 256 types), changed some checks for <256 monster type and something more, and it works - mostly. it spoils stack experience data for monster type >255 after battle which was hard for me to fix. please help me to spot offending code. (I guess reading crexpo.cpp and monster.cpp from wog source would help, but i didn't spot what to search).

718413 EB2A;            JMP SHORT mop.0071843F
7280B0 EB07;            JMP SHORT mop.007280B9

73CA99 C1E816;          SHR EAX,16
73CA9C 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF

73CAC5 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
73CACA C1E016;          SHL EAX,16


718408 C1E816;          SHR EAX,16
71840B 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF

718422 81E2FF030000;    AND EDX,3FF
718428 C1E216;          SHL EDX,16

718431 81E1FFFF3F00;    AND ECX,3FFFFF

718445 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
71844A C1E016;          SHL EAX,16

718453 81E2FFFF3F00;    AND EDX,3FFFFF

71804A 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF
718050 C1E116;          SHL ECX,16

718059 25FFFF3F00;      AND EAX,3FFFFF

71853C C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
71853F 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

7192D5 C1EA16;          SHR EDX,16
7192D8 81E2FF030000;    AND EDX,3FF

719306 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
71930B C1E016;          SHL EAX,16

71943C C1EA16;          SHR EDX,16
71943F 81E2FF030000;    AND EDX,3FF

719475 C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
719478 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

726D71 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF
726D77 C1E116;          SHL ECX,16

726D80 25FFFF3F00;      AND EAX,3FFFFF

726DAB C1E816;          SHR EAX,16
726DAE 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF

727302 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
727307 C1E016;          SHL EAX,16

727310 81E2FFFF3F00;    AND EDX,3FFFFF

72748C 81E2FF030000;    AND EDX,3FF
727492 C1E216;          SHL EDX,16

72749B 81E1FFFF3F00;    AND ECX,3FFFFF

727878 C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
72787B 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

727B4C C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
727B4F 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

727C87 C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
727C8A 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

727CC7 C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
727CCA 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

73CB2B C1E816;          SHR EAX,16
73CB2E 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF

73CBBB 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
73CBC0 C1E016;          SHL EAX,16


762137 81E2FF030000;    AND EDX,3FF
76213D C1E216;          SHL EDX,16

762146 81E1FFFF3F00;    AND ECX,3FFFFF

766545 C1E816;          SHR EAX,16
766548 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF

766567 25FF030000;      AND EAX,3FF
76656C C1E016;          SHL EAX,16

766575 81E2FFFF3F00;    AND EDX,3FFFFF

766724 C1E916;          SHR ECX,16
766727 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF

766743 81E1FF030000;    AND ECX,3FF
766749 C1E116;          SHL ECX,16

766752 25FFFF3F00;      AND EAX,3FFFFF

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 16, 2017 01:16 PM

Hi, another question here.

If i want the 4 ers files in the wog s folder NOT TO RUN, how should I do it? (other than deleting them from the wog base mod)

By having an empty ers file in the mod is not working. It will screw up the wogfication options.

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted July 16, 2017 02:36 PM
Edited by Salamandre at 14:37, 16 Jul 2017.

I am not sure I understand. You say you don't want them to run but you also say that deleting their content will screw the wogification process. So if they are necessary, you can't have them disabled. But I am not knowledgeable with ers files, try russian forums.

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