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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Table of Contents - Lands of Axeoth
Thread: Table of Contents - Lands of Axeoth

Supreme Hero
[ Peacekeeper of Equilibris ]
posted April 07, 2004 09:00 PM bonus applied.
Edited By: ThE_HyDrA on 8 Dec 2005

Table of Contents - Lands of Axeoth


[system: url - replies - author]


3DO Site down? - 3 - Melenkurion
what has happened to 3DO?? - 33 - Lich_King


Equilbris : Add-on for Heroes IV - 23 - Vlaad
Equilibris. Bug Report and Suggestions - 14 - Lich_King
patches? - 1 - Kage
Time limit for hotseat games - 1 - Oddish
Where to buy HOMM 4? - 2 - Dracor
Equilibirs v.3.3 is out ! - 4 - Lich_King
Heroes of Might and Magic IV Elite Edition - 7 - Thorgrin
Install Problem - 14 - sutemido
H4 New Version? Trick or smth out-law? - 10 - regnus_khan
Equilibris. Bug Report and Suggestions - 14 - Lich_King
I cant find a patch which actually will save to the disk because they all like to say... - 1 - peewee
looking for patch that actually works - 3 - Dauthi
Heroes 4 Soundtrack - 3 - Yahoo91
Multi-player gives errors in Winds-of-War - 0 - biggergus
Hotseat Allies Problem - 3 - Mivoha
Equilbris: Good or Bad - 2 - regnus_khan
Unofficial H4 addons - 1 - DartHRevaN
UpDates - 9 - UnderMission


7Lakes for h4 - 0 - Titan
Custom Portraits.... - 8 - Lightspeed
Tactics - 2 - Edgarius
Asking about Strategy - 8 - feelgood76
Difficulty Level in Campaigns? - 31 - Delfontes
Dream Teams, anyone? - 13 - ironikinit
Help with Gathering Storm Campaign - 19 - Sallow
Man this is bugging me. - 15 - Delfontes
Dream Teams, anyone? - 13 - ironikinit
Help with Gathering Storm Campaign - 19 - Sallow
Man this is bugging me. - 15 - Delfontes
The history of the old creatures - 7 - DrakeMaster2
SOLVED: No more emilia nighthaven in campaign - 0 - KalTorak
fist campaign - 3 - bugs24
I need more difficult campaigns! - 5 - Azatoth
Barberian campaign. (winds of war) 2 - solmyr72


heroes 4 necromancy - 16 - Morrow
About guardian angel and quicksand - 18 - feelgood76
Governor - 8 - Lord_Ac
An amazing hero ?????? - 21 - nbvsniper
Evolution of the Black Dragon - 24 - Dragon_Slayer
Heroes IV - dragon scale armour - 0 - Josh
Days to Complete Scenario - 3 - raycid
Luck,or Morale? - 9 - Nyone
H4 Grails (dunno new thread or not) - 21 - EmperorSly
Spell you’d like to have (in Equilibris) - 1 - regnus_khan
Help a beginner (me!) - 6 - hoka
Dragon Scale Armour? - 3 - hexawa
Homm4 Storyline - 1 - Stormrage
Cyclops underestimated? - 26 - raycid Hmmm... Necro or Ressur - 25 - DrakeMaster2
Summoning - 11 - madscout
The best spell per lvl - 9 - Opeth
The war of Chaos between Order... Genie vs Efreeti - 56 - DrakeMaster2
Sprite anyone? - 15 - gun
All-Star Teams - 1 - drlucifer
Freezing - 6 - The_Chad
Best looking Magic animation? - 0 - Shirastro
MORALE SYSTEM IN H4 - 10 - regnus_khan


How do you manage to play on Champion level ? - 33 - feelgood76
Test of H4: new and revived - 0 - regnus_khan
Absolutely New h4 quiz!!! - 11 - regnus_khan


Round Table Battles -- Heroes Wanted! 0 - Angelspit


Here's a Table of Contents "Cat" made once:

img]http://www.debidawn.com/fldricn3.gif[/img]- Popular Thread


Strategy Vision Obvious, really...
Heros IV: Strataegic gameplay Ditto that...
Seige Strategy How to take towns in the new game
Cat First Battle Problem Preserve Vs Asylum
Playing Preserve How to play using Preserve
Magical Strategy How to raid a dragon lair (using Asylum)

Kill Or Accept Bribe What to do, what to do...
How Quicksand Works Hmm, duh!

