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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: List of +QP threads & MapHaven Table of Contents
Thread: List of +QP threads & MapHaven Table of Contents

Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted December 25, 2005 11:01 PM
Edited by angelito at 11:49, 08 Jul 2007.

List of +QP threads & MapHaven Table of Contents

MapHaven Guild

Where is the Fantasy Gone? by Shae_Trielle

Some help in Campaigns... by regnus_khan

Making Maps by RedSoxFan3

Best H3 XL maps by Commando

Top Ten User Made Maps for Heroes III by doomnezeu

On the Aesthetics of the Adventure Map (with pictures) by Vlaad

Mapmakers Compendium (links and tools) by Vlaad

Homm V Random Map Generator by Tapani

+QP threads on mapmaking and walkthroughs in other subforums:

Library of Enlightenment

Random Template reviews! by rychenroller

Lands of Axeoth

Guide to the first campaign (Lysander) by Abazagaroth

Map Editor: Hints & Tips by Thunder

Beginners Guide to Scripting by Kujo

Heroes IV map reviews by Vlaad

Tournament of Honor

What happened to heroes?! by victorio, QP applied to DoddTheSlayer

Interview with the Vampire of Randomland by kerberos_rg

TOH Maps by Kruel, QP applied to Ichon

No random map generator! by ironmhl, QP applied to sos


New H3 and H4 maps at *Laelths Maps* by Laelth

In the Wake of Gods

ERM help by Odvin, QPs applied to Fnord

Wake of Gods Walkthroughs by Mitzah

Temple of Ashan

H5 Demo: Haven Walkthrough by Vlaad

EDIT: updated

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted July 07, 2007 03:01 PM bonus applied.
Edited by Vlaad at 02:53, 10 Dec 2007.

                                                      ~ Table of Contents ~

Heroes 5

If you have a problem with your H5 scenario, be sure to read the official Manual first. Then check out the FAQ by Pitsu at Celestial Heavens' mapmaking forum.

Before you start a new topic, please check these informative threads:

Map index – present your work here
Multiplayer maps for Tournament of Honor
Map editor help
More editor tips
Subterrainian luminance?
How to make water non-transparent?
How to edit the official H5 maps?
H5 editor suggestions for Nival
H5 editor wish list
H5 random map generator by Tapani
PWL / thumbnailImages complete guide
Model and Effect overview

Heroes 4:

Editor: Hints and Tips
Scripting Guide
Random scripting questions
More scripting tips
The elevation tool
Export maps as JPGs?
Buried treasure
How to convert a picture to a map?
H4Util and Picture Map for Dummies

Heroes 3:

Random map templates
Random map reviews
How to edit random maps?
Jebus Cross discussion and poll
Object editor
About the h3m format
Rumors in Tavern
The best XL maps (discussion)
Old H3 map reviews


Map Archives project
What is your favourite map editor? (poll)
What is your favourite map?
H3 and H4 links and tools
Hidden passages
Maps of M&M worlds


MapHaven feedback
Treasure Hunt - game


MapHaven – H2, H3 and H4 maps
Celestial Heavens - H3, H4 and H5 maps
Maps4Heroes - H3, H4 and H5 maps in English and Russian
Tournament of Honor – H5 multiplayer maps
Tournament of Honor - H4 multiplayer maps
Tournament of Honor - H3 multiplayer maps
Map Archives – yahoo group(s) for H3 maps
Crypt of Maps – English and Polish H1-H4 archives
H3 and H4 maps by Laelth
Heroes League archive - H3 multiplayer maps
Maps by Ururam Tururam
H1 Map Archive by Quebec Dragon
H3 and H4 maps by Thunder/Humakt
Grigor Minchev’s homepage – H3 maps
Legends of the Ancients – promising H5 work-in-progress


Celestial Heavens – H3 and H4 maps by Psychobabble and others
H2 and H3 maps by Qurqirish Dragon
H3 random template reviews by Rychenroller


Unfortunately, Dragonsister of MapHaven is not accepting submissions anymore and Age of Heroes doesn’t have its own map archive. Check out other great sites:

Celestial Heavens

Avoid the sites which host zip files without READ ME files.

A READ ME file should look like this:
"The Name of Your Map" version ?
Heroes of Might and Magic ?: expansion ?

by your name/nick
contact: your e-mail
map testers: e-mail 1, e-mail 2

Size: ?
Underground: yes or no?
Type: singleplayer or multiplayer?
Special Win: if any
Special Lost: if any
Total number of players: ?
Maximum number of human players: ?
Maximum number of computer players: ?
Recommended difficulty level: ?
(for H4 only: Recommended guard movement setting: mobile?)

DESCRIPTION: copy/paste the map description
IMPORTANT: other notes for players
SPOILERS: walkthroughs etc
Use Notepad to type one and pack it with your map file(s).

P.S. If you are interested in further customization, please visit our Modders Workshop (H5) and Wake of Gods (H3) subforums.


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Tavern Dweller
posted October 20, 2014 07:41 PM

world of tanks wymagania

http://eworldoftanks.weebly.com/ http://www.tobeycmossgallery.com/wot30949 tutaj jest ok

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