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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Table of Contents - List of QP Awarded Posts - Temple of Ashan
Thread: Table of Contents - List of QP Awarded Posts - Temple of Ashan

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posted April 28, 2006 12:55 PM bonus applied.
Edited by alcibiades at 09:04, 30 Apr 2007.

Table of Contents - List of QP Awarded Posts - Temple of Ashan

Despite that the greater forum, once known to be Altar of Wishes only, is now divided into two parts, my attention to both of them will be equal and, no doubt, looked after. Here I shall assemble all the links (and threads)  in Temple of Ashan so as to make a new table of contents and provide new members with somre more information. So far, I have also noticed that there aren't many quality points given out here yet, but it is even easier to assemble them "under a singel roof".

Thereby, this thread shall now hold the links to all of the threads in the Temple, not to mention the "greatly-valued", quality-point-awarded ones (+QP awarded threads may be found below, in the 2nd post).

ONE IMPORTANT GUIDELINE: Try not to create threads concerning the same issue before viewing what threads are there and if there is one that relates to the same. Be aware that there is an INDEX if you find it difficult to follow the table. Just scroll down the page


About the Features…

Adventure Spells



balanced or not

Black Dragons immune to all magic?

boots of levitation usage

By Rainalcar: Light Magic Internals

composed artifacts


Dungeon hero

Dungeon Overview

Elemental Chains v1.0

Elemental Chains

Enlightenment Overpowered?

Features come back!!!

Frenzy spell

Frustrating abilities!!!

Grail buildings

Graphics or gameplay?

Heroes 5 Favourite Magic Poll

Heroes 5 Hero Skills, Abilities and Specialities

Heroes 5: Magic System and Spells Discussion

Heroes 5: Unique Racial Abilities Info, Poll & Discussion

Hero magic starting skills - unbalanced?

homm combat background

HOMM 5 Classes

HOMM storyline

HOMM5 Town/Faction ratings

Hotseat on demo enabled kind of.

How do Attack and Defense skills work exactly?

How attack and defense works when def > att

How to disable Show Movement Path

how to order shooters to walk and melee hit?

Imbue arrow


map editor

Necropolis Hero Special - Soulhunter - What are manes?

Necropolis power deficiency !

Neutral Creatures...

newbie question on creature stats in HOMM V

Phantom Forces a leeeeetle overpowered?

POLL: What is the best feature of Heroes 5?

Practical skill chains

Racial skill - Knight Training as of v1.01

Replay Opponent Turn?

Ressource Silos and Creature Costs

Some questions about Heroes V abilities

Sylvans Racial Skill: Avenger

the first aid tent

Unknown Artifacts

Ultimate Racial Skill Ptogression (v1.0)

Warlock Plague Tent - broken?

Week of Plague

What is the most disappointing feature of Heroes V?

Y upgrades again? Y y y?

Zombies improvements

Concerning Heroes 5 Duels and Multiplayer…

a bug in Multiplayed Game (by lan)


Another Huge bug playing multiplayer

CD key and multiplayer question

Heroes 5 Strategy Discussion (multiplayer)

Heroes 5 Duels: Demon Lords

Heroes 5 Duels: Knights

Heroes 5 Duels: Necromancers

Heroes 5 Duels: Rangers

Heroes 5 Duels: Warlocks

Heroes 5 Duels: Wizards

HMM5 Multiplayer

Multiplayer, make teams

multiplayer map, teams?

Multiplayer over LAN

Offline Tournaments

Play with all heroes presets in Duel mode

Serious Hot Seat BUG

Whats duel mode?

Why does the game ping/send packets the ubisoft server?

Discussing about Campaigns…

A serious BUG in the Inferno campaign?

Blatant balance issues in campaigns (inferno & Necro)

Bugs in Mish 2, Dungeon ?


Campaign Hero Discussion

Campaign heroes in custom game?

Campaign 4 Mission 2: The Expansion

campaign 5 and mission 3, help!

can anyone help me campaign 4 mission 2?

Dungeon campain, first mission - help?

dungeon mission 2 help

first mission

Game crash in Necro Campaign level two

haven campaign

Haven Campaign - The Fall of the King : help me!