~Multiplayer/ Hotseat/ Misc Scores~
Hotseat Results Post them here guys!
Hotseat General hotseat thread
Hall of Fame- Share Your Scores

~Observations and Criticisms~
First Impression
The Plus Side of It
Biggest Dissapointment Amazingly, this is full of dissapointing things..
The Ugly Part of It
Are Towns Balanced? A look at the possily unbalanced towns
Minimum Requirements Are A Joke

Wishes Granted Well, Unka's happy
Fog of War The effectiveness of the FoW examined
Misjudging Heroes IV?
I Have Stopped Playing Heroes IV!  Goodbye! Jondi's last words.. some good criticisms in there..
I Tested Heroes IV On Three Different Computers!  So, how well does it run?
Grail Structures
Basic Ornithology
Problem With Combat (Rant)
What is Wrong With Heroes IV Graphics?
The Elements of Combat
Spells you Like

~XP Problems~
Music Skipping
Cursor Glitch
XP Problems The biggest and most comprehensive XP thread

~Problem Solving~
Solution To Music Skipping
About Solution A response to the above topic
Submission For Patches Fill your patch ideas in here...

~Elite and Regular Editions~
Just Opened the Box! Elite Edition The content of the Elite Box explained..
Poll: Elite and Normal Version- Good or Bad Idea? No vote, no voice
Elite Vs Regular The Great Debate rages on...

~Creatures and Heros~
Best Creatures
Starting Heroes An examination of the 'random hero' element
The Horrors The creatures and heros of the evil towns (ie Necropolis)
Recruiting Heros
Creature Charts

Fastest Army Which is.. ?
Fave Hero Class
Medusa Stonegaze Tests Revealed This one is a little gem.. a must read
Which Skills To Develop For Each Alignment?
Why General Is The Best Might Advanced Class
Hero Classes
Favourite Class
Guide To Troop Division By Movement

Map Editor Questions A short Q and A session
Just Made A Map A Download there...
Map Editor More Q and A

Site For Triggers Site For Triggers
Crimson And Clover Play C&C H4 stylee
Scripts Scripting help for mapmaking
Adventure Map Elements For mapmaking
Specific Scripts More scripting
Creature Rankings (For Lazy Mapmakers)
Patch Is Out Sadly it is US only...
New Site H4o Very good for scripting

Campaign ProblemCampaign Q and A
Life Campaign Results
Error Potential A look at the error potential in campaigns
Campaign Difficulty
Campaign Help Very short Q and A

Elwin Campagin Tips for completion
Might Campaign
Elwin Campaign 3rd Scenario

Reporting Computer Problems please include your system details (you can check out my worthless lump of junk on here)
Known Bugs A list of known bugs.. feel free to add your own...

Memory Leak (apparently fixed by recent patch)
Game Destroying Bug


Problem Patching Heroes IV
Game Update
Some People Live OUTSIDE The US!
The AI Is Better In The New Patch No comment

Heroes IV Quiz

Cat's contents may be out of date, but I think they work.

I think almost all threads are here... Hope it is easier which to use...

P.S. This short guide I made is dedicated to the forum and its moderator Lich_King  just to help him in doing things .

P.P.S. No comments, I needed this thing for along time now, but never got to it, it is good, that some members can help
+Qp applied.
TOP @@

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted December 08, 2005 07:27 PM
Edited by TDL at 12:13, 19 Jun 2006.


Hmmmm... I am just doing what I promised.

I promised that I will look into most matters of these two forums, so here I am again, preparing a list of threads created from April 2004. As I see that the creator of the thread is not here (at least I think so, he hasn't updated the contents ever since), I will take on his job.

It seems the last thread dated at 10th April 2004. So, from this thread onwards, all the threads created from the mentioned date will be included in the list you see below.


NB: Sorry, I will not keep the same standards as regnus_khan did. I will not put them under headings. Alphabetical order only

1 little question... - by jeca

2 (slightly obvious) tips for HoMM 4 - by Miru

A little question - Kill the Dragon. - by abbyy

An Enemys Trust Messup? - by moseshma

About Life Spells - by jeca

about wards and other bonuses - by drMario

Another noobish question - by behemoth-stomach

Any good multiplayer Might strategy? - by scottx

Anyway to make singleplayer interesting - by carn

Been a long time. What is the word on the street about Chaos vs. Death? - by The_Gootch

