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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: New version of "Library - Table of content"
Thread: New version of "Library - Table of content"

Undefeatable Hero
proud father of a princess
posted September 12, 2007 01:04 PM
Edited by angelito at 08:54, 21 Aug 2009.

New version of

I am currently working on the new look and content of the "Table of Content" here in the library. Due to the fact I can't see how all the bb codes look like when writing in MS Word, I will continue working on this thread here on board. Thread will stay locked till I am done, so u only can read, but not write. If u have some suggestions, please feel free to post them in the "Library Feedback" thread.

Patches for Heroes 3


Links to Heroes 3 online tournaments (alphabetical order)


Problems and solutions referring to Online playing

-How to solve online gaming problems made by Angelito
Here you will find help about how to patch your game, configure your router, configure your firewall, how to setup an account on Gamespy and much more

-How to find the Heroes 3 lobby in Gamespy?

Must read threads, Tactic and Strategy threads

-Heroes 3 tactics
Probably the 2 most valuable threads here in the library. Many quality points were handed out here. Very detailed walkthroughs of specific battles (like e.g.: crypts, utopias, stores, dwellings, etc..), many things most of the players around never heard of. Worth reading every single post!

-Not in the manual
Great infos and facts about Homm3 which can’t be read anywhere else

-Little but interesting details in h3

-Few interesting FAQs about Homm3
Same as above. Some nice infos listed

-Experience or Cash?
Probably the most discussed topic between new (multi-) players and veterans. Must read!

-Capitol or Creatures?
Probably the 2nd most discussed topic between new (multi-) players and veterans. Must read!

-Question on tactics and chaining
Here it is explained why nearly every single turn in online games can take 20 minutes or more

-Heroes, starting spells, skills etc.
List of all heroes including all needed informations, like starting spell, starting skills, specialities etc…

-2-hex attack rules
How do 2-hex attackers behave in battle, when do they turn around when attacking, when not…

-Tactic exercises
Some great exercises everyone can try by himself. Good training

-Battle Strategies
Good discussion about special battles like utopias or stockpiles

-Full crypts week 1
Nice walkthroughs referring to crypt fights. A pity many of the links /pics don’t work anymore

-Week 2 medusa stores
Nice walkthroughs referring to medusa stores.

-Siege strategy
Nice siege strategies

-The key to victory
General hints and advices about the gameplay

-Unusual or overlooked spell strategy

- LordLazys guide to magic heroes

-Stronghold Strategy
Detailed tactic of playing Stronghold on Balance template by maretti

-Dungeon Strategy

-Necropolis Strategy

-Inferno Strategy

Statistic threads

-Heroes Stats and Skills Chances

-Spell probabilities by town type

Threads about towns

-H3 Town rating – STRONGHOLD
Everything about Stronghold town

-H3 Town rating – FORTRESS
Everything about Fortress town

-H3 Town rating – RAMPART
Everything about Rampart town

-H3 Town rating – TOWER
Everything about Tower town

-H3 Town rating – NECROPOLIS
Everything about Necropolis town

-H3 Town rating – CONFLUX
Everything about Conflux town

-H3 Town rating – INFERNO
Everything about Inferno town

-H3 Town rating – DUNGEON
Everything about Dungeon town

-H3 Town rating – CASTLE
Everything about Castle town

Template reviews and RMG.txt walkthroughs

-Midnight explains some common templates
A very interesting thread about common templates
Haile73 and Midnight give infos about how the RMG works
-Random Templates
A very detailed explanation of how the RMG works by Angelito in the middle of page 1
-Template Reviews
Rychenrollers excellent reviews of the most common templates like Jebus, Blockbuster, Balance, Extreme and so on

Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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