Haven campaign: The Siege

Haven Campaign - The Trap

Haven campaign: 4th mission - The trap

Haven Campaign: Rebellion

Help with The Fall of the King

help the fall of the king

Help Necro Mission 3 !!!

Heroes V Campaign Poll

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Academy Walkthrough

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Dungeon Walkthrough

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Haven Walkthrough

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Inferno Walkthrough

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Necropolis Walkthrough

Heroes 5 Campaigns: Sylvan Walthrough

How to make a team game ?

How to Save Tieru in C5M4 Archipelago?

I am stuck on dungeon mission 2

I need campaign.sav

inferno campaign decision

Inferno lvl 5 - island tour

last campaign ritual mission bug

Mage Campaign Mission 2 help, I am desperate

Markal +20 Bone dragons=broken campaign?

mission 1 sylvan campaign

Mission 3

Need Help Warlock Campaign Mish 3

Part 1 - Chapter 4 (The queen/The Trap

Problem with Necropolis Campaign - The Invasion

spoilers - Inferno mission 2...

Stuck at crypt / (Haven: The QUeen :The Trap)

Stuck at the last mission of the have campaign

Stuck at the 1st mission of the Necropolis campaign, plz help

Stuck on Campaign 1 mission 5



Sylvan Campaign Mission 1 saved file

Sylvan mis 3

Vampire Lord - Mission Impossible

Warlock Campaign - Mission 2 - Expansion

More on the Strategical Side…

Combat Tactics.

Creature Tricks and Tips

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Academy Faction

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Dungeon Faction

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Haven Faction

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Inferno Faction

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Necropolis Faction

Heroes 5 Strategy: Playing Sylvan Faction

Heroes 5: Single Scenario Walkthroughs

Heroes V Advanced Strategies

How should you play with different types of heroes?

Marbas vs. Warlock

Which are the best creatures for each tier?

Help For Those Who Need…

a few heroes 5 questions


A simple question about ultimate racial skills

All missions greyed out

Am I the only one seeing this problem?

Beating Vampire Lord - Help!

Bug with blacksmith

Cannot dig for the tear

cannot find any obelisk in a tear for ossir custom scenario

Cannot win!

Collector Edition Contents?

Confused about Installation - US verison

creature stacking problem


graphics problem

Heyelp... Please



Help Improving AI

help me find my saves

Help needed

Help needed for Raegals skills

Help with the fall of the king

Heroes and their direct kill ability

Heroes crasher everytime at start it

heroes music problem

Heroes 5 Bugs and Errors

Heroes 5: System Requirements, Computer Problems

Homm 5 demo stat comparison

Heroes V graphic card problem

HoMM 5 Questions

How do I use training?

how to ally in homm5

how to defeat Nickolai????

how to make artefacts?

how to upgrade units in HoMM5

GeForce MX question - pls help!

Getting all but summoned creatures killed

I cannot finish the Academy campaign

I cant get in to the game

I cannot save the game

I need help understanding rank in HOMM5

ingame help

installing heroes V

Killing Phoenixes Help

Mega Bug Incountered

Minimum System Requirements

mm... Technical problem

New heroes bio and heroes pages

PC Requirements

Problem with h5

Save Game Problem

Sound stuttering + patch 1.1 problem

Splitting unit groups

The Ship lvl - Help

Troops diappearing

Trainer - How to Undo Changes?

Walkthrough problem

Which skills to choose for a necro?

Discussing in General… and All ‘Bout AOH…

4th Haven Video

About haven

Any way to change level up skill choices?

Archers VS Crossbowmen, what would you choose?

Ashan - a new beginning

Best HOMM Game

Best looking creature in homm 5

Changes needed?

Creature Poll

demo screenshots

Difficulty level..?

Do you think playing Auto Combat makes you a true player?

Does Heroes 5 support High end AMD athlon ?

Favourite 4th unit

First week start

First Time playing HoMM...

For your cheating pleasure

Got your Heroes 5?! Post First Impressions!

Hard Copy Manual & Creature Stat Card

Has anyone actually gotten an Elte skill? If so how?

