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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Unoffical Community Patch (UCP)
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Known Hero
posted October 08, 2020 12:52 AM

i think he was hoping to find someone who would fix bad AI behaviour but i dont think someone will do it... few people have tried or said they would try to improve the AI but nothing has been achieved here, some luca person posted a tutorial how to change AI behaviour, he managed that AI would always wait first f.e but he didnt have time for more and noone was able to make further steps since it is way too difficult to do so...

i think we're stuck with the AI but u can always hope i guess i'm working on an alternative mod which changes aoe effects so it cant be exploited anymore, just in case ure interested how it could look, i still need to do full english loca tough but im a bit lazy there :<

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 18, 2020 06:29 AM
Edited by Valour549 at 17:10, 20 Oct 2020.

Some bugs

Arcane Empowerment: BEFORE a friendly creature is hit in melee for the first time, the enemy creature gets 1 Prime damage for every single creature in the friendly stack.

Did you change this? Because:
1) The damage is actually the number of Metamagic point multiplied by the number of creatures in the your stack. This means if you build up Metamagic first the difference in damage dealt is huge. This is missing in the description and also nowhere to be found in the UCP changelog.

2) The damage is supposed to be dealt BEFORE the enemy creature attacks, which means that if the damage from Arcane Empowerment exceeds the enemy stack's total HP, it should die before doing any damage to your creature.

However right now, the enemy stack dies from Arcane Empowerment, but it still deals melee damage to your creature.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/vfoPnOf

Here you can see in first screenshot the Behemoth activating Melee Attack  (which is normal because it retaliates), then it takes 615 Prime damage and dies. But in the second screenshot the supposedly dead Behemoth activates Melee Attack again, which is where the bug comes in.
Tsunami is bugged in the following ways:

1) It is not affected by "Master of Magic". Basically when you check your spellbook it looks like it's affected by Master of Magic, but when you cast it in battle the damage is actually based on whatever your current level of Water Magic is (Novice/Expert).
2) It is not affected by "Water Wisdom", spellbook damage increase is false like before.
3) It is not affected by "Chaos Magic". When you get a lucky roll you will see dice animation above your hero as he casts the spell, but once again the actual damage inflicted is not changed at all.
I think in general there are lots of bugs with "Master of Magic", where it LOOKS like it's correct in the spellbook, but when you actually cast the spell it is different. For example the adventure spell Malassa's temptation, with Master of Magic, the spellbook shows +20% chance of neutral joining you. But once I actually cast it and check my hero's tooltip, the number is only +10% (because I only have Novice Dark Magic).

Visual number bugs (actual calculation is correct):

1) In the first screenshot above you can see Cabir getting [+0.5 Defense because of Piercing Claws]. It should be [*0.5 Defense because of Piercing Claws].

2) https://imgur.com/a/kH5m7iS

Face of Fear shows [-50.5*Magic]. It should be [-(5+0.5*Magic)]. Basically missing an important plus sign and some brackets.

3) When you right click on the following spells (in magic guild), there is no formula showing you how it scales with Magic even though they do: Freezing Orb, Shadow Image.

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