Best looking Magic animation? - by Shirastro

Bird Creatures - by EldGiffen

Burried treasure - by Vlaad

Campaign on Champion? - by SidEWinDr

Campaign Programming - Hero Carryover - by potatomanjack

Can I WiN? - by gorthom

Can some1 please help me - by AIQ

Cannot install - by arageddonicidiot

changing music on heroes4 - by Tchelu

Champion level - by Soulstone

Coolest 4. level unit? - by Fantasy

Crashing Problems - by Millzee

Custom Faces & Face Kits - by MaFiA

damage calculation in homm4? - by satyr

Debugger error ? - by Zoreiss

Directplay failed when trying to open a listening connection - by MSG 1-1

Download campaig - by Edgarius

Editing - by SS

Equilbris 3.42 is out ! - by Lich_King

Equibris v3.3 where? - by JMO

Erutan Revol, Mission 1 - by HyugaHinata

Evil Eyes and GM MR heroes - by stachnie

expansion packs - by Doggy

Favourite Spell and Spell Sphere. - by PosionofUndead

FAVOURITE TOWN - by katarraktis

Few questions about unit stats - by MagniBronzebeard

******* the file is bad message. - by Fantasy

gathering stone last mission... where is the staff!? - by torahtrance

Gathering Storm - by tzangtzi

gathering storm chaos campaign ??? - by figaro

Gathering Storm Messup? - by moseshma

Girls playing HoMM/MM - by mithomasMIT

Has anyone had a problem with XP SP2? - by countzero

Have I missed the Guard function? - by Noldus

H4 - Rainbow Crystal - Bug or Numb ??? - by Merovino

H4 OST - by recca_cool

H4 tactics! - by Haregar

Hearoes IV patch 1 to 1.2 - by sguysguy

Help! level 18 druid stuck with level 1 spells!! - by zester

HEEEEEEELP! - by gorthon

Help!!! - by Darius88

help - by gorthom

Help help - by Musasa

HELP need new XL maps - by simonb

Help: A matter of Life and Death - by lorenpechtel

HELP: Can you ally while in a game? - by AbsinthTears

Help: Heroes 4 Will Not Load??? - by fastcable

Help a Bard in need - by JohnSilver

hElp Barbarian Campaign - by waerjak

Help Me Choose - by KyanVrezpor

Help me please - by vondondeigo

Help paleez!! - by Chandenet

Help plz!! Homm4: Winds of War - by ballxp

Help with gathering storm campaign - by atheas

Heroes 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs4 vs KB - by Armageddonicidiot

heroes 2 necro town music - by dungeonlord

Heroes4 - by phoenix72

heroes4.h4r - by redgerog

Heroes 4 CCG & Tile Game - by Valeriy

Heroes 4 Fatal Flaw ( for me ) - by WhenPimpsAttack

Heroes 4 game score - by a_rebirthing_flight

Heroes 4 german version - anyone has and want to sell?

Heroes 4 installshield: registry not there - by Mithril_Ian

heroes4 multiplayer problem - by swiv

Heroes IV Complete: NO HOTSEAT!! - by Potter

Heroes IV map reviews - by vlaad

HoMM IV Map-Workshop - by Daddy

HoMM 4 Campaigns - by brahaha

HoMM 4 Complete trouble!

HoMM4 Demo - by homonculus 88

HOMM4 on Mac (Tiger) - DrMatrix

Homm4 - too unbalanced - by Soulstone

HoMM 4 & MM9 - by Agraynel

HOMM 4 online playing problem - by thade

HOMM 4 patch error - by BlackTrench

HoMM 4 re-released by Ubisoft? - by homunculus88

HOMM4 Spell crash - by Searak

HOMM 4 starting strategy - by adyptl

HOMM IV: The Gathering Storm - by ComradeX

Hot Potion mod - vlaad

Hotseat Game...Help. - by Chose

How can i get in HOMM IV room in GS without having tghe game on my comp? - by tyler

how do i ?? - by Noller

How do I beat my friend!?!?! Life vs. Chaos - by scottx

How do I make an Ally in hotseat??? - by Pointydrip

How does H4 calculate the morale-bonuses at battle-rounds? - by Daddy

how does heroes 4 multiplayer works?? - by CragHAX

how many discs. - by whitejedi

How many Discs in Mastertronic version - by whitejedi

How to become an Archmage? - by homunculus88

How to play online? - by Egili

How to ungarisson? - by Kirsti

How was the Music in H4 - by mr_niceguy

I cannot build Eye of Chaos in Rumport - by Halvinicus

I do not fully understand the logics behind the rating you get when playing Heroes IV - by Type-R

i need help! - by bobby

I need help with allying! - by PosionOfUndead

I need help with the first campaing!!!!