Has anyone figured out a way to delete a skill via the console or LUA script?


Heroes V and Dark Messiah

Heroes V for Mac OS X

HOMM V - little, precious thingies

Heroes V Updates

How long does ubi.com rating system get finished?

How to split up the army

good, cheap vidcard

I can see the light... via the console

I find the combat mode in HOMM V as tedious as in IV

Individualized towns?

Inferno castle - how strong is the power of hell?

knight secondary skills

Limited Edition

List of heroes who can never get their ultimate ability

lost profile

moving only one unit of a group?

My dream

My first impressions and problems I have found

My necromancer

Necromancer-Regicide monthlith entry

Need this change for the 1.2 patch

newest previews

no ending movie?

NO!!, no map editor

Question about First Aid Tent

Rank heroes within each class:


save game file?


Smth about the story...

spells inactive

Starting Bonuses - Which Should You Choose?

Starting the game, as in the maps itself

Tear of Asha structures

The conquest

The five branches

The proper care and feeding of: Peasants and Conscripts

Ultimate primary skills

Unobtainable hero abilities

Updated Creature Stats

Useless Black Dragons?

vote for the strongest faction

Week 2 Review

well, H5 is great, except for...

Wizards or Warriors?

What are the essential HOMM5 Sites?

what is the strongest faction

When were creatures at their Best?

Where to read on dwarves, naga and orcs?

Why cannot Wraiths fly?

Why does HOMM5 send encrypted data to UBI?


Your favorite units/armies so far?

Important!!! -- Threads -- sticky

All +QP Rated Threads and Posts - Temple of Ashan

Forum Guidelines and Feedback

Future of Heroes 5 - Exclusive Interview with Fabrice Cambounet

H5 Printable Reference Guides

Heroes 5: The Best Ingame Screenshots Contest

Heroes V Creature Skill table

Heroes V Demo FAQ

Heroes V Expansion Poll - New Towns

Heroes V of Might and Magic patch v1.1 is out!

POLL: Two Critical Improvements for Heroes 5

Table of Contents - Temple of Ashan

The Ultimate Heroes 5 Favourite Faction Poll

What do you think about the Heroes 5 Demo?

QUICK INDEX: Threads are grouped into…

About the Features… -- All of the discussing concerning features of the game, regardless of what they are in particular – from multiplayer modes to various discussions about skills, specialties, heroes and so on.

Concerning Heroes 5 Duels and multiplater… -- Everything about the duel mode and other modes of multiplayer.

Discussing about Campaigns… -- All about campaigns… Information that is mostly given by quality players and mostly voluntarily.  

Discussing in General… and All ‘Bout AOH… -- As follows… Here you shall find discussions about everything concerning H5, apart from the threads that are grouped into other sections.

For Modding and Mapmaking… -- Mapmakers and those who are “charmed” by modding the games should look here.

Help For Those Who Need… -- All of the help for those who need it… Even the poorest shall find answers they’re looking for… If not, just create a thread and it will be added to the “helpful” list

More on the Strategical Side… -- A section that shall provoke many heated and interesting discussions - here shall be enlisted threads, containing discussion about strategies the players tend to use and such.

Other -- Important!!! -- Threads -- Mostly stickies, but also those that are important, regardless of whether it relates to the game itself or not, and those that are more or less concerning the Temple of Ashan forum.

Feel free to post threads I should add or odd out. I also think that certain threads from Altar should be moved here (ie.: Heroes Mini Discussion).

What's more, I'd like some of you to notify me when threads are moved to this forum (if any). It is hard to follow every single forum just to catch all the threads.

P.S. I have never seen such a huge number of posts in a H5 forum on HC. That is nice Keep it up Yet, try to create threads AFTER you reviewed that there are none like it. Sorry if this was disturbed because of the list being outdated. Summer's here, gonna update the list far more often.

P.P.S. I will not include the update times for this table of contents, as i do not know when I will be free, but I hope to every 15 days.

Version Updated: 27 / 06 / 2006

Moderator's note: New and updated TOC in this topic, please post comments there.

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