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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: ~ Table Of Contents and QP Awarded Threads - Modders Workshop ~
Thread: ~ Table Of Contents and QP Awarded Threads - Modders Workshop ~

Legendary Hero
First in line
posted January 25, 2008 08:11 PM
Edited by VokialBG at 17:50, 28 Jun 2009.

~ Table Of Contents and QP Awarded Threads - Modders Workshop ~

Welcome to the Table of the Contents for the Modders Workshop. This thread is updated periodacally. Here you can browse for useful threads.

Before you post a new thread, take time to go through this quickly to see whether there are existing threads on the same topic.

Tip: You can press ctrl + F (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera) to search this specific page for related keywords.


Questions Topic and FAQ - read before posting

Modders Workshop Phonebook - list of MODs
The Modding Wiki - discussion about the free modding encyclopedia

+QP Awarded Threads


Localized Texts
Modification Dictionary
Some links to real rare chinesse mods
Undocumented scripting functions  
Useful software for modders

Heroes 5 Modding Discussions Threads

3D Attempts and Theories
Map Scripting
Sounds and Music
Texture Editing
Texts and Interface
XDB Modding

Guides, examples, advices, interesting...

Modding lessons - The modding university

Adding effects to creatures - nice example for small effects
Adding Teleport ability to creature
Best way of making a creature screenshot
Change patterns of attacks
Creating a more challenging AI  
Changing the music theme in H5
Curios Cheating Guide is online - console, basic scripting commands and IDs  
Dark energy editing
Expanded town view by default  
How to make a new creature?  
Creatures apperance changes - basics  
How to remove backgrounds of custom Portraits and how to remove stuff of Models    
HoMM5 code tester/pseudo-Debugging  
Modding animations and other stuff  
Modding for Dummies - very useful modding guide for beginners  
Random Mixed Neutrals on any map - scripting petterns
The Most Flexible creature slot
Tierus File Found
Transparency 101 - creating translucency
Texture Editing - great "encyclopedia" for texture editing with references to other guides and examples  
Tutorial for editing textures in GIMP  


For more detailed info (about MODs) visit Modders Workshop Phonebook.

2nd Mission 1 Campaign TotE
2nd Upgrades
3 new Dragons mods
Academy.(Gremlin Master gremlin)
AI Mods: Classic AI (standalone) & XL Performance AI
All Heroes of Ashan - DMessiah + Betas + Artwork + Hidden
Alternate lvl 4 and lvl 7 creatures
Ballista Towers - and more siege combat fun!
Blood Dragon
Bloody Titan
Bone and Spectral dragon
Change your main menu background anim and menu design
Complete improvement of the textures of the terrain
Creatures with sharper texture
Crystal Dragon
Descriptions Mod
Duel Preset Editor with spell costs
Dungeon creatures
Emerald / Azure Dragons MOD
First Aid Tent: 10 or 100 Turns
Gem mod (colored stones)
H5/HoF Campaigns for ToE
Haven and Necro beta music
Heroes 5 Leveling - MOD for faster leveling
Heroes of Axeoth
Hero Trail for ToE
Infernal Storm Titan
Information about Heroes
Landscape Texture Replacer Mod
Mage guild interior
Minotaurs with blood on their axes
Modificated Bone, Spectral and Ghost Dragons
More balanced heroes
Mummies 2 zombies
Necro creatures - fun MOD
Necro Power Pack - fun MOD
New look of Storm Titan and Stone Gargoyle
New MiniMap
News Presets level 20 for Duels
New Start Skills - all Heroes will allow Ultimate Ability
New touch for Haven
PhoenX Mods - angel and vampire retexturing
Pirvian is back
Plague Treant
Playing in windowed mode
Pretty Djinn
Quantity Viewer
Recoloured Inferno Alternatives
Red Dragon
Rage Button
Sandro replaces vladimir
Shadow Mistress and Succubus Seducer
Skill Mod
Stronghold: distinct heroes + flags
Stronhold female Heroes
Sylvan Dragons
The AImod - Info and Details inside
Undead Cyclops as neutral creature
Unlock 48 campaign heroes in ToE multiplayer maps
Ultimate Skills only require 4 skills
Visual conversion Necropolis tier 7 Knights not Dragons
Xazardous Mods - ingame skillwheel, new menus, new creatures and heroes icon backgrounds and more...
XP doubler

Made By Hellburn - MOD's by Hellburn

Maps and campaigns

Dark Messiah Map
H5 Campaign project - inactive
The Abyss Angel

NCF based - based on the new creatures framework

Adding creatures in ToE - The New Creatures Framework  project (locked)
Updated NCF thread - fix for the original thread

Adding Creatures in ToE 3.1 - NCF fix for TotE 3.1

Arcane Blades
Centaur Captain
Crystal Dragon - and patch 1.01 for it.
Dark Champion  
Ghost Knight
Omega Dragon
Power Mage - in two versions
Royal Basilisk
Skeleton Mage
Sun Warrior  
Water Cyclops (unfinished)

Reskin of a classic NCF Stormbird
- reskining MOD for the NCF creature
NCF creatures yet - disscusion