I NEED HEROES 4!!! - by dragnmastr85

i need same map for herose 4 - by rshid

I need to know this really bad plz answer!! - by CragHAX

In Need of Advice - by SylverWulf

Installation errors? - by kashimo

Installation problem I have not seen on here. - by Dolemite

install issues - by melang1970

Into The Jungles - Help - by chico_taranja

Interview with David Mullich - by vlaad

Is There any Change to PLAY TCP/IP ? - by newest_Newbie

is there a manual for winds of war? - by thantismypal

Keep getting errors! - by Genie

Lands of Axeoth +QP Rated Threads - by TDL

looking for opponents - by scibby

Looking for a Heroes IV - The gathering storm-save :-) - byzoobooboozoo

Magic Dampener - by stachnie

Magis or Gold golens? - by jeca

Map fail; this file is bad - by Reverse_Dog

Masters of Magic campaign-Isle of Pyre - by Javelin

minataurs - by gill

Most useful creatures - by Verdis_Alier_Judah

Multi-player gives errors in Winds of War - by biggergus

Multiplayer  creation  failure....HELP ME pleas - by Tomsa_x

Multiplayer Problems in Heroes 4 - by Polloloko

music lyrics - by decay

Nagas or Genies - by fortress_fan

Nature - winds of war - by ArmageddonicIdiot

Necropolis: Demons or Undead? - by PosionofUndead

Need help - by RedX

need help!! - by defender223

NEED HELP! IP/TCP problem - by AbsinthTears

Need help installing gathering storm please! - by Kaldern

need help with patch!!! - by xip

New to heroes, i have some questions - by capt_haddock

Ogre magi vs. Cyclops - by fortress_fan


Online game-problem - by Daddy

Online Play - by malc3k

patch and maps - by XivioN

Patch Location - by Wehshe

Patch Problem? - by sci10270

patches - byMrMoxx

Patching Error - by Dex_LoneWolf

play from hd HOMM4 uk3 - by ant

Playing Heroes on Gamespy arcade problem - by mindofaseer

Pointless difficulty system - by Grindan

Potions - by LordZXZX

Pre-battle crash under XP - by Uri

Prevent cheating in HOMM 4 - by Link-Jun

Problem about GameUpdate - by FrostFlame

problem with HOMM IV - cant attack - by rpg

problems in saga of depierelles part1 - by mskamla

Problems with Heroes 4 - by dmiche

Question about the game soundtrack - by recca_cool

Random maps - by DjSmile

Ranks? - by PosionofUndead

Replacing music? - by Wikt

Rigging music files - by Korejora

Russian to American versions of HMM4 - by Jay

Shroud Remover - by JagoBC

smartheap out of memory - old problem, new solutions? - by emilia

Have you... - by Soulstone

Still bugs in H4 - by MO

Strange Mass Fervor problem - by csarmi

Stuck on homm4 gathering storm - by Allura

Sword of the gods - by vondondeigo

Table of Contents - Lands of Axeoth - by regnus_khan

TCP/IP over internet is very slow - by Mad_max911

Tech Problems - by barlow2k5

The Gathering Storm.... - by SMIV

The Gathering Storm (US or UK?) - by Woodpile

The name of the kingdom - by phoebeduviels

things you love and things you hate in HOMM4 - by katarraktis

time limit - by bplk

Town Alliances - by bplk

Truth, Justice and the American Way! - by vlaad

Unit transfer bug: Equilibris or Homm4 - by RobO

UK patches - by steve

Ururam Tururam Saga of Depierrelles, part I - by ComradeX

visual c++ runtime library error - by EnergyElemental

vs differend ownz... - by Maestro

waiting for host to transmit the game state what ?????? - by freeman 21

Wandering Guard Information / Indications - by Gekkenhk

What could have gone wrong? - by UndeadLord

What is the best magic skill for a non-magic hero? - by mvassilev

What is the difference - by metafil

Where can I get a copy of the manual? - by Pointydrip

Where to download HOMM 4 game music? - by elrey

Where to get Addons? - by Daddy

where to buy? - by coman

Which Heroes IV campaign is the hardest? - by Thorin

Which is your favourite HoMM game? - by EldGiffen

Which patch - by spoofer

Who is the strongest casting hero? (most of the time) - by andychina

WHY!!! - by shelfhed

Worlds of TGS and WOW - by Fortress_fan

WoW Spazz map2... help? - by jimbobjoray

WoW where? - by ComradeX

YaY for the facekit! (my own H4-heroes) - by Daddy

Your choices in Homm IV - by Fortress_fan

Your favourite spell in homm4 - by gorthom

NB: Moderators, I did not include the threads that have "to delete" rating... and some closed threads... "to delete" threads are scattered in pages 1-5... threads rated average are still included. If you need listing them here, HCM me.

P.S. An update... before the holidays

NEXT UPDATE: Do not know...

Updated once again! And finally! No more promises on when I will update! 2006-06-19

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 17, 2006 10:59 PM

minimum requirements heroesIV exp. packs

Have been playing HOMMIV for a while and decided I would like to get the exp. packs so have just purchased HOMMIV complete which includes WOW and Gathering storm exp. packs off ebay.
After sending off my money I have noticed that the ebay listing said minimum requirements are DVDROM.  Is this right? Does it apply to both exp. packs?  I only have a CDROM.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted June 19, 2006 01:47 PM

Why is my post deleted, I put alot of hard work into it, no need to delete it Valeriy, well if it was you.
~Ticking away the moments that
make up a dull day, Fritter and
waste the hours in an off-hand

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Supreme Hero
Allez allez allez
posted July 26, 2009 04:31 PM

Here are the Heroes IV patches. Look for yourself if you find anything interesting for you.
5 Times TV

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 08, 2009 05:15 PM

i write but no message appear

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Supreme Hero
Allez allez allez
posted December 31, 2009 07:24 PM
Edited by zamfir at 19:33, 31 Dec 2009.

I made this mainly for myself, because I need all the formulas and info for the Heroes wiki, and I find it much easier now to get all the info.

Anyway, you can also consider it my New Year's present.

Help, Walkthroughs and Game Information
    Game Information
    Campaign Walkthroughs
Strategy Guides and Faction Reviews
Bugs, Errors, Versions, Patches and Addons
Discussions of Game Features
    Creature Evaluation
    Faction Evaluation
    Game Features
    Heroes and Hero Class evaluation
    Magic and Spells
    Skills and Abilities
    Strategy Tips
    Technical Issues
Pre-release Talk
Community Games and Activities
Chit-Chat and Small-Talk

Lands of Axeoth +QP Rated Threads
QUESTIONS TOPIC - TECH HELP Centre - Lands Of Axeoth
Table of Contents - Lands of Axeoth

Help, Walkthroughs and Game Information

Game Information
Equilibris : Add-on for Heroes IV
Games Domain Review
Heroes 4 CCG & Tile Game
Heroes IV: Theory Analysis
HOMM IV reviews
Interview with David Mullich
Look inside for all Heroes 4 Charts you will ever need!
The Codex of Axeoth
The Heroic Guide

Campaign Walkthroughs
A matter of life and death question
Campaign question (Lysander)
Campaigns, discussion and help.
campaigns on champion difficulty
Champion difficulty........campaign 1 with Lysander hints and tips
Dragon s Graveyard
Error potential in campaigns
Help with Gathering Storm Campaign
heroes 4 campaigns
How long did the campaigns take you?
Guide to the first campaign (Lysander s)
Help with Gathering Storm Campaign
Im curious - Campaigns, which ones your favourite?
Im ready to killem all, if I found them
I Cant Build the Eye of Choas in Rumport
Life Campaign Guide H4
Lord Landrew, Dead on Arrival
Might campaign on champion difficulty
Mongos campaign (Wind of Wars)...
Nature Campaign Guide H4
Order Campaign bug?
Question re Dogwoggle in Gathering Storm
Stuck on homm4 - the gathering storm
Tawni Balfours last quest
Tawni. first 12 level ups. Whats best?????
The Gathering Storm
Too tough
Which Heroes IV campaign is the hardest?
Winds of War Mongos Campaign

Strategy Guides and Faction Reviews

Own with Order
What creatures do you choose in academy
What is your 1st impression of the Academy?

Chaotic Strategies


A Necromancers Guide To Death
Death tactics
What creatures to choose in necropolis?
yet another approach to death

Haven: revealed
LIFE - Haven strategies
Life tactics
What creatures do you choose in Haven?

Any (Nature) strategies?
Nature clash
New Nature Strategy!
Playing Preserve
The Preserve: Overcrowded with useless and goofy looking creatures!
What creatures do you choose in preserve

What creatures do you chose in stronghold
Why I Hate Barbarian Hordes...

Bugs, Errors, Versions, Patches and Addons
1.3 patch and game update
artifact bugs update
Equilibris. Bug Report and Suggestions
Equilibris 3.42 is out !
Equilibirs v.3.3 is out !
Heroes 4 Patch - Some People LIVE outside US!!!!
Known HMM4 bugs
patch 1.3 is out
Patch is out

Discussions of Game Features

Creature Evaluation
About balance
A little question - Kill
Best fourth level creature
Black Dragon vs. Hydras(combat map)
Bone Dragons or Devils
Champion versus Dark Champion
Creature Analysis: a good way to objectively compare units!
Creature Battlegrounds!
creature growth
Creature population lables
Creature Portal Question
Creature rankings (for lazy mapmakers)
Creature tournament-Round 1-Faerie Dragons vs. Phoenixes
Creatures - quantity or quality ?
Cyclops underestimated?
faerie dragons or phoenix?
favorite HOMM4 creature, a second look
Few questions about unit stats
First thought on Best H4 creature...
Have somebody any idea what to do with minotaurs and their blocks?
Heroes IV - New Necropolis Creatures(MOD)
Hmmm.... Phoeni or Faerie Dragons??
HOMM4 Creature Looks- Better or Worse?
Mage and Golem
Magi or Golems; Nagas or Genies...
Magis or Gold golens?
Medusa special overpowered?
Medusa Stonegaze tests REVEALED!!!
Mega Dragons VS Black Dragons
Most useful creatures
Nagas or Genies
Ogre magi vs. Cyclops
Opinions about H4 winds of war new creatures
Sprite anyone?
Strongest level 4 Order creature?
suckiest lvl 1 creature?
The war of Chaos between Order... Genie vs Efreeti
The best creature speciality
The Different Units
The Everlasting Battle... Black Dragons vs. Titans!!
Vampires and Necroes a little unbalanced?
Venom Spawn vs. Vampire
What creatures do you choose in Asylum?
What is better?
Which of 4 new creatures is the best ?
Your choises in Homm IV