Gallery and poll - for NCF based creatures only

Modding projects, work in progress

Academy to Covenant
Crystal Dragon
Fortress Hero Revision
H3 in HV
H3 Spell switch  
Heroes of Might and Magic Classic
Mod Manager
New alternative upgrades
Neutral Creatures MOD  
The Flame Of The West
The secret base project  
The Twilight Dragon  
Undead Faction Mod    
Unique heroes models    
User Campaign project - inactive

Fan made game fixes

Game fixes - inactive
Teleport Mod and Other Stuffs

GotP MOD - inactive project

H5 GotP: Ultimate Heroes 5 MOD - The HoMM 5 WoG - first GotP thread (locked)
Revival of the Ghosts - GotP back alive!!! - second GotP thread
HoMM5 - Ultimate MOD - Video
New Magic Balance!    
The Forgotton: A Necropolis Campaign for Heroes V: Ghosts of the Past  
The Sanctrum  
Wishes for New Heroes


Quicksilver II - new version of Quicksilver I (MOD for WoG)
Quicksilver III - New version for Heroes 5 in progress

Tales of Karador

Tales of Karador
ToK - The Beta - request beta and test it, ToK beta discussion

Texturer needed (locked)
I wish to start a poll...

Transformation Packs - transformations for one town to another

Fortress to Conflux transformation pack - inactive (locked, visit Academy to Conflux)
Academy to Conflux Transformation Pack
Academy to Conflux Beta testing - request beta key, test and discuss.

Random Map Generator - projects for improved RMG

New Random Map Generator
New Random Map Generator - New Version

Random Map Generator available soon (old)
RTMG version BETA released - try it now!

Old modding days

Basic ToTE modding help?
Heroes V Modding - where everything began
How to Mod MP Maps for Alliances - without map editor
Modding after Patch 1.5
Working on Modding Tutorial

Ideas for MODs and request disscusions

Anyone tried green orcs yet?
Blah! - H2 vampires sound
Campaign Heroes Unmounted
Divine Vengeance Mod - accomplished
Djinn from random caster to selectable spell book - accomplished
Gods faction
Green Ghost
Growth system: Why? - discussion
H3 mod
Heaven ultimate modification
Help with yellow imps - accomplished
Heroes of Might and Magic V Classic
Heroes & Skills  
I have one great idea for new H5 mod... - balance
I would like to see...
Just a few random creature ideas...
Lord of the rings
Magma Elemental    
Making Female Heroes Models    
Modification of Wind Dancer
Multiple Castles/dwellings
Old forgotten heroes in Heroes V  
Please evaluate my balance changes in my private mod - balance  
Recolored undead faction - work in progress
Renegades V. 2.0    
Teleport Between Towns Mod
Zehir unit

Campaign and storyline ideas

Formulating a storyline
Lord Arkel
Lord of the Rings mod project
The Angel  

Minor questions and answers, simple examples

Adding Arantir to an MP map
Adding New Heroes
autoexec_a2.cfg and user_a2.cfg - looking for details
Campaign Heroes on Random Maps?
Can you create your own cutscene?
Change Hero level limit Campagn
Changing creature models and textures
Changing starting skills
Creating Adventure map objects
Creating Zombie with ping eyes
Customized Keyboard Controls
Editing abilities
Help needed with upgrades
Help with photo shop: How to recolor?
Heroes V Female Hero models?
Hero Spec combination
How to change animation?
How to change spells visual?
How to disable the Hero Trail
Limit random creature spawn to only two races - scripting
My mechanics mod which doesnt work - a story of a MOD
Need help with critter modding
Newbie scripter needing help
Odd scripting issue
Profile files
Saved game & map progress data?
Scripting problem
Simple Scripting problem?
Small Lich
Two questions (Boost & Script)
Who knows how edit heroes specialisations?

3D Saga - unsuccessful attempts, but still something

3D Model Question
A minor question regarding programs
H5 models
Model editing - light in the tunnel
Models for characters...

Disscusions only

Christian the Knight in Heroes 5 - Has my eyes cheated me? - H5 Beta hearoes portraits
Dungeon townview mod
H3 in H5
Hell Stallion and Nightmare changes
Lack of flexibility for random map generator - old but kinda actual
Level hex editing
Might and Magic classes
New Bone Dragons - fun discussion
That duel preset editor pisses me off..
The 3.1 patch and all the MODs
The subject of incorporeality
Using complex math
When is a mod not a mod?


About modding spells
A way to swap graphics?
ENOUGH! - petition to Nival
My letter to Nival - petition to Nival
Spreadsheet for calculating creature power
The Bridge between AOE3 and Heroes - Age of empires 3 and H5 modding



April 02 2008 21:39:28
September 05 2008 16:02:35

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Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted January 27, 2008 05:45 PM

An excellent list, nice work.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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Legendary Hero
First in line
posted May 11, 2008 01:41 PM
Edited by VokialBG at 10:00, 02 Apr 2009.

After some thoughts I decided to merge the QP Awards thread with the Table of Contents, here is the master post:

List of all the threads in the forum "Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop" that were awarded with QPs.
The list is in alphabetical order. (like the Table of Contents)

Adding Creatures Tutorial
By Kronos1000, in the Modding Wiki.