Faction Evaluation
Are the Towns Balanced at All?
favorite or best building trees...
Heroes IV: The Alignments
How do I beat my friend!?!?! Life vs. Chaos
How fast can each alignment clean the map?
is chaos or order better?
Necro-Order Strategies (almost long) ^_^
Survival: what to do agains DEATH?
The aligment you dont like...
Town Analysis. Major imbalance.
Witch civ do you like
Your best town in heroes 4

Game Features
Aargh! Tutorial how NOT make a Scenario - see H4 campaigns...
A disappointment
AI Labotomy due to Memory Leak?...
AI is even dumber than I thought
Beginners Guide to Scripting
Building the town: what would you chose?
capitol and equilibris
Cheat codes - Why? Can they be locked?
cloak of distraction and other things
Combat grid layout
Difficulty Level in Campaigns?
Does a higher starting difficulty make the game easier?
do u like heroes 4 editor
Elevation Tool in editor
Expert Guide to Scripting
Fog of war
Fog of War is a pain in the neck...
Forced to Cheat
grail structures
GS first impresions.... ??
H4 WOW Brawnier AI
Hero choice, prior to playing a map
Heroes 4 - Adventure Map Elements
heroes 4 a little dissapointing?
Heroes 4 Font game
Heroes 4 Music....Its Coming!
Heros 4 thoughts, and the music?
Heroes 4, questions and answers
Heroes IV: Basic Methodology
Heroes IV: Basic Ornithology (first and not-so-first IMPRESSIONS)
Heroes IV. The Wids of War
Heroes IV Fixtures
Heroes IV Modding
Heroes IV pdf manual
High Score ranks
HoMM4 Concepts from HoMM3
HOMM4 Storyline
HOMMIV - biggest problems
HoMM IV - poor MoM clone
How alignments affect morale in H4
How does H4 calculate the morale-bonuses at battle-rounds?
I do not fully understand the logics behind the rating you get when playing Heroes IV
I got my one wish about Heroes IV!
I have a few qs for those with the game!
I like it... or maybe I dont... hmm...
Is H4 succesful?
Is the AI in HOMM4 cheating?
Its only been a couple of days...
Luck,or Morale?
Map Editor: Hints & Tips
Misjudging Heroes IV?
Mobile Guards
Looking for important hidden information
Morale and Luck in Combat...how?!
Optimal play is tedious
Principles of initiative explained
Problem with combat (warning: rant)
Problem with winning games...suicidal computers
Random Map Editor
Random Map Generator for Homm IV?
Redefine the instrucions manual (Homm4)
Revised opinion of Heroes 4
the AI of heroes IV
The AI is better in the new patch!!
The manual is a disappointment
The fastest army.
The Ugly part of it
Thoughts on HOMM 4
Too few artifacts....?
Wanna know the future?Multiplayer Trends for H4 (I been doing much hotseat gaming...)
What the heck is Undead Transformer?
Whats Wrong with Heroes IV Graphics?

Heroes and Hero Class evaluation
Best Multi Class
Best two Heroes combo ?!
Class changing question
Class choosing!!
Concerning artifacts....
Custom portraits....
Dodgy Hero Descriptions!
Is It Just Me, Or Do Others Miss Choosing Their Starting Hero?
Heroes: A Force to be Reckoned With
Heroes: Whats your favorite h4 class ??
Hero Classes (sorry if there already is a thread)
High level magic heroes
Only One Hero for battle - What kind do you choose?
Problems after becoming an Archmage
Undead Heroes: Isnt it funny
Whats the heros role now
Whats your favorite Class Type?
Whos the strongest casting hero? (most of the time)

Magic and Spells
Answer to Misfortune question
a spell : create illusion
Best Magic
Deadly spell combo!
Death Magic discussion?
first strike spell?
How many schools of magic should you learn?
Ideas about spells
Quicksand spell is gonna give me an aneurysm!
Spell combos & hidden effects
Spells: scrolls and parchments
Spells you like (so far)
Summon Phoenix - bug or feature?
The best spell per lvl...
The best spells in hmm4 !
The most useless spells
The Potions...
Using magic against Black Dragons?
What spell type do you prefer?
Your favourite magic school

Skills and Abilities
Best magic related skill
Best special magic skill?
Erutan Revol, Mission 1
heroes 4 necromancy
Hmmm... Necro or Ressur
HOMM4 Spell crash
How does Master scouting work?
is it possible to develop a hero wif 5 magic primary skills?
Is stealth better than I thought?
Magic school abilities...
Scouting is the best skill... No doubt about it
Summoning skill is useless!
To be or not to be... - Nobel Heroes
To steal or not to steal - Stealth skill discussion
What is the best magic skill for a non-magic hero?
What skills to develop for each alignment?
Which is the best hero for you?Which is the best skill for you?