Adding creatures in ToE
By Sfidanza, post 1, page 1.
By Radar, post 19, page 12.

Adding Teleport ability to creature - Guide
By VokialBG, post 1, page 1.

Change patterns of attacks
By BalckHunter92, post 1, page 1.

Curio Cheating Guide is online
By Maurice, post 11, page 15.

Creature appearance changes - basics
By Radar, post 1, page 1.

Creatures with sharper texture
By fiur, post 1, page 1.

Death knight and wraith
By alcibiades, post 6, page 2.
By rpgguy, post 8, page 2.

Editing abilities
By Cepheus, post 2, page 1.

Heroes of Axeoth
By magnomagus, post 1, page 1.

H5 GotP: Ultimate Heroes 5 MOD - The HoMM 5 WoG
By VokialBG, post 1, page 1.
By Radar, post 20, page 6.

How to remove backgrounds of custom Portraits and how to remove stuff of Models
By Kronos1000, post 1, page 1.

Made By Hellburn
By Hellburn, post 1, page 1.

By Fauch, post 1, page 1.

Modders Workshop Phonebook
By Ted, post 1, page 1.

Modding animations and other stuff
ZombieLord, post 1, page 1.

Modding for Dummies (guide)
By EliteKill, post 1, page 1.

By Fauch, post 1, page 1.

By Eugen_Cosmarul, post 1, page 1.

NCF - Testing your creature visual easily
By TSoD, post 1, page 1.

New alternative upgrades : the beta
By Fauch, post 1, page 1.

New Arenas
By Zenithale, post 1, page 1.

New Heroes
By VokialBG, post 5, page 1.

New Random Map Generator
By nevermind, post 1, page 1.

New way to change the music theme in H5 - Guide
By VokialBG, post 1, page 1.

Power Calculator - Software
By TSoD, post 1, page 1.

Questions Topic and FAQ - Modders Workshop
By Sfidanza, post 1, page 1.
By Cepheus, post 5, page 1.

Quicksilver II
By BIGJOCKER, post 1, page 1.

Random Mixed Neutrals on any map
By Asheera, post 1, page 1.

Skeleton Mage
By Radar, post 1, page 1.

Teleport Mod and Other Stuffs
By Kilrein, post 1, page 1.

Tales of Karador
By TrikingManiak, post 15, page 62.

Texture Editing Tutorial
By Gnoll_Mage, post 1, page 1.

ToK The Beta
By Kronos1000, post 1, page 1.

The Unnecessary Files in NCF Packs
By TSoD, post 1, page 1.

Transparency 101
By Daystar, post 1, page 1.

Undocumented scripting functions
By Maurice, post 1, page 1.

Updated NCF thread
By Warmonger, post 1, page 1.

Unique heroes models
By 2ndHero, post 1, page 1.

By TSoD, post 1, page 1.

Working on Modding Tutorial
By Zeldor, post 1, page 1.

By SimonaK, post 1, page 1.

TSoD........... 4 QP's
Radar.......... 4 QP's
VokialBG....... 4 QP's
Fauch.......... 3 QP's
Kronos1000..... 3 QP's
Cepheus........ 2 QP's
Maurice........ 2 QP's
Sfidanza....... 2 QP's
2ndHero........ 1 QP
Alcibiades..... 1 QP
Asheera........ 1 QP
BalckHunter92.. 1 QP
Daystar........ 1 QP
EliteKill...... 1 QP
Eugen_Cosmarul. 1 QP
Fiur........... 1 QP
Gnoll_Mage..... 1 QP
Hellburn....... 1 QP
Kilrein........ 1 QP
Magnomagus..... 1 QP
Nevermind...... 1 QP
Rpgguy......... 1 QP
SimonaK........ 1 QP
Ted............ 1 QP
TrikingManiak.. 1 QP
Warmonger...... 1 QP
Zeldor......... 1 QP
Zenithale...... 1 QP
ZombieLord..... 1 QP

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Tavern Dweller
posted December 02, 2009 09:35 AM

I seen a lot cool mods here in this topic but some of the ones I would like to download no longer work or are not here, like a few beta skins.

Is there any hope this will be updated at some point and will work with 1.6 and TOTE 3.1?

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Undefeatable Hero
posted December 02, 2009 07:33 PM

I have 3 QPs?
alt upgrades, magic dragon and ?

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted August 02, 2017 03:52 PM

A few +QPs have been handed. The Modders' Workshop ran by itself for a long period of time and as such I have some catching up to do. Do not hesitate to nominate posts you think are QP-worthy in this thread or by sending me an HCM.
Specific issues with other forumers may be addressed to me directly via HCM.

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

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Supreme Hero
disrupting the moding industry
posted August 02, 2017 04:10 PM
Edited by dredknight at 16:33, 02 Aug 2017.

Thank you for popping by!

Could you pin this article to the top and also make it a project?

I will be working on a Hex editing guide and throw in everything H5 related there as this is important knowledge which cannot be found almost anywhere.
Join our official discord channel | NCF Utility Beta

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted August 02, 2017 04:42 PM


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