Strategy Tips
A Guide to Troop Division by Movement
An inexpensive strat that can really pay off
Asking about strategy
battlefield tips and tricks
Build order in Equalibris
Good tricks to use
H4 tactics!
here we go again might or magic?
Heroes 4 artifact combos
heroes IV vs heroes 3
Heroes IV: Battle Effects
Heroes IV: Strategic Gameplay
Heroes IV: The Elements of Combat
Homm4 castles: Build or blow?
HOMM 4 starting strategy
How do you manage to play on Champion level ?
How do you usually play?
How to fight against...
Im not a genie, so teach me how to fight one...
Kill or Accept Bribe?
Letting the enemy go
Mighty Strategies
One Single Piece Of HOMM4 Advice
Placement during siege
PlayingHeroes 4 XL-maps
Siege Strategies
Six common Misunderstandings of unexperienced Heroes 4 players.
Starting on some H4 wishes
treasure chests: gold or xp?
Use Heroes to win Heroes IV
what do you choose
What is a good homm4 strategy?
When to visit Trees of Knowledge
Whirlpool damage

Technical Issues
1280 resolution in windowed mode
Anyone Else Running Windows XP
Burried treasure
Campaign Editor - swich colour of towns
Did anyone ever find a solution to Homm4s lag??
Equilibris install help needed.
First thought on behind the scene of development (technical issues about HOMM 4)
help for newbies and some new hints
Heroes 4 in Oz: Whats the deal with these stupid cookie boxes?!!?!
Heroes 4 on Vista
HOOM4 does not work on win XP
HoMM 4 Complete trouble
Heroes 4 modding. Df2? Please help
homm 4 update problem
homm4 update problem
How To Make A New Hero In HoMM IV?
Install Error
Install Problem
I tested H4 on 3 different comps.. results inside..
minimum requirements are a joke...
Missing animations
Missing Menu Options
Multi error
Must my monitor support 1280x1024 to play Heroes IV?
my HoMM4 cheating attempt
Need the graphics from heroes IV
Questions - Any mods to fix this stuff??
Removing the horribly music theme
Runnig problem
The impossible happens- MULTIPLAYER
This is getting embarrasing
Trainers for Gathering Storm/Winds of war
What could have gone wrong?
Why, why why?

Pre-release Talk
Adventure Map: The Hidden Land of Heroes IV
Another wishes for HoMM4 - Sergo
Anybody else creeped out by the music for the Death heroes?
Attack, Defence, Power and Knowledge! will they be missed?
Biggest Wish !!!
Carryover Heroes to HoMM 4

Collection of Thoughts for Ideas in HOMM4 (repost)
Expansion pack might come this fall
Expansion Pack News
H4 MUST be different!
HeroesIV AI (repost)
Heroes4 Interview @ Freelancer
Heroes4 map-testing tool & new heroes skills (staticsics, history & fortune teller)
Heroes 4 Beta!!!!!!
Heroes4 shots inside Town
Heroes 4 first screenshot AOH discussion
Heroes 4 Movie
Heroes 4 necropolis speculations
Heroes 4 towns and creatures; facts, rumors and theories...
Heroes IV: Filling in the Gaps
Heroes IV: Important Discussions
Heroes IV: Interpretations
Heroes IV: Spells
HOMM3 to HOMM4...too similar? too different?
Homm4 creature list
Homm4 Spells...
If I could have one wish for HOMM 4 ...
I Found The Harpy! (Do I win a prize?)
Less creatures. Good or Bad?
Limit to spell casting?
My Ideas
New creatures for Expan.
New Heroes4 campaign - The Saga of Depierrelles, part I
No more hit and run in HOMM4
No one-building-per day construction limit!!!!
No Rampart?!
No Titans?!!
Non-linear campaigns
Number of levels
Oh Gawd! It looks like peasants made the cut! The IGN shots
Only 6 levels of creatures!
Poll: Hero Power
Preserve 4th Level? An intellectual excercise
Quick Death for Heroes - when its might v magic?
Resources in Heroes 4
Resurrection vs. Necromancy
Scripting and writting AI bots wish for H4
Simultaneous Turns (repost)
Should we see implosion in HOMM4?
some various contradictions
Spell (Portal Gate)
Suggestions for HOMM4
The complete hero list including all 37 advanced classes...
The list of creatures that I wanted to be returned in Heroes 4
The new vampires
There must be no poor looking units in HMM4
Week of the Heroes Towns!
What do you think about H4 Heroes? (What Heroes might come back, etc.)
What Heroes IV Would Have Been Like With/Without.....
What the Fudge-Pie~?!
What town will you play as the most ! ! !
Worst change to HOMM4 so far
yes no

Community Games and Activities
*** New Heroes IV Map: Peasant Uprising ***
Absolutely New h4 quiz!!!
Any tips for a novice map maker?
Fan made maps: recommendations
Hall of Fame - Share your scores !
Hero arena
Heroes IV map reviews
Heroes IV - My Mods
Heroes IV World Championship 2008!
Heroes 4. Quiz
Heroes 4 Quiz: Test your Knowledge!
How well you know H4?
Lands of Axeoth- Table of Contents
MapHaven inviting HOMM4 maps
Monthly Report
Monthly threads review (November)
monthly threads review (october)
New map: The End of the World
Nidhgrin joins the Axeoth department of ModSquad!
Scripting Tutorials i have planned. Feel free to request others!
Spell youd like to have (in Equilibris)
Tales of Axeoth!
Time to clean up this place!@
Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Chit-Chat and Small-Talk
A Mistake with Heroes IV Devil
A Moral Dilemna
An idea I had
Aow2-(beta/demo) vs Homm4
Are you going to buy the expansion pack?
A site for triggers?
Average month amount you need to finish a map..
Best looking Magic animation?
Bring some creatures back!
Can you play better than the AI if you cant reload?
cheat code question
chaos(asylum) theme song
Conquest of the New Land map
Coolest 4. level unit?
Coolest Artifacts
Coolest artifacts!
Coolest-Looking Creature in HOMM 4
coolest town so far
Creature studies lol
Crimson and Clover - Heroes 4 style!
Dont you think that map onHOM&M 3 is more realistic then on HOM&M 4?
Do The New 4 Creatures Have Dwellings?
Download HoMM4 maps
Dream Teams, Anyone?
Extracting Heroes4 Music
Favorite and Unfavorite spell sounds.
Favorite Class.. VOTE!!
Favorite Creature
favorite game youve played
Favourite Heroes IV Spell Animation
Favriout alignment. Not stats but morals.
Female hero name problem...
Firearms technology in Antarich/ Axeoth? (HoMM4)
Girls playing HoMM/MM
Guild of Creatures Maker
Guitar Heroes of Might and Magic
H4 Grails (dunno new thread or not)
H4 New Version? Trick or smth out-law?
Has anyone else joined the Might and Magic Guild?
Has anyone tried Age of Wonders 2?
Help! Where can I download/upload H4 maps?
Heroes 4 & Game of the Year, any chance?
Heroes 4 Online Hamachi-Join NOW!!
homm 3 ore homm4
Homm 4 Sugestion: Better System
How do you rate Heroes IV game (out of 10)
Help Me Choose
Help for beginners
Heroes IV Soundtrack
Heroes IV vs AoW 2: strategy elements.
Heroes of Might and Magic IV Elite Edition
heros 3 and heros 4..... which is better?
HoMM 4 re-released by Ubisoft?
HOMM4 best game ever created.!?
HOMM4 is way too easy!
HOMM4 ? Definately a worth buying game !
Homm 4 server Hamachi - Join!
Hotseat campaign?
How do you attack someone?
How was the Music in H4
Ive taken alls I can stand, cause Is cant stands no more...
I have a cool proposal: Final Conflict
In love with a Pirates Daughter
Is Heroes 4 a disastrous game?
I was just wondering.....
Just an ideea...
Leprechaun opinion
Leprechauns walk?
Liches in Equilibris 3.6
Map Fragile World
Looking for Homm IV (and V) maps with certain terrain only.
Mapmaking and artifacts descriptions?
Midsummer Nightmare - new Equilibris map
Morale is a snow
Must have custom scenarios?.
My opinion about HOMM IV
need help
New Map: Coastland Jewels
New Wallpaper
Novice or Champion level?
Ohhhh my 3 is gone
Outpost towns?
Post a Heroes IV picture
Random Scripting Questionsp
Rate Heroes 4
Rejected ideas for towns
Removing the saves
Sarcasm Incorperated
Scripts - I need help!!
Should Gods exist in Heroes4
So.. What is everyones favorite alignment?
The aligment you like...
The homm4 players need lots of maps now !
The most unfavorite creatures ?
The Silence
The three coolest HoMM4 creatures
The Ultimate Conquerer
Things I Missed from H4 while playing an H3 map
things you love and things you hate in HOMM4
Top 10 reasons to get HOMM4
Unfinished Expansion?
Updates & Patches
Very, very long post about an impossible dream
Vote for your favourite dragons!
Wanna throw away some money? Buy Homm4 !
Whats your favorite town type?
What Creature in H4 do you hate profusely?
what if....
What is sanity?
what three creatures do you hate the most?
whats happend to 3do??
whats so bad about H4
whats you favourite creature
What with H4 fans?
Which is the best?
Which Magic System did you like the best?
Which is your favorite HOMM game?
Why HOMM4 (and not other TBS games?)
Why did you leave this forum
Why many ppl dont like Heroes 4?
Why I hate swamps!
Wish: New Secondary skill.
YaY for the facekit! (my own H4-Heroes)
You know what this game needs?
Your creature-revealed
Your favourite creature (like it look).
Your opinion about Towns music themes in Hmm4 !

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Thats gonna awesome....thanks guys to these nice informative links with us....I really appreciate your that work.
Be honest every time.

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